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The Omen of Death

My presence has marked your eventual demise.

  • Deadpool Logo.png



    Naturally with all the merc's quipping to what he thought was an empty room, he got no response in anticipating A.I.M's arrival. Not realizing the SHIELD agent sneaking around. "Well, guess I thought wrong about when these reject mad scientists would mosey along in here, what...? Am I missing out on the fun stuff? This is just as bad as when Spidey-Boy puts off another chance at a team-up, we're 76 pages into this shindig and we still haven't teamed-up! This is an outrage! And this is what I get for being at the mercy of a schmuck who went on a hiatus for months! Help! Help! Ayudame! I'm being held hostage by a-"

    Deadpool then found himself in the mercy of a grip unexpectedly, which took him by surprise.

    "Ok, uhhhh Help! I'm now actually being held hostage!" The merc yelled out, humoring this mysterious attacker. "Get your filthy paws off of me you damn dirty ape!" And just like that, whoever it was let go, before Deadpool could retaliate, much to his dismay.

    "Oh my god, I can talk to the animals! My animal handling skill must've been boosted recently..."

    Before suddenly, gunshots went off, and A.I.M troopers swarmed around the regeneratin' degenerate. And was told that they had carbonadium bullets as he surmised, that would stop his healing factor. So he decided not to engage.

    "Guess I rolled piss poorly on chance to not get shot at or possibly be penetrated by some nasty bullets... Guess that's the only way the beekeepers earn some street cred here though... Although I coulda' sworn this place wasn't broken into forcefully? How'd that happen?"

    Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts Bixir Bixir

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  • Guardians_of_the_Galaxy_Logo.png
    TableCloth TableCloth

    Cosmo adored the amount of attention he received from the Bentenmaru's crew much to the annoyance of the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    "So, uh, Cosmo... About what happened..." Peter Quill struggled to find the words to explain the

    "Cosmo has no time for long story, Comrade Quill!" Cosmo said as his tail wagged at the young space pirate captain. "Cosmo enjoyink attention!"

    "Yeah, but--" Star-Lord tried to argue with Knowhere's security officer only to be abruptly cut off.

    "Nyet! Cosmo listen later! This emergancy! Be lookink at monitor now, Comrades!" Cosmo pointed his snout at a nearby monitor that began to play a video.

    The video played and it depicted a light grey jet flying above a cozy suburban household as a small family in tropical clothes happily waved at the military jet.

    "Yeah... That's not how people react to seeing a fighter jet fly over their house..." Star-Lord was stupefied at the scene but it all became clear to him when the jet transformed into a robot.

    "Hi!" the jet robot waved at the family with the warmth of any airlines stewardess. "I'm Starscream. Fly me!"

    "Your journey to paradise begins the moment one of our expert ravel agents arrives at your doorstep..." a voice-over played over the clip.

    "Wha-- What just happened?" Star-Lord was at a loss for words as the family welcomed the infamous air commander and climbed into the Decepticon's jet form.

    "The Decepticons just started a resort in the Caribbeans... I think..." Rocket shrugged as he continued to watch the bizarre advertisement.

    Clips of human families enjoying the resorts many activities and luxury dishes played as the ad ended with the voice over saying, "Come to Club Con! Club Con, where your vacation dreams come true!"

    "What sort of Technology have they devise to bring dreams into reality?" Drax pondered on the possibility.

    "Drax, that's not what they mean by that... It's just a saying..." Star-Lord was quick to correct the dimwitted destroyer.

    Mantis quickly hushed her fellow Guardians, "Quiet... There's more."

    The screen now shows a blonde human man adorned with a purple cape and golden crown, he held a scepter with a jeweled pineapple on the head. The man gave the viewers a bright smile and warm chuckle before saying, "... And when you arrive, say the King sent for you!"

    Underneath the 'King' was a pop up that read, "... For Reservation Call Toll Free 1-800-555-2000..."

    Rocket's eyes widen when he saw the so-called 'king,' "Wait... Isn't that the Car wash guy?"

    "I am Groot..." Groot nodded at Rocket.

    "Yeah, I thought the Decepticons hated that guy?" Star-Lord threw up his hands, bewildered by the turn of events.

    Mantis turned her attention away from the screen to Cosmo as she asked the Space Dog, "Cosmo, is this a rescue mission?"

    "Da..." Cosmo nodded his head before telepathically changing the video to a map that showed the resort's coordinates. "The Resort is beink there off the coasts of Safirca."

    "Yeah but isn't this more of an Autobot problem?" Rocket questioned why the Guardians should get involved with the matters of the Transformers.

    "It beink our problem now, Comrade Rocket..." Cosmo growled.

    "How so, Mr. Cosmo?" Rocket raised an eyebrow at the Russian Dog.

    "Autobot intelligence say Decepticons seekink the Infinity Gems!" Cosmo said as the monitor now displayed the Decepticons plot to find the Infinity Gems. "Autobots are believink that Decepicons have located where Namor is hidink the Time Gem!"

    Peter Quill's eyes widen before he turned to face the Bentenmaru crew, "Okay so... In case you girls don't know... The Infinity Gems are real big deal... Some of us might not make it back alive... I just want you girls to know what exactly you're getting yourselves into if you think of coming along with us."


    Can the combined power of the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Bentenmaru Crew and the Heroic Autobots stop the Evil Decepticons' plot to obtain the Infinity Gems but is there more to this tale than meets the eye? Find out in The Infinity Saga.
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  • Danger 5 season 2.jpg
    Ferociousfeind Ferociousfeind Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    Pierre reclined on the lush velvet seat of his birthday limo before he noticed an unopened bottle of champagne. Pierre excitedly grabbed the bottle and popped the cork and poured the contents in a diamond encrusted wine glass.

    Pierre noticed the Squids and the Detectives were not enjoying the idea of getting drunk while they hunt down their crazed Aussie friend, "Come on, my friends! It is my birthday!"

    Famous Pierre turned his attention to McKenzie and ordered his butler, "McKenzie! Send us some of my famous Krypton Blast Cocktails!"

