1. Singularity

    Realistic or Modern  Ragnarök

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  2. mindheist

    Multiple Settings  ❝ — long-term partner search (esp. m//) ▻ original plotlines, modern magic, high fantasy, etc. ❞

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  3. Ingrid G.

    Fantasy  General RP, Anyone?

    Hey, I’m Ingrid and I’m an 18-year-old girl. My ideal partners that I best get along with are female and are aged 18-21. I’m just looking for someone to role-play with long-term since I’ve got nothing to do at the moment; someone who is literate and can write 250+ words. I’ve been role-playing...
  4. GinkyGotBack

    The End of the World

    The End of the World is a tabletop RPG where the goal of the game is ultimately to survive an apocalyptic scenario such as an alien invasion or a zombie plague or a series of world-ending natural disasters. The RPG has four books dedicated to a different theme and each book contains five or six...
  5. Psychie

    Dice  Demigods and Titans - Scion OOC Thread

    We shall bring our musings here.
  6. Psychie

    Dice  Demigods and Titans - Scion Character Thread

    All Characters will go here. One change I will be implementing is to lower the cost of buying Boons. Normally, if you want a Boon at a level 3, you must spend six points to get it: One, then two, then three points to buy it. I want you to be able to start with the higher level Boons for less...
  7. Psychie

    Demigods and Titans - Scion IC Thread

    This will be our Story thread
  8. FearItself

    Fantasy  The Godbane Pirates

    Set in a strange universe where physics itself is permeated in magic and the depths of space are far different than we understand. There are many realms in this universe, each being roughly the suze of a solar system and encased in an indestructible crystal sphere. The stars one sees in the sky...
  9. Psychie

    Demigods and Titans - Scion, 1st edition

    I am looking to start up a game of Scion, using the 1st edition rules, which is basically the same as the World of Darkness system. I am looking for a group of 3-5 players. Your characters will know each other prior to game start, and once I get enough interest, I will be posting more details...
  10. AnimeGenork

    Fantasy  .🇱🇪🇦🇷🇳🇮🇳🇬 🇬🇷🇪🇪🇰. [in character]

    [div class=container][div class=bgimg] [div class=open][div class=opentext]fa-envelope-open[/div][/div][/div] [div class=textbg][/div][div class=textbox] Welcome to Pantheon Academy! A school where young immortals learn how to control their godly powers and become proper deities. It may also...
  11. MadMother88

    Fantasy  Primal

    Nightmares have been plaguing you for days now, and they always start the same. You're outside in some open plain at night, but there's no moon. No clouds and yet, even the stars are gone. You feel something there, in the darkness, a presence that deep in your soul you recognize. A primal terror...
  12. ghoulish

    Fandom  super spooky thread of recruitment

    Hey! Title is kinda dumb but bear with me! I'm new to recruitment, so apologies if anything seems unclear and all the mess. *About Me* I'm Ghoul, I'm 20 years old as of writing this post, and I have way too much free time! More than anyone should have really! Unless I'm sleeping or something...
  13. Ingrid G.

    Fantasy  Role-play Inspired by Eric Kripke's "Supernatural" (Looking for Long-Term Female RPers Aged 17-21 ONLY)

    Hey, I'm Ingrid and I'm an eighteen-year-old girl. I've been role-playing for four years, and am interested in writing my own plots and creating original characters. I write in third person and in past tense, and my minimal word count for a post is 250+ words, but I can certainly write more if...
  14. LunarArt1

    Multiple Settings  Huge thread. Come check it out lots available for everyone

    Hey everyone so Im pulling up all my previous threads. Some of what I posts are genres I like and fandoms so if you have any ideas for them let me know. I don’t expect you to read all of this since it’s pretty big. Edit *If you’re wanting platonic relationships let me know as I’m always down for...
  15. AnimeGenork

    Multiple Settings  .🇱🇪🇦🇷🇳🇮🇳🇬 🇬🇷🇪🇪🇰. [a greek mythology roleplay] (closed for now)

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  16. L3n

    Fantasy  𝓅𝑜𝓈𝓈𝑒𝓈𝓈𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝓼𝓮𝓵𝓮𝓬𝓽𝓲𝓸𝓷 -- interest check

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  17. kalopsias

    Realistic or Modern  casual roleplay? casual roleplay.

    **actual important stuff second paragraph onwards lmao goodness gracious, is that a lazy roleplayer i see? why yes indeed, it is a lazy roleplayer. that lazy roleplayer is me. i'm looking at my reflection on my bright laptop screen in the pitch dark blackness of my room with a thai bl drama...
  18. ZacksQuest

    Realistic or Modern  Infernal Intervention [Reboot]

    Prologue: Board MeetingHe could sense the hum of magic, feel it like a vibration beneath the skin, and he knew he was late to arrive. He adjusted his tie and cracked his neck before stepping out of the shadows that danced along the edges of the room and into the light. Normally, only around...
  19. LunarArt1

    Multiple Settings  Godly title that is so beautiful you cry

    Hey so as it say I don’t know what to name this or in full what this will be about so I guess it’s a general sense of what I’ll be looking for. I’m not as organized as some people and I don’t know how to code so here we go. About me -I’m 18 and a guy -I like ooc, but I’m shy so I’m working on...
  20. Agent23

    Fantasy  King Slayers- The last kingdom

    The city of Lumen Nestled in the center of the continent surrounded by plains and a gentle flowing river it is the fertile heartland of midra. Home to millions, and as destiny would have it home to the six who would shape the future. A gentle breeze rolls in bringing with it the calming aroma...