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    Music Character Contest The winners are here! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! THE WINNERS ARE HERE! Wothout further ado...
    Genre - Username - Character Name
    Pop - @Ambela - Sirus Reece
    Rock - @Pretzel Heart - Mary Gillory
    Alternative - @RubyRose - Taylor A. Yablonski
    Instrumental - @Whale - Joseph A Davis
    Foreign - @jinkx - Lauren James
    The grand winner will soon be revealed in a separate announcement soon™!
    Donation Badge
    Boo! Pinky took time out of her busy schedule (which mainly consists of beating the shit out of some fat yellow guy and his wife) to pose for us, and as a result @Ghost has created a spooooookily adorable badge for all those who donated in the month of October!
    Features Okay, I'll admit it; I'm extraordinarily excited about the talent displayed this month, far moreso than usual. I'm also excited because we are featuring poetry this month, not prose! WHAT'S MORE, the character feedback forum was not dead this month, so we have a feature from there too! BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL! You know the forum games secton? Yeah, we have a feature from there as well. It's truly a superlative month, and that's thanks to all of you.
    Featured Poetry I'm inordinately pleased to introduce you all to this month's poet. Their work is frank, exorcising and thus genuine on a very basic level, and in equal parts defiant and despairing. @thegreathero is definitely in the making, so to speak, and you should check out their thread melodramatic poetry and junk.
    Featured Art There wasn't a shadow of doubt as to who deserves this month's art feature. This mixed media thread slipped in juuust under the knife for the October newsletter, so I have been waiting all month to write this! Varied, whimsical, and full of talent, @Alexandra's thread Fine art and illustration has so many patterns and images that are absolutely enchanting, exponentially moreso in conjunction with one another. Give her a click.
    Featured Forum Game In the mood for fun? How about chuckles? Help folks over in the #forumgames forum create a silly story, one word at a time. That's right, this month we'd like you all to pay close attention to @JPax's thread, One-Word -> Story.
    Featured Discussion It's November, which means Turkey Day is fast approaching! The holiday may be viewed by some as racist, BUT, we can always draw one sappy feelgood lesson from it, which is thankfulness. @tiedyedunicorn's thread Something you're thankful for today :) is a great chance to unload some corny gratitude. Tis the season!
    Featured Character This month we can at last bring featured characters back into the mix! I am so so pleased to see how much more traffic Character Feedback got in the month of October. That said, this month's featured character is really refreshing because they are not a special, gifted protagonist set apart from others; the character has average skills and struggles with meeting the expectations set for him. Check out @Harmonic Chaos's character, Alvar Bryjar.
    Featured Blog RpN is, fundamentally, a community for roleplayers of all varieties, and this month's featured blog reflects that. Follow @Shmuel as they work to create their own system for roleplaying using d20s, the most sacred implement of the old roleplay shamans who lurk in basements gleefully describing the way a rock falls and wipes out the entire party. You can view their blog here.
    Roleplay of the Month This roleplay has been kicking around RpN in various iterations since 2014! Given it's long history, now that it's a stable fixture it's rather overdue that we pay it some mind. I'm particularly excited about this because it's a type of roleplay we have never featured before - Colosseum. Colosseum RPs are the realm of battle! Of glory in combat! Of bloodshed and violence! Well, they might come in other flavors, but combat is indeed the main focus, often in the form of tournaments. They are the Hunger Games of RpN, essentially. This RP in particular features alternate personalities, dreamworlds, and all kinds of good times! Interested? Well, don't let me distract you any longer. Congratulations to...
    And now a word from the GM, @Flip Jester Boy:
    my reaction when I received this PM:

    Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Flipside?
    A: Well, to be honest, it was an idea that I *clears throat* borrowed from another user from another forum which may or may not be dead anymore, so I decided to take it upon myself to try to revive it. After several tries, I was finally to get it up and running with people that seemed to have taken the concept of the RP pretty easily (Shoutout to @LittleSilver, who surprised me with a different take of the flipside possesion).
    Q: What is it that has made Flipside successful?
    A: What made it successful? Usually the old copy-pasta tricks works most of the time. I also neither confirm nor deny spamming the RP link on the pages of new users. Otherwise, probably the little paragraph which was cut off because text restrictions on the "short description" presentation.
    Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing?
    A: Strengths? Well, I suppose I'm pretty lenient with what people do, giving them room to wiggle around a bit. I also like to give my assistance when people need help.
    Q: How about weaknesses?
    A: Weaknesses, let's see... My leniency, but mostly outside of text RP and more on Tabletop (I'm the DM for my Pathfinder session with friends). Sometimes I give people too much room to wiggle around, resulting in broken things because I OK'ed it.
    Q: How do you garner interest for your roleplays?
    A: I usually try to come up with a description that pulls people in, a.k.a. click bait (which is probably what everyone tries to do). I also try to make interesting scenarios and situations where characters have to fend for themselves and leaves a lot of room for character reaction and interaction.
    Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN?
    A: I first got into roleplaying through a little info/gaming site named Terraria Online. What got me into RP'ing was none other than the first iteration Flipside, but it was already on the verge of dying. After a few weeks of inactivity, the RP died, so instead I joined another RP on the site known as The Island, a fantasy open-world RP where characters are left to their own devices after waking up on an empty beach with no clothes and no memories of how they got there. I discovered RPN through another RP on Terraria Online when the RP's creator announced he/she was moving to this site. I decided to follow along, stumbling upon this wonderful place and have remained here ever since. #NeverForgetShoutboxlandia
    Q: What is the most unique roleplay you remember participating in? What stood out most?
    A: Ooh, the most unique RP? Well, I wouldn't say unique as I would one of the more memorable ones I've been part of, which would be @welian's fantasy highschool RP that never really moved along past the first chapter. But it was the name, which I can't recall, was what stood out the most just because of how long it was.
    Q: What's your saddest memory of roleplaying?
    A: Eh, I don't have any sad memories, really. I shed a man-tear at the loss of the Shoutbox, though :^)
    Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying?
    A: Most of my fond memories are just the great interactions I've had with my partners in my 1x1's.
    Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing?
    A: Tips and Tricks? Tip number 1: Make the character that you like to play. Sure, there might already be another character with the same personality or power, but don't fret. Try to make a variant of it which makes it so you can still enjoy the character while not encroaching on another's. Tip number 2: Do it, no balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Tip number 3: Make it memorable. Sure, the RP might get slow at some points, but always shoot for the best character interactions and reactions you can think of.
    Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they?
    A: My one pet peeve: People that leave or don't reply without saying a word, though I will confirm that I'm guilty for this act as well. >.>
    Q: What would your personal Flipside powers be like, if you were in this world?
    A: If Flipside were real, my power would probably be light manipulation. Light has so many properties to it that it'd be easy to abuse, such as bending light around a subject to render said subject invisible, or to concentrate it enough that you can make a platform made of solid light.
    Q: Do you have something in mind for your next roleplay? Can we get a few hints?
    A: I have had an idea floating around which involves a take on Pathfinder's Summoner class. Stay tuned for more details
    Member of the Month You might have seen this month's member of the month helping people out in the Site Q&I, or perhaps they're on your radar for roleplaying. You might even have seen them in the Discussion forums, or in Creativity offering their services making floor plans! If you haven't guessed by now, I'm happy to inform you that the November Member of the Month is...
    And now a word from our MotM:
    Q: When did you get started roleplaying, and how?
    A: I didn't start till I entered high school.  I had some friends who played Dungeons and Dragons.  We weren't serious about following the rules (at first) and mostly did it for fun.  I loved it and pretty soon found myself engaging in more types of RPs; chat, forums, etc.
    Q: You make floor plans and mentioned you've done cartography as a hobby. Care to tell us how you got into that and what you enjoy about it?
    A: My mother used to work for an architect firm and I would help her at work every now and then.  I would literally hang out with the architects and watch them as they created blueprints.  I even at one point wanted to be an architect.  However, I developed more of an interest in science and thus I am working on that degree, hehe.  As far as cartography, it goes back to playing dungeons and dragons.  I helped create maps for custom campaigns that my friends wanted.  My first map was pretty bad, but you can only improve if you keep practicing.  I can spend hours and hours on a single map and never get bored.  There is just something about creating fantastical realms and all that goes with it that I love.  I even have the GoT official book that has all the maps created for the book and show.
    Q: What are some hobbies you have besides the above and roleplaying?
    A: I tend to go to the more artistic and craft side of things concerning hobbies.  I like to try various things; origami, knitting, crochet, graphic design, HTML/CSS coding, etc.  Some things I stick with; such as CSS/HTML which I've done since I was about 12.  Other things, like knitting I gave up because I couldn't even knit a scarf.
    Q: Any book or show or other such media that you've been excited about recently?
    A: Oh, I am a bibliophile.  I read very quickly, but still manage to have a backlog of books to read.  I've not really read anything recently, mostly because my life has been super busy.  As far as shows, I'm a Asian Drama fan and have been trying to keep myself from binge watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo.
    Q: What is your favorite letter of the alphabet and why?
    A: That's a hard one.  I've always been asked about colors and numbers; never letters!  Hmmm.  I would have to go with G.  Specifically capital G, not lowercase.  I like how looks in both cursive and print.  Would it be weird for me to say that I like writing it in both cursive and print as well?  Just the order of the strokes of the pen perhaps.
    Q: Got any projects in progress? Tell us about them!
    A: As far as RP projects, I was a bit ambitious and created my first forum-based group RP; Eitoku Academy.  It's been a huge learning curve for me since I've never run such a large RP group before, but I am trying my best!  It's a slice of life high school RP based in Japan.  I'm sure some J-Drama fans know where I pulled the name from too.  It has just recently started so not too much has occurred just yet, but there are plans to have RP events for some variety.  I also have been in discussion with a friend from my deviantArt days about a RP project that never went beyond initial planning.  I want to keep it a bit of a secret, but I can say it's along the lines of assassination, espionage, and subterfuge.  
    Q: What does your ideal Thanksgiving dinner look like?
    A: Can I just say "all the carbs?"  Joking.. kind of.  We make our own bread rolls and they are always delicious.  My plate would pretty much have white turkey meat, mashed potatoes with gravy, a variety of veggies, and bread rolls.  I'm not a cranberry fan unfortunately.  Then there are the deserts.  I can't make pies sadly, but I love pumpkin pies and pecan pies.
    Q: What advice do you have for the readers of this month's newsletter?
    A: Experiment!  You'll never know what you like or are capable of doing until you give it a shot.  Some things you will find you actually enjoy and other things might just fail at.  Either way, you tried!
    Closing Thoughts Remember, everyone, you can suggest content, roleplays, and members to be featured in the newsletter using this form! Thank you all for helping to make every month great for RpN. As the newsletter comes to a close, I'd lke to remind all the readers to be good to each other. Everybody should feel welcome here, and your actions - yes, your actions - reflect upon RpN. We're a little better or a little worse for you being a member here, so you might as well make us a little better!
    The Dark Wizard
    Hey All,
    So this is a highly anticipated announcement and is most likely not what while you expect. While are planning a ton of buttons for the editor and enhancements to be able to easily do stuff, we are going to make that part 2. Today for part 1, we are enabling the ability to use HTML in a Beta/Limited format while we see how it is used and any modifications we need to make. 
    To use HTML:
    You'll need to have 500+ posts here on RpNation (we don't think this is a terrible way to slowly release to the site as some users can get that in a few days)  
    HTML is the underlying language that powers the web and it can do amazing stuff, but it can also do some bad stuff. If you abuse it by creating forced and timed redirects or other nasty stuff, your account and all alts will be instantly terminated from the site with zero appeal. Also this goes with out saying any HTML or CSS that targets site elements to alter the way the site looks is not allowed, this is not myspace or neopets, we expect users to contain their coding to their posts. Over time we will have safe guards and other things put in place. Assuming everything goes great this should be the new standard for RpNation, a language that will never go away like BBCodes, that always gets updated by the internet. Once the automated system recognizes you have 500+ posts (you'll have to create a new post somewhere for it to check your account) you should be able to see a source button.

    Click on it and put your coding in it and then switch out of it for the coding to take effect.
    If you have any questions/feedback/concerns please post below.
    The Dark Wizard
    Greetings Everyone!
    With the new site up, and with summer coming to an end, we figured what better way to celebrate than to host a contest? Every year RpN hosts a character challenge, and this year we’ve decided to switch things up. Rather than using previously made characters and pitting them all against each other, this year we’re doing something new! Competitors will listen to our selection of songs, and then use those songs as inspiration to create an interesting and unique character, which will then be judged. It’s easy as cake! All users can participate, and prizes will be given out to the top three entries!
    You can find the contest here or on the homepage under the private workshop.
    SEPTEMBER 2016
    Slowly, coolly. Not with any fanfare or flashes, only the soft landing of autumn leaves. This is how summer comes to a close. We're in the last legs of it now! Of course, where I live summer pretty much keeps going until December rolls around, but a girl can dream!! Just looking around it's so so visible how much has happened over August and how awesome September will be! I'd like to take a minute to remind everyone that if you have questions about the new site or found a bug or something of the sort, I strongly encourage you to check out the Site Update Survival Guide before you do anything else. Really! Also, look out for the closing thoughts from our very own kitten admin, Captain Hesperus.
    Site Updates
    August 9, 2016 - Invisioning The Future (RpN 2.0) - The big update we've all been teasing finally happened! We've switched from XenForo to Invision Power Board, which lets us bring a ton of cool new features to you without them continuously breaking like they did on XF. We have also brought to you new themes, a new and improved roleplay system, a more stable text editor, and more!
    August 18, 2016 - Aftermath - A few changes are made; the new roleplay system is now only for Hosted Projects and is not mandatory, Night Life has been improved, and bugs have been squashed. A to-do list is also released.
    August 21, 2016 - Changelog - 8/21/2016 - We've made a bunch of changes! Most notably, we improved site speed.
    August 31, 2016 - PSA: Why We Don't Allow Erotic Roleplaying - We'd like to remind everyone that we have very good reasons not to allow erotic/smut roleplay, and it has nothing to do with our personal feelings on the matter.
    August 31, 2016 - New Feature: Blogs - We've released a fun new feature: personal blogs! Blog away, my pretties.
       Donation Badge
    @welian has made you a refreshing glass of pink lemonade. Doesn't it look wonderful? You know, you really ought to thank her, she had to squeeze the pixel-lemons by hand and everything. Hopefully all donators appreciate the fruit (haha) of her labor!