    McKenzie, while driving, looked over his shoulder and gave Pierre a thumbs up and a hearty, "Yes!" However once his eyes return to the road, McKenzie screamed as he swerved out of the way of a family of geese.

    Somehow the sudden sharp turn caused the Cocktails to arrive in perfect condition in the hands of Pierre's Friends.

    "Come on, my Friends! Drink!" Pierre urged the group.
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Yubi Yubi

  • --Layton's Mystery Detective Agency--

    Katrielle and the rest of the Mystery Detective Agency all entered the limousine and the collective gang began to follow Tucker's trail. While on route, Pierre offered them to drink some champagne while they track down the crazed austrailian Danger 5 member.

    Sherl barked, not seeing a reason why they should drink on the job other than 'just because'. Before anyone else can argue, the limo swerved, nearly throwing the dog off of its seat on Katrielle's arms as the impossible happened. By some violation of the laws of physics, the sharp turn had caused several cocktail glasses to be flung around and land right on their hands--or in Kat and Sherl's case, Sherl's head and Kat's closed hands respectively. In addition, the cocktail glasses were already filled with Pierre's famous cocktail--The Krypton Blast, presumably named after Superman's weakness.

    "I'm not really sure I'm allowed to drink yet..." Minako said after Pierre urged them to drink. "I mean, I am technically still a highschool student." She gulped, the cocktail's scented aroma wandering onto her nose. A cold sweetness can be described from that aroma alone.
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  • How had things gone to hell so quickly? This was supposed to be a sneaking mission! His training had never steered him wrong before, and yet... no, he needed to stay focused! Deadpool's shenanigans aside, Ghost was the real threat here.

    In spite of telling himself this, Raiden felt the sweat beginning to drip from his brow. What they said was true: training, even virtual training, could never completely prepare you for the real deal. Raiden slowly lowered the pistol, his eyes darting around the room while keeping his focus on the supervillain in front of him.

    "Mind games, huh? Well they won't work on me! What's so special about these isotopes anyway? Another get-rich-quick scheme?"

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  • CAC0D0D4-879B-4413-AF09-0A03FB37E160.pngCENTRAL SQUARE

    Sonic took the chili dog from the vendor’s hand, happily taking a bite out of it. Walking away while chewing, Sonic looked back, and shouted, “Thanks again, Chuck!” waving to the man running the hot dog stand.

    It was a typical afternoon for Sonic, who finally got his hands on lunch. With there being no sign of Eggman or his robots during the past few days, Central Square was fairly quiet, aside from the occasional traffic jams. For Sonic, however, his own two feet sufficed, able to outspeed a car with little effort.

    As he continued walking and eating, Sonic went past an electronics store, but suddenly stopped, noticing a live news broadcast on the large TV in the store window. The reporter stated, “...currently live in front of Twinkle Park, where apparently a sizable group of robots have suddenly shown up, now chasing after theme park-goers, riding in what seem to be go-karts from the Twinkle Circuit attraction...” while civilians hurriedly ran out from the park entrance.

    Tossing the last bit of the chili dog into his mouth, Sonic smiled, immediately dashing down the sidewalk and onto the street. Weaving past multiple cars, he made his way downtown, towards Twinkle Park, excitedly yelling, “Now this is more like it! ‘Bout time I finally got to break more of Eggman’s toys! YEAH!”

    Moments afterwards, however, a small drone descends from the skies, headed towards the rooftop of the Flash Museum, and lands there, completely unnoticed.

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  • Star_vs_the_Forces_of_Evil_logo.png


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    Star kicked butt.png

    Gwen Stacy Spider.jpg

    Gwen returned Peni's embrace with one of her own and patted the head of the young Spider-Totem, "It's great to see you again, Peni... Just wished it wasn't because of this."

    "Dark Prophecies can do that to yah," Spider-Ham added.

    "Hold up, Spider-People!" cried out the voice of the Mewman Princess, Star Butterfly, as she marched towards the Spider-Man of the year 2099. "There's no way you're going to off and fight this guy without us!" Star gestured over to Cynthia, Gerome and Marco.

    The young Princess crossed her arms and sighed, "Besides, if he's powered by an evil magic book, I'm pretty sure my wand could take him."

    Ben placed his hand on Star's shoulder as he crouched down to meet her at eye level, "Look, kid. I admire your enthusiasm." The Scarlet Spider nursed his jaw as he added, "Trust me... The Symbiote left me a few bruises you gave me when I was under its control."

    "So, we're coming along right?" Star jumped up and down excitedly.

    "No, Miguel's right, this fight's Spider-Business," Ben explained to the adventurous princess. "And I know you have that wand of yours but what if Carnage gets his claws on it? What then?"

    "I'll do what I do best!" Star gave the Sensational Spider-Man a confident smirk. "I'm gonna kick his butt."

    "Yeah, Star's handled Doom's little band of losers before," Hekapoo added as she walked into the conversation.

    The news that Star fought off Doctor Doom's forces was a surprise to the Spider-Clone and left him speechless.

    "Also how do you guys plan on making it to where he is without one of these?" the Magical High Commission member pulled out a pair of dimensional scissors to add to her point. "Besides, I know where the creep is and I can take you guys there... If you're all in for it."

    "Yeah!" Star jumped in front of Hekapoo excitedly only for her bright and bubbly facade to deflate as she gazed upon the destroyed village that surrounded the Butterfly Castle. A single tear rolled down her cheek.

    "Uh, Star?" Marco worriedly reached out to consul Star. "Are you okay?"

    "I'm fine, Marco... It's just--" Star pushed Marco's hand away from her as she held back her tears. "--We have to stop this Carnage... no matter what."

    Spider-Ham watched at the scene and muttered to Spider-Man 2099, "This fight is hers also." With a heavy heart the anthropomorphic animal said, "Whether she likes it or not..."
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    Ravencroft Cells II.png

    A lone figure peered past the rusted iron bars of her cell. She'd been escorted back "home" early during dinnertime, eager to make use of the new coloring materials she'd earned from the prison store after months of good behavior. A sewing needle was considered "too dangerous" for her, even if it was in the interest of continuing her life's work.

