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"Not compassionate, only polite — we well trained.

Our sincerity's rehearsed on stage, it's just a game

Not good, but well behaved, 'cause the cameras survey,

Most of the things that we think, do or say."

-Dante Smith
Bound In Love

Pain and lust was all that was there
yet I smiled and waited for her fingers through my hair
blinded by cloth, bound with rope
a black collar tighten around my throat
scars from the whip. bruises from her bites
free in the day, bound in the night
My muffled soft moans, her sweet sadistic chuckles
her voices alone makes my legs buckle
love and lust we both had felt
the emotion was more than the damage dealt
the lust in the day and love in the night
kisses in the morning. evening love bites
I was trapped as a lion yet free as a dove
Forever will I be bound in love~
I do not enjoy being ghosted. I will be leaving conversations after a week if I don't hear back. Please just tell me that you don't want to continue. I'm not going to set your house on fire. I'm civil FFS. X.X