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Been registered for around two years but haven't been active in around six months. Really want to get back into it but to be honest RPNation doesn't seem to be like it was. Everything seems dead and it's so depressing. I've created so many great memories here aha
I am now working on cosplaying Ciel and Alois... in fact when I have the time and opportunity I plan to do a truth or dare with me as Alois, and someone I know as Ciel. Then one of the dares will be "I dare you to kiss the person on your right" and then Ciel hauling ass out of there. Alois just chases him. I have weird ideas.
ELLO ELLO ELLO LADIES, GENTS, AND ALL MY OTHER DIFFERENTLY GENDERED COMRADES, AND WELCOME TO ANOTHER NEKOSHU BROADCAST!! This time with Sandwiches AND Burritos to eat! Cuz apparently there was a mix-up, then complaints, so now I gots to finish the burritos before they go bad… Then again I have a freezer since we're in my old RP home but Nevermind!

Discussion Topic: Odd or unusual tendencies!
My most obvious odd tendency is when I'm just doing something, reading, watching something… And I just start sucking on a finger, it's strange and I have guesses for it but no honest explanation!
Number 507
Number 507
I always have a compulsive tendency to draw for a song cover whenever I listen to a song.
Hello RPnation for the afternoon 507 broadcast.

I really dont have anything to report, so have fun just reading this useless broadcast