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      I bid you a good morning as well @WanderingJester
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      When you go to the doctor and they take your saliva i feel like they want to choke you when I was little they said they were going to put that thing in my mouth just to get the saliva i said "can't i just spit in a jar?"
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      I have the next two days off so replies are coming at y'all today after I clean my filthy house. Lol. 
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      Rewatching Sherlock
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      I bought myself a $9 pie and I don't even want it what a shame
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      Jeez. Mirror's plot is some of the most depressing shit I've seen in a while.
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      Good morning everyone  
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      Hey I saw your reply on my thread. I will go on pc in a moment to send you a proper message  
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      Hmm... I'm trying to put my favorite novel idea thing into a roleplay format....but I also love the characters so much I'm afraid to let anyone else get their hands on them XD
      Looks like I'm just putting it up in the Creativity forum! XD
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      I need to take a little bit of a break from roleplay... I'll be back, I just need a bit of time
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      I'm supposed be doing school but I'm snuggling the doggo instead. 

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      I thought I'm going to sleep early today. Guess I failed. Again
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      Anyone up to rp a seme? I rp ukes. I need more rps since they all died essentially.. anyone? it's been a while since I've started a new boyxboy roleplay so I'm eager to start again!
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      Tomorrow is that time of the year again...
      The day that comes along every year and reminds me how painful it is to lack a social life.
      My birthday.
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      Sorry everyone. I have been sick the last few days and still aint up to par. Will get to posting tomorrow.
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    • Isaedras Cleditre

      ((AGHH! Its so old!!!!!) 

      Mila leaned forward, peering into the department store's cracked mirror. The early morning light illuminated the innards of the building through the cracks on its surface as it highlighted every speck of dust that blew by in it's pale golden beam.

      "I don't see why you need to keep doing that." A disheveled Cait muttered from inside a vomit green sleeping bag in the floor. Her messy red hair was covered in rubble , same as the rest of her clothing , and a few strands of hair were matted to her sweaty forehead as her emerald green eyes peered up at Mila from under the pillow she had placed over her own head.

      "Of course you don't." She leaned in closer to the mirror and carefully drew the eyeliner brush across her eyelid making a sharp point. "They used to call it "war paint" back in the day." Mila leaned back now and straightened up to admire her handiwork as she spoke. "And they meant that in a slightly" condescending way, but there's no point in getting into that now...well becau--"

      "Yeah yeah. "War never changes." Shut up."  Cait snorted from under her pillow before coughing suddenly and wiping her nose as she sat up to pack up her sleeping bag and belongings. "I don't see why you bother really. You look fine without it."

      "Fine indeed..." Mila muttered to herself with a grin and straightened up as she looked to Cait's reflection in the mirror. "The point is if you see a perfect woman...."

      "Don't flatter yourself too much there, lover."

      " perfect eyeliner carrying a huge fucking gun, the correct emotion to feel is terror." She glanced over her shoulder to Cait momentarily before peering back into the mirror and bringing the brush to her other eye. "The idea is that it's intimidating to see someone in a wasteland such as this who still has the free time to  look good while shooting you through the eye at three hundred+ paces."

      "That's a load of shite and you know it." Cait huffed and rolled her eyes as the fiery redhead continued applying her eyeliner. "And who the hell would be able to see your eyeliner at three hundred places in the first place?"

      "Anyone looking down a scope I assume."

      "That's a reassuring thought."

      Mila tensed up suddenly and quickly finished touching up on her eyeliner before grabbing the pistol beside her on the counter and peering out the window. "Cait!" Mila hissed under her breath. "Get low! we may have company." She snapped and pointed to their bag of weaponry before peering out between chunks of cement and broken glass into the sun-bathed wasteland that rested just outside their makeshift shelter. "Keep an eye out...this could get messy..."

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    • Summer Breeze

      you know what would be cool? a radio station that plays movie music like lord of the rings and harry potter and such...
      oh wait, that already exists! and I'm listening to it right now ^~^
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    • Nano  »  Fyuri

      Apparently I never followed you back? >.>???
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    • NikkiStevenson

      need some people to join a role pay i just made.
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