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- This is an advanced RP, so 3+ paragraphs per post, please! English does not have to be your first language, but please use correct grammar and spellings if you can. If I feel that not enough overall effort was put into the character sheet, I reserve the right to reject it, but I will first make suggestions.
- Stay away from canon characters, please! As much as we all love Harley and Peacemaker, OCs only for this AU universe RP.
- Please post on the RP thread at least once every two weeks. Don't make me have to hunt you down for a reply. Three infractions of this rule will result in dismissal from the RP, though penalties will not apply to other RPers who are held up waiting for the offender’s reply.
- Realistic faceclaims only for all characters! No anime or drawings, except for supersuits and costumes.
- Please note that this is a gritty and crime-ridden RP with a host of villains as protagonists, and as such violence, substance use, language, and (limited) sexuality may occur.
- I know the CS is long, so feel free to stick your WIPs here until you can get around to completing them! Please, take as long as you'd like completing them; I'd much rather wait for a quality, fleshed-out character than a half-assed one.
- While your characters (either inmates or guards) are allowed to have superhuman abilities or powers, please do not make them overly OP!!! Do your best to include a few weaknesses.
- Maximum of four characters, please. This does not include NPCs.
- No characters younger than age 18, please! Well, if they're human, at least. XD

Inmates: (6/∞)
- Rachel Livesey // "Imago" // Parasite Queen
- Violettin Hojo // "Cadenza" // Musical Ghoul
- Sebastian Park // "Flux" // the Face-Stealer
- Shi Cavillo-Holmes // "Moon Prism" // Rainbow Rider
- Liling // "Verdigris" // Artificial Acrobat
- "Jupiter" // Mercenary for Hire

Guards: (4/∞)
- Nouvelle Tiamo // "Shine" // Shamanic Supersoldier
- Levina Noe // "Maelstrom" // Lightning Goddess
- Cyrus Njeri // "Janhari" // Scourge of the Seas
- Azrael Emery // "the Conjurer" // Magical Trickster

Full Name:
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: (include any aliases or code names here)

Role: (inmate or guard)
Crime: (if inmate, why are they imprisoned?)
Powers: (if any)
Skills and Weaponry: (or any profitable abilities)
Allegiances: (do they have any allies or organizations with whom they work?)

Wardrobe: (include any costumes or supersuits here)
Height & Weight:
Body Modifications:
Physical Disabilities:

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:
MBTI Type:
Hogwarts House:
Moral Alignment:

Mental Disorders:


Relationship Status:
Past Partners:
Dominant or Submissive:

- as many as you’d like
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Full Name: Cyrus Erasmus Njeri
Name Meaning:
Cyrus is a Persian name meaning “sun.” In the Old Testament, Cyrus is famous for freeing the Jewish captives in Babylonia and allowing them to return to their homeland.
Erasmus stems from Greek roots meaning “beloved” or “desired.” Saint Erasmus was a fourth-century martyr who is the patron saint of sailors.
Njeri is a surname in the Kikuyu language of Kenya meaning “warrior” or “traveling one.”
Nicknames: Among his tribe—the Agaciku—he is known as Cyrus wa Rhoda, meaning “Cyrus, son of Rhoda.” Among the high seas, his alias is Janhari, a portmanteau of Swahili words “scourge” and “sea.” Within Belle Reve, his most common nicknames are Captain, or simply Cap, and Flower after the ship he sailed. and I’m sure Bugga will think of some more clever ones
Gender: Male
Age: 30 years old
Birthday: April 27th, born during a devastating thunderstorm in the middle of the wet season, symbolizing tragic ends.
Species: Human
Nationality: Kikuyu, the Bantu-speaking people who live in the highland of south-central Kenya, near Mount Kenya. Comprising seventeen percent of the total population, the Kikuyu are the largest ethnic group in Kenya. As such, Cyrus speaks fluent English, Swahili, Kikuyu, and French, and he has a muddled knowledge of Arabic.


Role: Presently Cyrus is employed as a guard at Belle Reve, but he’s relatively new. Until four months ago, he was a privateer under contract by the Kenya Crown and captain of the warship the Poison Orchid. Before then, he was a soldier in the Kenya Navy.
Crime: Cyrus isn’t an inmate, but he narrowly avoided imprisonment for various overseas crimes by taking a deal to work at Belle Reve and never sail for governmental purposes again. Purportedly under protection of Kenya law, he has ransacked numerous enemy ships, seized goods, killed combatants, and taught lessons to uncooperative captives, until one day he was made a scapegoat to cover up a larger government scandal.
Powers: While Cyrus has no supernatural abilities, he has breathtaking combative abilities as both a martial artist and sharpshooter. Furthermore, he has a cybernetic right hand that has enhanced durability and strength, with a grip that equates to four hundred foot pounds. If he so desires, he can crush every bone in someone's hand during a simple shake.
Skills and Weaponry:
Sharpshooting: Cyrus’s weapon of choice is a tactical crossbow with a quiver full of various types of arrows: regular, fire, and explosive ones. His aim is so precise that he has once shot off the wings of a butterfly in flight.
Hand-to-hand: Trained by masters after he initially demonstrated talent in the navy, Cyrus is adept at martial arts, namely capoeira, taekwondo, and Muay Thai. He is a peak physical specimen with almost ridiculously fast reflexes and levels of agility, incorporating lots of acrobatic maneuvers in his fighting.
Sailing: Adept at roaming treacherous waters, tying various knots, and can navigate and approximate time by the position of celestial bodies. By necessity, he can swim multiple miles without tiring, a skill which has saved his life more than once.
Diplomacy: Before his sister's death, Cyrus typically used violence as a last resort. Unless pressured into combat, his first approach was generally to negotiate a surrender from enemy ships. He applied a carrot-and-stick approach, showing what other parties stand to gain by cooperating and then what they would lose for not. Unfortunately for the inmates of Belle Reve, he is no longer more lamb than lion. Nowadays Cyrus believes that you have to be hard on people to get results, and he plays head games with inmates that need to stand down, making them doubt themselves and the cause of their rebellions.
— Anatomy and medicine: Being out at sea often without a real doctor onboard, Cyrus necessarily had to learn how to clean wounds and perform basic medical procedures such as stitching wounds and removing bullets. Disillusioned with his position at Belle Reve, he is currently studying for a degree in public health with the goal of attending med school thereafter. He is also well-versed in holistic medicine, as his tribe frequently used herbal remedies to cure ailments when he was growing up. Moreover, Cyrus is an ace on the human body; specifically, what wounds will kill and which will just be terribly painful. This unique talent makes him in high demand when brutal interrogation tactics are needed.
Allegiances: Presently still allegiant to the Agaciku, the tribe in which he was born and raised. Formerly allegiant to the Kenya royal family, and while Cyrus is a social climber and hasn’t totally turned his back on them, he’d be a lot more hard-pressed to do them a favor in modern times. Allegiant to his former crew aboard the Poison Orchid, though staying in contact with them is hard from Belle Reve, what with all the secrecy surrounding its location.
Enemies: The judge who framed him for lives lost in collateral damage he wasn't responsible for, taking away his home and his ship and his freedom and exiling him to a swampy prison in Middle of Nowhere, America.


Appearance: Even off his ship, there’s a swashbuckling air about Cyrus. Perhaps it’s the long hair locked into dreads that has a perpetual wind-tossed look, as if defying any attempt to tame it. Perhaps it’s his damnable penchant for wearing long—and more often than not—ostentatious coats. Perhaps it’s the air of unshakable calm and quiet dignity with which he carries himself. Whatever the reason, the ex-privateer has dashing good looks, denoted by high, angular cheekbones; long, level brows slanting over slightly hooded eyes; and full lips caressed by a thin mustache. Cyrus’s face is long and narrow, appearing even more so when his hair is down and framing his face. His locks tumble past his shoulders and halfway down his back, appearing a soft cola-black in the absence of light. But in adequate illumination, one can glimpse warm, reddish highlights in his hair.
Cyrus’s skin tone is a warm, medium brown akin to bronze, carrying a perpetual sun-kissed healthy sheen. His nose is wide and slightly crooked, as if it has been broken and carelessly reset a few times over, and his chin is very pointy. His eyes can best be described as dark hazel, a muddy color with an iridescent glimmer like oil, containing glints of a variety of colors that defy easy definition. For those who are curious, he is left-handed.
Wardrobe: While Cyrus does not have a super-suit, per se, he possesses a very curious coat that he won in a lucky game of cricket (darts). This coat seemingly has a mind of its own. It has not one side, which would be typical, nor two, which would be unconventional, but multiple, which is seemingly impossible. By turning the coat inside-out and outside-in various times, the user can access different cuts and styles and colors, like the many faces on a pair of dice. The process is repeated until the desired side is found. Pocket contents stay in the side in which they were originally placed, making the coat convenient for carrying an arsenal of items, only limited by their collective weight. The coat’s fitting automatically tailors itself to the wearer. It demonstrates a degree of sentience; although it cannot move on its own, it decides who it “likes” and who can search it.
When off the field, Cyrus likes to not-so-subtly showcase his self-made wealth by dressing to the nines. He dresses formally unless he's going to the diviest of bars, donning a black-tie wardrobe for fun. He often chooses three-piece suits in dark shades like black, navy, and charcoal and blazers in the silhouette of a smoking jacket or tuxedo. Ties are a staple for him, and the more intricate the knot the better. So that his cybernetic hand doesn't draw unwanted attention, he almost always wears a pair of black leather gloves, regardless of weather.
Scent: Amaretto and clove, salt water and sunlight
Height & Weight: 6’1” & 202 lbs.
Body Modifications: Other than his cybernetic right hand? A myriad of scars, some more grisly than others. He sports two stab wounds on his upper left arm and the left side of his ribs, both of which have indented surfaces. There are two scars left from gunshot wounds on his inside right forearm and the middle of his back, the latter of which almost proved fatal. On his left wrist is a raised scar from a blowtorch. He also has numerous lash scars on his back. Finally, Cyrus has two piercings: one nipple and one vertical eyebrow.
Physical Disabilities: Myopia, which he resolves with contacts. His vision is about 20/100 uncorrected. Furthermore, his hearing is a little bit off from a lifetime of exposure to gunfire at close range. As a result, he speaks a little louder than necessary.
Faceclaim: Jean-Sebastien Pougnand


Personality: Cyrus is a perfectionist, always looking for order and structure and enforcing it when there's none to be had. As Warden Hallows's chosen interdimensional messenger, he takes his duty to ensure stability in the multiverse very seriously. Even though he's only been in the role for four months, it's quickly become the essence of who he is. He looks at it as more than a job; it's his calling, and as a result, it's the most important thing to him. Cyrus is an intense personality with strong ideals, always searching for a purpose. He's pragmatic to a fault, thinking things that don't make sense are a frivolous waste of time. Therefore, he often finds it difficult to let loose and just have fun, or do a task without painstaking purpose behind it. Cyrus has a high regard for rules, thinking that they are in place for a reason even if that reason is not immediately apparent, and he has a severe disdain for those who flaunt the rules. That's part of what makes him such a good enforcer who worked his way into Warden Hallows's good graces within a few days of employment at Belle Reve. There's just something undeniably scrupulous and trustworthy about Cyrus. There's no deceit in him whatsoever; he couldn't lie about what he had for breakfast with a straight face.
Like all the best worker bees, Cyrus is a wee bit high-strung and has a hard time accepting failure. Full disclosure: anything less than perfect is a partial to complete failure in his eyes. If he's even a minute late to a meeting, unlikely as it may be, he feels terrible guilt as if he's just accidentally run over your pooch. He's highly organized and likes to stay knowledgeable about his job, keeping a whole mental cabinet of files and numbers and facts ready for deployment. His workspaces are so tidy that you could eat off the floors and ingest less harmful bacteria than you would from the meal trays in the Belle Reve cafeteria. From his neat-as-a-pin appearance, it's evident that he spent the last ten years as a soldier, and before those, as a private bodyguard for nobility. He is never mussed or rumpled, and he never forgets where he set his glasses down before walking away. These professional tendencies are a little scary; sometimes he resembles a machine more than a human being.
He's also not the best at making people like him; Cyrus is a stone, sometimes picked up and curiously overturned, but ultimately set down with the realization that it is just a stone. He's not flashy. He's not flamboyant, and he has no eye for the limelight. He's a little bit self-conscious that he's boring and uninteresting and horribly inhibited. He's wary of new ideas and situations, sticking to what he knows. On the flipside, for what he lacks in charisma, Cyrus has a keen head for strategy, with a genuine fondness for working toward a goal and completing it the most efficient way possible. One could argue that he's so goal-oriented because he's unsure of what he wants on a personal level and these act as safety nets for him, but still. He's a critical thinker who likes to research and investigate, and he's an ace at using information to his advantage. Furthermore, Cyrus is absolutely the guy you want in a crisis because he always keeps a cool head and generally puts others before himself. Perhaps he only does it because he considers it his duty as a soldier more so than genuine interpersonal compassion, but still. He would take a bullet for a stranger in most circumstances, and he almost always has a few shillings to spare for the homeless. Cyrus is not a man of grand gestures, yet he firmly believes that small acts of kindness make the world a better place and are proof of humanity's goodness.
Positive Traits: Diligent, intellectual, strategic, organized, professional, altruistic, efficient, responsible, protective, brave, loyal, determined, focused, calm, practical, disciplined, moral, heroic, goal-oriented, dependable
Negative Traits: Withdrawn, inhibited, unconfident, overzealous, workaholic, high-strung, exacting, passive, honest to a fault, judgmental, opinionated, socially inept, overbearing
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Temperament: Melancholic-Phlegmatic


