1. KiwiOCmaker

    Fantasy  Prinx Academy

    It’s the first day of school at Prinx academy! Everything is new for everyone, and people are buzzing about the halls, trying to get to the new student orientation
  2. KiwiOCmaker

    Fantasy  Prinx Academy roleplay

    So I’ve recently come up with a concept for a game, I call it Prinx Academy. The game is basically you go to a school called, well, Prinx Academy. It’s LGBTQ+ friendly, and at the end of each year, there’s a fancy ball that you have to find a partner to. It’s a very big event. I’m looking for...
  3. kibou

    Realistic or Modern  Ad Meliora ☟ Characters

    WE ARE THAT WE ARE Please read the lore before submitting a character sheet. Characters must be accepted by me before joining the roleplay. HOST Name: Age: 17+ Gender: Rank/Role: SHF, or facilities staff (be specific- scientific researcher? medical examiner? cook?) Personality...
  4. kibou

    Realistic or Modern  Ad Meliora

    DO NOT POST YET Per aspera, ad Infernum.
  5. kibou

    Realistic or Modern  Ad Meliora ☟ Rules + FAQ

    SIN IS LAWLESSNESS I. Kibou word is God. Please read all the sections carefully before joining to avoid issue. II. This is a bit of an odd one, but please don't format your IC posts with bbcode beyond simple things like italics or paragraph indents. Don't change the text size/font, color, or...
  6. Maxx

    Realistic or Modern  [RETRY] Tales of Shade House

    The stench filled the house, leaking through the walls, seeping into clothing and skin. Weeks went past, months went past, and the smell only worsened. Not even the strongest air fresheners could cover it. No matter what they did, they could not get rid of it, nor could they find the source...
  7. kibou

    Realistic or Modern  Ad Meliora ☟ Lore

    THAT YOU MAY BE PREPARED IN ALL THINGS The Outbreak, and Culmination of Violence- In the beginning of the outbreak there was an increase in aggression, depression, and sightings of horrific beings. 15 years ago held the worst cases of suicides, homicides, and mass hysteria that the world...
  8. kibou

    Realistic or Modern  Ad Meliora ☟ OOC

    WE ALSO OUGHT TO LOVE ONE ANOTHER Out of character chat for commentary and general discussion! Please field roleplay related questions to the Rules + FAQ thread! Additionally, and optionally, there is an A.M. discord server
  9. betweenlovelines

    Fandom  Anime Cravings search

    Here's a bit about me: I am 26 and of the female persuasion (though lately I've been expressing my inner burrito as I wander around my apartment wrapped in a blanket). I've been roleplaying for about 13 years now, and writing for the fun of it for longer than that. Add to that my four years as a...
  10. Damian The Hedgehog

    Fandom  Sonic The Hedgehog Roleplay

    This is for the Sonic rp I am making I will post the charcter sheet and rp thread here soon
  11. Karin Kurayami

    Multiple Settings  MxF RPS Always open!

    Hello everyone!! So I'm Karin and I'm looking for some good rping. When I'm not working, I love to create stories with someone. That being said, if you can, try to reply as much as you can. Understand that if I'm responding constantly and insistent on a response, I promise, I'm not trying to be...
  12. StrawberryDreamer

    Realistic or Modern  Rosewood Hall

    The leaves were just starting to change for fall as the students arrived at Rosewood Hall. Most came in limousines or helicopters. Unfortunately there was no landing strip for private jets on grounds, but the project was in the works. The blend of purple, red, and yellow uniforms across campus...
  13. kibou

    Realistic or Modern  Ad Meliora ☟ A Supernatural Apocalypse

    Street preachers seem to be on every corner of otherwise deserted streets, crying the end of the world. PREMISE In the beginning it was an increase in aggression, depression, and as time went on suicides, murders, and assumed shared hallucinations of grotesque creatures as well. More and...
  14. EliFletch

    Fandom  JJBA/One on one/LGBTQ+ Friendly

    Introductions I'm a 22-year-old disabled person. This means I won’t always be able to reply every day, but on good days, I will be able to reply at least once! I’m a veteran when it comes to Roleplaying, but I do get confused easily, so please bear with me. I’ve been roleplaying for over 10...
  15. solarsaphia

    Multiple Settings  ☾ skyfall // partner search

    hello, hello! welcome to my search thread. you can call me saph (she/her). i'm a disaster of a student who loves coffee, cats, and everything science. aside from writing, i do some art and coding in my spare time— you may have seen my threads around the site. if you read through everything and...
  16. Vivianna

    Fantasy  James Cameron The Avatar RP

    If you have ever seen the movie you would understand the brutal war that went on. This rp will take place after the fight and when the humans left Pandora. My OC will be a Girl named Tsunamina. She happens to be Jake sully's and Netyri's child. The rp can be free formed building it up as the...
  17. Damian The Hedgehog

    Fandom  Shadamy

    I am looking for female partner who likes Shadamy
  18. Damian The Hedgehog

    Fandom  Naruto Roleplay

    Here just roleplay as your favriote Naruto charcter (If not taken) This takes place during Bourto. In this rp unlike cannon Naruto will not lose six paths.
  19. Farmgirl310

    Realistic or Modern  MAIN - Doctors of Grand Willow General Hospital

    Welcome Doctors and Staff! As a state of the art Hospital, and a hospital dedicated to providing the most outstanding care to its diverse clientele. You took this job knowing it wasn’t going to be easy, knowing that bad days are sure to come, and you would have to fake that caring smile even...
  20. StrawberryDreamer

    Realistic or Modern  Rosewood Hall: Academy of Remarkable Achievement

    I tried this rp somewhere else but it disolved do to drama so please don’t let that happen again 👉👈🥺 Rosewood Hall is a school located in a secluded area of the UK. It is only for the most hardworking and intelligent members of the world’s elite. Children from ages 11-18 study hard to come to...