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An ordinary college that now comes with not-so-ordinary people.

Burgess College wasn't the top university or college in the world. It didn't house all that many geniuses, have the best departments, or the best technology. But it was a good college, where you could get a genuine degree, and were taught by people knowledgeable in their field. It wasn't exactly international, appealing most to the locals.

Lately, however, more applications have been coming in from people that shouldn't have even existed.

People from far outside the reality of Burgess College were applying for the courses and staying in the co-ed on-campus accommodation. Strange names and stranger personalities were starting to occupy class lists, and societies and participate in events.

For some, this was a second chance.

For others, this was making the best of a confusing situation.

And for Burgess? Everything they thought they knew was about to change.

Taken Canon Roles:
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Prince Charming - Played by cyberzkull cyberzkull
Hercules - Played by cyberzkull cyberzkull

Rise of the Guardians:
Jack Frost - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn
Pitch Black - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn


How to Train Your Dragon:
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn

Penguins of Madagascar:
Kowalski - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn


Attack on Titan:
Levi Ackerman - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn

Black Clover:
William Vangeance - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn


Dr Stone:
Ukyo Saoinji - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn


My Little Pony:
Adagio Dazzle - Played by AlwaysCrashing AlwaysCrashing


Criminal Minds:
Spencer Reid - Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn

Original Characters:
Anka Nowakowa Played by CrimsonDawn CrimsonDawn
Maria Dawn - Played by homintales homintales
Mi-Cha Joon- Played by Blxebxll Blxebxll

More will be added to the list as the roles fill up and characters are accepted.

We are still open to new characters and applicants.

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  • The sun having risen up only a few hours ago, was obscured by pale giants of evaporated percipitation. The repetitive cries of gulls resound through the heavens, while chirps and whistles trill from the branches of shrubs and trees. Once more, buses were going in and out of campus grounds, and small groups of students gathered on sidewalks surrounding the multistorey structures of the buildings in which classes would be held.

    Automatic doors welcomed students inside to a reception that stretched out in two directions, one towards the libraries, cafes, and computer labs, the other towards the different lecture rooms and laboratories. Disconnected from this were the dorm rooms, the various flats, and apartments where undergraduate and postgraduate students resided. Harpy Hall and Sirenia Settlement were both undergraduate buildings, each with three floors - ground, first, and second - which stood furthest from the teaching rooms. Meanwhile, the postgraduate residence of five floors stood with proud modernity in its design, under the title of Mermaid Mansion (though it was more of a studio apartment type building than a mansion... the rooms were just... roomier).

    9 a.m. was perhaps half an hour away, and the first lectures would commence briefly. Such lectures might have had, on an average day, accommodated some 20 to 150 students in a single lecture hall, or split them between several laboratories - or several laboratory sessions -, chatter bouncing off the walls while the lecturers would attempt to gather everyone's attention before they ran out of time.
As the shriek of the alarm faded, the dorm room was enveloped in a silence that was rather unfamiliar to Adagio; over the long span of her existence, it seemed that she had become so accustomed to the eccentricities of the two other sirensโ€™ routines that the absence of them was even more glaring. Ariaโ€™s choleric nature rubbing against Sonataโ€™s blissful naivetรฉ certainly made for some interesting mornings to say the least. This current unnerving stillness was only broken by Adagio begrudgingly tossing her covers aside. Adagio groaned as she was not particularly excited to commence with the rigorous academic work that no doubt awaited her. Durning her brief stint at Canterlot High, her subtle machinations rendered class work practically nonexistent as the whole school was swept up in the Battle of the Bands. However, without the help of her magic, avoiding pointless busy work was no longer an option. It certainly vexed her to no end that in the scant few days she had spent in this world, she was no closer to discerning the true intentions or the identity of the mysterious voice inside her head. Enrolling her in community college classes in this Podunk town and pestering her to participate in campus life could not seriously be the extent of this entityโ€™s plan. Could it? It simply made no sense for one to extend all this effort just for that outcome.

โ€œTsk Tsk. Are you always this distrustful of those merely trying to extend a helping hand? Is this deep-seeded paranoia the reason why over the course of your life you only managed to find two friends? The fact that they also happen to be your siblings is pretty sad. If you are to uphold your end of our bargain, I would suggest that you spend this upcoming semester on more productive endeavors than attempting to subvert me. Use this time wisely.โ€

Adagio did not humor the disembodied voice inside her head with a response lest it launch into another one of its trademark inane monologues, instead she continued with her morning routine unabated.

The early morning wind blew her puffy orange hair toward one shoulder while she purposely strode towards the main reception area; she did not care to suffer through the prattle that would undoubtedly ensue if she missed her first class. Her gaze drifted to her assigned textbook poking out from her bag, the front cover depicted what could only be described as a disheveled vagrant with a particularly stupid look on his face eagerly pointing to a portrait of a dour looking gentleman that hung in a cluttered gallery; the title read Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Hegelian Dialectics (But Were Conditioned Not to Ask) and indicated the author as one Professor Kreลกimir Sablin. Her face scrunched up in a mixture of disbelief and confusion. What in Tartarus did she get herself into? Perhaps she should have taken a more active role in the creation of her schedule, but in her defense at the time she was under the impression that her stint in this universe would not be spent attending lectures given by windbags who assign their own unsellable books as required reading. Otherwise, she would have never willingly taken Introduction to Philosophy.

