1. nishiishiishi

    Fandom  ꒰ ⚘ ꒱ a little partner search!

    ↳ the introduction ╭─────────── • ꒰ ⚘ ꒱ Welcome to my humble little thread! I'm making a more narrowed down thread because it'll be easier to manage at times, so consider this my current cravings thread! ꒰ ⚘ ꒱ If you're interested, shoot me a PM or comment below! Comments will be cleared...
  2. AngstyAnarchist

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a sadist...(angst, whump, h/c and so much more! search thread)

    Heck... I wrote waaaay too much. I'm so sorry! Hello! I'm AngstyAnarchist- and those two words sum me up amazingly -you can also call me River. I use they/them pronouns, am 24 and am a full time student in social support work; which means I can reply most on the weekends, but may be able to do...
  3. Maniac

    Realistic or Modern  Delinquent Youths

    Now-a-days, so much crime is happening in the world. The government is starting to give up on reoccurring delinquents, specifically the young delinquents. Why put these young people into the prison system just to clog it? Well, the government in multiple countries has decided against it. They...
  4. huxnex05

    Fandom  Looking for roleplay partners ^^

    Okay, so I'm down for anything, so feel free to message me if you want to roleplay with me ^^ I'll roleplay as my OC Fabien (I'll give you the info if you ever want to roleplay with me)
  5. olyvia-g

    Fandom  Anyone looking for a rp partner

    Is there anyone open for a rp? I don’t have many people to rp with and I was looking for more, I rp the following my hero academia naruto the umbrella academy stranger things IT and some others so hmu if you are interested.
  6. powerline

    Multiple Settings  po 4 partners

    ----------------YC'S PICTURE GOES HERE---------------- ----------------FIRST HALF OF YOUR LYRIC/QUOTE GOES HERE---------------- --------the one on top of yc's picture-------- dm if interested ----------------SECOND HALF OF YOUR LYRIC/QUOTE GOES HERE---------------- --------btw you...
  7. CosmicSnowdrop

    Fantasy  Snowdrop's Search

    Hello and thank you so much for stopping by! If you think we’ll be a good match, I would love it if you messaged me rather than posting here in the thread. If you don’t think we’ll be a good match, that’s okay. I hope you find what you’re looking for! About Me *I am female and a good bit over...
  8. sennyas

    Fandom  : 🌻 : 1 x 1 roleplay request !

    🌻 — INTRODUCTIONS : hello ! my name is sennyas but you can call me sen if you'd like ! i suppose i am looking for a roleplay partner on this fine day, mostly for fandom themed ones. i've been roleplaying for 6+ years but fell out of it for a little only slowly pick it back up so my style has...
  9. le reveur

    Realistic or Modern  The Midnight Train To Europe [Reboot]

    Midnight TrainBlessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures CHARACTERSOUT OF CHARACTERIN CHARACTERSCROLL!PLOTOh, it’s that time of year once again. Once again Spring has come. Arriving like a tide, she has approached confidently white sunshine and warmth. Flowers throw off their dull...
  10. Norrsken

    Realistic or Modern  The Devil's Marauders (Remake)

    WARNING: This roleplay will contain strong language, violence, blood/gore, potential minor sexual content, alcohol/drugs, politics and other adult themes. All of this will be within the rules of Roleplaynation. If you are easily offended by any of the above, please leave right now. DISCLAIMER...
  11. sugarleaf

    Fandom  Star Wars RP|Clone Wars Era

    Hello! I've been rewatching the Clone Wars and it's really put me in the mood for some roleplay! I'm looking to play as either Ahsoka or Padmé for this, and looking for Anakins or Ahsokas as partners. So please do not connect asking to play as your OC! On a side note, romance will only occur...
  12. Sanya

    Multiple Settings  Bromance, anyone? [Original, long-term, advanced, with plots]

    Hello! The name is Sanya, I’m here to look for an adventurous story where both main characters are dudes, preferably of the same age, definitely good pals – maybe not at first, but getting there at some point. Overall, I’m just craving some cozy soft buddiness in the background of an...
  13. Ash Dahl

    Fantasy  1x1 One Piece universe? Adult/Romance/Adventure

    None of the characters will appear, I've just always been interested in the established universe. Heavy lit, high fantasy, and it also obviously helps if you have a passing understanding of the series. Maybe be done here, or possibly discord if you're some kind of cool person.
  14. Swift_Phoenix

    Fandom  The School of the Gifted | Signups

    The School of the Gifted A Multifandom RP by @Swift_Phoenix and @HyrulesAngel “Somewhere out there is a school where all are accepted and the Gifted prosper.” And indeed there is, led by former S.H.I.E.L.D. director Nick Fury, with classes taught by many heroes (and former villains) who have...
  15. olyvia-g

    Fandom  Need rp friends

    I’m looking for someone to rp, I do lgbtq+ roleplays of the following fandoms so message me if you are interested in any naruto my hero academia stranger things IT bojack horseman human! amazing world of gumball or just oc lgbtq+ As well so message if interested
  16. olyvia-g

    Fandom  Looking for a rp

    I’m looking for someone to rp with i do lgbtq+ roleplays within these following fandoms My hero academia naruto IT stranger things the umbrella academy the higher they are on the list are the more likely ones I’ll do so message me if interested
  17. BlacklegSanji

    Fandom  One Piece: The Road To Freedom Interest Check

    "You want my treasure? You can have it! I left everything I gathered together in one place. Now you just have to find it!" The famous last words of Gold Roger, the king of pirates on the day of his execution. The day the lopped of his head was supposed to be the end of the great pirate era, but...
  18. RacingBloodWolf

    Fantasy  Blessing of the Moon Interest Check

    We live within a forest known as Welbriar Forest, surviving on our own and rarely socializing with humans unless required. Our kind are few, and our pack is even smaller, as is we are being pressured by a larger pack. However, the only reason they want our small pack is for the females we have...
  19. Husk

    Multiple Settings  -- of post-apocalyptic dust and dystopic dreams. --ADVANCED, ANY PAIRING--

    PLEASE FORGIVE, my thread isn't fancy yet like i'd prefer it to be but such is being stuck on a phone. hi, i'm husk, your local, sickly garbage kid. call this my cravings thread, which will change as what i'm searching for alters. but less talk, yeah? let me bury an about me in spoilers like a...
  20. olyvia-g

    Fandom  Hi

    Um I’m wondering if anyone wants to roleplay I do lgbtq+ rps of fandoms such as the umbrella academy, stranger things, IT, my hero academia, naruto and a few other items I don’t remember so message me if you are interested and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible