1. Toacho

    Multiple Settings Long-Term Partner Search! [Open Plot Suggestions!]

    Introduction Hey everyone! I'm Toacho! Feel free to skim down below so that you can gather a general idea of who I am and whether our styles will be compatible. Let me know in private chat or below if you're interested in roleplaying together! About Me I am EST (Eastern Standard Timezone). I...
  2. Princesspanda

    Fandom Original storyline rp (mxf) long term partners

    1. The girl is new and not exactly popular material. She is the automatic target of many bullies. The boy is one of the nicer athletes who wants to fit in but doesn't want to hurt anyone so he just follows until everyone is gone then helps others. 2. The joker who has a daughter and batman has...
  3. Goldieloxx

    Wasted Youth [Main]

    WASTED YOUTH Welcome to the main thread! Just a reminder, keep all of the juicy drama in character. Act I setting: Mid June, 12PM Everyone is supposed to meet at the high school (by 12) to board the party bus. If you're late, you get left behind! The drive to the beach house is a few hours...
  4. Lucky8D

    Multiple Settings Seeking long-term partners

    Hello, my name is Lucky, also called Nico, and I am currently searching for long-term partners, that could also turn into a great friendship :) I am looking for a partner that also likes to develop stories, have a cast of characters (even though I don't mind focusing on one pairing, I prefer to...
  5. Hobbesisalive

    Multiple Settings SummerSummerSummerTime

    Hello Hello So I am back once again because it is summer and I finally have a lot of free time! This doesn't mean I reply 10 times a day, but more like once a day or at least 3 times per week. I like to play as Male and I am fine with any pairing, I can also double! What I expect from my...
  6. dazzling

    Realistic/Modern yandere plot because i'm super bored

    heeeeello all! as you can tell, i am looking for a yandere plot. i'll keep it short and sweet here, as i know this topic is very broad. ~ i'm willing to play either female or male. i do have to ask that you are literate and can post at least every other day. (exceptions are ok, bla bla bla)...
  7. Moonshadow

    Multiple Settings Moon’s Roleplay Search!

    Moonshadow's Search Hello! I'm really glad you made it and decided to give this thread a look see. I've been really craving a good roleplay partner that can satisfy this creative itch I have. On top of someone very willing to do romance as I realized I need to practice writing more romances...
  8. beautyofthebeast

    Fantasy A Wilted Rose Amongst Thorns

    Hey y'all! Cause I don't have enough to do lately, I'm posting this interest check to see if I can dig up any new partners! Potential Topics -Dark Fairy Tale -Cinderella -Beauty and the Beast -Arranged Marriage -Forbidden Romance -Phantom of the Opera Time Periods **NEW** Regency...
  9. Smol Pleb

    Multiple Settings ↳ rp search; rises from the dead. *:・゚✧

    Hi! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ Foremost, thanks for giving this search a moment of your time. As you’ve already deduced, I’m looking for an rp buddy to love down. POSITIONS: 9/15. Ideally, you will be: an adult, experienced, patient, imaginative, and just a cool friendly lil’ bean in general. (◠ω◠✿) You can...
  10. Jader-vader

    Multiple Settings Looking for Literate Partner(s)

    Hey, gang. It's your friendly, neighbourhood lurker. I'm here to find some friends, so let's get into the nitty-gritty: 1. Preferably, you will be over eighteen. This isn't because I particularly want to write smut, but because I feel more comfortable not involving young and impressionable...
  11. TheLoyalAcorn

    Open Epic Style RP

    Quick Author's note This is a reposting of my RP idea. I currently have an ongoing RP set in the same setting. You can either be apart of the new party this post is aimed at, or you can also join the ongoing RP which has just gotten out of it's starting area. We had some attrition due to some...
  12. Dark lord steel

    Multiple Settings Just another role play search 💜

    Hey there everyone, I hope things are going well. I'm currently looking for several different types of role play, so hopefully you can find something you like! Some info on me: I am semi literate, writing between around two to six paragraphs a response, although I will try to match my partner...
  13. poisonous

    Multiple Settings —「 LTRP Search. 」

    gonna try to keep this short and sweet, 'cause it's five in the morning and i should've been asleep like six hours ago. oops. the boring but pretty important stuff. currently in central standard time ( cst ). lazy-lit. my schedule doesn't allow me to be online as frequently as i'd like...
  14. Inkstone

    Multiple Settings Hi I like liminal spaces, original stories, and some specific fandoms

    Hello and welcome to my partner search! Some info about me and my rp preferences: -Must be at least 18; I am in my mid-twenties and am not comfortable roleplaying with minors -I work a full time job with variable hours. This means my schedule changes week to week, and I will have periods where...
  15. SRUNewman

    Camp on the Nile

    Hello, you may have known this or not but you are a child of a god. Not just any god though but an Egyptian God. This is your formal invitation to join a camp that will hone your powers provided by your lineage. We ask that you attend the camp in the upcoming summer and meet more like your kind...
  16. readysetstalk

    Multiple Settings MxF Longterm

    Hiya! + I'm currently searching for a few new role play partners! I require my partners to be 18+. Romance is not necessary. Fade to black is. I also prefer to play female, and I will also double if necessary. I do not do fandom. I do like odd pairings. I am very rusty with roleplaying, but...
  17. Goldieloxx

    Realistic/Modern Wasted Youth [Relationships]

    Make your relationships for Wasted Youth here! Love, friendship, heartbreak & everything inbetween goes. Exes? Frenemies? Hate each others guts? Here's a place to keep yourself organized < 3 Code by @Goldieloxx
  18. Yahhah

    Pokemon RP idea

    (WIP TITLE) The town of Benton is a quaint place, it is small a bit rustic and everything about it reeks of the kind of town nobody would ever hear of unless they were born there. Nothing about it is extraordinary, there is no great draw that would bring in tourism, of course just like every...
  19. dazzling

    Realistic/Modern (CLOSED)

  20. Halsey

    Multiple Settings literate partner search ✧ long-term

    i'm halsey and i'm hoping to find some roleplay partners as well as friends. a bit about me, i still go to school like a lot of people do. i do use lowercase for aesthetic only, i swear i'm literate. i can match pretty much any style but stick with story telling and multiple paragraphs as well...