    What a shame...she'd have to make do with safe paint, dulled colored pencils, and a hand-mirror. Even with rudimentary tools like these, she'd still be able to make a convincing piece with just an hour of alone time.

    All was quiet tonight in Ravencroft. The clamor of wailing and one-sided conversations in her home hallway was usually inescapable. Not that it bothered the woman in the slightest, though. Her neighbors' imaginary friends gave her plenty of inspiration on the regular.

    "Hm...shouldn't everyone be back by now?" she asked the bed across the room.

    She soaked the tip of her brush in white paint. "That's right. You're not feeling well, are you?"

    The woman walked across the room, leaned down, and slowly peeled back a hefty layer of duct tape from underneath the bed's frame. The pasty arm of her cellmate fell to the cold, hard ground.

    "I'm so glad you're able to pose for me like this, Clarissa. I've never had the opportunity to dress up as the dead before...!"

    She peeled back yet another layer of tape, and the middle-aged woman's face drooped down to where the artist could see it.

    "Dying in your sleep, just like how you murdered your husband. How poetic~!"

    The artist rolled up the sleeves of her prison shirt, revealing a pair of arms as ghastly white as her wretched subject. Clarissa didn't even exist anymore, so this was no different from mimicking a fictional character!

    "All that's left is the face..."

    Using the hand mirror and plenty of paint combinations, the artist copied her cellmate's sickly complexion perfectly.

    "And now, for my own twist. Hopefully, the staff will be able to plainly see all the effort I've put into this."

    She fastened her subject back into place and returned to her desk, beginning to tear up her outfit and pick out all the different shades of red for—

    "@#$%! Oh, God, NO!"

    Finally! This place had been without white noise for far too long.

    ...These weren't just the ramblings of harmless lunatics anymore, though.

    They were the screams and gurgles of the dying.

    "♪ I fell into a burnin' ring of fire... ♪"


    The creaking door to the hallway banged against the wall as it opened.

    "♪ I went down, down, down... ♪"

    Gunshots reverberated off the walls of the corridor and were silenced as soon as they started.

    "♪ And the flames went higher. ♪"

    Metal bent out of shape, and Meghan from seven cells down was a goner.

    "♪ And it burns, burns, burns! ♪"

    The body of the hall's security guard slid to a stop just outside the artist's cell, its bloody contents leaking all the way to the door.

    "♪ The ring of fire, the ring of fire. ♪"

    The sound of squishy footsteps finally closed in on her cell.

    "Knock, knock! Open up!"

    A scarlet tendril tore through the bars of the cell like safety scissors to a piece of paper. A tall, lanky figure clothed in crimson stepped into the cell, his eyes filled with the glee of freedom.

    "Damn! You fellers got the right idea! Wish I coulda been the one to do it instead..." he sighed. He left the dead as is, eager to move onto...fresher prey.

    The countryman cracked a gruesome grin and continued on his merry way, humming along to his tune all the way down the hall.

    And then there was one.

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  • City of Despair.png


    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod
    The Web-Warrior battled the Prowler. However, the young Spider-Man was bombarded by conflicting emotions. The best he could do was dodge the Prowler's attacks.

    "Listen! I don't want to fight you!" the young man cried out just before the Prowler caught him by his collar and gave a swift jab to the young hero's gut.

    "I don't take pleasure in doing this, kid..." Prowler pushed the Teenage Spider-Man against the very edge of the roof before raising up his claws to deliver the final blow. "Trust me, I didn't want it to come down to this."

    "Uncle Aaron..." Spider-Man muttered out the Prowler's true name, which caused the masked enforcer to freeze in shock. The young Spider-Man pulled off his own mask to reveal to the Prowler the tearful face of his Nephew. "It's me, it's Miles."

    The Prowler lowered his hand and released Miles from his grasp. Without a word Prowler threw a smoke bomb between him and Miles.

    Miles shook his arms wildly to clear the air of the smoke as he called out in between coughs, "Uncle Aaron! Stop! You don't have to do this anymore!"

    Once the smoke dissipated, Miles found that his Uncle Aaron was nowhere to be found. Distraught, Miles slumped down and curled into a fetal position as he wept.

    Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    With the Superior Six™ utterly defeated by Spider-Man and the brave Huntsmen that aided him, the Wall-Crawler looked over to the two Huntsmen and said, "Well, thanks for the team-up..."

    Spider-Man fired a webline away from the alley and saluted the two Huntsmen, "If you guys don't mind, I'm leaving clean-up duty with you... I got a Spider-Emergency." And with that Spider-Man swung away.

    Just as Spider-Man left the scene, Boomerang began to regain conciseness and asked the two Huntsmen, "What just happened?"

    A Real big Spider-Emergency...

    "If I know my villains as much as they know my phone number--" Spider-Man swung above the streets of Towa City before landing on the rooftop of a Life Foundation Research Station. "It's a good chance that I might find some much needed info here."

    Spider-Man ran towards a nearby ventilation shaft and pulled the grates off and jumped in. Spider-Man crawled through the shaft and made quick glances through every vent to find what he was looking for.

    "Bingo!" Spidey exclaimed upon arriving at the Station's Biochemical lab. "It just has to be here!" Spider-Man muttered to himself as he opened up the vents and jumped into the lab. The Web-Slinger frantically searched the lab for the suit but to no avail. "Okay, looks like Life Foundation's Towa Branch wasn't the one that took--"


    "Yeah..." Spider-Man thanked the mysterious voice before realizing that he was not alone. The wallcrawler cautiously looked over his shoulder to see who was there.
    "Teresa!?" Peter exclaimed at the sight of the woman.

    "It's nice seeing you again too, Pete..." Teresa gave Peter a sly smirk in response.

    My long lost sister, Agent Teresa Parker... If my life wasn't any more of a soap opera than it already is... But there's one thing that needs to be answered.

    "How do you know about DR-1125?" Peter threw up his hands in confusion as he asked Teresa.

