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Hey All,

As we grow rapidly as a site/community and create more and more site resources and information that is beneficial to all, we have a hard time organizing it all. In an attempt to alleviate this problem we are visiting an old concept, a site portal. Something we haven't had in several years. Back then we didn't feel that the site needed it and even then we don't know if this is something the site needs now but we will be giving it a chance and see where it goes.

We hope to better showcase featured rps(Congrats to @Verse Zero!, releasing that early to better showcase the portal more to come during the newsletter announcement in the future) , site announcements, and other site creations and easily be able to find them.

Featured RPs(we plan to do more then one now) of the month will always be in the slider. Under it promoted site announcements/rps and other things that need to be showcased. We will continue to improve the design/layout of the portal in coming months, trying to see what other links are needed and even if it should be a one column layout as it is currently.

If you have any questions/concerns/feedback please post below :)!
Three Months Prior
Norfolk Geostationary Dockyards

"Commander Starling?" The harsh, authoritarian, ravaged voice of Admiral (In General Staff) Eric de Mazieire. His officer collar pins denoted his rank as C-13, General Staff, one of the planners and overall authorities of the Fleet. Eric's voice was never the same since 2316 or so the story went. Commander Starling was not there when the Frigate Siberia had been boarded by forces from the Sirius Republic. The then Commander de Mazieire, CO of the Siberia, led a counter-boarding operation to prevent the raiding party from reaching the Frigate's starboard side magazines. The Siberia was already in a deadly dance of death as its dueled a pair of Republican destroyers at close range. During the fighting Eric took a 7.62mm round to the throat. Nearly killed him since it punched a hole straight through his jugular and pulped his vocal cords. Only the skill of the Siberia's medical staff saved him, but his voice now sounded like it was constantly gutteral and full of phlem. His voice matched his face to be quite frank. Admiral de Mazieire bore several more scars from The War. An indent on his right cheek from when a piece of shrapnel embedded itself in his cheekbone. A scar across his forehead from a close quarters assault on an enemy mining installation where a bayonet nearly lanced his cranium. All confidential gossip one might suppose. But Commander Starling knew the difference from a bullet wound and one caused by a blade. She had enough of her own, though she got lucky with none touching her face, a small amount of relief.

"Commander are you listening to me?" repeated the gutteral voice. Starling looked up sharply, shooting enough lasers that the Admiral sat back, and replied, "Yessir. You want me to take the Valkyrie on a four month patrol through the Bernard's Star system outer edges around the Moons of Capricorn." ...
Hey All,

Here is another quality of life update, I tend to have the most fun with these :)!

If you head on over to the site's homepage and look at the sidebar, you'll notice that there are new blocks and apart from that, they've been neatly organized into tabs. This also had the side effect of deflating the size of tabs over roleplays and now they neatly fit in a line (requiring even more to make it look ugly).

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns/feedback :)!
Hello, users of RpNation!

Recently, we, the staff, have been getting a lot of questions on what is and what is not allowed on RpNation. After a lengthy discussion with the administration team, we decided to pull together a brief PSA to clarify the answer to the entire site just to make sure no one is confused by the site rules. This PSA will be broken down into two parts: what is allowed and what isn't allowed.

What is allowed (and when it's allowed)First off, we'll start off with a brief statement: we are not a PG-13 site. What does this mean? It means we allow swearing, violence, and R-rated material in character (with some exceptions, please see the "what isn't allowed" section). We do not allow users to use derogatory terms or make rude, unwarranted statements to other users on the site out of character; however, we welcome you to develop characters who are as colourful as you like. GMs are still allowed to instill their own rules on what is and isn't allowed in their roleplays, but must abide ALL site rules. Of course, please use your discretion. Roleplaying a character using illegal drugs is one thing and is acceptable, while telling a user how to use illegal drugs in a chat is not acceptable. If at any times you are unsure if something is allowed, please do not hesitate to reach out to any member of staff.

What isn't allowedWhile we are not PG-13, we do not allow erotic content on RpNation: in roleplaying or otherwise. The definition of erotic content is as follows: any images, posts, or other content that displays genitalia or explicit sexual actions. Characters are welcome to cuddle, kiss, and flirt, but once the scene moves to anything dealing with genitalia or sexual encounters, we ask you fade to black. Roleplaying sex scenes in Conversations (PMs) is not acceptable.