    We have here not one but two special features, this month. I'm very excited about this! The newsletter is all about celebrating all of you, so I love being able to showcase your unique and individual talents. Unsurprisingly, the site has kinda exploded since the big update, and this includes the wonderful user-generated content that makes up this section. Congratulations to everyone featured!
    Featured Writing  
    This month's featured writing is a touch whimsical, a smidge thought-provoking, and a dollop vibrant. The piece's strength is its lilting diction and attentive detail. Written by @Marianne, "Ipanema" is intriguing! It is a chapter from a story called V; you can view the thread here.
      Featured Artist It was a true challenge to decide just which of this photographer's' pictures I would display here. All are worth checking out! Breathtaking landscape shots of Northern Ireland are punctuated by things of normalcy: pets, leaves, flowers. All, however, are somehow lent an ethereal quality, thanks to @Physiicz's special touch. View his thread here!
    As blue met violet, orange met pink, clashing upon pallid clouds with fruitful vitality. Chinese lanterns, the color of a pale cerulean morning flickered in the sky, millions, billions, trillions of miles away from the ground as a little lady admired the beauty of the sky above. Her tiny world became large that day, especially when her heart shaped lips, the color of roses, parted to speak: "Mother, why are the Chinese lanterns so far?" There was a click, a pause in the air as the radio music in the background became lower. Afterwards, the little lady could hear the shuffle of feet and the ruffle of skirts. It was only a matter of time before gentle taps met white wood and green grass.    
    Special Feature: Crocheting
    We love seeing something different in the Creativity forums! Recently a user shared this finished project with us, and it's very delightful! The colors are as soft as the yarn looks; it's a very cheerful blanket. Give a hand to @Kohote, who's a whizz with the crochet needle. You can view her thread here!
       Special Feature: Travel
    Our users do some pretty amazing things, and travel is one of them. @JokerValentine studied abroad in Madagascar, and they are full of stories and photographs! Here is their thread full of photography. Don't mind the messy code from the update; clicking the links at the bottom of their post will pull up the photos.
       Featured Tutorial
    Among the many cool new features of RPN 2.0 are custom activity streams. This tool allows you to browse new content in an organized way, a way that even regular alerts can't hope to compare to. For those of you who get lots of alerts per day, this is a lifesaver! View @Ambela's tutorial on setting up and managing these streams here.    Featured Discussion
    Sometimes we find characters that are a real pleasure to read or to write. It's tough to pinpoint what exactly it is that makes them that way! September's featured discussion is all about those things that make characters a joy. Chime in on @Danchou Tsubomi's thread, What about a character makes you like them?.  
    Roleplay of the Month
    This month's featured roleplay has been on our radar for a little while and we're very pleased to bring it onto yours! Not that it needs the help; this roleplay has been pulling people in like flies to honey. It's a world with terrible monsters, and you play as a Weaver: someone who controls a certain element through the Core inside their body. Which element is yours?
    Reaper: Origins
    And now some words from the GM, @Umbra Regalia:
    Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Reaper: Origins?
    A: I was inspired by a lot of things, the most notable things being various anime plotlines and music lyrics. Though, Reaper had started as just a little book I used to write in class (Let's just say I was a rebel). I was inspired to turn it into a roleplay because I saw so many other cool roleplays on this site and wanted to be like them, and so I brought out the big guns!~
    Q: What is it that has made Reaper: Origins successful?
    A: Honestly, I've been wondering myself. Though, if I had to say it would probably be the pre-determined plotline because usually, in roleplays, there's a lot of pressure on the roleplayers themselves to figure out the next events in the story, but with Reaper I decided to take most of that pressure off of them. This way, there's lots of space for players to do as they like, but there's also an organized story under all that.
    Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing?
    A: I think I'm pretty good at making the roleplay interesting, with fancy plots and cool settings and such, but I'm probably better when it comes to caring about the roleplayers themselves. Though, sometimes it can be a weakness, I always try to make sure the roleplayers are having fun in the roleplay, and make sure they don't have any complaints. Sometimes it's the hardest part of my day to tell someone they have to change something about their character just to join the roleplay.
    Q: How about weaknesses?
    A: I'm awful at enforcing rules in my roleplay. I'm... Just too weak... No, but really, I always have a hard time telling someone to go re-read the rules section of the roleplay, because I hate telling someone they're wrong and I'm right - even if I'm really annoyed by how much they break rules.
    Q: How do you garner interest for your roleplays?
    A: I recruit occasionally, which gets people to take a peek at the roleplay, though I usually just leave it up to people popping up and asking to join. Other than that, I beg all my real-life friends to join the site and join my roleplay, but that hasn't brought in any new members for a long while now.
    Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN?
    A: I started roleplaying about nine years ago - now that I think about it, that long? Damn. And I still can't write more than three paragraphs for a post? I'm disappointed in myself. But, I joined in one of those apps where there were communities, can't quite remember the name, and started there. Made a few friends, joined a few roleplays, though when all my friends started leaving that app and grew into other things, I went off looking for a roleplay forum! Because apps are hard to find. The good ones, anyway. So I found this site, and joined! Still don't regret it!~
    Q: What is the most hilarious roleplay you remember participating in? What stood out most?
    A: It wasn't on this site, but it was a roleplay where everyone had to roleplay as anything other than a living being. To say the least, it was chaotic. But, can't say it wasn't enjoyable. If anything, it was the most fun I'd had in a roleplay back then. People were waddling around as popsicles, rolling about as wheels, etc. etc. and let's just say I chose the best of the best... A shoe.
    Q: What's your saddest memory of roleplaying?
    A: My saddest memory of roleplaying was a long while ago, when I attempted to launch the Reaper roleplay on the texting app I was roleplaying with years ago. It was left in the dust by all the high school roleplays, not that surprising, but when someone did join, I was told that the roleplay wouldn't get off the ground and it wasn't an original enough idea. To which I say TCH! Lies! Pretty sure Attack On Titan wasn't out yet, and that's one of the only things my roleplay has ever been compared to. That and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress. To which I also say, those came out after I made my idea of Reaper so SHHH!
    Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying?
    A: Time to get all emotional! Okay, fine, only a little bit. My fondest memories of roleplaying were actually on this site. It was when the first season of Reaper launched. Sitting on literally the same couch I'm sitting on now, writing these answers, I created Reaper. Way to make a junky couch memorable, eh? Anyway, I had just created the roleplay and was waiting on people to join - I expected maybe one or two people, since I had seen that in the roleplays I was looking at before, and went off to do some chores (Responsible, I know). When I came back, I think I had a mini heart attack, not gonna lie. I found like seven notifications - a big number for someone as anti-social as past me, and I think I freaked out a little past mini heart attack. Opening them up, I found that they were all character sheets or questions in OOC. To say the least, I was happy as hell. If hell were happy. The cheesiest part is, that's where I met my boyfriend. (In those seven people, not hell)
    Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing?
    A: Just the over-used ones, I'm not good at giving out tips and tricks. Basically, just make sure you're comfortable with the setting before you jump in. Nobody wants someone flailing around trying to figure out how to use the new "non-magic" powers you're forced to have in the roleplay. Also, just try to interact with everyone. Your character doesn't have to be best friends with everyone, just maybe pass by someone now and again. Which brings me to the last one - Be realistic. Don't do that anime stuff. Unless it's a high school roleplay. Then you can do that anime stuff. (And I'm not talking about magic, I'm talking about character behaviour)
    Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they?
    A: It's honestly the worst thing when people try to integrate their own laws into my story. Thankfully, it happens extremely rarely for me, can't say the same for others. Like, I put so much effort into figuring out a twisty-fresh plot and you go and say "nah, we're adding lasers here," like NO, lasers are badass and all, but no laser threads! Actually, that's a good idea for a new type, lemme just write that down real quick...
    Q: When you were born, you were diagnosed with Anime Protagonist Syndrome, and your parents wept. For as long as you can remember this has manifested in ways you can't even hide. Describe a day in your life.
    A: Reverse harem. I would make a reverse harem and reject every man to ever join it. The rejected reverse harem shall be mine! Other than that, I would be like... That one stereotypical shy girl who's actually really nice and really excitable after the first five episodes.
    Q: Do you have something in mind for your next roleplay? Can we get a few hints?
    A: I think I'm pretty content with the attention Reaper has been getting, I don't think I'll be making another. At least, not for another while. (Though... another roleplay doesn't sound too bad... Lemme just go plan another story for three months and I'll get back to you on that, eh?)
    Member of the Month
    This month we have another user brought to our attention through user suggestions! This user is super sweet and contributes a lot to our community by sharing her art, being kind and friendly to other users, opening up and contributing to discussions, and always staying positive. We're pleased to introduce you all to:

