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A brilliant and expansive expression of light

So, I've been wanting to do a RP about The Foot clan that blends the goofy fun and action of TMNT with black comedy for a long time. I decided it would also be fun to throw in a fun "What If?" spin on it and do a Foot Clan vs The Hand rp.

While this RP takes place in it's own version of the TMNT verse, It's mainly based on the IDW comics run. The difference here is that it also has The Hand and many associated characters from MARVEL. The RP will lead into a war between two groups of ninjas over control of New York's crime world. Might even include the League of Assassins from DC in here too.

Our characters are an elite group of spies, thieves, and assassins who work for the Foot Clan leader Oroku Karai, who revived the Foot Clan to their ninja roots after a takeover from her more business-minded father. Our characters are all treated as the rank Chūnin, and therefore only answer directly to jōnin Oroku Karai and The Immortal Oroku Saki. The RP will begin with an invasion of a secure science facility holding experimental weapons tech.

Your character can be a human, mutant, robot, triceraton, or anything else that makes sense in TMNT, but anything but human will have to be vetted first to make sure it makes sense.

REMEMBER: This is a fun RP based on TMNT with some MARVEL thrown in. Obviously it'll be a bit more serious than your typical TMNT show, but it'll also be a bit goofy. Comedy, wacky science-magic, and action is what TMNT is all about.

I will expect everyone to be able to at least provide a paragraph for each response, and respond within two days of the last response. I think that's plenty reasonable to ask.

-Character Sheet-

Gender: (If they have specific pronouns, list them)
Weapon(s) of Choice:
Affiliation: (Everyone will at least be affiliated with the Foot Clan)
My Character


A brilliant and expansive expression of light
-My Character Sheet-

Name: Baek-hyun Andersen
Alias: Silver Sword ; Baek ; Ba'
Species: Human
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Ethnicity: Korean/Swedish
Abilities: Ninjustu- Baek-hyun is highly skilled in the 18 disciplines, especially in pyrotechnics.
Weapon(s) of Choice: A long straightsword, Meteor Hammer, Rope Dart, Explosives.
Affiliation: Foot Clan (Formerly White Heron School)
Occupation: Ninja
History: Baek-hyun was originally a street kid who lived with his neglectful uncle, before being invited into the White Heron School, a secret ninja society in South Korea which taught him the Art of Ninjutsu. He mastered the arts taught to him, but was never satisfied with the pacifist approach of his instructors. That's when he was approached by Oroku Karai. She defeated him in single combat, and thus one his loyalty by proving to him what he felt from the beginning; Mercy to a foe you could kill is greater than defeating a foe without ever being master over his life. He thus began his studies in the Foot Clan, which he excelled in due to his previous experience. His unshakable, nigh-religious loyalty to Oroku Karai guides his every action.
Other: N/A.


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