1. cutthroatbunn

    Fandom  + Ki ll in g st al ki ng roleplay +

    Hello all! I would like to do a killing stalking roleplay! I am very fond of sinister topics so I feel this would be perfect for me! As of now, I am on chapter 27 about to be on 28. I feel as though I could muse Yoonbum the best but depends on how things go throughout me reading the comic that...
  2. Chordling

    Mario Party

    Hi! This is a spur-of-the-moment interest check, so let me cut to the chase. We'll be facing off, ever player for themselves, through custom Mario worlds. Players will race each other to collect the most Super Stars. Players will keep track of the number of "paces" they travel across the...
  3. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia Story Briefing

    The OOC for Our Hero Academia!
  4. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia Character Database

    ***Very simple. If you wanna add anything, go ahead. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: Height: Weight: Personality: History: Role: Rank: What is your character’s rank as a Hero if they are one. Quirk: Costume:
  5. ianbabyyy

    Fantasy  The Queen's Madness

    The Queen’s Madness, formerly known as Seer and Sword, was a medium sized tavern, situated in the poor end of the marketplace in the city of Draede. This city, being the capital of the Kingdom of Lathien, was large and bustling and constantly full of activity, drawing merchants and visitors from...

    Fantasy  Traveling Tradesman

    Deep in the forest where the old man and his mule stood there was no light because the thick bunches of leaves at the tops of the trees that were blocking out all sun and making complete darkness at the bottom of the forest. There was thick undergrowth that had completely covered the...
  7. Raviael

    Fantasy  Trials of Two || Zatch-Bell inspired RP

    Every one thousand years, one hundred demons descend upon earth to conduct the ultimate battle. The winning demon becomes the mighty king of the demon world. There is only one problem - in order for the demons to use their powerful spell books, they need a human partner. If their spell book...
  8. Redfork2000

    Heroes of Plaethera (IC Thread)

    ARE YOU READY FOR ADVENTURE? The realm of Plaethera is a large one, full of very diverse lands and places to explore. From the freezing tundra of Crygos, the thick rainforests of Pattar, the vast, scorching deserts of Azaria, the rocky mountains of Kalpania, and much more. Not only is this world...
  9. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia

    Throughout the ages, mankind has faced opponents that called for triumph. Against mother nature, as ferocious as she can be, forced mankind to evolve mentally. The species learned to adapt under the destructive woes of nature. Their next greatest opponent were animals. A plethora of species...
  10. ZetaJane

    Multiple Settings  Seeking Novella Lit Partners for Criminal Minds or Original Content!

    Hi there! I'm Zeta, a 20 year old costume design student living in the CST time zone! I write third person, past tense, advanced lit, novella/multipara style. I would strongly prefer a partner who did the same. My replies are typically a minimum of 400-800+ words. Obviously different scenes...

    Fantasy  Travelling tradesman

    Deep in the forest lied a rotting wooden wagon attached to a boney barely alive mule. The owner of the wagon was a very old man with balding short grey hair and a blind eye with. He had a boney face and a horrible slouch. He wore a green cloak over his battered and torn tuxideo with a red thread...
  12. Agent Of Dreams

    Fantasy  The Blue Caravan - A Mercantile Misadventure

    Greetings Traveler! Welcome to The Blue Caravan. Why don’t you stay beside our fire for tonight? There’s no need to be fearful. Though the road is long and full of danger, you can rest safe and easy here. Not that we’re always safe, nor the paths we take always easy. Great profit often requires...
  13. Agent Of Dreams

    Fantasy  The Blue Caravan

  14. Darkness_Hollow

    Fandom  Warrior cats 1x1 search

    Hey guys, gals, and nonbinary pals, it's Hollow. I'm looking for someone to do one of me favorite fandoms with me, the warrior cats fandom. Now I'm fully aware of the newer stuff, such as the broken code, and I'd rather avoid that all together. What I'm looking for isn't anything special or...
  15. shaquille.oatmeal.

    Fantasy  OC Group RP (Open to ideas!)

    Hello! Since I'm fairly new to the site, I figured I would post a thread to hopefully gain some new ideas/rp buddies. (I use the term 'buddies' quite loosely lol) I was wondering if anyone might be interested in a private group rp based upon some sort of fantasy. Per my title, I'm open to lots...
  16. cheetah

    Fandom  LF Dead by Daylight roleplay partner

    Hiii, just in the mood for a very specific roleplay right now haha and hopefully you clicked cause you are interested! I'll keep it short, I don't see a need to write up too much. As title mentions, I'm super into DBD right now. I'm pretty interested in playing as Ghostface/Danny. I think it'd...
  17. Skylord Nexus

    Futuristic  Mechs, villainy, egomania. What else could you ask for?

    In the late 21st century humanity saw a rise in technological advancement, new forms of energy were discovered, great distances could be crossed in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, this boom in advancement lead to arms races as every nation on the planet rushed to become the strongest...
  18. Japanime

    Fandom  One Piece: Rebirth {ARC 1: Reverse Mountain}

    Thatch Winsted was the only man in history to conquer the Grand Line and become King of the Pirates. Enough time has passed since his death for an infant to grow into a man. It is the Great Age of Piracy, a time of adventure and seafaring in search of Winsted's legendary treasure, the One Piece...
  19. kokie4512

    Multiple Settings  in search of someone to roleplay with ! (´・ω・`)

    I'm very new here and don't have a whole lot of experience with forums in the first place, so if formatting is a little wonky, pretend that it isn't! For starters, here are some facts about me! -My name is kokie, and I go by they/them or she/her. -I am 18 years of age! -I live in EST, but that...
  20. PrincessHimeChan

    Realistic or Modern  Romantic Era Roleplay

    So I have been reading a lot of Romantic era novels lately (Think Pride and Prejudice, Jane Eyre, and Persuasion), and I absolutely love the period. I love the idea of courting, I love the idea of secret lovers meeting during balls and behind closed doors. I love the idea of drama happening that...