    And now some words from @Daisie:
    Q: When did you get started roleplaying, and how?
    A: I started RPing with my brother @LegoLad659 back a few years ago.  I had no clue how much I really sucked at RPing back then. I was cringey.
    Q: You draw and also make pixel art. Gnarly! What's your favorite form of visual art to work in, and why?
    A: Ohh, that's a tough one. I'm a big fan of traditional pencil drawings, and I have been ever since I first picked up a pencil.  Though pixel art and other digital arts are really cool too, I'll go with pencil drawings on that one.
    Q: What are some hobbies you have besides roleplaying?
    A: I go and work at a farm every morning, to go feed the animals! It's considered volunteer work, and I absolutely love it! My favorite animal there are the chickens. <3
    Q: Any book or show or other such media that you've been excited about recently?
    A: Recently? Hmm... Well, my other brother and I have recently watched Firefly, and Serenity. Such an awesome show, and an even better movie. But there really hasn't been anything too recent.
    Q: What is your favourite dining utensil and why?
    A: KNIVES 
    Q: Got any projects in progress? Tell us about them!
    A: I have a really big art project I'm working on for the entirety of RpNation! And now I am officially revealing it to the public. It's one big picture, that includes all of the mods, admins, and our beloved Site Owner! I'm super excited, and I hope to finish it by October. But I'm not entirely sure that it'll be possible.
    Q: What does your ideal career look like?
    A: Hmm, ideal career... I'm not sure, to be honest. If I had to pick right now, it would probably be drawing. But then again, things change in time.  
    Q: What advice do you have for the readers of this month's newsletter?
    A: Keep doing what you're doing! I know some of you are going through some rough stuff right now. But just remember, it can't last forever, and you're stronger than anything life can do to you! So stay strong!  
    Love you guys!
    Closing Thoughts
    I've been asked to write these Closing Thoughts and I want to write it on the topic of changes and how it affects communities.
    This site, RpNation, has undergone so many changes over the past year or so, it's almost unrecognisable from what it started out as. But yet, it is completely different from what its origins were. Way back in 2012 two RP sites, The Wayward Inn and Pattern Spider, formed a merger under the auspices of The Dark Wizard. At that time, Pattern Spider was a middling-size site that focussed primarily on the White Wolf RP game, Exalted. The Wayward Inn was completely different, its focus being on original or fandom-based free-form RPs. When Wizard took over the Pattern Spider site and announced the merger, there was a great furore between the two communities. Pattern Spider's community, being the smaller of the two, was concerned that the vaster community of The Wayward Inn would overrule their way of gaming, that being using an established and published RP game, in favour of their free-form RPs. The Wayward Inn's community was equally concerned that this smaller, more insular group would demand more attention for their 'boring, roll-playing game' than was fair. Much salt was cast in both camps, many threats were made by elder members of the sites to quit and take their groups with them. But yet, Wizard persisted and went ahead with the merger.
    Now I was, at that time, one of the Pattern Spiders. I had never heard of 'The Wayward Inn', The Dark Wizard or any of the free-form gaming styles that they brought to my tiny corner of the interwebs. I, like many of the Pattern Spider community, saw only the threat of the Borg. "We are The Wayward Inn. Lower your dice and surrender your game books. We will add your house rules and setting distinctiveness to our own. Your site will adapt to serve us. Resistance is futile.". I was concerned that my comfortable little gaming niche would be eradicated and trampled by fandom groupies and frothing homebrew system fanatics. But it didn't happen. At first, the separation between the two communities was distinct. The Pattern Spiders played Exalted, The Wayward Inners played free-form. But then, during the course of that year, Pattern Spiders started to investigate some of the free-form games and some of the Wayward Inners started asking questions about what Exalted was about. Then, suddenly, the lines between the two communities became blurry. New members joined and were met by both communities alike. People who had been staunchly in favour of their style of gaming were joining games that were outside their comfort zone and an accord was reached, silently and without incident.
    And that was the birth of RPdom.
    RPdom soon changed names to RPzone, since the 'dom' had certain kinky connotations that was putting the site on the wrong sort of Google searches and still we continued. New styles for the site were concocted, some were spectacular, some less so, but never were they without controversy. Each new update brought discomfort and disharmony in the community, with threats of departure from people who felt they could not cope with the changes. But yet, the site endured. New users kept joining, new RPs were being created and played and daily post counts continued to climb. The site quickly topped Google searches and seemed set to continue to greatness.
    Then, after two years, Wizard acquired RpNation, when GgAce stepped down as site owner and moved on to new projects. Again there was a merger and again there was the ever-present terror as two communities clashed. RPzone had established itself with forum RPs and a small niche of Thread RPs, while RpNation was entirely Thread RPs. Again the cellars were opened and elitists on both sides began casting salt far and wide. "Thread RPs are unsophisticated and boring", "Forum RPs are over-complicated and finicky". Again the staff had to deal with threats of departures en-mass, but this time it was an easier transition. The sites came together, not with the crash of two continental plates grinding against each other, but more like two plates of jelly slapping into one another. RpNation, as we know it, was born out of that gloopy mess. Forum RPs and Thread RPs flourished side-by-side and, even when the forum production software bit the dust and we started to create a system to link threads together in Thread RPs, the blow of losing of forums was softened by gaining Tabbed Thread RPs.
    And then we come to our most recent change, departing from the ailing and stumbling xenForo forum software to the more vibrant and actively-updated IPS software. It wasn't an easy transition, many people were greatly disheartened at the massive changes the move wrought across the whole site, changes that are still being felt today. But something as monumental as this is will be seen, in future, as a small stumbling block in the site's evolution and development. And I know that the community of RpNation has become stronger and more excited for the future. As we welcome new users and introduce them to free-form, dice and custom RPs, there is no antipathy between those who prefer to play RPs that are published by companies and those who prefer RPs that come from their own imaginations. RpNation has flourished, and it continues to flourish, despite the trials and tribulations we face along the way. Some people will be upset by changes, others welcome them with open arms. But the great thing about this site is that the community endures. We clamber over the rough parts until we reach the easier, more comfortable path beyond and see the benefits unfold.
    I'm proud of the achievements of this site over the six years I've been a member (four of which as Staff), and I look forward to the bright (and dark) future that awaits us.
    @Captain Hesperus
    div.newsletter { max-width:800px; margin:auto; text-align:justify; } div.newsletter hr { display:block; margin:10em; border-width:0px; } div.newsletter img { display:block; margin:auto; } div.newsletter div.head { max-width:500px; margin:auto; text-align:justify; } div.newsletter div.wrap { clear:both; overflow:hidden; } div.newsletter div.alt { border:1px dashed #1F76AB; border-radius:5px; padding:10px; } div.newsletter fieldset { display:block; padding:10px; border:1px solid; border-radius:5px; } div.newsletter fieldset legend { max-width:90%; font-family:Indie Flower, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-weight:bold; padding:10px; color:#1F76AB; } div.newsletter fieldset legend.h1 { font-size:4.5em; } div.newsletter fieldset legend.h2 { font-size:3.5em; } div.newsletter fieldset legend.h3 { font-size:2em; } div.newsletter h4 { font-size:2em; font-family:Indie Flower, Helvetica, sans-serif; color:#1F76AB; text-align:center; padding:0px; margin:0px; } div.newsletter div.small { width:50%; float:left; text-align: justify; padding:10px; } div.newsletter div.small fieldset { display:block; padding:10px; border:1px solid; border-radius:5px; } div.newsletter div.small fieldset.left { border-radius:5px 0px 0px 5px; margin-left:-8px; } div.newsletter div.small fieldset.right { border-radius:0px 5px 5px 0px; margin-left:-23px; margin-right:-8px; } div.newsletter div.columns { column-count:2; -moz-column-count:2; column-gap:15px; -moz-column-gap:20px; } October 2016 Greetings, comrades. This is a letter in which news is contained. By perusing it, you will obtain key information such as recent updates, community events, and work by the members of this domicile in the world wide web that certain users, such as the human Anomaly of the designation Moderator, may term "really fuckin' cool." We birds do not share such terms in our lexicon; however, in order to occupy the role of the human Anomaly they must appear. Without further ado: I am typing frenetically! Now I am making a remark on the past month. I am currently expressing optimism for the future and gratitude for the user-base. This has been: an extended obscure reference.
    (sorry not sorry)
    Site Updates September 3, 2016 - The Official Character Contest - We ran our very first Character Contest this month, wherein everyone had to make characters based on songs. You can view the contest here. Results are soon to come. September 5, 2016 - Big Code Update Part 1 - We have instated a beta phase of HTML permissions for anyone with 500 or more posts. This allows for insanely versatile formatting, like this month's newsletter! Donation Badge
    You know it's autumn when the leaves start coming down! They may be an ephemeral sort of beautiful in real life, but those who donated for the month of September get to keep that autumn beauty forever with this immortalized leaf of @Meredith's making. Thank you all for contributing to RpN's greatness!
    Features We have a new category this month, selected and praised by @NessieAlways. Keep an eye out for the Featured Blog!
    Featured Prose/Poetry Feel like honing your craft? Or perhaps you're just looking for a LOT of new reading material? I've got the thing for you. Writing Games, a thread by @Flip, does what it says on the tin - it makes a game out of writing, so you've always got access to people willing to read and even give feedback on your work!
    Featured Art If you're looking for some really eye-catching art, you've come to the right place. @Clear's thread of digital art, Trunk, is bright, clean, and detailed, making it easy on the eyes! Check out Clear's thread - run, don't walk!