    "S.H.I.E.L.D.'s been working closely with Future Foundation on the disappearance of the symbiote ever since the whole Thieves Fiasco," Teresa explained as she shifted through documents that laid haphazardly on a messy table before looking over her shoulder at Peter. "And since neither V.I.L.E. nor the Thieves Guild had the symbiote--"

    "You're guessing that Life Foundation got their hands on it, right?" Peter finished Teresa's thought before shrugging his shoulders. "I mean it's not the first time they stole symbiotes from the Baxter Building."

    "Yup, but I searched the whole build for the symbiote and turned up with nothing..." Teresa sighed in defeat before making eye contact with her brother. "Outside of two empty containers."

    "Containers for symbiotes, I'm guessing..."

    "Yup," Teresa nodded to confirm Peter's suspicions.

    Peter smacked his forehead upon hearing his sister's answer and muttered, "If I wanted more problems; I would have asked..."

    "That's the Parker Luck, I guess?" Teresa joked in hopes to lighten up the mood.

    "I guess..."

    Topless Topless Thepotatogod Thepotatogod

    "I'm fine, Towa... Just keep the champagne cool for the party..." Tony quipped as the Avengers battled the Frightful Four. "Earth's Mightiest Heroes got this all sorted out!"

    Captain America threw his mighty shield at the Wizard and knocked the villain down. With one of the Frightful Four down, the Sentinel of Liberty took his sights on the Latverian Techno-Warrior, the Dreadknight.

    "Captain America, your shield won't save you!" Dreadknight laughed as he aimed his laser lance at Captain America, who dodged it in the nick of time.

    Cap rolled into cover where he found himself next to the armored rider. Cap placed his hand on the rider's shoulder and said, "Take Dreadknight down soldier."

    Wasp flew over to the young Canopy Princess and whispered, "You okay, kid?"

    The Omen of Death The Omen of Death Bixir Bixir

    Ghost hovered closer to the S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, "Consider this free of charge, Jack..."

    "The thing is that they're not isotopes,"
    Ghost whispered into Raiden's ear before laughing. "They're far worse..."

    Meanwhile with the Merc with a Mouth...

    The A.I.M. Commander kept his gun aimed at Deadpool, "If you dare call us beekeepers one more time... I will not hesitate to shoot you."

    "They're hazmat suits!" one A.I.M. Trooper shouted at the Merc.
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  • SonicLogo.png

    “Welcome to Twinkle Park!” blared from the speakers, as Sonic had ran through the entrance. Watching multiple civilians running in the opposite direction, Sonic thought to himself, “Man, good thing they got rid of that weird elevator entrance, it made things confusing!” Looking for the source of the chaos wasn’t going to be an issue, as a pink Egg Pawn with bunny ears in a go-kart had appeared from behind the carousel, chasing after a park employee.

    Sonic ran towards the Egg Pawn, jumped up, and within seconds, made it a pile of scraps with a Homing Attack. The go-kart came to a halt, with there being no driver, much to the relief of the employee. Landing on top of the kart, Sonic turned to the man, who was clearly exhausted, and asked, “So, when did these guys show up? Where did they come from? And how many do I have to smash?

    Trying to catch his breath, the employee responded while panting, “The robots appeared out of nowhere from what I’ve heard, and they started popping up around 10 minutes ago. I dunno how many there are, but they’re pretty much everywhere in the park.” Hopping off of the go-kart, Sonic shrugged, saying “Good enough. I’ll be able to make quick work of them anyways. Besides, I do need my exercise.

    He then ran off towards the big castle in the heart of the theme park, noticing six more Egg Pawns in karts, each wearing different kinds of crazy hats, and colored differently. Unlike the first robot he fought, however, three minions were armed with lances, and the others with blasters. Noticing the rapidly approaching hedgehog, they gathered into a triangular formation, akin to bowling pins, right in front of the stairway leading to the castle.

    Sonic skidded to a stop as the Egg Pawns started driving towards him, aiming their blasters and lances in his direction. He grinned, and said, “Come on, you guys are making this TOO easy! You’re clearly missing another four in the back!” Narrowly dodging some blaster shots, Sonic then charged up a spin dash, and rolled straight into the go-kart in front, sending it and the other five into the air, with all except one robot breaking upon hitting the ground.

    Getting back up on his feet, Sonic quickly destroyed the last one with a Homing Attack, stating, “Man, so much for getting a Strike. Spare is better than nothing, though!” He ran inside of the giant castle to see a handful of distressed parents and frightened children running for the doorway he just entered through, suddenly feeling the ground slightly shaking. Three more Egg Pawns in go-karts passed through the hallway across from him, going from right to left, not paying any mind to Sonic.

    The shaking started to become more frequent and powerful, as Sonic noticed a giant foot stepping in sight from the right side of the hall. “Well hey there, big guy!” Sonic yelled out as the Heavy-Egg Hammer fully emerged into the room. Noting that this robot’s helmet was decked out in spikes, further protecting its main weak point, the head, he knew this was going to be a problem.

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  • 1581468829708.pngFrom underneath a pile of rubble burst a hand. Then another, and with a gasp erupted the dirtied, blonde hair of Darkness. Grunting with each limb freed, she soon escaped the pile. "N-Never have I felt so terrified! Being alone and unable to move anywhere, how... how..." Her breath was heavy, and cheeks flushed. She hugged the part of her body where a sharpened chunk was constantly on the verge of stabbing into, just fortunately locking into a small, exposed joint in her armor. The pain was excruciating, and every second she had let off an aroused moan. Even now, when remembering what happened just minutes ago, made her rub her legs together once her lower area started feeling warm and damp. Finally, she realized she was alone.

    "Kazuma! Aqua! Megumin!" she yelled. Responding to her was the occasional noise of pebbles tumbling down the mountain of rubble. Looking around, Darkness knew that they were nowhere near her. She remembered when that entire building was lifted from the ground and thrown straight at them. By just one person! With that much power, Darkness failed to contain her thoughts of how he could easily dominate and make an example out of her, shown as a warning to those who opposed him... Without realizing it, she had hugged herself against the remnants of a wall and breathed quickly for the umpteenth time.