After entering through the automatic doors Adagio found that the main reception area was brimming with activity with frazzled students hurrying to class. Ugh, the thought of spending who knows how long amongst humans was gag inducing. Watching the various groups of students mill on past, Adagio saw little that distinguished them from those that occupied her prior plane of existence, droll sad little creatures. She turned to deliver a snide remark about the pitiful state of humanity to Aria, but at the last second realized she was not there. Oh, right.
Without her cohorts she needed to find something to alleviate her growing boredom, so she decides on a whim to engage in one of her favorite hobbies to pass the time before class. Nothing wrong with causing a little mayhem from time to time. She scans the assembled student body for someone (or a group of someones) to coax into a confrontation with another party. Even without her siren magic, there were still those that were malleable and prone to influence. She just loved to watch the results of her social engineering unfold before her very eyes as human drama was always entertaining. She fixated on a couple across the room engaged in a gratuitous display of public affection. Hmm, with a few well-placed words she could have them at each otherโ€™s throats.

As she begins to make her way over the couple, she feels her head begin to throb, this sensation is accompanied by a familiar annoying voice rattling in the recesses of her mind.

โ€œWhile. I cannot stop you from pursuing this course of action, I can still strongly urge you not to do this. I feel like I must reiterate your primary purpose here is not to cause undue derision amongst your peers. I once again stress that there are better uses of your time.โ€

Adagio scowls as she feels her hands begin to bawl up into fists. โ€œDoes it seem like I asked for your opinion on the situation. If I wanted to be bombarded with moral platitudes, I would have sought out Sunset and her little friendship brigade; they absolutely love that redemption crap. Perhaps it is you that is forgetting what my primary purpose here is? I only participate in this little charade to see to the restoration of what was unjustly taken from my sisters and meโ€ฆ the eventual fulfillment of your promise. If I desire your commentary, I will be sure to ask. Do I make myself clear!?โ€

She clenches her jaw as she continues walking, clearly now more focused on the argument raging on inside her head than her surroundings. Unaware of where she was treading she collides right into Hiccup. Adagio barely had time to register what was happening before she was knocked prone.
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  • '... Lichtenstein, Paine, Friedman-' A blue gaze skimmed through the names of the buildings on the plaque on the wall.

    "Ah, yes, Edison! Of course, it would be that!" the former penguin exclaimed, eyes widening in realisation and slapping his face. It oughtn't have surprised him in the least that a building dedicated to scientists would be named after one of the most well-known ones. Following the arrow, he headed where the School of Sciences was supposed to be, trying to recall the number of the building his class was in.

    It was a lot to wrap his head around, but, he found that it was almost comforting to have a routine. It distracted his mind from the dread and the discomfort that came with being separated from the rest of his penguin squad, in a completely different form that simply did not come to him naturally. He wasn't used to having fingers, or longer limbs, or hair going from his scalp. It felt almost unnatural to be wrapped up in all those layers of clothes, but sans them, there was something inherently awkward about showing off his otherwise uncovered skin. Buildings seemed smaller now that he was taller. And he seemed weirdly more aware of certain sounds and sights than others - at completely different ends of the spectrum than previously.

    He'd also come to find, that, in many ways, his senses were greatly restricted by his new form. How he could move was altered, and he found his inability to hold is breath underwater for long was deeply distressing.

    Yet, he maintained a largely neutral expression and forged on, intending not to give in. Skipper hadn't trained him, or any of his fellow penguins to be quitters. He was a soldier. He'd simply have to adapt to this new environment and form, and calmly, rationally make his way back to the rest of his men, regroup, and plan out their next steps. Or, if he was the only one transported here...

    ... well...

    He swallowed. He wasn't actually sure. There'd always been Skipper's guidance, Rico's explosives, and Private's... morale support... to count on.

    But, NOPE! He wasn't going to dwell on that. Head held high, he strutted through the building, searching for room 305. 'Room 305... 305... dammit... where can this room possibly be hiding...?' Impatience and nerves slowly ate away at him. This place seemed to be full of 100s... not a 300-something in sight. All sorts of scientific posters were plastered across the walls, but not a map in sight. Passing a stairwell, he still couldn't find any increments in the hundreds column...

    Just where was he going wrong?
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Maria Dawn

Maria was on a whole new level of sleepy. Not only was she given, at most, 47 minutes of sleep last night, she also went without ANY SORT OF BREAKFAST. The microwave in Maria's apartment was apparently needing immediate repairs. Which also meant there was no time to cook in the morning, not unless Maria was willing to use the natural sunlight to warm something. Obviously, she wasn't.

So yeah, this morning she went without the classic eggs & sausage meal. Combine that with the overwhelming lack of sleep, she was almost ready to call it quits on life right then & there.

Luckily, there were multiple cafes & several vending machines inside. Maria, a genius, was always one to carry at least $20 at all times, so she was able to purchase enough snacks to where making it through lectures/classes was now, at least, a possibility in this specific timeline. Still, she was a little sluggish, even now. Though, when you're wearing an elite soldier's equipment, that's natural.

And when you play through all of the Halo games in a single night, plus a good portion of the early morning, can you really expect to make it through multiple lectures without passing out? "Mmh, okay, now I gotta make my way to room-" She saw a few fellow students staring. "WHAT, NEVER SEEN A STUDENT WEAR COMBAT ARMOUR?!" They ran away.

Maria took a new glance at the papers she was carrying. "All right, room 23-" Damn, there was a stain on the last number's spot. Well, the general location was at least a little obvious now. Still, all the stress was getting to Maria, causing the new student's scars to turn increasingly more red. This visual change only made some of the fellow students try to avoid Maria even more.

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