Likes: Reading, medicinal studies, the human body, Pop-Tarts, sleeping on a boat, monster stories, learning, puns, martial arts, happy hour, scented candles, crafting arrows, lockpicking, stargazing, vibrant sunrises and -sets, picking strawberries, cooking and baking, classical music, blues, cats, darts, whiskey, IPA drafts, waking up early, fresh-caught oysters, swimming in the ocean, discovering new sides of his coat, hot chocolate, milk, grilled chicken, chapatis (soft, layered flatbreads), peanut butter, banana nut muffins, turtle cheesecake, philosophical questions, cardio workouts, celestial bodies, patching up a wound on his own, urban legends, 5-card poker, craps
Dislikes: Slavers, inherited wealth, failure, losing, being derided, going multiple days without a drink, sleeping with blankets, swamps and bayous, driving a car, jewelry, soft rock, mayonnaise, pretzels, salt and vinegar chips, movie popcorn, fatty bacon, hamburgers, pizza, using a gun, being confined, injustice, narrow-mindedness, inmates who don't try to rehabilitate themselves, one-night stands, showers instead of baths, rats and other rodents, pollution, dog-eared pages in books, substances other than alcohol, jeans, splinters and rope burn, cemeteries, wet season, chain restaurants, French food, big cities, dating, being outsmarted
Habits: Going to nightclubs or casinos to try to "have fun" like a normal person, carrying a random assortment of items in his enchanted coat for any and every situation, pacing when agitated, eating entire meals of sweets, drinking whole glasses of milk, shooting Jack Daniels, checking his reflection in mirror surfaces for minor blemishes to his uniform, squinting without his contacts in, telling stories to establish a point, wearing gloves
Fears: His hair being damaged, rats, being buried alive, fire, dishonorable discharge, imperfection, divine judgment, disease, flying, becoming corrupted or evil
Hobbies: Taking online classes, reading, watching cricket (the ballgame), playing cricket (the darts game), cooking and baking, eating sweets, religious worship (mix of Protestant and tribal beliefs), drinking and dancing, gambling, social networking, stargazing, storytelling
Mental Disorders: Displays traits of OCD, OCPD, autism, and schizoid, but no diagnoses have been made. He has a distinct fondness for alcohol, but he takes his duties too seriously for it to become a persistent problem.


— Lekan Atoth // Father // Deceased
— Rhoda Njeri // Mother // Age 67
— Makena Njeri // Older Sister // Deceased
Hometown: Kikuyu village just outside of Mbale, Kenya
Backstory: Cyrus was born to the Agaciku tribe. Mama was a schoolteacher and Baba was a hunter. At the time of her first child's birth, a girl she named Makena, Mama bore some importance in the village, being the daughter of one of the elders. She and her husband defied tradition by attaching her surname to the child rather than his, as Rhoda and Lekan wanted a brighter future for their children than the reality they shared. Despite being relatively happy in the village, life was simple, and no one was particularly wealthy. Despite being the daughter of an elder, Rhoda lived in a standard hut and milked a standard goat each morning. If you had something to say to someone, well, you better go find them, because phones and laptops were for city dwellers. They wouldn't even work in the village, anyway.
The conventional path to prestige within the village was through glory gained on the battlefield. Skirmishes with other tribes were not uncommon, especially in the height of the wet season, when crops were too inundated with rainfall to grow reliably and the storms provided cover for an ambush. Lekan took both of his children are various hunts, teaching them to use a hand-crafted crossbow and arrows to take down big game on the plains. Despite his alacrity to teach his trade to his children, neither of them wanted to pursue hunting as a career. Makena was miserable in the village, and desperately yearned to leave it behind for big-city life in Nairobi or Mombasa when she came of age to leave. Cyrus, on the other hand, her younger brother by three years, wished to become a Kikuyu warrior, because what is more important than defending one's homeland for the good of loved ones?
At age eight, Cyrus became an apprentice to a warrior, becoming indoctrinated into the village's militia. Calling it an army would have been misleading; they lacked the organization and resources to be an army, opting for spears and bows over guns and explosives. The years of training with a crossbow served Cyrus well. He impressed his mentor and the council of elders with his skill. For four years, he studied and worked hard, looking forward to the final test that would mark him as a man within the Agaciku tribe.
But Cyrus would never take it. At age twelve, the village was raided by the rival Aicakamuyu clan. According to Kukiyu mythology, the patron goddess of the Aicakamuyu clan, was a single mother, having inherited her father's land after her nine sisters moved away to establish their own clans. As a result, her kin are believed to be cursed with bad luck, witches skilled in terrible magics. Anyway, the Aicakamuyu clan attacked in the dead of night amidst a storm, raiding the camp and setting fire once they'd pillaged everything of value. Lekan was one of the victims who perished in the raid, taking a machete to the gut when he attempted to fight back. The invaders took numerous captives with them, young girls that they could marry off to the highest bidder and young boys who could serve as child soldiers. Makena and Cyrus were both in this group.
When the siblings were put up for auction, Makena was predictably purchased by a Sudanese man three times her age for marriage. Rather than being bought by a rebel army, Cyrus was purchased by a noble family in a neighboring country to work around and outside the estate. During this time Cyrus was basically an indentured servant. He received minimal pay for his labor, and trying to run away was discouraged with severe penalties. But he also received free lodgings and meals, and the room that he shared with two other servants was much cushier than the hut he'd had back home in Mbale. Still, he was seething with rage about being separated from his sister, and he promised himself that he would reunite with her.
One day there was an incident in which one of the head servants was getting handsy with a woman. Even after she made it clear that she was unwilling, he kept touching her. Cyrus saw what was happening and intervened, using physical force to incapacitate the assailant. He administered quite a beating; the servant was unable to leave on his own power. But the woman was safe, which was what mattered. When the noble family heard of the incident, they were privately impressed about Cyrus's martial ability, yet disturbed that he had attacked an authority directly above him. Rules have to be upheld, so he received ten lashes of a whip for his insubordination. Afterward, however, he was promoted from menial household chores to apprenticing for the noble guard.
Cyrus trained under some of the finest bodyguards in the country for four years, learning various martial arts and occasionally getting opportunities to put his skills as a bowman to use. Despite the potential for danger in the line of duty, he only had to use force three times, twice to break up riots, and once to stop an assassination attempt on the duke's life. The latter scenario is the first time he killed. He was fifteen years old at the time.
It turned out the assassin's attempt was unnecessary; at this point, the duke's health was slowly declining, but the noble family took every effort to hide his ailing condition from the public. Nonetheless, the best medicine only sustained his life for a year before he succumbed to tuberculosis, which had already eroded much of his left lung by the time it was discovered. As he was Cyrus's purchaser and the body he'd been assigned to guard, the family told him he was free to go upon the duke's death, as he had fulfilled his duty bravely in foiling the assassination attempt. Unsettled by the suddenness with which his life had changed, Cyrus left with only one plan in his head: to find Makena.
But the wages he'd earned didn't go far, especially without another job to support him during his search. Between the expenses of traveling, feeding himself, and buying information on a girl fitting Makena's description, his finances were rapidly dwindling. The only lead that he'd found was that Makena's husband no longer lived in Sudan; he'd presumably sailed across the Red Sea and Arabian Sea to take up housing in Oman. Suddenly it became imperative that Cyrus secure himself a ship, so that he could pursue his sister across the ocean.
When it was clear that he would need a job sooner rather than later, Cyrus enlisted in Kenya's navy, so that he would learn to sail while getting paid. Not caring that he was almost seventeen years old, he was quickly accepted. After a fourth-month boot camp, he was placed on a ship that did routine border patrols and subdued foreign threats. They encountered regular skirmishes with Somalian vessels looking to smuggle illegal goods through Kenya. Fighting aboard the open ocean was a novel experience for Cyrus, and keeping his balance and stomach in check weren't always easy. But when his life was at stake, he quickly learned the ropes. It also helped that his goal to acquire his own ship fueled his desire to learn, and his seamanship skills were soon surpassing those of the other recruits, even most of those with prior experience. Cyrus was promoted to lieutenant at age nineteen, and captain at twenty-two, making him one of the youngest officers in the Kenya navy.
Cyrus was a gifted learner, tactful diplomat, but failing peace, he was a vicious fighter, burning with anger at seeing his family broken and enslaved and knowing that the problem extended far beyond them. One day, he found a peculiar piece of mail waiting for him at port. Apparently, the son of the duke who'd bought him--who'd been a boy about Cyrus's age at the time of his employment--was inviting him to tea. Impressed with Cyrus's military records and remembering the great service he'd done of eliminating the would-be assassin of his father, the new duke offered Cyrus a business proposition. He drew up a contract, appointing Cyrus to privateer. As the conflict with Somalia escalated to war, the role allowed Cyrus to captain his own ship, along with a certain degree of discretion not found in the military. Essentially, he was a licensed pirate working for the crown, and when he encountered enemy ships, his job was to plunder them mercilessly, taking crews dead or alive.
The job was a brutal one. Cyrus was starting to guess that the new duke had approached others with the job before him, and had only remembered him because he was at a shortage of candidates to accept the role. During his forays with enemy vessels and those of unknown intent, he witnessed carnage that made the devastation of his childhood village look tame. Cyrus earned himself a fearsome reputation, shedding his personal name or any affect from his past, not wanting it to be linked with his mother who was still hopefully alive with the remnants of his former tribe. He became the intrepid Janhari, scourge of the seas, reckoning of sinners. The name was first bestowed upon him when he'd fed the fingers of an uncooperative enemy captain to a dog. Within a year of his occupation, his personal kill count extended to the triple digits. Despite his efforts to settle peaceful terms of surrender, the Somalians frequently chose to fight back, and a concerning number opted to die in battle rather than be taken alive.
Burdened with duty as he was, it wasn't until Cyrus was twenty-five that he got the opportunity to follow the lead to Oman he'd gotten in search of Makena. Rumor had it that a Sudanese man with her husband's name was living in Muscat, but his current wife didn't fit Makena's description. With a foreboding feeling in his stomach, Cyrus paid him a visit at his estate under the guise of international business. He was invited inside the manor, whereupon he saw three of young women in fine dresses hanging over the mantle. Among them was Makena. When Cyrus inquired about them, his brother-in-law informed him that those were his past wives. Somehow, they'd all succumbed to mysterious, sudden illnesses, despite the oldest one looking no more than her late twenties. Makena had been his most recent wife, and now he was engaged to a twenty-year-old Omani girl. The man went on to comment about how he disapproved of the enigmatic half-smile that Makena was wearing in her portrait, and how talking back to him had been a consistent problem of hers. They were his last words, because Janhari drew a hunting knife and slit his throat, letting the blood drip onto the thick crimson carpets, where it was almost invisible. It was the first instance in which he had murdered outside the line of duty. The sister that he'd spent thirteen years trying to find was dead. He'd been too late. Suddenly all of his career achievements felt worthless, having failed the person in the world closest to him.
When Cyrus informed his friend the duke of what he'd done, the duke didn't reprimand him for it. Instead, he agreed to help Cyrus cover up the death and make Makena's late husband vanish to the best of his ability; which was admittedly hard several countries overseas when the victim was a conspicuous foreigner, but the duke had connections as dukes do. And the duke did a thorough job. It wasn't until almost four years later, after Cyrus had replaced a hand lost in combat with a cybernetic one and when the duke had been replaced by a family member under mysterious circumstances, that the issue resurfaced. During this period, Cyrus was working almost as much as a hitman for hire as he was a privateer, vanishing vessels that men with money had problems with. He became noticeably more vicious in battle, not sparing lives if it cost him trouble, his ambition and desire to achieve more his only moral compass.
At age twenty-nine, when Cyrus arrived back at port in Mombasa, he was unexpectedly arrested. He was informed that the contract he'd had with the former duke had expired upon the duke's replacement. Apparently ample attempts had been made to reach him with the news, and it was strongly suspected that Cyrus was disobeying orders of the crown by continuing to play privateer. Around the same time, an attack on a Somalian ship that hadn't been carrying contraband substances or arms as expected had resulted in the deaths of numerous civilians, and Janhari was being implicated in the attack. Apparently all other captains had alibis to cover up their tracks at the time of the incident. Even though Cyrus protested that he had not been the one to encounter such a ship, let alone order an attack on it, evidence was fabricated to suggest that he had been there. Nonetheless, even if it were true that Cyrus hadn't ordered the attack, his DNA had turned up on a crime scene from three years ago, a household homicide in Oman. And just like that, Cyrus was stripped of his military credentials and dishonorably discharged.
He was facing considerable prison time, when a counteroffer came to him just before he was due to be sentenced. Apparently a prison all the way in America was seeking to recruit someone of his skills in combat, diplomacy, and discretion. Having never been to America before and still never reunited to his mother, Cyrus was reluctant to take the deal, but he was at a dearth of options. Upon reporting for duty at Belle Reve prison for the first time, all charges were conveniently dropped. Freshly turned thirty years old, he has now been employed there for four months. He disdains the position, considering it a public humiliation to go from hotshot privateer to lowlife prison guard, and views it a temporary phase in his life until he can acquire something better. Having ample experience with stitching his own and crewmates' wounds up after battle when they were lacking a medical expert, Cyrus is knowledgeable about the human body and medicine. He is currently working toward a bachelor's degree in public health with the goal of attending medical school after.


