1. Dreamtique

    Fandom  Wildlife Crossing [WIP, Open for discussion Only]

    Wildlife Crossing "We are lesser than 'animals'. We are 'pets', 'pets' to the core." After the Mayor's disappearance, nobody dared to question how or why their beloved Mayor had spirited away, the only thing the villagers all knew was things would never be the same anymore. The state of the...
  2. D4NTE

    Fandom  Danganronpa

    I wanna do a Danganronpa rp. If anyone wants to do a Danganronpa rp with me, reply or PM me
  3. ErXiao

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for a Detective themed rp!

    Hello! I hope everyone's having a good day! I've been experiencing a craving for a detective themed roleplay lately. Think Sherlock Holmes. Romance isn't a must, but I'm completely open to it. I don't have anything set in stone, so if you're interested, comment or shoot me a pm so we can...
  4. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings  Anyone up for some dark fun? (fxf)

    Howdy! This thread is kinda long, but detailed. I'm Matamoja, but call me Mata. I have been RPing for a few years now, but have been writing for far longer. Made on phone, sorry to pc users for the formatting~ I usually write anywhere between 150 and 1000+ words per post. Starting posts...
  5. enzerubebii

    Fandom  So a writer/actress and a detective share a flat..(a sherlock-esque rp)

    @Anime lover Christina conlin is known as the Irene Alder in the mystery drama 'The Files of Alder' and she was popular as the lead and people were surprised that out of the limelight, and lines of cameras she wasnt snobish,rude, or plain of prissy.She was kind, gave to charities, and wrote...
  6. EmmaWouters

    Realistic or Modern  Detective game show

    Hello Everyone, my name is Emma or just call me Emms. I'm looking to start an rp game show based on the real life game show called 'the mole'. It goes as followed: Plot 10 candidates work together in group to complete challenges every day for 1-2 months, if they complete it, they will earn...
  7. Anime lover

    Fantasy  the worlds oddest crime slover MXF((for romance)) any one welcome

    the name is Hunter. Tylor Hunter. I am a detective ((if you have a plot just pm me the idea please make it Sherlock like so a crime that has a bigger link to the villain with I must also ask you to play)) but do not work for the cops I work for myself if you need help just come to me and I will...
  8. Zackarie

    Multiple Settings  {Closed} Longterm Roleplay! {1x1, lit}

    シ Hi there! Thanks for coming to check my rp information out! シ ⌇ I’m Zackarie (of course a screen name and my first OC’s name), a 22 transmale that loves to write and is after more genres to roleplay about! ⌇ {slide=ꉕ What i'm looking for ꉕ}⁑ You have to be 18+, I do not roleplay with anyone...
  9. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern  Urban fantasy m/m My best friend's a werwolf and I'm the one biting things

    This is Styler, he is my neswest oc and has ADHD, he uses chew necklaces to get him to calm down/ focus/ he likes holding things in his mouth I really want one so it's also part of the reason I made him (chew necklaces, I don't have ADHD but I'm looking into everything so I play him as best I...
  10. Tink

    Multiple Settings  Greetings! - Literate Partner Search (Open)

    Hey! Welcome to my partner search. Below you will find an about me tab, rules, and prompts. Please PM me if you are interested as comments will be ignored. Read ALL of my rules. I will know if you didn't and I will not be interested in RPing with you if you don't take a few minutes of your day...
  11. CrowJays

    Fandom  Lupin III Ship Role-Play! Canon X Canon, Canon X OC

    Please read my about on my profile, thank you! I'm looking for a partner to role-play any ships from Lupin The Third series. I prefer to role play as Lupin but I'm open to being any character from the series! If you're wanting to use an OC that's 100% okay!! Just to let you know I will only...
  12. m1dnitet0ker

    Futuristic  1x1 Seeking Partner for Blade Runner Rp. (Apply w/ character sheet for consideration/interest check.)

    Story and setting thus far: Planetside: Earth. (Possible offworld locations TBD.) The year: 3145. Over the past thousand years, humanity has slowly begun to reconnect to and regrow the earth. From it's barren and desolate state caused by the irresponsibility of previous generations, the current...
  13. RubySky16

    Fandom  Bungou Stray Dogs Rp

    Hello 👋 Been looking forward to Rp Bungou Stray Dogs. The following is what I'm looking forward to: •OC×Canon (Female OC × Male) •Romance plot (any ideas I'm willing to hear) •Doubling (triple even)
  14. RubySky16

    Fandom  Bungou Stray Dogs Rp

    Hello 👋 I'm looking to Rp Bungou Stray Dogs. Anyone interested must be cool/interested doing the following: •OC×Canon (Female×Male) •Romance plot involved •Willing to do double (triple is fine) Just send me a private message if you're up for it. Have a nice day 😊
  15. This Mess

    Fandom  I have some cravings! M//

    I haven't posted here in a long time, but I've got some cravings and hankerings, so I'll just post them all here and see what I get! This is all on the basis of M// (sorry F//!). F/M highly depends on the fandom but I'm playing it safe and prefer M//. About: Name: Po I'm 28, 29 this year...
  16. Mitheral

    Futuristic  Shifters (Alien Star Rangers - Modern)

    Alien Star Rangers, law enforcement trained in the art of genomic shapeshifting, are sent to Earth to capture alien criminals. Genomic shapeshifting requires a genetic sample of the target species DNA. The form assumed will not be an exact copy. It will have the same basic characteristics...
  17. barapoe

    Realistic or Modern  ▐ ◝✽ searching : ( original m/m ) upd. 7/12

    1x1 interest check! hey there, my doods! i'm naomi, 23, and ready to party. i've been roleplaying for about ten years now! that said, i'm brand freaking new to rpn and am trying my best to learn the ropes. super nervous! i start online classes 5/20, so there may be a change in activity but...
  18. DemonfireASW

    Multiple Settings  Just another RP Search

    So, I decided to make one of these things because why the hell not. What could possibly go wrong! I'm still somewhat new to this site, so I'm not even going to bother with all the code stuff yet, so enjoy this boring thing. Let's start talking about myself, shall we? About me: You can call me...
  19. finessekid.23

    Realistic or Modern  The Titans Initiative: A DC Universe Roleplay

    TITANS"robin is the future of batman. but there doesn't only have to be a future me, clark." OVERVIEW Bruce Wayne is one of the most intelligent men on Earth, and perhaps in the universe. Nobody quite understands how a mortal mind is capable of enduring, and focusing such powerful intellect...
  20. Ghosterized

    Fantasy  A Flower Cannot Bloom Without Desire - (Interest Check)

    A Flower Cannot Bloom Without Desire (Currently Closed. Thank you so much for showing interest, keep checking back or join the discord if you still want to join, you never know, we might need more characters in the future.) ━━━━━━❀━━━━━━ The Gist Our story will take place in a futuristic...