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  • For all the Pokemon-lovers out there, what are some of the things that attract or turn you away from a Pokemon RP?
    As always, the host having intelligible writing on their intro post certainly helps. I personally find expanded movepool options more fun than sticking to the game limit of four, although that's not a dealbreaker. I also enjoy more realistic survival-focused ideas, a la Legends Arceus.
    Hey, it's me Glitch from the Charms. I'm Exodus now!

    I'm assuming I'm already locked into Pokemon?
    Yea, you're good. Try to post your character sheet in the Character Sheet thread though.
    YOOOOO I remember you from Pokecharms :D

    holy shit I didn't think you'd be here too!!!

    anyway XD sorry for the gush, I'm a huge fan of your RPs and stuff (sadly, I'm in so many that I can't even join any of them despite the effort you put off)

    but I just wanted to say hi, I remember you, aaaaand have a good rest of your day :3

    (You might remember me, though we rarely interacted in Pokecharms. Went by Pretty Pichu or Merciless Medic in Pokecharms and have been there for 5 years)
    I think there's a place for it, can't have people running wild in the RP after all, but there is a balance and I struggle with it too. GM-ing is like 20 times more draining than actual Rping ~w~

    it gets frustrating, I feel ya

    Honestly, it came to me recently! Why try and force a 100-page RP if you can just RP events along than journey and connect the various RPs to the same effect? Short, sweet, and hopefully means the RP actually finishes lmfao

    I love the semi-realistic side of pokemon and I've been reading a lot of fanfictions to see how other people do it and stealing some ideas here and there. I'd love to see some grit. In fact, if I may gush about my own character for a bit...

    Esther was created around well...a sort of moral grey area? Her backstory plays an important role, specifically the events of Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs. She grew up around when Dolce Island was destroyed, so her goals revolve around...preventing that from ever happening again. At some point during her journey, she'll begin to take that goal very seriously. She has a goal and her failure could result in catastrophic consequences for her region; that gives her an unhealthy drive towards getting stronger, and that directly manifests in pushing her pokemon to the point of abuse. She'll mellow out of course, but she makes it clear to her pokemon that her goal is so important to her that she can't stop, she can really only do her best to push them to their limits in a healthy way, like a good coach. Her stance will fracture her team, some pokemon, the ones willing to sacrifice for the tremendous task of reaching the top, will stay, but others will leave. I wanted to provoke some thought like not every pokemon wants to go through grueling training to be the very best, and...hey, that's okay.

    I've got so many ideas for the character so now I'm just waiting for the opportunity to RP her and hoping I can actually pull them of well xD
    Merciless Medic
    Merciless Medic
    Yeaaah gming is hard XD I can gm for one person, which is basically just me setting everything up for the other person and letting them go ham with the tools and stuff I give them XD


    Yeah, when I saw she was from Oblivia, I was like :O "someone from Oblivia????" XD

    as you can tell, side regions are my favorite XD

    but yeah, that's really cool!! Hmmmm, I got an idea in mind for an RP for her :3 I feel like she'd fit in really well in a journey RP in Kalos. Mega evolutions and what not XD and people there are more about style than they are about battling (of course, that's a generalization so obviously outliers exist), but yeah fish out of water scenario... that sounds like a good idea :3 hopefully XD

    I dunno if I wanna make an Pokemon RP just yet though. It'll take me a while to get the interest check ready, and I only want a few people in it. Like 4-6 people and just kinda keep it there. I also have a bunch of characters I actually want to use :'D so this'll be fun. AND I don't have to worry about asking an admin for a mega :'D or to include Legendaries, but I'm obviously not gonna go ham with that pfffff
    I find 1x1s pretty tricky since I like decent sized groups where I can do my own things but also bounce off several different people.

    You're actually spot on! Her Destiny's bios take place right after she came from Kalos lol

    She was only in the region for a few weeks for one of her pokemon's backstories tho.

    And thanks! It took me a while to work it out, and I'm still trying to figure out the perfect balance of intensity for her. Oblivia ended up the perfect region for its lore and...Ukelele Pichu! I have music as a huge part of her personality since I got the inspiration from a song. Some of the lyrics go:

    Ya know,
    I want you to care that I want you to stay
    So I swear I won’t blame you if you turn away
    At the end of the day, I will smile and give in
    To this burning and vile original sin
    Cuz hell is the realization your selfish
    And drawn to the loving, the soft and the helpless
    I can see through that facade that you wear
    When your honest, and promise you’ll fight the despair
    And I ‘ll say it again, that I know I’ m the worst
    So then how can you spend so much love on the person that hurts you
    Like I do?
    Cuz inside, I can’t hide that I cannot desert you
    And if I’m”the world”to you, surely you
    Never stood even a chance at all, didn’t you?
    It’s me, after all.

    And I envision a soulful song to the pokemon that stayed with her but also like ahhhhh, I don't think I'm good enough to nail the emotional weight of the scene xD

    The side regions are amazing, so I don't blame you; desperately wish they'd put out more side-games lol

    Take your time with the RP, no rush. You can have a co-creator to help write up the world and thread if you think it'll help, just remember to save me a spot lol

    I've gotta head to sleep now if I wanna wake up for work, but should definitely continue this soon as I wake up xD
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