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Destroyer of worlds, eater of treats.
Roleplay Type(s)
`` The roses flinched at the cool breeze, the scattered stone pathway littered towards a small door etched into a tree. Your fingers rattle idly, attempting to fidget plainly to deter the overwhelming chills down your spine. The stuffing of your precious doll Marcy is nestled in the grass, as well as the golden broach your mother once wore. ``
The purpose of this 1x1 interest check is to invite all varieties of people to a contained horror story of their own nightmares. Whether your self insert wanders the bulging muscular system of a living hallway, or your OC, in their home universe, attempts to combat something unforeseen.

What I look for:
I am open to any and all roleplay partners, whether you're new to the roleplay scene or a genuine expert. I am ghost friendly and also One-line to Novella in writing flexibility.

As far as partners go, I only ask that you provide me these details:

  • Your greatest fears (from something as simple to phobias to as existential as life after death; indulge me.)
  • The details of the OC you wish to introduce (including any ideas specific to their home universe, whether they're a canon character or otherwise)
  • Your schedule (if you work, study etc. Posting times are not strict, I don't expect you to write a certain amount of posts a week. Writing is for fun, not for schedules. I ask purely out of curiosity.)


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