    Featured Tutorial This month I had some difficulty choosing the featured tutorial, but it's easy to see why the winner deserves it. This month's featured tutorial is a collaborative venture by @Reinhardt, @White Masquerade, @Grey, and @LifeNovel. That's four heads' worth of great ideas and experience in a great deal of different venues of roleplaying. Their Comprehensive Guide on How to GM is an absolute gem that demystifies and explains something that many users find intimidating. Read this, then go forth and create roleplays!
    "GMing is not something scary. All it takes to do well is dedication, understanding of the basics, and experience from doing it yourself. While the level of dedication and gaining of experience rests solely on you, what this guide CAN do however, is to give the general rules to follow for those interested in leading a role-play. Once you are good enough, feel free to throw these "rules" out the window as you'll have a pretty good idea of what works for you and what doesn't." Featured Discussion It should come as no surprise that for this month's featured discussion we picked a veritable wellspring of love, positivity, and encouragement. Go give a shout out to all your friends in @Syzygy's thread, ☮ ❀ player positivity place ❀ ☮.
    Featured Blog We can always count on a friend to tell us what we need to hear as opposed to what we want to hear. Whether it's that slap across the face to stop you from drooling over your crush or that stern look forcing you to put that cookie down so you can fit into your prom dress next week, most of us have that one friend who, despite all odds, will put your needs before their own. In her blog, "The "Mom" Friend" @Anaxileah shares her experiences and thoughts of what it means to be a true friend by giving her readers heartfelt advice to certain situations in life. This blog delivers the wise words we all need to hear when the going gets rough.  If you've found yourself stuck in a situation and need some words of encouragement, be sure to check out "The "Mom" Friend"!
    Written by @NessieAlways
    "People need to allow themselves to feel happiness. Happiness is what makes people continue their lives. Happiness and hope." Roleplay of the Month This month we have a never before seen feature - a Quest! For those of you that don't know, Questing is a form of roleplay in which the GM writes a story and the players vote amongst themselves on what action the main character should take. Effectively, everyone is playing the same character. This quest in particular blends humor and drama and fandom feels perfectly to create a great Questing experience. Put your hands together for:
    Danganronpa ?: Royale Redux
    And now a word from the GM, @The One Eyed Bandit:
    Q: What are some of the things that inspired or influenced Danganronpa ?: Royale Redux?
    A: I finished the second game, and the anime was just booting up at the time. The combined excitement of endings and beginnings had me pretty eager to try out something for myself, but knowing myself, I was pretty sure I had no chance of keeping up with fifteen other people in a roleplay. I'd tried running a Quest out before, and found it pretty fun, though I made some errors in how I handled things- namely in treating it too much like I was trying to write a novel-, and wanted to try again with a different approach.
    So, I entertained the idea for a bit, and ended up thinking that the two actually meshed quite well with eachother. Danganronpa is a visual novel, which has a choose your own adventure element in the first place, so the ideas seemed like quite a natural pairing.
    Q: What is it that has made Danganronpa ?: Royale Redux successful?
    A: I don't know. Maybe it's because Quests are a relatively similar format to the source material. Or maybe it's just because I know people who're fans of the series, and they're just sticking around so I don't feel bad, hahaha. If I'm lucky, though, it's because I've made it interesting enough for people to stick around. But, I'll wait and see how things are going a few months down the line before I make that claim.
    Q: What are your strengths, when it comes to GMing?
    A: Well, despite this, I'd say next-to-none. I totally suck at GMing, which is why I did this as a Quest instead of an RP. If anything, I suppose it'd be gathering up interest. Maybe it's just because I've got 5000 posts and have been on here for a while, but I usually manage to pull in an audience when I try something out. This has been the first time I've managed to keep it.
    I'll just assume that means I'm improving!
    Q: How about weaknesses?
    A: Lots. If I were to point out a biggest one, it'd be something someone once pointed out to me, in that I need to be more selfish. It's why this is going better than my attempts at running an RP, as in the past I've often been... Not restrictive enough. Waiting for everything to play out and waiting on people to post as long as I can.
    Other than that, I'd also say a lack of timeliness, though that's been a rather major issue of mine overall. Been getting better at it now, though, one day I aim to become one of those people who reply ASAP.
    Q: How do you garner interest for your roleplays?
    A: Tagging friends and.... Yeah. For newcomers and strangers, I try to keep things pretty informal. Personally, I find people treating these things like a business a bit stifling- though I'll say that is just preference, I see the benefits in it- so I mostly try to keep the OOC atmosphere in my things pretty casual, interest gathering included.
    Q: How did you come about roleplaying? How did you discover RPN?
    A: Back in my days of yore, when I was around nine or eleven, I used to play a lot of Starcraft online. But I was super-bad at Starcraft, so I ended up playing a lot of custom maps instead. They'd turn the game into something like a Tower Defense, and RPG, or, an RP. I spent a whole lot of time on there playing out edgy somethings or others, and eventually I got a new computer that wasn't compatible with the game, and it all came to a halt.
    Then, two years ago, after trying out D&D a few times with friends, I decided to try and rekindle the flame, googled RP sites, and found myself here. I remember I almost quit in the second week, haha. Glad I didn't. BET MY TEACHERS AREN'T, THOUGH.
    Q: What is the most exciting roleplay you remember participating in? What stood out most?
    A: Ah... Hm... I'd say Tower of God: Another Perspective by Azure Sky. Other than the world allowing for endless possibilities- which i may or may not abuse horribly- it's the single longest running RP I've been in, and am still in. Even if it comes to a standstill every now and again.
    Q: What's your saddest memory of roleplaying?
    A: I've made a lot of friends here, but due to the fickle nature of the internet, some of them have vanished. Not getting to talk or write with them again is pretty sad.
    Q: What's your fondest memory of roleplaying?
    A: The various late nights spent discussing and scheming with other players and GMs.
    Q: What are some tips and tricks you think others should keep in mind while role-playing?
    A: There are two big ones. First, I've learned from experience, timeliness is outstandingly important. It doesn't matter how beautifully written your post is if you take a whole month to get it out, because 90 percent of people are going to lose interest in things if they have to wait that long. You should learn to do something well before you learn to do something fast, but if you want to keep an RP alive, I suggest doing that in your own projects. An average post in an average time frame is better than a great post in a massive one.
    The second, be social! RP is just as much a social experience as it is a writing one, so get into OOC and get chatting! I'm aware a lot of people on here might not be the most social people in the world- myself included- but you'd be surprised by how much it can brighten things up! Chat about your characters, how they interact, make memes and do whatever else that comes to mind! You might just hatch an awesome plan or make a new friend while you're at it.
    Also, don't over-commit to your plans. Be adaptable. If you want everything to go as you plan, run a solo project instead of a collaborative one. Don't let your dedication be a nice word for stubborn.
    Q: Do you have any roleplaying pet peeves? What are they?
    A: People who put form before function. Code and flowery writing both. Seriously, I appreciate the extra effort, guys, but at least let me read your stuff before you spend three nights coding! The words are more important than the paper you print them on! And this is coming from a design student, all I study is making the paper pretty!
    Q: Let's get ready to rumbllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeee! Iiit's THE ONE EYED BANDIT! VERSUS. FOURTEEN OTHER STUDENTS! How do you beat them all?
    A: Make myself as unimportant and non-threatening as possible. Hide all unique traits, and only keep around the parts of my personality necessary to make it into the cast that survives under than protagonist's wing.
    That, or just carry around a pen and paper. Memory seems to be the big winner in these situations.
    Q: Do you have something in mind for your next roleplay? Can we get a few hints?
    A: Nope. Nothing for Roleplays. I've been considering starting another Quest at some point down the line based on the Magical Index universe, but I haven't even thought about it enough to give out hints =P
    Member of the Month This month's member of the month has really shined in recent months, handling the changes that have come to RpN with grace and enthusiasm and taking her opportunity to help make HTML more accessible for everyone. She's also a very active member and a kind person, and that is why she deserves to be the October member of the month. Here she is, folks.
    And now a word from our MotM:
    Q: When did you get started roleplaying, and how?
    A: Two years ago. I hang out on a story hosting site as a reader and found out that they have a roleplay section too. For me it looks like an interactive story where you can interact directly with the characters, only this one has countless possibilities. I got hooked and here I am now.
    Q: You're an HTML goddess. Radical. What is one thing you figured out how to do that really gave you that aha! feeling?
    A: When I figured out that hey, you can actually adjust how your html layout look according to device! It's great, I don't have to worry too much about my layout being unreadable on mobile...most of the time 

    Q: What are some hobbies you have besides roleplaying?
    A: I don't know if it count as a hobby or not, but I like to hunt for local food when I visit new places. So, culinary tour?

    Q: Any book or show or other such media that you've been excited about recently?
    A: Sadly I don't pay much attention to current media (blame college and assignments) so I can't say I have one.
    Q: What is your favorite letter of the alphabet and why?
    A: I can't decide between A and Z. A for ace and Z because the zigzag shape just looks cool. Both of them are also the first and last letter of the alphabet and I'm such a sucker for opposite theme :v
    Q: Got any projects in progress? Tell us about them!
    A: what project final year project My html cheat sheet is still pretty much in progress. I'll add more stuff to it later, mainly about css and a bit of animation, maybe.
    Q: What does your ideal Halloween costume look like?
    A: I would love to dress up as one of my creepier character, especially since she is shadow-themed, perfect for Halloween. I imagine her costume will include a lot and lot sheer black fabric to give shadowy impression. 
    On the other side, dressed up as a slice of bread also sound like a good idea for some reason (the pun, chance to spread some incredibly lame pun is the reason)
    Q: What advice do you have for the readers of this month's newsletter?
    A: I don't have much to say beside, don't be afraid to learn new things, it can be really rewarding
    Closing Thoughts How lucky are we to have such talented individuals?! As we close the chapter on the month of September take a moment to appreciate the continuous growth we've had as a community. You guys shining makes this place bright as a whole. Now let's turn the page and welcome the month of October. Stay creative! Stay unique! Stay amazing! Thank you guys! 
    "Bittersweet October, The mellow, messy, leaf-kicking, perfect pause between the opposing miseries of summer and winter." 
    - Carol Bishop Hipps
    The Dark Wizard

