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it's big brain time
coded by natasha.
  • — woodcreek view
    At first glance, Woodcreek View seems like your ordinary small, cozy town with lots of people. Well, Woodcreek View is a very special place, and you might wonder why a comfortable, cozy town such as Woodcreek is so special. The inhabitants of Woodcreek View are demigods, children of a deity and a human. And it's only recently that they found out about their heritage: they're half-blooded, not full-blooded. The deities had raised their children and the demigods don't really know anything about their mortal parents. But now, they're curious and they would love to get a chance to meet their mortal parents. But there's just one big problem: finding them. They could be anywhere and the demigods don't even know where to start looking. Plus, they would love a place of their own to stay at too.

    This is where the town of Woodcreek View comes into play! Made by the deities themselves for the demigods. It's a cozy town complete with a pool, library, cafe, houses, plenty of shops, and more to keep the demigods occupied!
    coded by natasha.
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I probably shouldn't but I haven't written as a demigod in forever, so I am interested! 💚


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i've already applied to five grps & i have one 1x1, but man i miss demigod rps </3

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