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Realistic or Modern Decode- a special ops roleplay

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    kill of the night

    Gin Wigmore


    ICOA also known as the Special Intelligence & Covert Operations Agency is a CIA special task force primarily contracted to execute and complete the more elite and dangerous missions other operatives are not capable of. These missions consists of collecting intel pertaining to dangerous syndicates, assassinating members of criminal or political organizations and preventing world catastrophes such as biochemical warfare or nuclear destruction. The task force is made up of members with troubled or criminal pasts that the CIA have been keeping tabs on. They are given the ultimatum to be recruited for the agency, members will be given new identities in exchange for their expertise and skills. If the invitation is declined they will be imprisoned for their crimes. SICOA is stationed at an off the grid location whose whereabouts is only know by the CIA. Each member of the team will have an area of the building for them but have the freedom to live off the premises and continue their everyday lives while under the supervision and surveillance of the CIA.




target acquired,

take the


action, adventure, mature themed





spots open







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Thank you so much for the interest everyone! I will be uploading the character sheet along with the temporary ooc in about an hour. Please make sure to be diverse with your characters just have fun with it! There is no deadline posted but I will make a decision on that at the end of tomorrow. Make sure to read the rules and to add on that AI generated images are prohibited. There will be a character sheet BBcode that I would like everyone to use, it will be a simple copy and paste and just add your characters info in the intended section. If there are any questions/concerns please let me know.
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