    By The Dark Wizard, in News,

    Hey All,
    So today's new feature is blogs. An area of the site where users can create a blog and have an unlimited number of entries inside of them for their own personal use. You can use these for anything you'd like from rants to badass projects, you just can't break any RpN rules by using it for advertisements for other sites or harassment against users/staff and so forth. You can find blogs via this URL: https://www.rpnation.com/blogs/ or via Blogs at the top of the site next to "Forums. This is one of many features coming out in an attempt to let users further make RpN theirs and take advantage of the new software we are on. (Mobile App coming soon, Big Code Update and much more)
    If you have any questions/feedback/concerns please feel free to post below.
    The Dark Wizard
    Hey All,
    Today I wish to address in more detail the (in)famous no erotic content policy which has earned us both admiration and hate since the site’s creation. We aren’t here to drag your libido behind a dark alley and murder it, we are doing what is best for the community.
    Let's get down to it, shall we?
    Is writing erotic content Illegal?
    Yes and no.
    The rest of this article should hopefully explain why this is the case.
    Is erotic writing protected as a written work or piece of literature?
    In the United States and other countries it is actually legal for authors to write erotic content that describes sexual activities, usually with no limit, that can include fictional minors. We call this smut - smut is legal.
    However, communications on RpNation, social media sites and any other form of online communications (chat rooms, etc) are not protected under this law. No good judge or jury will give you that consideration. Online communications are not published written works. If that argument was valid then no one would end up on the sex offender’s registry for sexting (which happens, even without pictures).
    What if I claim I don’t know their age?
    Lack of knowledge is not a valid defense in most states in USA and under a certain age, it automatically gets invalidated even if it is legal in that specific part. (Looking at you, 12-13 year old children pretending to be older).
    Romeo and Juliet Law:
    The Romeo and Juliet law is a simple one, it is meant to allow teens to be teens and not to be punished. It works as follows.
    What the law considers the “victim” has to be at least 14 years of age and the “suspect” is within 4 years of age. Less than 5 American states have this in effect to its fullest, most states have watered down litigation and laws with no real certainty. Most states include in this weaker Romeo and Juliet versions that they do not consider lack of knowledge a valid defence. In some states, the Romeo and Juliet law only applies to physical contact - it may not apply to written content.
    The law is used arbitrarily, meaning that its protection can be dismissed by the court at any point in time, but that’s not the worst part. For it even to apply, both parties have to agree that it was consensual to begin with.

    What if I am a minor and want to have fun with another minor?
    It really depends on the location, but to this day, teens who have sex with other teens are getting sent to trial and convicted. Some states allow children of 16 to have sex with those under 18 (16 and 17 basically) but that shouldn’t be used as a defense to allow erotic content due to the fact that it is not 100 percent protective.
    Well, I don’t live in the US, so I don’t have to follow these rules - right?
    The site is hosted in America, and our site owner lives there, so yes - yes you do. Even if your country does not have child protection laws (most do, and some of them are much stricter than those in the US), we could still get in trouble for having your content on our site.
    You may be tried by these laws if the minor you roleplay with is American.
    Wizard, does this really matter?
    In our modern and more liberal society, teens and such are having romantic relationships more than ever, things like this are not often reported - so they’re not often issues. Maybe the law will be updated one day to reflect the fact that teenagers are more educated and active then ever. Old laws are still laws, and as they are now, we could still get in trouble as a result of a phone call or email to the authorities.
    Heck, even if going to jail is the worst apocalyptic scenario, the thing that can happen easiest is fake claims to our hosts. We’d be taken down for weeks for investigation. Hosts do this all the time even for fake DMCA requests, child endangerment, and other stuff. It is their legal requirement to do so or they could have their entire datacenters taken down.
    Seriously, Wizard, I think you’re an idiot - everything is totally a written work.
    It's not. Cybering, sexting and the sort is not a published book, and while it is legal for books of such natures to be written/published involving fictional minors (and even topics of rape and other stuff), you are not going to get those protections.
    Does any way exist to avoid all these issues and allow erotic content?

    Sure, we just need a way to be able to accurately verify ages online - then we could consider it. Read more about how nigh impossible it is here: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/06/18/technology/verifying-ages-online-is-a-daunting-task-even-for-experts.html?_r=0

    Where are you getting this information from?
    Our years of interacting with lawyers to see what we can and cannot do and other fun stuff we are preparing for (totally not confirming RpN Con hue) and interacting with law enforcement in regards to parents who have contacted as and the authorities in regards to sons/daughters erotic RPing inside PMs or on the site itself, one extreme case of stalking (where an older member socially engineered a female member’s address after months of slowly talking her on RpN/Facebook and her friends/family and pretending to be various people to slowly learn about her).
    But again we aren’t lawyers, all of our information is based on stuff in the recent past and laws can change practically over night, if you are ever in doubt about something online please consult a lawyer who specializes in the relevant field of law.
    Closing Remarks
    Ultimately, sure, the jail scenario is the ultimate doomsday scenario unlikely to happen, the site would be shut down before that because anyone smart/malicious to submit false claims (or heaven forbid, a real one), the damage that it would cause the site to be offline for so many weeks would be irreparable for our community, after all we roleplayers are fickle creatures :D!
    So yes, while we or any community that allows erotic writing or content is most likely not going to jail, it does build the community like a house of cards, easily able to be crumbled/knocked over by a concerned parent/disgruntled user/asshole.
    To me that is no way to build a community and thus as has been the decree since day one, erotic content is and shall always be unacceptable here on RpNation.com. If that is what you are looking for please join another community for those kinds of needs.
    So again is it illegal?

    Yes and No, it is extremely gray waters leaning towards the dark side. It truly depends on how vicious the law is that day.
    If you have any questions/feedback/concerns please post below.
    The Dark Wizard
    Hey All,
    So the site should stop going down from now on every so often but that was mostly @Ghan and I doing on the fly server work and trying to find the perfect balance of linodes over at linode.com. So the site should be stable moving forward now with all downtimes being scheduled and announced in advance again.
    Here are some of the updates that have happened over the last couple of days since the last announcement on thursday.
    Site Questions's answer/question mode was disabled and turned back into a regular forum. Feedback was sent back into Site Questions. The Old System of Thread RPing has been restored. The new RP system has been made a new hosted project system with out an application. You just need 250 posts to be able to make one, down from the previous 1000 and an application on the previous site. All the sections on the homepage should have an icon now (will do subforums in the future). Updated to the latest version of our new software, should come with a ton of performance updates for better speed. Moved all Avatars/Attachments to amazon storage. That finished last night, if some images are still wonky in posts, editting it and reinserting the attachments will auto fix it.  
    One of the big updates here is that we are not forcing the new system to be the only system as described in the quick points above. This is both from feedback and server limitations. Not every roleplay needs the entire power of an invite system, having several boards, etc. Hosted Projects are like mini sites. Most RPs only need 1-3 threads which the regular system lets you do, they just aren't tabbed. So under each genre you have forums for like OOC, Characters and Extra Pages for everything else. We might waive the 250 post requirement in the future based on feedback for HPs but we will see. The true dream is for those to be the entire site :D!
    If you have any questions/feedback/concerns please post below.
    The Dark Wizard