Sexuality: Homosexual, but Cyrus has always been so focused on his career goals that he hasn't had much time or interest for romance.
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): We shall see!
Past Partners: A few flings with other closeted naval officers. No serious relationships. The idea of having a boyfriend exerting control over his life unsettles him.
Turn-Ons: No strings attached, ambition, intellect, in shape, admires or praises him, makes him look good, public displays of affection, power, articulate, married men, pretty boys, clean-cut, Latino/Mediterranean, wining and dining, deep massage, athletic
Turn-Offs: High maintenance, hard to get, whiners, bad hygiene, prying, obese or skinny, entitled or spoiled, obnoxiously loud, closed-minded, buzz cuts or bald, much older or younger, lots of facial or body hair, socially inept, desk jockeys, not punctual, women
Dominant or Submissive: Switch leaning dominant


- Wrecked—Imagine Dragons
- Sober—Pink
- Swingin Party—Lorde
- Destroya—My Chemical Romance
- Absinthe—I Don't Know How But They Found Me
- Kozmic Blues—Janis Joplin
- Hand Crushed by a Mallet—100 Gecs
- Lampshades on Fire—Modest Mouse
- Out of My Head—First Aid Kit
- Love Sosa—Chief Keef

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Full Name: Rachel Livesey
Nicknames: Imago, Rae, Bug Girl, Queen of Escalation, Locker Girl, Little Owl, Make-Believe Queen. Warlord of the Bay
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: June 12th
Species: Altered Human
Nationality: American

Defined by her trauma and choices, her powers originated from an alien source, gained at moments the person is pushed beyond their limits. Triggering from Trauma on the worst days of their lives, this is often only the worst day so far as powers have a sentience of their own, pushing users to conflict and sabotaging attempts at a normal life. All this is simply as one grand experiment for data collection capitalizing on human creativity and stress testing the abilities given.

In the moments before her Arrest these had caused Rachel to become everything she hated but it was only in those final seconds she was able to reflect and the path and her actions. Her powers allow her to compartmentalize to an extreme degree, and desensitize herself to her actions in order to do what is needed in the moment. It has also given her a connection that will never leave her, but at same time has her question how much free will she had in her actions. A review of her records and analysis of her caped career has drawn somewhat unsettling comparisons between her psychological profile/methodology and that of a certain caped crusader.

Role: Inmate
Apprehended following a prolonged campaign that capitalized on the mass civil unrest and destruction of Badger Bay. Seized territory, relief aid and excised official law enforcement while terrorizing the city until they suddenly surrendered to the authorities without further conflict following a Hero Team being dispatched to finally remove her and her group from the Bay. Unfortunately during the engagement, no other members were apprehended. During the campaign, they are confirmed to be responsible for the Deaths of 2 Police Commissioners, several established villains and the Hero Wonder Woman.

Extensive record despite only being active for 4 years with charges including Murder, Manslaughter, Bio-Terrorism, Robbery, Assault, Battery, Arson, Fraud, Modern Slavery, Tax Evasion, Incitation of Riot, Abduction, Kidnapping and more. Pleaded Guilty and declined legal representation during their conviction, their cooperation revealing a multitude of other previously missed or unconfirmed crimes, however, refused to name her co-conspirators and fellow group members.

Powers: Insect Control and Manipulation
Possesses a unique mind that transmits and recieves information via yet unknown channels that grant her total control over most arthropods. So although she usually controls a variety of insects, she can also control a number sea creatures such as Crabs, Lobsters, and Krill, some Mollusca like slugs and snails, and can even control certain in-body parasites such as heartworms. This transmission has an effective range of nearly twenty city blocks.She can make her minions do things that they would not normally do, and push them to the limit where they end up harming themselves with how much effort they put in, destroy themselves to accomplish tasks,[produce so much web silk that they physically couldn't produce any more or stinging while injecting little to no venom. She doesn't require "organized" insects. Once they leave her range and she stops controlling them, her bugs revert to their normal behaviour patterns. However, if she has given a command to them while still in her range, she must intentionally dismiss the instruction she gave them or give them a new one, or else they will continue to fulfil their last command. Her power designates what classifies as a "bug", and thus what she can control, during her powers manifestation based upon her understanding of the term and the human knowledge.

She has an almost vast ability to focus on multiple insects at once or to focus on other things while also using her insects. She can give general instructions, in which case she is only vaguely aware of their movements, or guide individual insects through complex tasks, in which case she is more precisely aware of their movements and environment. This is done via offloading the processing required onto the power itself, allowing her to manage multiple tasks at once when using her bugs, but only engage in a single in-person task at a time that does not employ her power.She may sometimes use her bugs to "channel" her emotions, social cues and body language, lending her an "aura of indomitable calm". However perceptive individuals may still be able to pick up on such things by instead turning their focus onto her bugs behaviour.Based on the combined sensory input of large numbers of insects, She can gain a very clear mental picture of whatever they're interacting with. She can also sense the biology and location of every bug she can control, including an innate understanding of their biology itself. This gives her enhanced aim and the ability to dodge attacks with supernatural reaction times.

Her power can also perform actions automatically that Rachel did not intend to do. For example, if Rachel was so focused on listening to a conversation that her bugs may react to her irritation and reveal that she is eavesdropping. Her power may sometimes perform actions by habit when she is incapacitated, or when she is in an altered mental state, without her conscious instruction. In environments where bugs are scarce, or when dealing with materials that they don't interact with well, her image of the area can become less reliable. It is also important to note that she can not create insects on the fly, and thus is usually limited to either those carried on her person or those in the local area.

-Modified Biology: Physical exams during their arrest revealed Rachels's Biology has been heavily modified but clearly not by her own powers leading to the belief such as done by one of her former teammates. A subdermal organic mesh is present that is reinforced around her spin, organs and other major arteries, redundant organs, enhanced immune system and a hexagonal lattice muscle structure allowing her to perform physically beyond human limits without fatigue or latic acid build up. Other anomalies include alterations to her bone marrow and immune system, among other organs.
-Tactical Intelligence and Awareness: Able to take in and track large amounts of information. Rachel shines with her Improvisational and creativity when stressed, seeming to shine the more stacked the deck is against her and consistently punching above her weight class. When in pursuit of a goal she holds very little off the table in regards to her methodology, often leading to rapid escalation.
-Tailoring and Costume design: Aided greatly by her abilities, Rachel appears to live up to her name in her ability to create practical and functional costumes and outfits from less standard materials.
-Conflict Experience: Having lived a difficult life prior to her arrest, Her experiences have refined a practical and effective martial style in addition to a honed body. This due to consistently facing overwhelming odds have honed her Will to power on even in the face of a Armageddon with crumbling body.
-Asymetrical Warfare: Specializing in ambush tactics and urban environments, Rachel can fluidly navigate streets and rooftops while remaining undetected showing remarkable athletic and acrobatic prowess.

A self-made costume was constructed with spider silk and insect chitin, making it lightweight but incredibly resilient against both ballistic and edged weaponry. The costume includes numerous hidden pockets and sections beneath the chitin for insect storage and a stocked utility belt within the chitin across her back.
Utility Compartment
-Spider-Silk: Premade coiled strands from the same material as her costume.
-Pepper Spray
-Change Purse filled with cotton swabs, needles, smelling salts, and money.
-Collapsible Baton.
-Buck Knife.
-First Aid Kit.
-Modified Thompson Contender
-Crumpled note with two words “Cut Ties”.
-Concentrated Capsaicin Reduction.
-Notebook and stationery.

The Othersiders
-Insight, Unknown/Sarah Hebert, 19, Absolute Deduction. Former Member of Intergang Intelligence. Wanted for Fraud, Identity Theft and Blackmail
-Predator, Madison Barnes, 18, Shadow Embodiment and Movement. Former Vigilante Wanted for Disproportionate Responses/Injurys to Criminals.
-Cerberus, Taylor Leborn, 20: Canine Empowerment and Empathy. Wanted for Attacks against several animal shelters and city pounds.
-Nike, Unknown/Tammi Davis, 20, Superhuman Physical Condition/Flight. Former Member of Next Wave Hero Group. Wanted for Excessive Collateral Damage and destruction of property. Nicknamed "Collateral Damage Barbie"
-Hygieia, Unknown/Riley Davis, 19, Biokinesis, Former Member of Next Wave Hero Group. Wanted for Illegal Biological Experimentation
-Kid Cassandra, Percentage-based Precognition

-Justice League
-Badger Bay PD
-Crime Syndicate
-Next Wave


Rachel is an extremely tall young woman with thick raven-haired curls framing her ace and much of her back. She had a thin-lipped, wide, expressive mouth she inherited from her mother, and her large emerald eyes stare out from behind black glasses. Holding a fit athletic build yet still maintaining abundant feminine curves, a clear amount of muscle can be seen across her frame from a regular training regime.

Rachel's appearance has drastically changed over the years, though some believe she may have just had a late development others have drawn the theory that a physical resemblance to a taller Zatana had something to do with the fact she held a Biokinetic as a teammate in a group of unsupervised villains. Despite everything she still holds herself with an uneasy slouch when not in costume, being somewhat self-conscious about her height, and still seeing herself as gangly despite having filled out over the years.

Casual: Other than her nearly everpresent glasses, Rachel tends to garb herself in a mostly neutral or green-coloured fashion that favours practicality over appearance. Forgoing logos, named brands accessories or Makeup, Rachel rarely wears clothing that shows skin or bright colouring in an attempt to blend in more. The rare exception to this being special occasions, she may be found somewhat uncomfortably in brighter flashy styles that would most often be forced upon her by close friends.

