1. GumGumChomp

    Fantasy The Heavens Need New Gods OOC

    Here’s the OOC! Talking or questions, all that kind of stuff.
  2. GumGumChomp

    Fantasy The Heavens Need New Gods CS

    Hey there! Thanks for being interested! Here are some quick rules for characters just to make sure everyone is on the same page. The domains are Space, Time, Light, Darkness, Creation, Destruction, Life, Death, Freedom, Unity, Mind, and Soul. If you would like a different domain than those...
  3. GumGumChomp

    Fantasy The Heavens Need New Gods (Interest Check)

    Throughout the Multiverse, there are only a dozen True Gods. Space, Time, Creation, Destruction, Mind, Soul, Light, Dark, Freedom, Unity, Life, and Death. They make other, lesser gods to look over the minutiae of any specific universe, but they reign supreme. The True Gods are older than...
  4. themagnoliaofutah

    Realistic or Modern Evergreen, The Post-Life Therapy Service! (CHARACTER SHEETS)

    GENERAL INFORMATION: FANDOM, IF APPLICABLE: NAME : alias : AGE : date of birth : place of birth : ETHNICITY : SPECIES : gender : pronouns : orientation : BLOOD TYPE : EDUCATION : PHYSICAL APPEARANCE: [insert image here if applicable] EYES : HAIR ...
  5. ZeeNathan

    Multiple Settings [Instant Roleplay] Wanna pop into the roleplay straight away without thinking much of a plot, settings, or even detailed CS? Come join here! [Open]

    [Introduction] Hello there, this is Zee writing. I'm bored and want to do some quick-to-act roleplay with no complicated search for partners, planning, discussion, or anything like that. So, I'll just pop in some random story to start the roleplay here while anyone of you who is interested in...
  6. Insanity Awakened 18

    Fandom 🌈Insanity's Fandom Search🌈Craving: Peaky Blinders

    Please read everything before sending RP requests ^_^...
  7. ReptilianDude

    Fandom Godzilla: Multiversal Catastrophe (OPEN)

    Well, it was about time! If anyone new wants to join, it’s still open! Anyways… it begins. Incase anyone is playing a Kaiju, you don’t have to start in the streets, since that’s pretty much for the characters that aren’t well... Kaiju. Godzilla: Multiversal Catastrophe a Multifandom RP Chapter 1...
  8. darkred

    Fandom Killzone: Multiversal Wars

    Signups: ISA/VSA Helghast/ HIA The Black Hand Faction: Character Name Job: New Job: (Do they choose a new job on the planet they want? Or do they keep their own occupation?
  9. MultiSonicGod16

    Fandom Sonic Multiverse (Open)

    This tells the story of Sonic and Shadow. The two mobians who crossed paths and became the protectors of the Multiverse. Characters: Shadow- Sonic- Me Tails- Knuckles- Amy- Robotnik- Seiba Wulf- me Vegeta- Goku- Ichigo- Renji- Naruto- Sauske- Mario- Luigi- Sally- Rouge-
  10. Schnee Corp Lawyer

    Fandom Planar Binding (CLOSED)

    "-I'm at peace now-" "-on't let.... this sour your, our.... victory-" "-smile one last-" "AZURAAAAAAA!" "CORRIN?, WHATS Happened to azu-, what happening to you?! where are you....." Corrin was falling. She’d been on solid ground just moments before; it was only her mind that felt like it...
  11. ReptilianDude

    Fandom Godzilla: Multiversal Catastrophe (A Multifandom RP)

    inspired by the All Hail Megatron multifandom RP and the Godzilla IDW comics Godzilla: Cataclysm and Godzilla: the Half-Century War 1954. The year where it should have been peace, even in Japan, but peace wasn‘t that exact fate. Thanks to a hydrogen bomb test by America, a beast has been made...
  12. Jaw Breakcore

    Fandom Void- Accepting characters

    Story: The multiverse has collapsed, leaving only the white void of nothingness to thousands of alternate universes and the originals. With no home, no barriers and nowhere safe to hide from others, it's chaos. Groups have set up different camps in an attempt to protect themselves and others...
  13. Waddles

    Multiple Settings (HIATUS) 𝘾𝙧𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙚 𝙍𝙤𝙮𝙖𝙡𝙚 💯🔥(Parody Oc/Canon Multiverse Gameshow RP)

    Intro!💫 Have you been too embarrassed to play a certain Canon character or character concept? Wanna bring your cringy, childhood oc back to life but haven't found the means to? Or maybe you just want to parody a character trope and have fun with it? Well, this is the show for you! A selective...
  14. CanNotDoCannonCharacters

    Multiple Settings Long Time From Home: A zombie apocalypse roleplay

    How long has it been? Only movies and books about the undead mentioned the undead for a long time. Most people loved Zombie movies. And the earth was a regular, well-built society. People were walking to work in cities, children in schools, the unemployed looking for jobs, and many more. But...
  15. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern Breaking Through the Walls

    This RP is inspired by a number of movies: Bliss Free Guy Stranger Than Fiction Tron Matrix Adjustment Bureau Truly you could add a long list of isekai or reverse isekai movies. But maybe check out some of the trailers for the movies above. ******** In our scenario our characters will begin...
  16. ReptilianDude

    Fandom ReptilianDude’s Crossover Check (Both Canon and OC’s allowed!)

    Well, before you read this, I pretty much have a 1x1 interest check (my main one), which is for both normal AND crossover RPs. You can find it in my signature. This check is pretty much for only crossovers or Multifandom. Welcome! This is my interest check for Multifandom/crossover RPs. While I...
  17. Optimo

    Fantasy Wonderverse: Lone Oak High School

    In a universe where all types of supernatural beings exist, there's a planet called Erth. On this planet resides supernatural protectors called superheroes. These superheroes protect Erth from supernatural beings that want to destroy or control it. These superheroes were born with special...
  18. EldritchPeachbunny

    Fandom Currently craving Sandman (other fandoms too) OcxCanon.

    About me: -I am 31 years old, I identify as Non-binary. I use they/She. -I am a night person, so i am on in the evenings into the early mornings (roughly 9 pm Est to 4 am est/eastern united states) -I am not available all the time, even if I am online during stated times. I don’t...
  19. Clyvelle

    Fantasy [Isekai Hell][September Event]Will You Walk With Me?

    Goal 1. Follow your friend as he talks about the past 2. Enjoy the Ryken countryside 3. Get some points Cast Ciu'nan Michael
  20. Clyvelle

    Fantasy [Isekai Hell][Jareth SS]The Search for Truth

    Goals 1. Canonize the Adventurer Guild's efforts to locate Michael 2. Set up NPCs for future use 3. Inject mounting intrigue in Ryken Cast