    But now was no time to indulge in such pleasures. Darkness didn't know where her team was, where they ran off to, or where she even was. Her friends just ran off screaming while the building was thrown, not even bothering to hide behind Darkness as she stood there, arms wide open. Stretching her body out, Darkness began to run, keeping an eye out for her friends, but especially for whoever threw the building at them.
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  • Miguel O'Hara - Mewnisse

    "Jeez, you really don't know when to lay off, huh?" Miguel sighed to Star as the girl insisted on tagging along. The inflection in his words almost could have been read as a sign of endearment, if it wasn't rife with hesitation still. Good people were a rarity in the time and place he had come from, yet it was like this kid was just a bundle of rainbows. It was frankly rather jarring, and yet, it admittedly made him wonder; if this is how someone like her made him feel -- conflicted yet almost impressed -- then he wondered if he had that effect as well on the others back home? Watching her plead her case, recounting the mess with Doom, even with Hekapoo's contribution and Cynthia pitching in (did she ever calm down?) as well, Miguel remained conflicted.

    Crossing his arms as he silently stared at Star and Marco, contemplating what to say, what to do, the man pursed his lips under his mask, before finally making his decision once Spider-Ham pitched in his two cents as well. With a resigned sigh, following up on himself, he spoke again whilst scratching his head. "Aaah, son of a glitch... Fine, fine. If you all say so, then I guess it can't be helped," Miguel finally relented.

    "But I'm warning you," he continued, pointing a stern finger toward Star like a rigid parent. "We're not here to play around, and Carnage is no joke. If you feel like you're biting off more than you can chew, don't hesitate to disengage and consolidate yourself."

    With a soft exhale that almost sounded like a stifled chuckle, Miguel lowered his arm and let it rest upon his hip once again, as though having become self-aware of how overly steely he was coming off here. He wondered if Parker had to face this much patronizing and condescension when he was getting started out, but then again, all things considered...

    "That all said, as far as I'm concerned, this is still a fight for Spider-Man."

    Miguel then gave a wry smirk underneath his mask.

    "But then again, anyone can be Spider-Man."

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  • Today was gonna be the day! K.O. just knew it! He was gonna become the next big hero of Central Square today, no bones about it! He had been training really hard lately, and he wasn't going to let anything get in his way!

    "Oh no! There's chores in the way!"

    Thankfully, that disaster was quickly averted. He just needed to take out the garbage. But now that that was done, he could REALLY take out the garbage: Killer robots!

    All K.O. needed to do was follow the blue contour he knew too well to (eventually) catch up to whatever was going down at Twinkle Park. He was no speedster (yet), but when he did get there, he was sure Sonic would need help getting bailed out (again). They were best buds, after all!

    He just wasn't used to all of this... running around. He finally stopped after getting just inside the castle. This place sure had some crazy attractions! "Huff... huff... just, just a second, Sonic! It's me! K.O.!"

    Seeing what they were up against, K.O. quickly looked around for something that could help even the odds. He found it. K.O. made a running start, leaping onto s nearby skateboard. Before he went zooming ahead towards the giant Eggman robot, he made sure to grab an extra skateboard.

    "Keep him on his toes, Sonic!" He shouted out to his friend, though he probably didn't need to tell him what was going on. This was a classic move Rad had taught him a while back against some of Lord Boxman's goons. There wasn't any reason for it not to work here. Once K.O. was closing in on the Heavy-Egg Hammer, he carefully threw the extra skateboard out. With luck, it would be under the robot right as it made another step, and send it it on an unbalanced thrill ride down the downward slope they were coming up on.

    Sonic could take care of the rest.

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  • In the ruined halls of MCPD, the volatile Russian, Ilsa, was hunted down by the nefarious Nazi Lizard Soldiers that were once the good and noble All-American men and women in blue of MCPD.

    Ilsa ran frantically to a dispenser that may provide her with some much needed aid in these desperate of times.
    Danger 5 Emergency.gif
    However, the machine did not deliver Ilsa her much needed box of smokes before a Velociraptor stormed into the scene and roared at the terrified Russian. With no other option left but to stand and fight, Ilsa grabbed a nearby chair and began to viciously bash the object on the Lizard Soldier's head.

    <"Stop! I yield!"> bellowed the dinosaur as it nursed its head.

    Ilsa stopped her assault in confusion, yet her hands were still firmly wrapped around the chair's metal legs. <"Give me a reason why I shouldn't kill you!"> Ilsa shouted at the prehistoric beast and waved the chair around to intimidate it further.

    <"I could clear your names! I have the evidence to prove Danger 5's inno--"> before the Dinosaur could finish its words it was sliced open by a katana wielded by the crazed Aussie, Ninja Tucker!

    Ilsa stood in place in a mixture of anger and confusion.

    "I know Hitler's hiding inside of you!" Tucker screamed at the Velociraptor corpse and proceeded to stab it repeatedly in hopes of killing Hitler.

    <"Tucker! What the hell did you just do?"> Ilsa scolded the Aussie for his ever eroding sanity.

    Tucker slowly came to his senses upon realizing what was in the belly of the beast. "Oh, it's just a bunch of torn up documents!" Tucker pulled out the wet and damaged documents that were inside of the creature and callously tossed them over his shoulder.

    <"Where's the girl?"> Ilsa demanded to know where Holly was but the teenager quickly made her presence known.

    "Where is my jacket?!" Holly lazily tossed books and paperwork in search of her jacket.

    <"Holly! What happened?"> Ilsa quickly turned her attention to the teen in hopes of an explanation to all of this madness.

    "He blew up the mall and I just lost my jacket!" Holly whined as many teenagers would do during Dinosaur-filled times like this. Thankfully for Holly her search for her jacket did not take too long. With a huff the teen whined accusingly, "Oh! He's got my jacket!"

    Danger 5 Jacket Found.gif
    Upon seeing the enemy, Tucker and Ilsa set their sights on the sinister Lizards and Hitler. Just in time for Jackson to join them.

    "Oh my god those dinosaurs got Hitler!" the All-American pointed out the obvious and pulled out his handgun to slamdunk the cold-blooded villains back to prehistory.

