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This RP takes place on my fictional world, Quadraxis 12-B. An Earth-Like planet with four major continents and two minor ones, bringing the total to six, alongside a number of island chains. The four major continents are Umbrea, Anrigos, Ongrelon, and Indrena; and the two minor continents are named Forlona and Rentosin. On the world there are three dominant countries. United Andrigus on the continent Andrigos, The Indresian Empire on the continents Ongrelon and Indrena, and the Umbranian Kingdom on the continent Umbrea. Umbrea is also home to the Tonfra Republic. Andrigos was also once home to the Serbis Kingdom, which fell to ruin in one night after all inhabitants of the small kingdom seemingly died. The Umbranian Kingdom, United Andrigus, and Tonfra Republic are close allies, while relations with Indres have always been between neutral and negative.

Another key part of the world is the Mercenary Society. Being a Mercenary is a popular, profitable, and increasingly dangerous job. In fact, there are so many mercenaries that they have their own governing body, and a number of cities belonging to them; essentially making them a country of their own. The Mercenaries are ruled by a group of the ten most respected/highest ranking Mercenaries. Nine Councilmembers and a singular Mercenary Lord. They are mainly based in Umbrea, but have a presence everywhere.
United Andrigus has fallen completely silent. All communication has ceased, and all attempts of connection have failed. In a last attempt, the Umbranian King sent a group of Envoys and guards to investigate. Four Envoys and Thirty Guards. Of them, only one envoy and two guards returned, battered and bruised.

Once they were in a stable enough condition, they described the torturous experience. As soon as they had entered into what he labelled 'The Great Dark', the world changed. As if they had stepped through a portal. Grass, trees, flowers... all had become a dead shade of gray. The sky was pitch black. There was no concept of night or day. What seemed to be a single large star in the sky stood out to them. This star burned pitch black, surrounded by a purple aura of flame. It stayed above them like an eye

The soldier described horrifying monsters, and terrifying automatons. The size of the group is what had made them such an easy target. Thirty heavily armored soldiers tromping through the wilderness? How could one miss it? By the time they made it to what they thought might be the center of The Great Dark, there were only ten of them left. They had learned by then how to better dodge their aggressors. In the center of a massive clearing was a colossal, monumental, Citadel. It seemed to be emitting a purple light and made everyone feel sick. They were certain this was the epicenter of the mass corruption of the continent. So, they decided to return as there was no way they could get in the Citadel. The thing almost seemed alive. A fleet of starships hovered around the towers.

By the time the three made it back out of The Great Dark, they were the only ones left. One of the things that stood out was that the monsters and automatons seemed under the direct control of one or more people. With all this described, the King grew increasingly worried. They could not use satellites to lock onto this citadel or the fleet, as all coordinates and images came back corrupted. The only way to get this done was to send a small team in with a beacon to get to the Citadel and give the Umbranian fleet something to lock on to. None of his soldiers were skilled enough for it, so that left only one option. The Mercenaries.

A group of 2-4 mercenaries of high skill and renown, called in for the task. Will they be able to succeed, or will they become just another one of the Great Dark's vicitms?
Info About the Roleplay Itself
I will be using my characters Ziroikabi and Sarok Drayda. You can use either one or two characters of your own for the other 1-2 mercenaries. In addition, I will also be playing the main antagonist, several secondary antagonists, and several secondary characters. You can bring in your own antagonists and secondary characters as well.

Romance is optional. If we do include romance, I am okay with MxF, FxF, and MxM. MxM is preferred though.


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I'm intrigued by the concept; judging by the existence of starships and beacons, is this near-future or sci-fi?


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Nah that's okay, I was just curious. For the moment I'll stay put, some of the requests I put out are starting to come back so I don't want to overcommit and kill a game.

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