A self-made costume was constructed with spider silk and insect chitin, the entire ensemble being a dark black in colour though with its armoured sections being somewhat iridescent. Consisting of a full head-to-toe black silk bodysuit, The armoured segments appear to flow and interlock across the vulnerable points with the only color being the reflective golden lenses on its insectoid-styled face plate.
Scent: Earth and Pine
Height & Weight: 6' 3" 165lbs
Body Modifications: N/A
Physical Disabilities: Short-Sighted,

Rachel's personality is coloured by extreme trauma from which she has never allowed herself time to recover and heal. Clinically depressed, and she seems incapable of being content for more than a few hours at a time. As a result, she is strongly defined by the coping mechanisms she developed. She compartmentalizes the world around her into set categories and engages in a prolonged mental justification based on these categories for how she deals with them. For example, she tends to judge her allies by their motives, and enemies by their actions. This compartmentalization results in her current goal always being the most important thing to her, shunting everything else aside rather than thinking about it, desiring clear divisions between each. The primary issue with this is that she is not consciously aware she is doing so until later reflections.

Rachel is almost incapable of not helping people, given the opportunity. It's so bad that it keeps her from functioning as an actual hero, as she always tries to find the course of action that will save the most people, even if that requires extreme ruthlessness on her part. The people who consistently set her off are those with the power to help others in need but who choose not to. While she doesn't claim that what she does is inherently good, nor does she really act on her long list of grudges, she does tend to judge the motives of actions against herself and her friends much more harshly than her own. Her focus on momentum can also be a issue, she just keeps going. Even when she breaks, she doesn't really stop or allow time to heal, she just prunes off what she can so she can stick to her chosen course.

Rachel is constantly emphasizing her failings and deprecating her successes. One running example is her insistence that she is not good at dealing with people in spite of all evidence to the contrary. This is tied with her negative self-image, seeing herself as lacking any real femininity and the reason
Rachel keeps her hair long and unbound even while in costume because she considers it one of the few markers of femininity she has.
Rachel is a girl in desperate need of some positive socialization, and to be kept in check by a fair and honest authority figure. Unfortunately for her, the closest thing like that available to her before arriving on 616 was a team of supervisionless supervillains. Her mindset is pragmatic and detail-oriented, but her moral sense is borderline dogmatic. She honestly wants to change, but has extreme difficulty changing her attitude and methods particularly when pushed and a situation escalates, tending to fall back on old habits. When given time to breathe in her few moments of calm, it becomes clear however that beneath everything she's an empathetic, gregarious, dorky perfectionist with poor emotional awareness that she struggles to control.

Positive Traits: Empathetic, Gregarious, Humility, Patient, Genuine, Intelligent, Forward Thinking
Negative Traits: Perfectionist, Stubborn, Evasive, Self-deprecating, Anger Issues, Neuroticism, Vicious
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Melancholic

Likes: Tea, Classical Literature, Cooking, Fantasy Fiction, Musicals, Nature Documentaries, Writing
Dislikes: Bullying, Medications, Crowds,
Habits: Dissociating, Overthinking, Silent
Fears: Claustrophobia, Thanatophobia
Hobbies: Reading, Entomology, Tailoring, Writing
Mental Disorders: Dissociation, Compartmentalization, Depression, Victim Complex, Neurodivergent, Body Dysmorphia

Family: Annete Livesey, Mother
Hometown: Badger Bay
Originating from a lower-class family within the city of Badger Bay, a coastal city that has long since been locked in a stalemate between warring gang factions. Losing her father at a young age in a tragic accident, the event would drive a rift between Rachel and her father as he struggled to deal with the loss and became distant, as she took a similar path leading to an unsteady home life. This would only be compounded by the loss of her best friend, the anchor eventually becoming the ring leader in a vicious bullying campaign in her underfunded public school.

When her change and powers came, she had hoped it would lead to a path to becoming a hero, but a series of well-intentioned actions, and sacrifices from necessity would slowly chip more and more of her away until she would become known to the public as the Villain Imago. A warlord of sorts, she had attempted to use the position to push the gangs and villains out with a gathered group of her own, with ever-escalating actions until the day she succeeded, and realised she had lost track of her initial goal of making her home a better place. Instead, she had become seen as worse than the problem she sought to remove, she got what she had wanted but could not honestly say it had been worth it.

Making a final sacrifice, she would cut ties with everything she knew and had built, surrendering to the authority and allowing her teammates to escape. It was during this that she somehow managed to take down the Hero Wonder Woman, though the exact method remains unclear. Since her incarceration however she has been found to be a model prisoner, even going as far as submitting a written set of protocols for superhuman engagements and other procedures. The most notable of these have been the Master/Stranger protocols that gained the attention of Amanda Waller, as well as comprehensive records of the various superpowered elements within her city including contingency tactics. Another fact that was made note of, was that the prison had shown a remarkable lack of insect activity during her processing, which continued during her incarceration leading to concerns and uncertainty over if the countermeasures put in place for her confinement are working, or if Rachel has been willingly removing the creatures.

Sexuality: Lesbian
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Sarah Hebert (Team Mate), Zatanna, Vixen
Past Partners: Sarah Hebert
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant

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PlusUltra PlusUltra Please just add a paragraph to Rachel's written appearance section, and then she'll be accepted! The pictures are fine, and I really like the artwork. Question for you: What morally gray actions did she take to wipe out the gangs at her school? And how long has she been at Belle Reve?

Congratulations on being the first completed character! Thank you again for deciding to join. 💗
Aviator Aviator

Oops sorry i missed that as i bounced around the sections. Will add it in now

As for your questions, id say maybe around 6 Months at the Prison, and it was the gangs in the city, not the school she worked to wipe out. As for the Morally gray stuff she did, its a bit of a list.

-Performing several robberies to get the attention of bigger gang leaders
-Clashing with heroes who tried to stop them, escalating when the soft approach was met with "Heroes being stubborn"
-Infiltrated and turning a Villain group to her goal (Became genuine friends), Forcefully
-Removing a corrupt police commissioner without evidence, then did it again when it turned out reason first one was taken out was just so a gang could get their own guy in.
-Kidnapping Gang members family members for Leverage/Bait
-Publically Outed the Gang Leaders and Masked Villains in the City
-Burned down several Wharehouses being used for Guns, Drugs and other Gang business
-Open clashes in the street with masked villains that left several in the ICU with Necrosis/Allergic Reactions
-Prolonged Terror Campaigns with Pain compliance for Lower end criminals,. Plus leading to several being hospitalized with hypothermia after being tied up overly tightly and left.
-Capitalized on city-wide destruction following a large attack, taking part in rescue efforts but then establishing Territory that a controlled no mans land of sorts.
-Excessive Violence against a Villain (Namely a Regenerator)
-And of course when the Heroes finally came down HARD just as she got what she was trying for....She went too far while holding them off for her friends to get away and killed one.

Was Kinda a long 4 years shes been active. Started as a young teen in a gang with other super kids, and escalated from there.

EDIT: And Appearance done. I will delete this if needed later on to keep the cs thread a bit cleaner
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I'm on the fence about joining this but I will leave some sheets here in case I do decide to participate.


Basic Information​

Full Name: Vincent van Bludd
Name Meaning: "Vincent" means "conquering" in Latin, and "van Bludd" means "of the flower" in Dutch.
Nicknames: "Vinny," "Van," "Bludd" (code name)
Gender: Male
Age: 32
Birthday: June 7th
Species: Mutated Human
Nationality: American

Role and Crime​

Role: Inmate
Crime: Multiple counts of involuntary manslaughter

Powers and Skills​

  • Superhuman Strength: Vincent possesses immense physical strength, capable of lifting and throwing heavy objects with ease. This allows him to overpower most human adversaries and engage in combat with other superpowered beings.
  • Superhuman Speed: Vincent can move at incredible speeds, making him a blur in motion. This speed aids him in both combat and evasion, allowing him to outrun most threats and strike before his enemies can react.
  • Superhuman Agility: Vincent’s agility is unparalleled, enabling him to perform acrobatic feats such as flips, jumps, and swift directional changes. His agility makes him difficult to target and allows him to navigate complex environments effortlessly.
  • Superhuman Durability: Vincent’s body and skeletal structure are highly resistant to physical damage. He can withstand significant impacts, cuts, and blunt force trauma that would incapacitate or kill a normal human.
  • Regeneration: Vincent has a powerful regenerative ability that allows him to heal from injuries at a rapid rate. Cuts, bruises, and broken bones mend within minutes. More severe injuries, such as organ damage, take longer but still heal much faster than a normal human's recovery process. His regeneration is fuelled by the consumption of blood, meaning he needs to feed to maintain this ability effectively.
  • Superhuman Senses: Vincent’s vision is exceptionally acute, allowing him to see in near darkness and perceive distant objects with clarity. He can detect sounds from far away and pick up on the faintest of noises, making it nearly impossible to sneak up on him. His sense of smell is highly developed, enabling him to track individuals by scent and detect changes in his environment.
  • Flight: Vincent can fly, using a combination of his physical strength and a form of telekinetic manipulation. This ability allows him to hover, manoeuvre mid-air, and travel at high speeds across great distances.
  • Metamorphosis: Vincent has the ability to take on the appearance and physical traits of those whose blood he drinks. The metamorphosis is temporary, lasting several hours depending on the amount of blood consumed. He retains his heightened senses and abilities while transformed but must be cautious of reverting at inopportune times.
  • Fangs and Claws: Vincent possesses razor-sharp fangs and claws, capable of piercing flesh easily to draw blood and slicing through most materials.
Skills and Weaponry:
  • Proficient in self-defence: Living in Gotham, Vincent took self-defence classes for his own protection, learning various martial arts techniques that include striking, grappling, and joint manipulation.
  • Extensive knowledge of classic literature: Vincent is well-read in classic literature, with a particular fondness for Gothic novels and poetry. His favorite authors include Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelley, and Bram Stoker.
  • Expert Botanist: As a trained botanist, Vincent possesses extensive knowledge of plants.
Allegiances: Suicide Squad (Task Force X), Amanda Waller (begrudgingly)
Enemies: Various victims' families

Long coats, shirts, ties, dress slacks, belts and trainers.
Scent: A faint metallic smell mixed with the aroma of aged books and earthy notes from plants.
Height & Weight: 6'2", 190 lbs
Body Modifications: None, aside from his vampiric mutations (fangs, bright red eyes, chitinous skin)
Physical Disabilities: Vampiric appearance, constant hunger, blood dependency
Faceclaim: Matt Smith


Positive Traits:
  • Intelligent
  • Determined
  • Protective of allies
  • Deeply introspective
  • Passionate about nature and plant life
Negative Traits:
  • Guilt-ridden
  • Struggles with anger
  • Self-loathing
  • Distrustful of others
MBTI Type: ISTJ (Logistician)
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Melancholic


  • Reading classic literature
  • Solitude
  • Night time
  • Meditation
  • Studying and caring for plants
  • Crowded places
  • Bright sunlight
  • Losing control
  • His vampiric nature
  • Reading to calm his mind
  • Meditating to control his urges
  • Avoiding eye contact when uncomfortable
  • Tending to a small indoor garden to relax himself
  • Losing his humanity completely
  • Harming innocent people
  • Being used as a weapon
  • Collecting rare books
  • Practicing self-defence
  • Botany and horticulture
Mental Disorders:
  • PTSD (from his transformation and actions)
  • Depression
  • Anxiety


  • Mother: Vivianne van Bludd (deceased)
  • Father: Unknown
  • Uncle: Thomas van Bludd
Hometown: Gotham City
Backstory: From a young age, Vincent van Bludd was captivated by the natural world and his uncle, Thomas, often took him on trips to botanical gardens and nature reserves. Vincent's mother, a single parent, struggled to make ends meet but always supported her son's interests. She worked long hours to ensure Vincent had the opportunities she never did. Unfortunately, she passed away when Vincent was in his early twenties, leaving him with his uncle as his closest family. Thomas became a father figure to Vincent, guiding him through his grief and encouraging his academic pursuits. Vincent excelled in his studies, earning a degree in botany from Gotham University. He eventually joined a research team at a prestigious botanical institute, where he worked on projects aimed at understanding and preserving endangered plant species.

