1. InsanEleven

    Prose Lord Alden Ewart's Agency for the Paranormal - A Victorian Mystery

    It is the year 1864, the height of the British Empire in a rapidly advancing world. Yet where most sciences are progressing into serious studies, one stands awkwardly still in the iron grasp of Church and Zealots alike: the field of paralogical sciences. In his attempt to try and gain on the...
  2. Beauty_Belle

    The Cure [Main]

    The Cure {slide=open | Main Thread } Welcome to Moonstone Falls! (check the lore page for some quick info on the town) Maybe your character has lived here forever or maybe they just recently arrived. Either way, the cure now resides in this town. Do you want it? If you do, why? Or maybe...
  3. Ariel

    Project Pandora [Darkest Powers Inspired]

    P r o j e c t . P a n d o r a ~ {slide=Former Projects}"Dr. Davidoff?" "Yes?" "We still have hope yet. You know that, don't you?" "Yes, but... when you dapple with such evil creatures, it's the equivalent of opening Pandora's box, I hope you understand that." "The...
  4. aDistraction


    @Rathian Diablos @Musik Addikt @Lina Inverse @Checkmate7 @Raider dog @Iamkingdomhearts1000 @SodaToast @LordStuffofStuffinton @MidnightStar @Shivana @Nenma Takashi "OK START!" A voice rang throughout the air, causing a group of people to look around. It had come from a person upon a large...
  5. Missy

    Listen to the Wind (Horror Escape RP)

    Your wrists are held painfully tight by wires wrapped around your wrists. You eventually return to consciousness, one which was given willingly as your last recollection was falling safely asleep. Your surrounding is dark, a faint light scratching through the cracks of the door offering little...
  6. F

    Fantasy Supernatural/Romance Rp (Looking for a partner)

    You find a 17 year-old werewolf by the name of Zenix Guerrero on the forest floor lying subconsciously in his own pool of blood. He has been followed and shot by a hunter who is now standing before the young werewolf, grinning while he aims his shotgun for the killing blow. Zenix having been...
  7. TheHappyPikachu

    Idea Rp Idea!!~ Just uhh—…. not sure exactly what.

    Soooooo I'm craving anything to do with a group roleplay pregnancy plot somewhat badly, problem is I'm run out by testing and my own personal life lately to develop a good one, anyone have any suggestions for a plot or mind helping construct it?? I'm pretty open to most things though want to try...
  8. Maxine93

    Fandom Craving Romance Double Up RP Marvel/Supernatural/Black Butler/Wynonna Earp/Sense8 + More READ ME

    Hey all! Yes, another partner search. I have been currently watching the new seasons added to Netflix, so of course I'm craving some old time favorites and some randoms. Just for you guys to get to know me, my name is Maxine, I'm a girl from the West Coast. My schedule is a little weird due to...
  9. grymi

    Fandom follow me down {Riverdale/Supernatural/Stranger Things}

    hey guys! I know I have another thread all up with my fandoms and an oc setting I’d like to do, but there’s three in particular I’m desperately craving right now. I’m looking to write against Archie Andrews from Riverdale, Dean or Sam Winchester from Supernatural, as well as Billy Hargrove...
  10. aDistraction


    Rapture takes place in 1960 in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where we, sole survivors of a plane crash, discover the entrance to a massive underwater city, at the end of a civil war which left most of the utopia in disrepair. Finding ourselves in an alien world, we have no choice but to...
  11. grymi

    Multiple Settings i just wanna see the light.~ [mostly fandom/one oc craving]

    hey there! this first thread of mine is going to be rather basic and to the point but i can promise that my writing is quite the opposite. i am looking to write within a few fandoms and have itchings for certain characters— HOWEVER, any character within the fandoms i list are more than welcome...
  12. aDistraction

    Fandom PLUS ULTRA! ~MHA RP~ CS Page

    This is where you post your character sheet. OOC
  13. aDistraction


    @Raider dog @Bornlucky @Musik Addikt @LordStuffofStuffinton @PhantomMelody @Rexblades @SodaToast @MidnightStar @Iamkingdomhearts1000 @Acethekidd @SueshiRoll @Rathian Diablos @Checkmate7 @Lina Inverse What's up everybody! Welcome to my MHA RP! This will be the OOC for the RP. Down below I will...
  14. Angel Sapphire

    Occult Research Club IC- Right Wing Arc

    Occult Research Club Christine Fey dropped her can of coffee into the trash bin and walked into the main building. She chose the time 10 minutes before the afternoon bell to do her recruitment. She has been in this school for 3 years now, and she had been frustrated for just as long. "I really...
  15. Ari

    Realistic/Modern Project X12 [superpower roleplay, open]

    Project X12 The moment that the government found out that they were "different", they were taken from their families under the guise that it was in their best interest that they be placed in a rehabilitation facility to cure them of their "troubled" behavior. The facility, however, wasn't the...
  16. aDistraction


    Ayyy what' up guys. I was wondering if anybody was interested in RPing My Hero Academia. This RP would be non-canon and hosted on this website. Just comment down below if you're interested.
  17. Angel Sapphire

    Occult Research Club Supernatural RP

    Occult Research Club In a sleepy town by the shore, a well-known school stands, presenting its bounty of knowledge to all who would enter its white walls. The school has three buildings; the main building, where most activity is held. It's five-storey stature allows it to house fourty classes...
  18. Beauty_Belle

    Realistic/Modern The Cure [OOC]

    The Cure {slide=open | Out of Character } Welcome to the OOC! Be respectful of me and your fellow RPers. Keep all drama IN CHARACTER. Have fun, and be creative with your characters! {/slide} Code by @Beauty_Belle
  19. Beauty_Belle

    Realistic/Modern The Cure [CS]

    The Cure {slide=open | Character Sheets } **REALISTIC pictures only please!** Name: Age: [18-30] Gender: Sexuality: Supernatural Creature: Face Claim: Eye Color: Hair Color: Height/Weight: Body Type: Tattoos/Piercings/Etc. Likes: [3+] Dislikes: [3+] Strengths: [3+] Weaknesses: [3+]...
  20. Beauty_Belle

    The Cure [still accepting]

    {slide=200 | RULES/REQUIREMENTS }1. Be polite and respectful. If you can't manage this, you will be kicked, and YC will be killed off. (ha.) 2. No rushing people for replies. I'd like this RP to last and people hate being rushed. But at the same time, I want this roleplay to be active, so if you...