    By The Dark Wizard, in News,

    Hey All,
    The site was updated last week on the 9th and since then we've been slowly reorganizing and releasing new features and most importantly tackling the site load speed. You should all be able to see an instant difference immediately, its only going to get better from here on forward. I wanted to thank everyone who has been patient with us and providing constructive feedback. I also wanted to apologize for those who couldn't stand the speed issues, I know you want your home to be fast, it is mine and the staff's home as well.
    To tide you all over, I've gone ahead and released a new version of the Night Life (RpN Dark Mode). You can switch into it by going to the bottom of the site, clicking on themes and selecting a new one. Tons of bugs have been squashed and many more will be soon as well.
      Our to do list:
    The Big Code Update (releasing bbcode parity and new ones) More Profile Goodies New RP features. More bug squishing More organization Tutorials/Information Much more.    
    Other things we might do but are not set in stone are as follows: The new RP system becomes a new hosted project system where only users with X number of posts can make Roleplays, minus the application system (so basically you get the number required and no staff approval is required). This makes it so that the system is not flooded with RPs that don't need it immediately, letting new users get a feel and hang for the site. The Thread system is restored with a system that is similar to tabs but instead lets users link any number of threads they want (so it won't automatically make them for you but you wouldn't have limits). Those are just things we are considering at this point in time.
    If you have any questions/feedback/concerns please post below :)!
    The Dark Wizard
    Hey All,
    Welcome back to RpNation.com, I hope the wait was not too terrible!
    The very first thing most of you will notice is that the site is no longer on the forum software called XenForo but instead is now on Invision Power Board. Over the last few years, most of you may have noticed that our announcements went from releasing new content/features to fixing old ones, and this is because XenForo’s third party dev environment is a pretty bad state with developers constantly leaving. This meant for us as a site that most of our features that we purchased or had developed for just us kept losing support, and as the board software pushed out new updates, things would break. That’s right, the issue that was sending the site on a fast track to breaking completely was the inability to properly spend money to have stuff updated and have new features commissioned.
    So after discussing it for many months, we decided to tackle the underlying issue instead of spending money on trying to get more stuff fixed and continuing to struggle. We changed the forum software to Invision Power Board, xF’s competition (both excellent pieces of software).
    This has accomplished a few things:
    More stable Third Party Dev scene (addons have more support and such). IPB is more feature-rich compared to xF and thus as a site we depend less on addons. We went from 50+ to about 8. Since the software was changing, it meant we could finally improve upon many of the basic systems that we’d never be able to with xF because they came built into the IPB software, like the editor.  
    So let’s talk about a few of the new things. I can’t put everything here because it’s such a big update, so expect tutorials, updates, and tips to come from us over the coming days/weeks/months. There will always be something new to write about!
    By the way, we encourage all users to write new tutorials for graphics/coding and other content in the new tutorial area, where we will also be writing official site guides. https://www.rpnation.com/tutorials.  (This can also be found through a button at the top of the site.)
    New Editor:
    One of the first, most obvious changes is the editor. The new IPB software does not include a bbcode parser, meaning that coding will NOT work by typing out the code with tags. Instead, you have to use the buttons on the editor.
    Rich Links Buttons HTML Editor (you won’t see this on the front end since we don’t allow you to use HTML directly, but it makes the editor/posting much faster in terms of site resources). Much More! Visual Updates:
    RpN 5.0: Blue got a ton of tweaks and updates since it was rebuilt from scratch, making it faster to load. RpN Dark: This is now live! Go to the bottom of the site to switch to this theme. RpN Color Me: This is now live! Go to the bottom of the site to switch to this theme. New Favicon in Browser bookmarks/address bar by @welian! Note: Where available, some things will have a brush icon somewhere at the top allowing you to do things like change the site’s colors.
    New RP System:
    This is one of the biggest parts of the update next to changing the actual forum software. Users can now make forums (sections) for their RPs. All RPs start with 2 sections (except quests). Users can add 3 more for a total of 5. Invite System Role System (this is fun; it lets you make hidden areas for your Co-Creators and such. Also lets you make said Co-Creators and other roles). Logo Picture Cover Gallery Integration (Creators can enable this feature to let users make albums within the Roleplay instead of just the master site gallery at the top). Much much more. The RP system is too big an update to talk about here but we will be posting tutorials and more announcements about this soon. The best way to learn more about it is to create your own RP :)!
    Most bbcode effects are built into the editor, like Image Floating. Those that are not, are available as buttons like sub- and superscript, sticky notes, accordions and tabs. Not every code is available right now and the above ones are only in their basic form. The RpN Code Suite will be its own update coming in the next few weeks. As this is bigger than even the RP system/forum software change, I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to some of you.
    Much More:
    The new software also comes with its own features/enhancements, like a better PM system, Profile Covers, Tools, etc. This can all be discovered by exploring and we will be making tutorials and tips as the days pass.
    In the backend, the site is undergoing something called “Rebuilding” which will take several days to complete. While this is happening, the search system will mostly be unfunctional and if it’s anything like XenForo, that means you won’t be able to see your content in your profile. (Don’t hold me to that, I’m not a IPB master just yet.) This also means that old quotes in posts and such will not display properly until the rebuild is done. I’m not one hundred percent sure what else this affects, but the creators of the software have reached out to me and assured me we don’t need to keep the offline for the few days/week-long process of rebuilding, it just means users will have to put up with a bit of untidiness across the site in posts. I want to thank everyone for their patience, everyone who donated to make this possible, and everyone who managed to keep this a secret for the months it took to set this up.
    I want to thank the admin team:
    @Ghan for being our system admin and taking care of us for almost a decade now! He performed a server update for us a week or two before the update. I know this is a little late now since it was on July 29, but happy system admin day! Without you, we wouldn’t be here as a community today.
    @Captain Hesperus, for all the work he does, this man, or cat, is a 1000 cats. Seriously, thank you.
    And to our new Admins who got promoted during this update from mods:
    @Kaerri, thank you so much for joining us and basically entering the fight immediately and learning on the go. You helped speed up this process significantly.
    @Gilzar, like Kaerri, thank you for everything you did, man, I never want to see another badge again (at least until our glorious artists finish the next one :D)!
    Seriously, thank you all.
    To our Mods:
    I want to also thank @Anomaly, @DemonKitten, @DrTrollinski, @Ghost,  @KamiKahzy, @Kestrel, @Meredith, @RubyRose, @Sunkissed, and @welian for everything they did and will be doing in the coming weeks in getting everything back in order. Be nice to them, they will be moving your RPs to the new system!
    I also wanted to welcome and thank our two new moderators, who joined after Kaerri and Gilzar ascended to Adminship.
    And on an ending note I want to thank @Pine for everything he’s done during his time on The Administration. Due to IRL/School, Pine has opted to take a break from the site and will be returning at a future date.
    If you have any questions/feedback/concerns please post below.
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