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  • *tries to find a way to apply to be summer camp counselor at a Harry Potter camp*

    *website has everything BUT that info*
    Do they have a Contact Us button/link/email?
    Didn't practice for my band seating audition, so I'm a little stressed about that... but the class I'm in right now has the coolest guy ever teaching, so I think I'll be alright xD
    I may or may not have sobbed like a little baby after I watched the My Little Pony ending

    and I may or may not still tear up when I listen to the final song

    Me: I should pack up my stuff to go back to college

    Also Me: *watching Season 9 of MLP*
    Is it good? I haven't watched MLP in a long time.
    Season 9's pretty good, yeah! A couple episodes I'm wondering what the point is, but there's always more to learn about friendship, so some of them make a whole lotta sense xD
    This is going to be a busy week but it should make up for 3 weeks of lying in bed doing nothing
    If my recurring obsession with Young Justice could calm down (I got a DVD of the first 12 episodes of Season 1 for Christmas) that would be great thanks
    I'll be going home today for a month! Which means I'll get to see the people I love love love nearly regularly for a time! Yayayayay!

    (It also means I won't be on here as often, though I'll certainly try!)
    I'm starting to think I'm one of the last people on Earth who genuinely thinks Sharpay from HSM is a bad person

    Like, I'm sorry, but if you're constantly trying to take a guy away from a girl he really likes in the pettiest way possible, you're selfish and spoiled and can't get a grip on reality

    I meant
    to write something
    for this month's writing event
    what have I done during my break?
    watched anime
    Judging by your username I'd say that's totally in character for you, haha

    I will find fellow Pandora Hearts fans


    I will find fellow Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches fans


    I'll find someone to be my Elliot and Miyamura 😭
    Holy hell I accidentally found a site that uses the same software as RPN and got CONFUZZLED

    Like, staff placement of "Moderator" titles, same online icon thing... *shudder* NEVER AGAIN
    I don't know what possessed my roommate to rearrange her ENTIRE bed (mattress and all!) at SEVEN FORTY IN THE MORNING, but now I am awake TWO WHOLE HOURS BEFORE I NEED TO BE and CAN'T GET BACK TO SLEEP because the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD decided I shouldn't be allowed to SLEEP after my SHITTY WEEKEND

    i.e. I'm a little pissed today, so I'ma avoid social interaction
    My YouTube once recommended me a video about LoliRock

    I am now watching it

    I have discovered it is a French show

    Therefore, I must keep watching for the sake of my love of France.
    I solved my self-imposed anger over earlier Googling by watching Aggretsuko

    I kinda wish this had existed years ago, when I was a really angry adolescent -_-
    I love that Victorious is on Netflix. A lot of the jokes that I thought were good back then are HILARIOUS now.

    Nearly woke up my friend who's sleeping in my room
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