1. Drippy

    Fandom  Pokémon Supreme, A Brand New Adventure. (CLOSED)

    Pokémon Supreme Hello, and welcome to the world of Pokémon! What's that? You don't know what a Pokémon is? What, been sleeping under a rock or something? Then let me have the honor to enlighten you my young friend! Pokémon as we know them, are mysterious creatures living in a fantastical world...
  2. Alexander_Cross

    Fandom  Dragon ball

    Hey all I’m interested in doing a dragon ball themed RP if it’s not your taste that’s alright just move on along but if you’re interested send me a message
  3. Clairikins

    Realistic or Modern  Total Drama Redux

    Remember "Total Drama Island", that show that was like Survivor but seriously over the top? Let's do that. We'll both submit 8 characters and run them through a selection of random challenges and generally see what happens! I figure we'll have one chat for the characters and one for the scene...
  4. enzerubebii

    Fandom  To Galar with a bar of soap to the face

    @Soapyface21 (just to be clear cause this happened before with me. If you post on a 1x1 and you are not partner here..prepare to be blocked cause you are being rude AF and interupt the tempo. I wouldn’t intrude on you reading a book,or you making an art form, why would you do it to...
  5. hcaulfield

    Realistic or Modern  killer times at camp waitiki ~ ``character sheets``~

    Character Skeleton ◎Full Name: ◎Nickname(s): ◎Age: ◎Gender: ◎Nationality: ◎Height: ◎Build/Body Type: ◎Eye Color: ◎Hair Color: ◎Date of Birth: ◎Reason Attending Camp: ◎Faceclaim: ◎Likes: ◎Dislikes: ◎Personality: ◎Psychological Profile: ◎Distinguishing Features: ◎Backstory: ◎Wardrobe...
  6. hcaulfield

    Realistic or Modern  killer times at camp waitiki

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  7. Creepypasta Playerzzzzzzz

    Multiple Settings  I am looking for RP horror Roleplay Partners

    Like I say I am a thirty two year old man and I love to RP horror but it can be [OcxCanon} but if you prefer i can do a [OcxOC] heres the RP and Oc love interest I want to play Catherine (The first one or the DLC) OC: My Oc is female her name is Quatherine Love Interests: Vincent Brooks...
  8. Scarlett Wyverne

    Realistic or Modern  Soiled Doves --- a smoky noire romance

    What's a girl to do in a world like this? Maybe it's a classic 40s noire setting, or even cyberpunk-like near future. Maybe there's a murder mixed in there somewhere. In any case I'll be here at the bar, smoking, and waiting for my next mistake to come through the door. Be literate, be open to...
  9. Sera

    [maze rats] Gloomsorrow Darkville : Undercrypts of the Shadowwraith

    This system is very rules light, and focuses on dungeon crawling and resource management. You don't even need to know the system to play, and everything will be explained as it becomes relevant. This game will be run a little differently than the usual group roleplay. Rather than creating a...
  10. DanGriin

    Fantasy  Akuma Shuryō: Ninja Warriors!!!

    We post from here @MarinaMer01 @_Line 213 @HeyItsJoshy
  11. RageOfInfinity

    Fandom  Z-Nation AU RP, anyone?

    I was watching Z-Nation... and there's one creative choice they made, that I honestly feel led to the decline of the series. If you're a fan of Z-Nation, and haven't seen anything past season 3, beware: Thar be spoilers, here. I believe that the decline of the series began with Murphy...
  12. Sera

    anyone want a supers game?

    We'd be using prowlers and paragons, a very rules light system that's quick and easy to learn. there's basically zero math involved, it's just counting successes. We can do any setting and plot, from magical girls to giant mecha and monster fights, or capes and tights, or anything in between...
  13. Steel Accord

    Fandom  Power Rangers: Dynamic Duo.

    What I’m thinking of doing here is a Power Rangers RP but involving two Rangers rather than a full team. Neither of them are meant to be canon characters but rather they come from alternate versions of the teams we’ve seen before. Lost Galaxy, Ninja Storm, S.P.D., etc. For example, using the...
  14. RageOfInfinity

    Futuristic  Bad Luck Chuck

    So this role play is going to function like a TV series. It centers around the life of Chuck Ambrose, a man who just wants to die... but he doesn't. He tries and tries, and puts himself into ever crazier adventures in the hopes that one of them will eventually kill him, but it simply doesn't...
  15. AxRia

    Fandom  Howdy! Looking for semi-literate camp camp roleplayers over the age of 15!

    You can call me Ari. I'm a literate roleplayer that usually posts paragraphs at a time, but I'm able to do short sentences if you prefer! ❇ If you're interested in roleplaying with me, please pm me and I will give you a list of platforms I use or can use. ❇ I am available to private...
  16. Reiia silver

    Realistic or Modern  Camp for teenage parents--- interest check

    this is the out of character thread for the role-play, feel free to chat plot Couple one geek-- (female) -- Jock -- (male) -- @j u n i p e r Couple two popular -- (female) -- loner -- (male) -- @TF81 Couple three skater -- (female) -- @dvds12 prep -- (male) -- @FluffyPancakes Couple four bad...
  17. ginger-binger

    Fantasy  weston heights ~

    Weston Height’s forest is the home of many summer cabins and the small downtown area that keeps its permanent residents occupied. Its normal-looking, less-than-exciting appearance provides nothing more than the assumption that it’s a wonderfully quiet vacation spot, but there’s something...
  18. LunaLovitt

    Fantasy  LF Someone Who Likes Korean/Chinese Romance Dramas

    I’m essentially looking for someone to share in my guilty pleasure of Chinese and Korean romance dramas. Like, ten different love triangles, huge amounts of angst, and enough character subplots that you end up wanting to strangle everyone because the characters never make the right decisions...
  19. holli

    Fandom  ➺ hello? police™? [doubling thread || updated 7/22/19]

    my name is holli! i'm an young adult woman in the US (EST). to be honest there isn't much of interest to say about me on a personal level. i think of myself as being super friendly and easy to work with, and i hope that you'll feel the same! with exceptions for things that are serious for me, i...
  20. Ilstead

    Fandom  Camp Half-Blood

    My concept is a simple. We will play as OC. We will go through the Percy Jackson books as the main characters making our character pick and choose the future.This is an Alt-Universe rp. Percy Jackson, Annebeth and all the main characters will never have existed. Even some of the NPC's can be...