One fateful night, while walking home from the institute, Vincent encountered a dragon-like alien that crash landed on Earth. The parasitic monster attacked him, using a secondary proboscis that emerged from its mouth to bite into his neck and drink his vital fluids. Vincent managed to fend the alien off by injuring its proboscis and escape but microbial infectious spores transferred at the time of the bite began to alter his DNA. Over the following days, Vincent experienced excruciating pain and violent mood swings as the spores worked their way through his body, changing him into a vampire-like creature. His newfound abilities, including superhuman strength, speed, heightened senses, and the ability to regenerate, came at a terrible cost. He developed an insatiable thirst for blood that he could barely control.

In the early stages of his mutation, Vincent struggled to understand and manage his powers. The thirst drove him to attack several people, resulting in multiple counts of involuntary manslaughter. Horrified by his actions and consumed with guilt, Vincent turned himself in to the authorities. He was tried and sentenced to prison, where he isolated himself, tormented by his inability to control his urges. One day, Vincent was approached by Amanda Waller, the formidable head of a secret government task force known as the Suicide Squad. She offered him a deal: join the squad on dangerous missions in exchange for a chance at redemption and a reduced sentence. Seeing it as an opportunity to atone for his sins and perhaps find a way to control his powers, Vincent reluctantly agreed.


Sexuality: Homosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): None currently (focused on redemption and control)
Past Partners: A few relationships pre-mutation, none significant post-mutation
  • Intelligence
  • Empathy
  • Resilience
  • Cruelty
  • Dishonesty
  • Recklessness
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant (prefers to be in control due to fear of losing it)
  • "Blackbird" by The Beatles
  • "Hurt" by Nine Inch Nails
  • "Bury a Friend" by Billie Eilish
  • "Time Is Running Out" by Muse
  • "Moonlight Sonata" by Ludwig van Beethoven
  • "Creep" by Radiohead

Basic Information​

Full Name: Bertron-Dax
Nicknames: "Dax," "The Exile," "Kryptonian Monster"
Gender: Male
Age: Indeterminate (possibly in his late 30s to early 40s)
Birthday: Unknown (original Kryptonian records lost)
Species: Mutated Kryptonian Clone
Nationality: Kryptonian (now considered an extraterrestrial on Earth)

Role and Crime​

Role: Inmate (Suicide Squad member)
Crime: Extensive property damage, multiple counts of assault, manslaughter, murder, terrorism and public endangerment.

Powers and Skills​

  • Superhuman Strength: Dax possesses enormous physical strength. He can lift immense weights, crush solid steel with his bare hands, and deliver blows that can shatter mountains.
    • Super-Leaping: Due to his extremely dense muscles and strength in his legs, Dax can leaps miles at a time.
  • Invulnerability: Dax's body is extraordinarily durable, making him nearly impervious to physical harm. Bullets, explosives, and extreme temperatures have little to no effect on him. His skin can withstand the impact of high-calibre weaponry and powerful energy blasts.
  • Enhanced Speed: Dax can move at blinding speeds, allowing him to dodge attacks, close distances quickly, and deliver rapid, powerful strikes. His reflexes and agility complement this speed, making him a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat.
  • Agility and Reflexes: Dax's agility and reflexes are honed to a superhuman degree. He can dodge incoming projectiles and react to threats almost instantaneously. This agility, combined with his strength and speed, makes him a highly versatile and deadly combatant.
  • Enhanced Senses: Dax's senses are heightened to superhuman levels. He can see over vast distances, hear frequencies beyond the normal range, and detect minute changes in his surroundings. These enhanced senses aid him in tracking enemies, avoiding dangers, and navigating complex terrains.
Skills and Weaponry:
  • Hand-to-hand combat proficiency: Despite his mutated form, Dax retains some of the combat skills he honed on Krypton. His fighting style is brutal and efficient, focusing on overwhelming power.
  • Bone protrusions: Dax's unnatural bone protrusions can serve as natural weapons, capable of cutting through most materials and providing him with both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Allegiances and Enemies​

Allegiances: Kryptonian terrorist cell (formerly,) Suicide Squad, under Amanda Waller's control
Enemies: Kryptonians, any Earth-based heroes or entities opposing the Suicide Squad



Wardrobe: Modified prison jumpsuit/supersuit designed to accommodate his mutated form
Scent: Burnt stone and ozone with metallic undertones
Height & Weight: Approximately 6'8" and 500 lbs (due to muscle mass and mutations)
Body Modifications: Extensive scarring, bone protrusions, and other mutations from cloning process
Physical Disabilities: Possible genetic instabilities leading to occasional physical weaknesses


Positive Traits: Determined, resilient, passionate
Negative Traits: Volatile, unpredictable, haunted by his past
MBTI Type: INFJ-A (The Advocate)
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: Choleric-Melancholic


Likes: Solitude, freedom, sunrises
Dislikes: Cloning, Kryptonians, feeling trapped
Habits: Staring into the distance, muttering to himself, repeating himself
Fears: Being executed again
Hobbies: Reading, strategizing, activism (formerly)
Mental Disorders: PTSD, Intermittent explosive disorder


Family: No known surviving family members
Hometown: Kryptonopolis
Backstory: Bertron-Dax was born on Krypton during a period marked by political instability and social unrest. Krypton, at that time, was less advanced and far more draconian in its laws and enforcement. As a young man, Dax showed a prodigious intellect and physical prowess, which he initially used to contribute positively to society. However, he became increasingly disillusioned with the Kryptonian government's use of cloning technology. He viewed the practice as a moral abomination, believing that it devalued individual life. Driven by his convictions, Dax became a vocal activist against cloning. His peaceful protests and attempts at legislative change were met with resistance and dismissal by the authorities, who viewed cloning as essential to their society's advancement. Frustrated and desperate, Dax resorted to more extreme measures. He infiltrated a major cloning facility, intending to sabotage it as a demonstration of his resolve. However, the sabotage went catastrophically wrong, resulting in a massive explosion that killed hundreds of cloned beings, as well as numerous Kryptonians working at the facility.

The Kryptonian authorities swiftly captured Dax after the incident. His actions were deemed a terrorist attack and the ruling council decided on an unprecedented form of punishment. Dax was sentenced to die repeatedly, once for each life he had taken. This was achieved through cloning, each clone would be executed in a manner reflecting the pain and suffering he had caused. This cycle of death and rebirth left him increasingly mutilated and mentally unstable as his DNA degraded over time. Before the final execution could take place, some council members began to see the punishment as excessively cruel. Debates on morality and justice led to a decision to cease the executions. Instead, they opted for exile. Dax was placed in a specially designed pod and launched into space, programmed to land on an uninhabited planet. However, due to a malfunction, his pod crash-landed on Earth, burying itself deep underground, where he remained in stasis for hundreds of years.

Centuries later, a mining operation in Queensland accidentally unearthed Dax's pod. The activation sequence woke him, and he emerged into a world vastly different from the one he knew. Disoriented and enraged by his memories and the centuries-long imprisonment, Dax went on a destructive rampage. His immense strength and invulnerability made him a significant threat, and it took the combined efforts of multiple heroes to subdue him. He was eventually captured and contained by advanced technology designed to neutralize his abilities. Dax was incarcerated in a high-security facility, where he was monitored continuously. His presence caught the attention of Amanda Waller, the ruthless and calculating head of the Suicide Squad. Recognizing his potential as a powerful asset despite his volatility, Waller offered Dax a deal: join the Suicide Squad and earn a chance at some form of redemption or continue to rot in a cell for eternity. Seeing little other choice in the matter, Dax reluctantly agreed.


Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): None
Past Partners: None (due to his long period of isolation and mutations)
Turn-Ons: Strength, resilience, intelligence
Turn-Offs: Weakness, indecisiveness, naivety
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant


  • "Monster" by Starset
  • "Crawling" by Linkin Park
  • "Headstrong" by Trapt
  • "In the End" by Linkin Park
  • "Duality" by Slipknot
  • "The Sound of Silence" by Disturbed

Basic Information

Full Name: Prince Adebayo Kofi
Name Meaning: "Adebayo" means "the crown meets joy" in Yoruba; "Kofi" means "born on Friday" in Akan.
Nicknames: "Ade," "Prince," "Majestic" (code name)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Birthday: May 1
Species: Human
Nationality: Zambabian

Role and Crime

Role: Inmate (recruited into the Suicide Squad)
Crime: Illegal entry, breaking and entering, trespassing, theft, assault, assassination (framed), treason (framed)

Powers and Skills
  • Superhuman Speed: Adebayo wields an object called the Agbara Amulet, which enables him to move at extraordinary speeds, far beyond the capabilities of any normal human. This power is not just about running fast; it encompasses all aspects of movement, including reaction time, reflexes, and agility.
  • Skilled Martial Artist: Adebayo has been trained extensively in various forms of martial arts from a young age.
  • Weapons Proficiency: Adebayo is skilled in the use of traditional Zambabian weapons such as spears, daggers, and short swords.
  • Skilled Acrobat: Adebayo’s training included advanced acrobatics and parkour, enabling him to perform flips, rolls, and other manoeuvres that allow him to climb, jump, and traverse obstacles quickly and efficiently.
  • Leadership: Though not the current ruler, Adebayo has been trained in leadership skills. He can command and inspire others as well as make strategic decisions under pressure.
  • Multilingual: Adebayo is fluent in several languages, including English, French, and various Zambabian dialects.
  • Agbara Amulet: The Agbara Amulet is a mystical artifact created by the gods of old. When worn by someone of royal blood, the amulet grants its bearer the ability to manipulate kinetic energy, providing superspeed and enhanced agility by siphoning kinetic energy from the environment and people around Adebayo. This process slows down the movement of others in his vicinity, effectively making them appear to move in slow motion while he operates at high speed. The closer someone/something is to Adebayo, the more pronounced the effect.

Allegiances and Enemies​

Allegiances: Suicide Squad, allies in his homeland (covertly)
Enemies: King Obasi (his brother), those who oppose the return of his nation's artifacts


Wardrobe: Traditional Zambabian attire, modern clothing
Scent: A mix of exotic spices and sandalwood
Height & Weight: 5'8", 175 lbs
Body Modifications: Traditional tribal tattoos that signify his royal heritage and achievements
Physical Disabilities: None
Faceclaim: Daniel Kaluuya


Positive Traits: Loyal, determined, courageous, intelligent
Negative Traits: Trust issues, can be vengeful, occasionally reckless
MBTI Type: ENTJ (Commander)
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Choleric


Likes: Running, chess, junk food, traditional Zambabian music, justice
Dislikes: Betrayal, oppression, being underestimated, corruption, his brother Obasi
Habits: Walking barefoot, rather fastidious
Fears: Failing his people, losing the amulet, heights
Hobbies: Running, reading biographies of influential leaders, sparring
Mental Disorders: Occasional bouts of anxiety, particularly related to his responsibilities



  • Father: King Olufemi Kofi (deceased)
  • Mother: Queen Amina Kofi (deceased)
  • Brother: King Obasi Kofi
Hometown: Haraka
Backstory: Prince Adebayo Kofi was born into the royal family of Zambabia, a small, emerging African nation. From a young age, Adebayo was groomed for leadership. His father, King Olufemi Kofi, and mother, Queen Amina Kofi, instilled in him the importance of their heritage, history, and the responsibility of the royal family to protect and preserve their culture. Zambabia was a nation with a legacy of powerful artefacts believed to be gifts from the gods, each representing a different elemental force. During colonial times, many of these artifacts were stolen and taken to foreign lands. This loss was a deep wound for Zambabia, and the royal family made it their mission to reclaim these pieces of their heritage.

Years later, Adebayo learned that one of the artifacts had surfaced in a museum in the United States. The Zambabian government made numerous diplomatic efforts to negotiate the return of the artefact, but these were met with resistance. The museum claimed legal ownership and refused to relinquish it. This rejection was a heavy blow, as Adebayo and his people believed the artefact was rightfully theirs. Determined to reclaim what was stolen, Adebayo decided to take matters into his own hands. Using his skills and knowledge, he devised a plan to steal the amulet from the museum. The heist was meticulously planned, and Adebayo successfully infiltrated the museum but was apprehended by the authorities during his escape. His identity as a foreign prince complicated the situation, but his crime was clear.

