1. SheriffMcnuggy

    Multiple Settings  Non- Fandom search, maybe?

    Hello~ I have an active searching thread for fandom rps, but I feel like with fandoms it is not super easy to find people when you have specific interests and whatever, and I am itching for some new stories. Soooo, I am looking to try my hand at some non- fandom rps! It has been a while since I...
  2. FearItself

    Fantasy  The Monster mash

    "Sometimes to hunt a monster...you have to become a monster." The name is Agent Stein, and let me start by saying yes...monsters are real. Ghouls, goblins, Vampires, Werewolves, Dragons, ogres you name it odds are its out there somewhere. Its always been that way, monster hunting families...
  3. nyiro

    Multiple Settings  1x1 search.

    Guess who came back to this site after a long hiatus. This girl. I would really like to get back into roleplaying and I am really up for any roleplay (aside from adult content. no thanks.) Here are a few things you should know about me: I'm a college student, so I'll be busy, but I'll try to...
  4. Rouge_Raven

    Multiple Settings  Looking For A Partner || Original Ideas ♡||

    Writers notes. △ I have a larger basis in Female/ feminine characters, meaning that if you want me to play a male character, it will not be as fluid. △ I do accept and will write darker topics (murder, self harm, etc). I would rather my work be as realistic as possible with these areas △I am...
  5. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern  My Halloween boy (m/m)

    Name: Nyx Hollow age: 17 appearance: (I'm to lazy to colour his skin) likes: Pumpkins, scary stories, anything spooky wooky, full moons, Gorey movies and CANDY Dislikes: Football jocks, the math teacher, being called the weird kid for loving Halloween (he loves it like a little kid loves it...
  6. The_Scarlet_Witch

    Fantasy  Looking for 1x1 because I'm very bored

    Looking for 1x1 roleplays. I prefer supernatural and romance but if you have any good ideas, I'm interested. Just send me a message or something and we'll see what we can figure out!
  7. EdwardDewey98

    Multiple Settings  The Bakker Case [IC] [Closed]

    Preface The year is 1922. The Great War is long over, slowly becoming a fading memory. Prohibition is in full effect, alcohol being banned across the United States, and the mafia continues to grow in power. In the Miskatonic County, life continues as normal. Or so it seems. Famous actress and...
  8. horrorshow

    Realistic or Modern  The Berkley House

    Seclusion and secrecy are the foundation upon which the Berkley family have built their reputation. Their vast estate on the outskirts of Ellenton, Massachusetts has been the source of many local rumors and mysteries for decades. The brick walls climb to a towering four stories that can barely...
  9. SadistPoet

    Fantasy  The World With No Name (Female Alchemist Rebellion Post-Apocalyptic RP)

    "When heaven is agape the angels will fall" Brief RP Synopsis After a brief stint of occupation from an outside power, a small band of alchemists must take back the Isles they call home. This occupation has left much of their previous "utopian" life in ruins. They must decide what is best for...
  10. Azerate

    Multiple Settings  Wyrd, Witchy, and Wonderful Things!

    Disclaimers: I do not feel comfortable role playing with minors; I don't have anything against younger rpers, we all were there once, but sorry, I don't want to rp with people below or who are just now 18. As a lesbian trans woman, I don't want no nonsense OOC or IC surrounding lgbt violence...
  11. faerie tale

    Fandom  local faerie’s partner search! [mindhunter, fire emblem, harry potter, it, skam, etc]

    hiya lovelies, faerie aka fae here! welcome to my relatively short and somewhat boring search thread that i spent way too much time writing up. a little about me, i’m a twenty three year old russian literature/language major residing on the east coast in the usa & i type in lowercase for...
  12. DarkNerd

    Multiple Settings  ۞The Ninth Seal۞ [Members Only] (Red Stag Coffee Shop)

    @Ramjammer , @FearItself , @One_For_All, @SachiGrl --- "Next please." The young man said, dryly, to a customer waiting in line. It was a woman who was on her phone, yammering something away to someone on the other line completely oblivious to the happenings of the world around her. His...
  13. TheAdept

    Fantasy  Looking for a good Sci Fantasy RP?

    Me and my friend kinggunlucky are working on an RP set in an original universe we created. We kind of went and put the cart before the horse and already posted the IC and OOC for the rp, but I wanted to make sure people saw it here as well. The OOC: Futuristic - Agent of Maniacles OOC and...
  14. DarkNerd

    Multiple Settings  1x1, MxM RP Storylines (Always Open)

    Hello errbody. I have a few RP thirst traps I’d like to facilitate (at least until my Group RP becomes available). Deets about Me - 32, Cis Male - Roleplay in Years: 20-22 - Length of Responses: A few paragraphs to pages, depending on how transactional the roleplay is and how detailed the other...
  15. DarkNerd

    Multiple Settings  ۞The Ninth Seal۞

    Genre: Modern, Realism, Fantasy, Gore, Supernatural, Sci-Fi. (Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Angel/Charmed as far as the intersection of these elements.) Background: The setting of this story takes place in a modern setting, in a downtown city-type setting with a combination of fantasy...
  16. chaotic evil

    Fandom  closed

  17. crayon lord

    Fantasy  BS Investigators // RP

    (IMAGE: Bigtown Supernatural Investigators HQ) (Image: A layout of the 1st (left) and 3rd (right) floors of the Bigtown Supernatural Investigators building) It’s 2:00 PM on a sunny, hot, and dry Thursday in early August, and this story begins in a sleepy end of Bigtown, East Idaho in between...
  18. Purplefox

    Fandom  1x1 Gravity Falls RP

    Hi! Looking for someone to do a Gravity Falls rp! Would prefer Fordxoc or Stanxoc for me and am willing to double! We can plot for what we would both enjoy most. :)
  19. crayon lord

    Fantasy  BS Investigators // Lore and Wheel Spin Record

    Existing in relation the the BS Investigators RP, this thread serves to record any lore as determined by a Spin of our cool wheel! Players should not post here S.S. — Secret Spin. When a post contains this phrase, it means a spin with results unavailable to the (/majority of) players has been...
  20. Struberyl

    Multiple Settings  Searching for Adv. Partner [M// OPEN]

    fas fa-cog fa-pulse fas fa-cog fa-pulse fa-2x Suprose we write? fas fa-cog fa-pulse fa-2xfas fa-cog fa-pulse Stroodles Stats MATURITY: fas fa-circle fafas fa-circle fas fa-circle fas fa-circle fas fa-circlefar fa-circle PUNNINESS: fas fa-acornfas fa-acornfas fa-acornfar fa-acornfar...