    Their threats and weaponry did not intimidate the reptilian villains at all as Mr. Pedro pulled out an Uzi and aimed at the World War 2 Heroes.

    "Take Hitler to Battlesaurus!" Mr. Pedro ordered his Lizard Soldiers before returning his sights on Danger 5. "I will deal with these Mammals, personally!"

    Before either side could even move a muscle a Limo crashed right between them.

    "Ah! A Limo!" Mr. Pedro cried out in shock and horror but kept a tight grip on his Uzi.

    Famous Pierre emerged from the Limo and waved at his teammates, "My Friends! We've come to save you!"
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  • "Oh, Wasp!" Umbrella gasped "I'm fine, not a single scratch. Say, what is going on with my sister?"


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  • City of Despair.png


    Topless Topless Thepotatogod Thepotatogod
    "She's with Hawkeye and the Iron Bug guy, I think she might earn herself a spot on the Avengers reserve team," Wasp told the young princess before casually gesturing over to the fight where the Avengers had finally won and defeated the Frightful Four.

    Captain America stood in the middle of the now won battle and raised his shield in triumph.

    "Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Ladies and Gentlemen!" Wasp exclaimed as the crowd cheered the Avengers and their allies.
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  • StaidFoal StaidFoal Count Gensokyo Count Gensokyo Thepotatogod Thepotatogod Phantom Thief of Hearts Phantom Thief of Hearts

    Sayaka stood next to Nepgear, and added her own line to the start of battle after Nepgears.
    "And the Ally of Justice, Sayaka Miki!"
    She would say, before using her soul gem to transform.

    Sayaka would then summon a sword in her right hand before staring the big horned guy down.

    "You definitely look strong, but are you a challenge?"

  • 1581810054010.pngForget looking for her teammates! Why would she pass up this perfect opportunity to prove herself as a crusader? Within minutes, Darkness had appeared at the fight, darting past those who faced Kurse. She stopped at a distance from him, sword raised and face flushed with excitement. "S-Stop where you are, v-vile beast!" she shouted. "A-As a crusader, it is my life's duty to protect others. It is me you will attack, not them!" She panted heavily, watching for any of Kurse's sudden moves.

    With those large muscles, any hit from Kurse would be devastatingly painful. The thought of it made Darkness all the more willing to face him.

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  • Nepgear_V2 (2).png
    Gwen's got a gun.png

    Kurse marched towards the Knight and Sayaka, unshaken by their confidence. With one swing of his mighty arm, Kurse batted the two warriors away with ease before roaring, "Is this what hath become of the mighty warriors of Asgard!" Kurse grabbed the knight's arm and glared at at her, "Warriors unworthy of a true warrior's death!" As if she was nothing but an old ragged doll, Kurse discarded the knight before moving on to Sayaka... The Dark Elf pinned the magical girl under his heel and with a look of disgust Kurse spat, "Now they seek children to aid them? Pathetic..."

    Before Kurse could move another inch he was struck by two beams of energy from the CPU Candidates of Lowee, Rom and Ram, in their HDD forms.

    "Hey! We're not just some kids! We're gods too, y'know?!" shouted the boisterous Ram at Kurse.

    "Yeah," Rom meekly nodded before glaring at the dark elf.

    "But are you warriors?" Kurse stood unaffected by their assault.

    "Well, our big sister, Blanc, totally kicked that guy with the hammer you keep talking about so that means we can beat you up, too!" Ram stated with her ever present confidence.

    Soon, the two CPU Candidates aimed their wands at the vile Kurse.

    "Let's show him what we're made of, Rom!" Ram rallied her sister to her side to prepare their final strike on the dreaded Kurse.

    "Yeah! Together!" Rom gave her twin a quick peck on her forehead to amp her sister's more destructive spells.

    Now fueled with new found vigor, Ram pointed her wand at Kurse and ordered, "Disappear!" A mystical glyph appeared before the young goddess as she readied her wand like a baseball bat. With her all of her might, Ram swung her wand through the glyph to summon a large explosive ball of energy that swayed wildly before striking Kurse and caused a massive mushroom cloud to appear where the dark elf once stood.

    With the feeling of victory fresh in their minds the two sisters celebrated what seemed to be the end of Kurse... However...

    "Children..." uttered a voice from the crater that Ram's spell had created. A Mighty hand came forth from the smoldering earth and out came Kurse! "This is a Warrior's battle! Not a game for mere children!"

    "N-no way..." Ram's confidence was then consumed by fear upon seeing that her spell did very little to Kurse's armor.

    "I'm scared, Ram!" cried Rom as she clung to her sister's arm.

    "Everything's going to workout, Rom... Just..." no matter how hard Ram tried, her words of encouragement fail to escape her lips as Kurse slowly made his way towards them.

    After seeing the power of the mighty Kurse in person, Gwen turned her head to the CPU Candidates and blurted out, "Nepgear! I think it's right about time you do your own magical girl HDD transformation sequence!"

    "Right!" Nepgear gave the mercenary an affirmative nod. "Time to show him the power of the CPU Candidates!"

    "I grow tired of this game..." Kurse stood unwavered by Rom and Ram's spells.

    "Really now? Because Gamindustri's CPU Candidates aren't finished with you!" Nepgear now in HDD form rallied her fellow CPU Candidates assulted Kurse with an onslaught of spells.

    But in spite of the vast amounts of strength the CPU Candidates' HDD forms bestowed on to them, it did little to stop Malekith's enforcer.

    "This is bad!" Gwen watched on in horror as Kurse mercilessly fought the CPU Candidates. "He's got to have a weakness, right? I mean Thor's beaten him before! He's got to have one! I know he has a weakness! I just can't remember... What's his weakness... What's his weakness..." Gwen tapped her temple as she desperately tired to remember what could defeat Kurse.

    Soon the loud clap of Thunder echoed throughout the ruined Asgardian village.

    "Wait... Thunder?" Gwen muttered before her lips curled into a smile upon the realization of what this meant... She looked to the heavens and uttered one word... A word that encompassed all the the joy in her heart and the relief of a burden lifted from her shoulders... A word upon which the whole of her heart was praying for... she cried out that word with the same might and passion of the very thunder that invoked her to call upon it... And that word was... "THOR!"