Fade to blackAs many of you know, we follow the fade to black rule. This means that whenever two (or more, I suppose)...
Hey All,

So as you all know we take security on RpN very seriously, so with this new forum update comes Two Step Verification, which you can enable by going to your drop down and clicking on Two-Step. You can also click here directly.


So what this does is that it allows you to use an app/program like Google Authenicator or Authy(which is my personal favorite since it works on Desktop as well unlike other ones which only work on Smartphones) or other app or email code.


Once one of these two security steps is added, you'll have the ability to see and manage backup codes:


In the event you lose access to the app or email AND your backup codes, you must email us and we can help you reactivate your account.

If you have any questions or concerns/feedback please post below :)!
Update Thread Tags
Hey All,

Thread Tags (which has been refereed by me and other staff members in the past as the RP filter) is finally here!

Allow me to explain how it works.

Certain sections on the site will have a new section when creating a new thread and it will ask you to tags(You may insert up to five)

As showncase in this image:


You can see that I used demons, Japanese lore, slice of life(this one being my subgenre, which at least one is required)

Clicking on any of these tags will show all threads with those tags


If you making a new RP, it must have at least ONE subgenre, in the first image above, I used Slice of Life, this can be anything like adventure, horror, romance, what ever you want. You can find official site rules governing tags here.

Tags will be required(Minimum of 1) in the following sections:

Roleplays (This does not Include OOC, Extra Tabs, Hosted Projects). So only the main (In Character RP tab) gets tags.
Site Questions & Information
Prose & Poems
Roleplay Discussion
Entertainment Discussion

And very importantly, apart from being able to see tags at the top of the threads in those sections, you can also search by them over at the master search page.


If you have any questions or concerns/feedback please post below :)!
Hey All,

So for a while now one of the systems lagging behind due to how old it was was just existing for the sake of existing to only add load time when viewing a thread. We were going to make new images for them but its not worth it when the addon was already causing problems, so we've opted to remove moods for now.

However Profile Covers system got a complete overhaul for better image quality, uploading, less errors, and repositioning images, etc in the hopes of allowing you to make your profile more you.

The button to upload covers has moved to your account drop down.


Where it says upload cover.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns/feedback ;)!
Update New Staff!
So, after some serious consideration, it was decided to reorganize the staff list a little bit. How so? We are adding two new Super Mods and two new Forum mods!

Without further ado, we would like to welcome @AllHailDago and @Pine to the super mod team and @Atom as your fandom forum mod and @Ghost as your fantasy forum mod.

Please give them a warm welcome! Also know that they are still training in their new positions and may be a bit slow to start. (:

Want to learn more about the staff team and/or how each title functions? Read here.

@Mordecai, @Captain Hesperus, @The Dark Wizard

Dear Senpai,

Why won't you notice me? Its not like I need you too, but still baka.

But anyway, I hope this letter makes it to you, I couldn't decide on a style of hand writing, sorry.

Hey All,

This is a new upset to let you know that the entire google fonts library can now be used on RpN. To do is this quite simple

You take the regular [Font=fontname][/font] code and just insert the name of the font from the google library located here: https://www.google.com/fonts

So for example you'll notice that this font is called Covered By Your Grace


You would set it up this way

[font=Covered By Your Grace]Test[/font]

If you have any questions or concerns please post below.

As usual this shouldn't be abused and used outside of roleplays for the most part(Roleplay Creators can even forbid you from using this or requiring you to use a font as per the RpNation's Roleplay Creator's rights section.

We look forward to seeing what kind of awesome combinations users will create with our existing bbcode.
RPN Monthly: August 2015

Welcome back to another exciting, content-packed edition of the RpNation newsletter. With summer completely underway now, I hope you have been enjoying all the new content and competitions being released, in addition to getting your roleplay fix! Thank you to all of the Fellows who worked on this edition of the Newsletter who made it a breeze for me to assemble it. (: You guys are all so awesome. If anyone has any comments, feedback, or suggestions for future newsletters, please PM me, Mordecai, at any time. I'd love to hear them! Now, without further ado, please enjoy your August edition of the RpNation newsletter!

New Fellows

Atom may be a bit of a hooligan, but he's also a whole lot of fun to be around. Always down for a chat or a discussion, he is a great person to hang-out with.

The staff threw a penny in the wishing well and we got coin in return! He's honest and constructive and is commonly seen helping roleplayers with their roleplays.

Always chipper when she welcomes new users to the site, Life Novel is a friendly face to new and old members alike. Furthermore, her roleplays are always fun, gratifying places to be.
New Fellows
@Teh Frixz
Frixz is...