While in custody, he received devastating news: his father, King Olufemi, had been murdered. Shortly after, he learned that his brother, Obasi, had seized the throne and framed him for their father's murder. King Obasi, seeking to consolidate his power, fabricated evidence that implicated Adebayo in the assassination. Adebayo's attempts to clear his name and seek his brother's help were futile. King Obasi, now the ruler of Zambabia, refused to assist him, fearing Adebayo's return and potential claim to the throne. With his reputation tarnished and no support from his homeland, Adebayo was left alone and betrayed by his own blood.

Adebayo was sent to a high-security prison in the United States. His situation seemed dire until he was approached by Amanda Waller. Recognizing his abilities and potential value, Waller offered him a deal: join the Suicide Squad in exchange for a reduced sentence and potential support in his quest for justice and the restoration of his homeland's stolen heritage. With few options left, Adebayo agreed. Joining the Suicide Squad was a means to an end, a way to gain the resources and support he needed to reclaim his heritage, avenge his father, and ultimately, challenge his brother's illegitimate rule.


Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): None currently
Past Partners: Mari, a previous love interest in Zambabia
Turn-Ons: Intelligence, bravery, loyalty
Turn-Offs: Deceit, cowardice, arrogance
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant


  • "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid
  • "Legend" by The Score
  • "Feel Invincible" by Skillet
  • "Power" by Kanye West
  • "Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor
  • "Hall of Fame" by The Script ft. will.i.am

Full Name: Morgen LeFae
Name Meaning: Morgen means "sea born" and LeFae translates to "the fairy" or "the enchantress."
Nicknames: Morgana, Morgaine le Fey, Ruler of the Fortunate Isles, Instigator of the Green Army, The Ultimate Sorceress
Gender: Female
Age: Centuries old (appears to be in her 30s)
Birthday: Unknown
Species: Homo Magi
Nationality: British
Role: Inmate (member of the Suicide Squad)
Crime: N/A (Originally imprisoned for attempts to conquer Earth upon her return)

  • Magic: Morgen LeFae is a master sorceress with a vast repertoire of spells and enchantments. Her magical abilities include:
    • Elemental Manipulation: Control over the elements, such as fire, water, earth, and air. She can summon flames, create storms, move the earth, and manipulate water.
    • Illusions: The ability to create realistic illusions to deceive, confuse, or manipulate others. These illusions can affect all five senses, making them incredibly difficult to distinguish from reality.
    • Healing: The power to heal herself and others from injuries and illnesses, though this ability is limited by the severity of the damage and her own magical reserves.
    • Energy Projection: Casting bolts of magical energy, creating energy shields, and forming constructs out of pure magical force.
    • Clairvoyance: Scrying distant locations, and gaining insight into hidden truths through various forms of divination.
    • Mind Control: Morgen possesses the ability to influence and dominate the minds of others. This includes reading thoughts, implanting suggestions, and taking complete control of another person's actions. The strength of her control depends on the individual's mental resistance.
Skills and Weaponry:
  • Strategic Genius: Morgen LeFae's strategic mind is one of her greatest assets. Her centuries of experience have honed her ability to think several steps ahead, anticipating her enemies’ moves and crafting elaborate plans to achieve her goals.
  • Manipulative: Morgen’s ability to manipulate others is unparalleled. She uses her charm, intelligence, and magical abilities to influence, deceive, and control those around her.
  • Combat Training: Though primarily a sorceress, Morgen is also a trained soldier. Her fighting style integrates her magical abilities, allowing her to be a formidable opponent in close-quarters combat.
  • Philosopher's Stone: Morgen's Philosopher's Stone is a powerful artifact that channels and amplifies her magical abilities. Originally lost during her banishment, she created a new stone using the essence of powerful aliens. This new Philosopher's Stone, though not as potent as the original, grants her significant power.
Allegiances: Suicide Squad (under duress), Formerly; the Green Army and various alien species/warlords.

Enemies: Merlin, King Arthur, Earth's superhero community, Amanda Waller (tenuous alliance)


  • Wardrobe: Dark, form fitting outfits with hints of ancient sorcery (flowing robes, mystical jewellery).
  • Scent: A faint aroma of sea air, incense and ozone.
  • Height & Weight: 5'7", 110 lbs
  • Body Modifications: Various scars, tattoos and brands from her time in space.
  • Physical Disabilities: None.
  • Faceclaim: Sara Malakul Grove
  • Positive Traits: Intelligent, resilient, strategic.
  • Negative Traits: Vengeful, prideful, manipulative.
  • MBTI Type: INTJ (Architect)
  • Hogwarts House: Slytherin
  • Moral Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Temperament: Calculating and ambitious.
Likes: Power, ancient lore, achieving her goals through any means necessary.
Dislikes: Arthur, Merlin, being underestimated, technology.
Habits: Playing with her stone, treating everyone else like children, hissing when upset/in combat.
Fears: Permanent imprisonment, losing her magical abilities.
Hobbies: Experimenting with new spells, brewing potions, plotting strategies, manipulating others.
Mental Disorders: None diagnosed.

Family: Igraine (mother,) Gorlois (father,) Logistilla (sister,) Alcina (sister,) King Arthur (half brother,) Uwain (son,) Morvydd (daughter,) Mordret (son.)
Hometown: Tintagel Island, Cornwall

Backstory: Morgen LeFae, born into the royal lineage of ancient Britain, was the half-sister of King Arthur. Arthur was conceived when his father, Uther Pendragon, murdered Morgen's father and raped her mother. For this, Morgen hated Arthur from the moment he was born. As Arthur rose to power and established Camelot, Morgen's contempt clashed with her brother's ideals. She sought greater power and control, often through manipulation and dark magic. Her constant scheming and attempts to seize the throne put her at odds with Merlin, Arthur’s trusted advisor and the most powerful wizard of the age. In an attempt to finally best Merlin, Morgen made a pact with his father, Satan, and attained his potent miasma, which she used to craft a Philosopher's Stone. The stone amplified her powers, making her one of the most formidable sorceresses of her time.

In a final confrontation underneath Camelot, Merlin used an ancient and powerful spell to banish Morgen to the ends of the universe. During this banishment, she lost the Philosopher's Stone, severely weakening her magical abilities. Stranded in this hostile environment, Morgen's fury and desire for revenge burned brighter than ever. She swore to return to Earth, reclaim her power, and exact vengeance on Merlin and Arthur's legacy.

Morgen's journey back to Earth was long and arduous, spanning centuries. She encountered numerous alien civilizations and used cunning, charm, and sheer determination to forge alliances and secure passage. To regain her former strength, she seduced and became the paramour of mighty warlords, using her position to obtain some of their essence, which, through dark rituals and arcane knowledge, she synthesized into a new Philosopher's Stone. Though not as powerful as her original, it restored much of her magical abilities. Over time, Morgen built a reputation as a formidable entity, respected and feared by those she encountered.

After more than a millennia of relentless pursuit, Morgen finally reached Earth, leading an invasion fleet composed of dark entities and alien forces she had amassed. However, she was unprepared for the superhuman defenders who had arisen during her absence and her invasion was swiftly routed. Captured and imprisoned, Morgen's dreams of conquest were once again thwarted. Incarcerated in a high-security facility designed to contain meta-humans and magical beings, Morgen's talents did not go unnoticed. Recognizing her potential value, Morgen was offered a chance to join the Suicide Squad.

Sexuality: Ambiguous, focuses primarily on power and goals.
Relationship Status: Single.
Crush(es): None.
Past Partners: Satan, King Urien, Accalon, King Arthur, various powerful aliens (Mongul, Despero, Kobald...)
Turn-Ons: Power, ambition, magical prowess.
Turn-Offs: Weakness, incompetence.
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant in personality and ambitions.

  • "Witchy Woman" by Eagles
  • "Back in Black" by AC/DC
  • "Sympathy for the Devil" by The Rolling Stones
  • "Immigrant Song" by Led Zeppelin
  • "Bad Reputation" by Joan Jett
  • "Dark Horse" by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J


Full Name: Zakary Carson
Name Meaning: "Zakary" means "God remembers" and "Carson" means "son of the marsh-dwellers."
Nicknames: "Zack," Sentinel, The Indestructible Cop
Gender: Male
Age: 35
Birthday: August 15
Species: Human (with cybernetic enhancements)
Nationality: American
Role: Guard
Crime: N/A

  • Indestructible Skeleton: Zack's bones are reinforced with Promethium, an indestructible metal alloy. This makes his skeleton virtually unbreakable.
    • Enhanced Durability: Can withstand high-impact forces, including car crashes, explosions, and powerful physical attacks.
    • Enhanced Strength: Can lift heavy objects (up to 1,000 pounds) with relative ease. This makes him formidable in hand-to-hand combat and allows for feats like ripping doors off hinges.
  • Electronic Communication: The radioactive elements of the promethium plate in Zack's head has mutated his brain, granting him the ability to interact with electronic devices and signals.
    • Signal Interception: Can intercept and listen to various electronic communications, including radio frequencies, phone calls, and internet signals.
    • Signal Generation: Can send out electronic signals to communicate with devices, control electronics remotely, and hack into systems.
    • EMP Emission: Can generate electromagnetic pulses to disable electronic devices within a certain radius. This ability requires significant energy and can cause temporary fatigue.
Skills and Weaponry:
  • Expert in hand-to-hand combat: Zack has extensive training in close-quarters combat from his time in the Army Rangers.
  • Skilled marksman: Zack has extensive training in firearms from his time in the Army Rangers.
  • Proficient in tactical and strategic planning: Zack has extensive training in tactical operations from his time in the Army Rangers as well as additional training in law enforcement techniques, crowd control, and investigative procedures from his time in the police.
  • Expert Driving Skills: Zack's background in the military and police force provided him with extensive driving training, which he has further honed as the Sentinel.
  • Skilled Mechanic: Zack's extensive experience with military vehicles, police cars, personal vehicles and advanced Dayton Industries technology has made him a proficient mechanic.
  • RBT-8R "The Arbitrator": A multifunctional gun stored in his prosthetic leg, capable of converting into different types of firearms.
    • Handgun Mode: Compact and easy to conceal, suitable for close-quarters combat.
    • Rifle Mode: Extended barrel and stock for long-range accuracy and increased firepower.
    • Shotgun Mode: Wide spread shot for crowd control or breaching doors.
    • Customization: Equipped with smart targeting systems, interchangeable barrels, and various ammunition types (e.g., armour-piercing, tranquilizers).
  • Prosthetic Leg: An advanced prosthetic limb that offers more than just mobility.
    • Enhanced Mobility: Designed for superior performance, allowing for running, jumping, and complex manoeuvres.
    • Weapon Storage: Concealed compartment for storing his Arbitrator.
    • Additional Tools: Equipped with various tools and gadgets, such as lock-picking devices, mini-computers, and first-aid supplies.
  • Dayton Industries
  • Police Force (former colleagues and allies)
  • Support Network of fellow veterans and friends
  • Tech-savvy criminals
  • Corrupt officials within Dayton Industries and the police force


  • T-shirts/Henley's, jeans/cargo pants, leather jacket, hoodies and combat boots/sneakers
  • Specialized tactical suit for superhero activities, incorporating Promethium for added protection
Scent: Subtle scent of metal, gasoline and leather
Height & Weight: 6'0", 220 lbs (due to metallic skeleton)
Body Modifications: Promethium reinforced skeleton, metal plate in head
Physical Disabilities: Previously lost leg, now replaced with advanced prosthetic limb
Faceclaim: Kane Robinson

  • Positive Traits: Determined, courageous, loyal, selfless, resourceful
  • Negative Traits: Troubled by past, stubborn, can be overly serious, struggles with trust
  • MBTI Type: ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)
  • Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
  • Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Temperament: Choleric
  • Helping others
  • BBQ
  • Quiet moments
  • Football
  • The open road
  • Corruption
  • Unnecessary violence
  • Dishonesty
  • Large bodies of water
  • Corporate events
  • Maintaining proper posture at all times
  • Cold shower every morning
  • Calling everyone Sir/Ma'am
  • Being unable to protect those he cares about
  • The potential long-term effects of the radioactive elements in his Promethium skeleton
  • Volunteering with veteran support groups and community works
  • Playing the trumpet
  • Regularly maintaining his motorcycle
Mental Disorders: PTSD (from military and police experiences)

  • Parents (retired, living in a small town)
  • Younger sister (nurse)
Hometown: Logan, Texas

Zakary Carson was born and raised in a small, tight-knit town in Texas. From a young age, he exhibited a strong sense of justice and responsibility, traits instilled in him by his parents. His father, a retired firefighter, and his mother, a school teacher, were pillars of the community, known for their dedication and hard work. Zack also had a younger sister, Emilie, who looked up to him as her protector and role model. Growing up, Zack was an all-American kid, excelling in sports and academics. He was particularly drawn to football and wrestling, where he demonstrated not only physical prowess but also leadership qualities. His coaches often remarked on his determination and ability to inspire his teammates. Outside of school, Zack volunteered at the local community centre, helping younger kids with their homework and coaching little league teams.

After graduating high school, Zack felt a calling to serve his country and enlisted in the military. He joined the Army and quickly distinguished himself in boot camp. His discipline, physical strength, and tactical acumen earned him a spot in the elite Rangers unit. Zack served multiple tours in conflict zones, where he faced numerous challenges and witnessed the harsh realities of war. Despite the dangers, he remained steadfast, driven by his commitment to protect his fellow soldiers and innocent civilians. During his last tour, Zack’s life changed forever. His convoy hit an improvised explosive device (IED), resulting in the loss of his right leg. The explosion killed several of his comrades, a tragedy that deeply affected him. Zack was honourably discharged and returned home with a prosthetic leg, struggling to adapt to civilian life and cope with survivor's guilt.

Determined to continue serving his community, Zack joined the police force. He applied the same dedication and discipline he had in the military to his new role. Rising through the ranks, despite his disability, he became known for his bravery and tactical expertise. His colleagues respected him, and he quickly became a mentor to younger officers. One night, while responding to a high-speed chase involving dangerous criminals, Zack’s patrol car was rammed off the road. The resulting collision was catastrophic, breaking nearly every bone in his body. Zack was rushed to the hospital, where doctors fought to save his life. His condition was critical, and it seemed unlikely he would ever walk again.

Dayton Industries, a corporation known for its advanced technology and military contracts, had been developing a new indestructible metal alloy called Promethium. They planned to use this material to make indestructible vehicles, preventing accidents on the road. Upon hearing about Zack’s accident, the executives at Dayton Industries saw an opportunity to test their new technology on a human subject and, with potential PR benefits in mind, offered Zack a chance at a revolutionary procedure. Zack agreed, and a team of Dayton Industries' top scientists and doctors performed the experimental surgery. They replaced and reinforced his shattered bones with promethium, creating an indestructible skeleton. The procedure was a success, and Zack not only regained his ability to walk but also experienced enhanced strength and durability. However, the experimental metal contained radioactive trace elements, which caused unforeseen mutations. A promethium plate in his head altered his brain, giving him the ability to intercept and generate electronic communications. While Zack's transformation brought him new strengths, it also came with significant challenges. The radioactive elements required him to undergo regular medical check-ups, and he often faced fatigue and headaches from the mental strain of his abilities.

When Dayton Industries saw Zack’s new powers, they realized the potential for both heroism and corporate gain. They decided to train him to harness these powers and outfitted him with advanced equipment and resources to aid in his fight against crime. Zakary Carson, now Dayton Industries own superhero, the Sentinel, embraced his new identity with a renewed sense of purpose. He became a symbol of hope and resilience, fighting against corruption and protecting the innocent. As part of his contract with Dayton Industries, Zack moonlights as a guard at Belle Reve as a means of protecting their investment. Zack's corporate benefactor's are the ones who supply the advanced equipment and specialized cells used to contain the prisoners, ensuring they can't escape or use their abilities.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): N/A
Past Partners: High school sweetheart, Amelinda (amicable breakup before joining the military)
Turn-Ons: Strength, compassion, intelligence
Turn-Offs: Deceit, cruelty, arrogance
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant

  • "Titanium" by David Guetta ft. Sia
  • "Kickstart My Heart" by Mötley Crüe
  • "Not Afraid" by Eminen
  • "Fortunate Son" by Creedence Clearwater Revival
  • "Radioactive" by Imagine Dragons
  • "Superheroes" by the Script
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Scatterbrain Scatterbrain Lovely forms! I'm especially curious to see what Dax thinks of cloning in the modern era. Anyway, I really hope you decide to join, and if you do, the only things missing from your forms are a one-paragraph written appearance and the in-depth personality section. As soon as you get around to completing those, I'll add Vincent and Dax to the roster! Thank you for your interest. :closed eyes open smile:

No voy a perder ni un minuto en volver a pensarte...

"Notti" - Nouvelle Tiamo- 'Shine'

'Naughty Girl', 'Azure', 'Luna Blue' 'The Midnighter'

She/Her ○ Bisexual 23yrs ○ 5'1" ○ 130lbs ○ Blue Hair ○ Brown Eyes ○ Brown Skin ○ Athletic, Toned build
Guard (Special Admin) / Communications ○ One year Veteran Shamanic Supersoldier
FC: AI Generated ○ June 7th Canadian Engaged (Fiance: Derrick Johns)

This is Shine...




Despite most assumptions, Nouvelle is a blue-haired girlie that likes simple and smart fit; mostly denim bottoms and solid colour tops. Mind you, what she does wear is curve hugging but simple nonetheless. She is super fit and boasts a good hourglass figure. But ey, don't be surprised when she busts out booty shorts or the short tight skirts and revealing top for fancy occasions-- nails and lashes dolled up too! Simple but effectively sexy enough. Nothing fancy. But! She will go haam on cute and unique kicks. Ranging from shiny-assed sandals to wicked stilleto heels to rainbow'd up athletic or skater sneakers. She spends a pretty penny on skin and hygiene care. But yeah, she still loves to put on the 'warpaint' and will take her time to do up a simple, natural-ish beauty look and mostly concentrate on shaping her brows. Oh, but the one thing NOT simple about herof course, is the seemingly weekly hairstyle transformations she goes through; some of her previous colleagues had betting pools to guess how she did her hair next lol

But she still okay with wearing the guard uniform but she will keep her blue head all fancied up as she pleases. If ever need be she will pull out her old combat gear decked out for comms and Black-Ops agents.

Scars, Tats, Piercings:
Multiple scars along her body especially down her spine // She has some ink on her shoulders, tummy and hands. But of note are all the strange runic ones that are inked near her spinal scars // She has her ears, nose and tongue pierced.

The young woman takes her hygiene seriously and is always showered and moisturized proper. Not too big into perfumes but does have products that give off the scent of: Incense, Lavender, Sage, or Flowers. When she is using her powers some may get a hint of Blood.

Body Mods/Disablilities:
The tech inside her has the side effect of making her at least 25 pounds heavier than she appears. She will not pass a metal detector test and is susceptible to EMP bursts. Due to weight, swimming is not her best sport. Spirit walking leaves her body vulnerable. Needs to make bargains and fulfill them to use her powers properly. Has insomnia due to spiritual battles and nightarish visions.


What's in a Name?
"Notti" is what her sisters and brothers in the XTC facilities called her. They all used the last 4 characters in their bar codes to name each other. Hers was N0T1. She decided to take up the name Nouvelle Tiamo. Nouvelle is French for: "News or story." She always loved the sound of the phrase: "Quelle belle nouvelle!!" that one of her Quebecoise Siblings used to say. She uses the name to honour their culling. Tiamo (ti amo) is Spanish for: "I love you." She daydreamed that's what her real parents would say to her as they hugged her and tucked her in at night. She refuses to call herself Notti anymore and will never tell anyone her real name. But sometimes out of habit her siblings will let it slip but she doesn't mind cuz she sometimes calls them by their facility names too.


○ | 'Naughty Girl' is what her Siblings called her since as a youth, she was a troublemaker. 'Azure' was her codename when part of The Undersiders.
○ | 'Luna Blue' is her codename when she works with The Shadow Courts. 'The Midnighter' is her nick in Gotham SIU since she worked during nighttime.
○ | Eyes glow a ghostly azure when she is feeling intense emotions or when she uses her powers. It's the reason they call her 'Shine' at work in Belle Reve Corrections.
○ | Smiles then winks at to greet you once she's comfy with you.
○ | Has an annoying habit of sighing, making it sound like she's disdaining you, but is just taking a deep breath.
○ | Overdoes her 'conscious elevation' ritual and gets too high. She then proceeds to eagerly look for others to smoke up with her.
○ | Needs to do rituals, chants, make bargains and fulfill them to use her powers properly.

○ | fidgets with loose strands. Doesn't matter if its on her, in front of her, above her or on you, she will fidget with it.
○ | Always seems to be doing trick shots with her array of red, super bouncy balls

○ | MTBI is a ENFJ (Protagonist - is a personality type with the Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging traits. These warm, forthright types love helping others, and they tend to have strong ideas and values. They back their perspective with the creative energy to achieve their goals.)
○ | Point to House HufflePuff!! (trustworthy, loyal, hardworking, and kind. They deeply value friendship and justice.)
○ | Lawful Good leaning heavily into Lawful Neutral ( dependable and seeks justice)
○ | Temperment - Melancholic (Strategist - Weaknesses: moodiness, depression prone, and negative self-talk. Thinks too much about the wrong things and unrealistic expectations. May include a critical attitude and being overly sensitive. Strengths: analytical, diplomatic, and organized. Plans ahead, solve technical problems, and does things right. Attention to detail, and logical, creative thinkers.

○ | She has always been motivated to continue her duty as a shaman and powerful presence in the DreamSpaces.
○ | She has always had the penchant to hunt bad guys have them pay before justice. She will however 'colour outside the lines' to make them pay esp. ones that harm children.
○ | She has always wanted to be married and have family and children of her own so she had always been trying to set up for her future family before age 30.

Interests and Dislikes:
○ | Talented singer and seemingly 'Snow Whites' nearby animals and gets a kick out of it
○ | Talks out loud to unseen apparitions whether they truly are present or not. The smell of blood lingers in the air when she speaks with the unrested dead.
○ | Loves throwing things and hitting targets so she always carries a red super-bouncy ball or rubberband ball with her.
○ | Likes to shoot pool and go bowling but hates to lose at it. Alaaaaaways makes excuses why she lost that time. But she will absolutely annihilate you at darts. Try her.
○ | Can't stand it when you touch her hair after she just gets it done up. Step on her white kicks and watch the sweet little thing morph and go alllllll King Kong on your ass.
○ | Hates being reminded that she is short and will get an attitude and mouthy; will hold a grudge. Also really self-concious about her butt size, despite nice curves.
○ | Can't stand lazy people and will go out of her way to annoy them the way they annoy her. Make her have to do your work cuz you lazy? Yeah, expect attitude. Lots.

+| Positive vibes, Energetic, Well-mannered
+| Persuasive, Intuitive, Perceptive
+| Steel-Nerved, Level-headed, Professional
+| Hard-Working, Detail-Oriented, Studious
+| Compassionate, Advisor, Calming-Presence

- | Hero complex, Always Too Much on her Plate, Mouthy
- | TMI syndrome, Emotionally Invested, Gets Too High
- | Workaholic, Obsesses over Minutiae, People pleaser
- | Daredevil, Picky, High Maintenance
- | Short, Vigilante, Ultra-Violent in Combat.

Fears and Dreams:

○ | Since childhood, her biggest dream was to have kids but fears that she may in fact be sterile and never bear her own children.
○ |Their world is under an alien invasion and so she fears that this is the end and that she is helpless to stop it. She dreams of escaping to another world and raising a family there.
○ | She lost contact with her siblings and fears what finally happens when they have a reunion altogether; there will be blood. But she dreams that she can bring the ones that don't want her dead with her to the new world.
○ | She broken right now since she called it off with her fiancee and fears she never find a love like him again. She dreams to do it again and much to her detriment she dreams to make it better with her abusive ex, Poli.