    Upon hearing the word the evil Kurse paused from landing the finishing blow on the young CPU Candidate and looked over his shoulder to see the god that stoked the fires of his hate.

    "Kurse, your battle is with the Mighty Thor!" called the God of Thunder, Thor, as he swung his mighty hammer, Mjolnir, at the helm of Kurse and sent the Dark Elf crashing into a nearby building.

    "Thor!" the CPU Candidates cheered at the sight of their savoir.

    "Stay vigilant, CPU Candidates! The Battle has only begun!" the Odinson warned the young godlings. For Kurse was far from finished.

    "THOR!" Kurse roared before charging towards his mortal foe.

    The two mythical warriors soon clashed... Their battle raged on and allowed Nepgear's allies to regroup.

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  • The battle is over, and the victory goes to the Avengers. The fight was very tough, but it was all worth in the end. Parasoul is seen standing before the crowd along with the titular team until she was called out by her sister.


    "Hmm? Umbrella, where were you? Are you alright?"

    "Uh huh." Umbrella nodded "Though too bad I couldn't see you guys in action, or join in the action rather."

    "That doesn't matter. What matters is that we have won for now. The event will continue on as planned."



He Has The World In His Head

  • Capture+_2020-02-14-16-42-47.png She would stand there, focusing, eyes closed and hands held in a particular way.... Meditating in her mind, as if the very world around her had disappeared, she would visualize herself concentrating in a space of universe that is unbound by the norm.... At peace, she held her worries, and channeled her energy to flow through her, an energy known to her as Iddhi. A life essence from where she hailed, as this Iddhi would ebb and flow through her, she would find herself at peace inside of her Inner World....

    "Ajna.... Ajna...." Said a tired and bored voice from outside of her meditation, "You might wanna wake up now.... Before I set you on fire...."

    "Wha--Hey!" Ajna yelled, snapping out of her meditation, and turning to scold a woman with a lantern and tiger pelt.
    "What did I say about that, Razmi?"

    Before the woman, Razmi, could respond:

    "Is it just me, or is the Iron Kingdom a little.... Different?" Said a kid of an indiscernable gender as they looked around.

    Usually, the Iron Kingdom, a region in a world called Loka was a royal town, formerly headed by Princess Mary, that was dark and slightly dismal with advancements in the technological field as well as a sort of famed and oppressive air due its role for being a great hero's hometown.... There was even a slime problem that not many seemed to pay much attention to.

    But now.... The place looked.... Larger. There wasn't as many people as she could recall, and even better, there was new buildings, a different sky, and even some people who looked more.... Animalistic in some places.

    "No.... I see it too...." Said a suspecting archer, with his bow held in his clenched fist. "Something definitely isn't right."

    "Wait, look at all of these people!" Said the kid, who would be known to others as Ginseng. They sounded amazed at there being some.... Interesting looking characters who were out and about. "They're not like anyone we've ever seen! Maybe we're in some kind of new world?"

    "Aw, boo...." Griped an effeminate male assassin with a scorpion motif and a pout. "And it was just getting good!"

    "For once, I agree!" Said a cheerful girl with a large mechanical arm. "But think, if this is a new world, with new people, then there must LOADS of new treasures here!"

    "I wouldn't be so quick to do that." Said the archer known to them as Zebei. "We don't know if this is still the Iron Kingdom we know, or if there's more to it than that. Besides, if this IS still the Iron Kingdom we're familiar with, then we still have to deal with Kala."

    "Well said, Zebei!" Piped a younger girl with a large bird at her side. "It would be best if we looked around!"

    "Silly, of course we're going to look around!" Said the cheerful girl known as Kampan, with a slightly innocent smile. "Though if something falls into our hands...." She said with a mischievous grin.

    Then twin males, though one was human and the other was a spirit, would come from a light orb that streamed from Ajna's head. "Now hang on, everyone. We'd best leave this up to the Coach." Said the human, Hunoch.
    "Yeah, so what should we do?" Asked the ghost, Xiboch.

    Ajna had a completely stumped look on her face. Before her answer could be brought up, a voice would ring through her mind:

    "It would seem you may need my guidance again, young one...." Said the voice."....I would explore this place and see what it has to offer...."

    Scratching her head, Ajna just piped up. "So, Tharwa just spoke to me and said that we should look around."

    "Coming from her, that must mean that there is more to our quest!" Said the girl with the bird, Kushi.

    "So, it's decided, then! We'll have ourselves a little scouting!" Kampan said, finalizing the debate.

    "All right, everyone! Let's do it!" Ajna said, as everyone would turn back to light orbs and go to her head. Now with a mission, she would set out on her way to investigate the place....
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    Sayaka was struck, and shockingly, she felt pain... Something she hadn't felt in a while, and there was an odd knight who also got struck at the same time. Hitting the ground, she felt Kurse stomp her into the ground, a Sayaka shaped crater would be made from that.

    "Ngh.... This was not... How I wanted it to turn out..."

    However, Rom and Ram quickly engaged Kurse, giving Sayaka a moment to get out of the crater after he stepped off her.

    Sayaka quickly got her distance before seeing the current situation. Nepgear had transformed, and Sayaka had her mouth gaping at the sight.

    Nepgear and the other CPUs would assault Kurse with magic, but he still wouldn't fall... But then he got struck by lightning as a new Ally appeard. Sayaka was unsure who the new guy was, but something about him was familiar.

    Sayaka would then conjure up two swords, before looking at the battle between Thor and Kurse.
    "I may have been caught off guard, but I'm not letting him Strike me again! I need to prove my worth as an ally!"
    She then flew to the fight to help Thor with fighting Kurse.
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Off to a Better Place
Goombella - Central City - Rogues Gallery: Act One

The bustling activity of the streets of Central City were no stranger to one Goombella. While she... vastly preferred the rural ruins of areas such as Rogueport, she could at the very least tolerate the area. After all, she was here on an important research expedition! Ever since the merging of all these worlds, Goombella's interest had peaked in a way that could only be described as pure and utter obsession. But, really, how couldn't she jump at the opportunity to interact with all of these varied locales? The book had been opened for so many different possibilities, so many new and exciting expeditions! And now, here she was, studying one of those areas.

