1. WinterFever

    Multiple Settings VAMPIRES! Vampires, everywhere

    Vampire love interest A Girl's life is pretty uneventful. She's a nobody, she's not overly pretty or talented, she just exists. Going by everyday like everyone else. She was content, living under the radar of everyone else, being able to scrape by and just live her life. That is, until she is...
  2. taliaangeni

    Misery // Walk-in

  3. Inkara

    Multiple Settings :D looking for long term partners (always open)

    WELCOME Call me Inkara or Inka c: I love animals, Roleplay, video games. I am 23 years of age, not yet old! I raise birds with love. such as Parakeets, Finches, and chickens c: There are some anime or shows I would love to rp . but keep in mind it has been years since I've watched some of them...
  4. Maxine93

    Fandom Updated Looking for Romance RP Partners

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to make a more updated list of what fandoms I'm looking to RP. In () is who I'd hope for you to play, in [ ] is who I can play. I prefer double-up OC and I am not a fan of crossovers, though I am willing to hear your ideas. All I ask is that you are committed to the RP...
  5. Safety Hammer

    Loudwater, USA (Supernatural Town RP - Always Accepting)

    Welcome To Loudwater Loudwater is your average town in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Shrouded in trees, the only notification that you are entering the sleepy nook of the north is its famous road sign which simply reads in big painted letters: "WELCOME TO LOUDWATER: A SAFE HAVEN FROM THE...
  6. R i v e r

    Realistic/Modern Hollow Falls CS

    RULES: - Don't overpower your characters. - You can have up to three characters if you can handle them. - For information on the different species please ask in the OOC or PM. - If you wish to make a teacher/staff member that's okay but please let me know your interested in that role in a...
  7. R i v e r

    Realistic/Modern Hollow Falls Info page

    Welcome to Hollow Falls! This is the main building where the teens and young adults are signed in, go to certain 'classes', can find the nurses/doctors office, find the teachers and other staff whenever they have questions or need any kind of help. The camp also has a counselor specializing...
  8. R i v e r

    Realistic/Modern Hollow Falls OOC

    OOC You can ask any questions you have or give suggestions or just talk about the RP here. The only rule is: don't be rude and start fighting with other members, if you have a problem with someone let me know what and why and I will try to mediate.
  9. R i v e r

    Hollow Falls -supernatural camp -Still Accepting

    Hollow Falls Just outside a small town in the middle of nature, by a lake, is a camp. This camp is located in a place called Hollow Falls, a place ordinary people avoid because of its myths and rumors. While on first look its a place for teens and young adults (ages 16-20) who are a bit...
  10. boyguro

    3 AM

    code by @sadvalentine don't turn around. DO YOU WANT TO PLAY A GAME?Find a candle. Turn off all your lights. Lock your doors. Prick your finger to obtain a drop of blood. You've heard these words before, the instructions to only the deadliest most dangerous games, meshing the human world...
  11. YaBoii

    Suit Up! (BNHA RP)

    The world is one filled with Heroes and Villains, just like comic books and television shows and movies showed us hundreds of years ago. The impossible has become the norm for us. What is referred to as Year 0 is the day history reset and the day humanity began to evolve before everyone's eyes...
  12. lovedentist

    Realistic/Modern Looking again!

    Hello all! I would really like to get some more rp's going and instead of just bumping a thread I already have (since that doesn't seem to be working lol) I'd just post another thread with one or two things I'm currently craving right now. Before I get to the plots I'll tell you a bit about...
  13. marahute

    Multiple Settings :: ON THE LOOK FOR MALE CHARACTERS ::

    Hello Everybody! I'm looking for a couple of partners, all that I require is that you're: 1. Fairy Active 2. Pretty literate and can post 1-3 paragraphs per character and, 3. You can play a male character. I have been roleplaying for 3-4 years and have just recently decided to try out this...
  14. Maxine93

    Fandom Looking for Partners Again!

    Hi there! I'm looking for a partner interested in romance RP, I'm more than happy with double-up OC in fact that's what I'm used to but I'm always open to new things. And of course, I'm more than happy to also play the character I'd like to pair with my OC as well. Here is what I'm looking for...
  15. marahute

    Multiple Settings Looking for a male werewolf!

    Looking for someone who would be interested in playing a male werewolf. I am looking for someone who is literate (Can post up to a paragraph or more), and someone who is fairly active. The plot will be based on a small town called Riveroaks, there will be a new girl in town who a boy keeps his...
  16. CavyStars

    Fandom Long Term Fandom one on one

    Please know I am not in the mood for slash role plays. Unless the chracter is bi or gay. Sorry!!! Kiki-CavyStars Open to suggestions! *=WANT! The more *s the more I want it! $=Plot ()-Who I want you to be (I will play anyone in return) Hello there I am looking for...
  17. tealikestowrite

    Multiple Settings The Search is ON! Looking for Fandoms and Originals!

    Hi! I'm Tea. Some of you have probably seen me around here before...possibly. I've had a lot on my plate lately but I'm back now and ready for some new entrees! If we've been in contact before and you'd like to pick something up or start something new, don't hesitate to shoot me a message...
  18. ShkyeOfClouds32

    Fandom Searching for a partner! OPEN

    I'm looking for someone to roleplay in some fandoms with me. I'll explain in a bit more detail if we decide to roleplay but here is my list. 1. Gravity Falls 2. Creepypasta 3. Dead Space (second game is my favorite and I prefer to use OC's) 4. X-men 5. Attack on Titan (don't hate me but I don't...
  19. Light

    Hunters of Vernae

    Hunter's Organization Underground Amazon Rainforest Founded by Zack Kingsley Daniella wasn't all too shocked since she's encountered a Vernae before once in her life, a Darkborne. Even if she wasn't shocked, the sight of an underground reality due to a Vernae's influence still amazed her. Two...
  20. Light

    Fantasy Hunters of Vernae ( OOC )

    This is where general conversation is to be held.