Well, kind of. Her REAL plan was to visit the Mystic Ruins, which were a simple train ride away. But the advanced technology that a place like Central City had over dumps like Rogueport was... fascinating, to put it mildly. It was as if she'd stepped into a whole new universe! Which, in a way, she did. But metaphors were besides the point here! Goombella had been walking around the city, kinda shoving past the various denizens rather awkwardly. Even though the city apparently had a certain blue hedgehog as its resident hero, the poor goomba couldn't help but feel like she was at least... a tad out of place here. Not that she minded a ton, though. It was just... well, it was a little awkward.

Eventually, she had stopped in one particular area: Twinkle Park. An area which, as far as she could tell, was an incredibly advanced amusement park. Go karts that zipped you through, at least what felt like, outer space? Not to mention the other attractions, such as the castle in the park's center. Which, happened to be where Goombella was at the time. In her.... well, it wasn't exactly clear how she was holding it, due to the lack of arms, but with her was a green notebook as well as a pencil. She was jotting down every little thing she could about the structure, fascinated by the architecture.

"The castle looks like it's connected by some sort of rail system... and the way they managed to build this humongous structure inside of a building... fascinating!" Goombella exclaimed to no one in particular as she continued jotting down indiscriminate notes. As she was writing down her abundance of notes, however, a stray rubber ball that had been knocked by one of the attacking robots flew up into the air, and before she knew it....


Like that, the stray rubber ball (which was about Goombella's size), struck her directly in the back of her head! And... well, probably her torso too, since they appeared to be connected. The poor goomba stumbled forward a bit from the impact, her eyes spinning in circles as cartoon-y stars circled around her oversized noggin. It took a few moments, but she did eventually regain her composure, and immediately picked up the nearby notebook and pencil that she'd dropped. After checking to see if her precious notes were in tact (which, thankfully they were), Goombella turned around to find the assailant.

"Hey! Watch where you throw that stuff! Can't you see that a goomba is trying to get some research do--" She paused mid-sentence, noticing the flurry of hostile robots behind her, as well as the kid and the hedgehog that seemed to be holding them off. Goombella's mouth formed an 'O' as she realized what was going on, unsure of how she hadn't even noticed it until now. It took her a moment to process it, but as soon as it did, that O slowly stretched out into goofy, gigantic smile. Not a single word escaped her lips as she ran over to Sonic, who was still fighting the robots, and opened up her notebook.

"Hi! Sonic! I'm Goombella! I've heard SO much about you! You're like... totally famous around here, right???" Goombella asked, though of course she knew the answer to that question. "Anyways, it's like SUCH an honor to meet you! Could you maybe answer a few questions for me?" She asked as she periodically ducked out of the way of any rubble or general debris that had managed to be flung in her general direction. Before Sonic could even respond to her initial inquiry, though, she hit him with about fifty more. "Great! So, what makes you run so fast? Is it the shoes? Experience? High school track? Also, what are those robots made out of? I'm betting steel, or maybe even titanium! Also, why do you call your arch rival Eggman, when his name is clearly Robotnik? And do you know why he goes along with it? Oh and do you know why Tails has two tails? Is it a birth defect or something? And are you and Amy dating?" She would continue to ask him question after question, seeming to just flat out ignore the chaos going on around them.

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  • Gwenpool thinking.png

    "You've got to be kidding me..." Gwen rolled her eyes at Sayaka's oddly perverted display upon seeing Nepgear's HDD form and the magical girl's desire to prove her worth.

    Gwen sighed and quickly grabbed Sayaka's cape to stop her from interfering Thor and Kurse's battle. With the magical girl's cape now in Gwenpool's grasp, the pink mercenary yanked Sayaka out of the air and plopped her down to the ground. Gwen rubbed her temple to ease herself of her growing frustrations with the girl.

    "Do you really have to act all cool just to impress a girl who may or may not be spoken for?" Gwen sternly glared at the blue-haired girl before softening her demeanor. "Listen, I get it... Yuri-Undertones is a thing here. I mean I'm starting to think that I like Chiaki... I mean could you blame me? She's adorable!" Gwen threw her hands at where she left the Ultimate Gamer to hide away from the battle.

    "You want to be a good ally, Sayaka?" Gwen leaned in and poked Sayaka's head to emphasize her point. "How about you don't go and try fighting a guy who took a magic-loli-nuke to the face like it's nothing and go help your friends get to safety so we could actually form a plan!"

    With Gwen finally saying what she wanted to tell the magical girl, the mercenary turned her attentions to her apprentice, "So Chiaki, how are you holding up?" However once Gwen opened her eyes, she discovered that Chiaki was no longer there.

    Frantically, Gwen scanned the area hoping to find any trace of the young gaming prodigy but to no avail. "Chiaki!" Gwen called out for her apprentice's name in hopes to hear her voice. "Please, tell me you're okay!"

    "Oh, she's with me!" answered the voice of not Chiaki but of Red's.

    Gwen quickly snapped to the general direction of Red's voice to see the short brawler carrying a sleeping Chiaki in her arms, bridal style.

    "So that's where you've been, Red," Gwen sighed in a mixture of annoyance and relief. "Where you with her this whole time?"

    "Well, I was gonna fight that big dumb ugly guy until I saw two dark elves going after my wifey!" Red explained as she nuzzled her cheek against Chiaki's. "So I whacked them over the head and saved my wifey!"

    "What's cute..." Gwen forced herself to smile to hide her true feelings...

    But how's about you help your "other wifeys" and not forcing marriage on my apprentice!

    Gwen turned her attention back to Sayaka and helped her back up to her feet, "Do me a favor and help out Nepgear and the others..." But before Sayaka could leave Gwen pulled her closer and whispered, "If you even think about flirting with any of them during this... I'm going to hit you!"

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