Romantic Interests:
○ | She was in a relationship with Witch, Polita Calvillo-Holmes. What started off as a good relationship ended up with Poli becoming emotionally abusive and so they had a spiritual battle and Notti defeated her and left the relationship cold.
○ | Currently broke engagement to Motorcross star, Derrick Johns. She found out he was cheating on her with her bff for a year.
○ | Hasn't acted on it yet but has a huge crush on a co-worker. It had been almost a year since they worked together and the other woman turned her life around and is soooooooooo attractive now.
○ | Her first love was while she was in the XTC facility as an experiment. They were just teen girls. Then the facility deemed her unsatisfactory and so she was killed. Nouvelle will never open up about this but he siblings know exactly how it went down.
○ | Nouvelle is attracted to strong-willed and ambitious partners. They don't have to be overly fancy and flaunty-- she hates that-- but they do have to take fitness seriously and have a positive outlook on life. They have to love her despite her creeeeeepy ways and cannot interfere with her rituals and spiritual connections. They also have to be able to give her her space when she needs it; growing up parentless as a captured experiment turned supersoldier for underhanded doings for your government can reeeeeallllly mess you up.

Friends / Family / Acquaintances:
○ | Markina "Pixie" DelRios - bff and cybernetics/industrial engineer genius. She is a absent-minded sweetheart. Her family is a powerful Criminal Org.
○ | AJ and DJ / "Wither and Deluge" - Twins that work as Agents at the Correctionals with her. Nega and Posi Energy manipulators. She's dark and he is light.
○ | Nika "Rocket" - Tough chick that is Nouvelle's current crush. Has Jet Propulsion powers. Leader of a rogue former supervillain group. Tough outside Soft and sexy inside.
○ | Corinna "Infernal" - Sibling experiment from XTC. Just recently gathered with her. Hellfire Manipulator. Talks too much but means well. Demon is taking her over.
○ | Haven "Devastator" - Sibling experiment from XTC. Just recently gathered with her. Demonic Shifter. Tough and mouthy but huggable. Demon under control.
○ | Ahvelina "GunMother" - Sibling experiment from XTC. Just recently gathered with her. Technopath. Trash talker and resident perv but she is the 'Big Sis.' Doesn't trust her.
○ | Malachite - co-worker at Gotham city. Police detective. Honest and hard working cop but a mama's boy.
○ | Janius - member of the Shadow Court. Contact. A demon hunter by trade. Doesn't talk much but is revered and very effective.
○ | Destructoro and Roca - Cousins that helped her on either side of Mex/USA border. Destro is stoic fabricator and arms dealer. Rocito is the goofy farmer and drug dealer.

○ | Undersiders - original squad of black-ops teen supersoldiers in XTC - specialized in espionage and subterfuge.
○ | Gotham City PD, Special Investigation Unit - Worked as an investigator in cold cases specializing in occult occurences/otherworldly connections
○ | The Shadow Court - Worked as consultant and channeller for the group on a case-by-case basis.
○ | Belle Reve Correctionals - came highly recommended and with glowing honours. Has been a major asset for inmate eval that lead to selecting potential candidates for specialized dark ops team.

○ | Sector XTC - the Canadian secret black-ops and supersoldier Research and Development.
○ | Gotham City Criminals - a looooot of bad guys that thought they got away with it were busted eventually by her team.
○ | Demonic Spirits - she has exorcised her fair share of possessive 'demons' and they know her Name and want her broken
○ | Belle Reve inmates - There are some that like her for her upbeat and open personality. Then there are those with secrets to keep. They want the secrets kept secret at all costs.

~Assets and Abilities:


○ | Big Bank Account - Has saved up a lot of money by living within her means. Helps that she worked for bigtime people with bigtime money.
○ | Property and Vehicles : Large house with pool, lakeshore property with cabin, boat, car, motorcycle.
○ | 4 Dogs, One Cat: Rare large breeding Himilayan dogs, Maine Coon cat. (Has custody of cat only now)
○ | Gear/Kit: Correctionals/Law Enforcement (free), Black Market Weapons, tech, vehicles etc (paid/favours), Supernatural Items (trade/favours).

○ | Tactical Armour with Specialized Tech - Light body armour and helmet. Gas mask, night vision, telescopic vison, enhanced aural/voice, elite integrated comms, Tracking HUD,
○ | Side Arm and Thrown Weapons - 10 shot pistol, flash bangs, smoke bombs, magnetic bombs, shurikens, thrown knives/dart, (inc. narcotic/toxin applications).
○ | Accessories - flashlight, water flask, protein bars, adrenaline shot, med kit, compass, camo/foil blanket, combat knife, flares suture kit, multi-tool, watch.
○ | Black Ops B&E Kits - Digital/Analogue bypass tools, Glass cutter, braided poly-rope, personal climbers kit, small exposives, waterproof bags, prybar.

Shamanic Powers: Medium / Spiritual Empath
○ | Aura Intertwine - this is her main power to gain greater empathy toward another life form and better 'read' what they are all about. She is able to detect how many life forms or if spirits are present. Targets are susceptible to her influence when she sings; animals will become docile towards her when she sings for them. She uses it as a form of lie detector and a way to manipulate others into confessing crimes. It cannot hold up in court but there are other ways to exact justice...
○ | Spirit Walk- she is able to reach out into the unseen Otherside and interact with spirits or attempt to travel into anothers dreams and scry or harm them. She will use her influence to manipulate and contort the Dreamspace around herself. If you are attacked by her in the DreamSpace, you are basically frozen in place and in statis in the real world (Sleep Paralysis). She may even Hex you from this side causing physical ailments and sickness to the victim in the waking world.
**This is dangerous for her since not only is her mortal body vulnerable in the waking world but her body has a chance to be possessed by demonic spirits. And in this state she must still abide by the contracts and bargains she has struck with other entities so she may properly maintain the 'rights' and 'claims' to her territories in the Otherside.
**Right now she has no Domain except her own personal DreamSpace due to not wanting to be recognized at large. So right now she only has influence over others, no where near the dominating presence she once was.**
○ | Conduit - sometimes the spirits just come to her since they recognize her as a Name. When she needs to contact them she will chant and sing and then is able to link and commune with spirits and the unrested dead as a Medium would. Again testimomy will not hold up in court but there are other paths that lead to justice. She is able to use her Aura powers in conjuction with her Conduit skills to link and provide an open communication with others that she made ritual with. Or she may track a single target but must mark them via Spirit Walk.
○ | Spiritual Comms - she may link others up to a Dreamspace that may act as a hub for secret communications. This is her domain and she may see the exact location of her squadmates and their current physical, mental and emotional states. This hub also acts like a 'cloud' where those linked to it may store first person experiences to re-live for all later. Great as a real time a/v recording with full physical, mental and emotional recall if necessary. The process to link others is an arduous process that requires a day long ritual that puts the potential linker to the Dreamspace through the wringers of Hell. But it is worth the price for not only are they in complete contact with your allies, but she may use her own spiritual energy reserves to boost others as an shot of spiritual adrenaline or send a spiritual guardian to aid them on the spot.
○ | Silver-lined Pacts - these are favours she may ask of spirits to aid her by increasing her powers for more effective or potent use. She is cautious to make any of these pacts since she will be absolutely bound to the terms. In desperation, she has made Major pacts 3 times. Each time she has gained a new demonic enemy and must now watch out for their attacks on her until they are compensated. But being on good terms with powerful spirits enhances her other abilitties too so she will take them on Minor ones every so often.

Supersoldier Training / Upgrades / Implants:

○ | Highly skilled in field combat as a black ops soldier: close combat, firearms, artillery, explosives, flight training, intel, comms, non-verbal communication, stealth, mental/physical endurance, rituals, specialized in morale and teambuilding.
○ | Synthetic reinforced limbs, joints and digits making her exceptionally durable. Dishes out and takes punishment like a champ.
○ | Reinforced spine, upgraded synapses/nerves giving her superhuman flexibility, accuracy, precision, aim and reflexes.

○ | Upgraded muscles and ligaments giving her superhuman strength, speed and agility.
○ | Enhanced internal organs, ears and eyes allowing for disease resistance, fast healing, and exceptional senses. Can see in dark/infrared too.




∘ | Notti is just another lost child who went missing across Canada all those years ago. As a young girl she and many other children were taken by the secret para-military government body known to a small few as Sector XTC.
∘ |
Flourished with manipulating auras and spirits. Became an excellent tool for interros, investigations and insurrections.
∘ | All children were experimented upon: enhanced body parts, implants and Adept Power Accelerants were all used to create super soldier children.
∘ | Siblings are: Ahmi, CoCo, Cookie, Corki, Daisy, Giro, Halo, LiLi, Notti, Rainy, Sunny, Talli and Tricky . They all cut themselves and shared a blood bond.
∘ | Notti's skillset paved the way for her to excel at stealth and covert-ops training. Her Spiritual Comms wear an excellent gauge of how many unfriendlies were on scene.
∘ | Was inserted into the black-ops subeterfuge team: The Undersiders, using callsign: 'Azure'. This was a specialize re-con and sabotage unit that Notti linked up by manipulating her teams auras.
∘ | They were on Canada's west coast, mid-mission, readying themselves for next set of orders when all of a sudden their aerial support team, Aerial Prime imploded and they began attacking each other. This breach of ingrained protocol to never harm another team mate broke through the programming inside many of the soldiers. They watched in horror and awe as Aerial Prime started killing each other. Then others on the ground started to fight. And kill. Many of the XTC spec-ops members broke rank and went AWOL post haste during the fracas. Notti was one of the lucky ones that got away.
∘ | Still a teen, Notti went dark for years, hiding and skulking from city to city across North America, doing spot shadow war jobs in secret, yet gaining an underground rep as she helped those in need. Finally she holed up in a small town 60km outside of Mexico City. Then she got the call from a particular someone in Gotham City. They needed her particular set of skills. She was airlifted out of there and effectively erased and given a new identity. It was here where she took on the name Nouvelle Tiamo and soon enough met up with her first true love of her life, Polita.
∘ | She was an instant hit as she aided in the more notorious cases in Gotham City and neighbouring 'burbs. She even helped take down a crime sydicate that was in midst of purchasing and recieving supersoldier serums. Her name spread out to certain mystical circles and she was hired on several times by The Shadow Court.
∘ |
With their aid, she became spiritually strong enough to break free from the spell her lover Polita had cast upon her. Needing a fresh start and new scenery, her friend Markina gave her a glowing recommendation at Belle Reve. She is a Special Agent, playing role of a guard with strong interrogation and empathic skills. Nouvelle is usually present when taking in new inmates. or surpressing out of control inmates.

∘ | With the pay, covered living expenses and benefits, she took on the offer. The change helped 1000 fold. It was here where she met, fell in love and got engaged to Derrick Johns. She had been successfully employed for a year now and has just recently become engaged. All things were on the up and up.
∘ | Then she found out her fiance was cheating on her. Right now she's going thru the break up. And then suddenly without warning they came. The world was not ready for the invasion.

In my head I do Everything Right...

"Shi" - Ashya Calvillo-Holmes_ 'MOON PRISM!!'


'Dashy, Skittles, Rainbow, Prissi (as UNICORN!!)',

She/Her ○ Lesbian ○ 23 ○ 5'2" ○ 115lbs ○ (nat) Dark Brown Hair ○ Blue Eyes ○ Light Brown Skin ○ Toned, athletic build
Inmate (2 months) Former Vigilante ○ Human Shapeshifter Rainbow powered UNICORN!!
(FC: AI) Single ○ May 25th ○ Canadian (currently on Coastal Oregon)

This is Shi...


Shi is a short, yet fit young woman, proud of her body and her tattoos. She is constantly dyeing her hair in different multi-coloured styles and looks. When in doubt expect a rainbow on top of her head. She swings from min make to full on warpaint. But rest assured Shi will do up her lashes and liner to make her blue eyes pop. She has ink on her chest, arms, thighs, back and feet

The woman is constantly changing from skater chica look to cute bright and colourful skirts. She is in fantastic shape and she loves to show off that midriff and her legs at all given times. She is an activity addict and will defo be seen either on one of her collection of skateboards or out on the beach surfing a set or 2! Then of course there is clubbadonna nights when she just goes all in with the fantabulous stylings and accessories.

Shi smells of shea/cocoa butter, jasmine, vanilla and sometimes hardworking sweaty girlie.


○ | Big bad savings/investments - being frugal and signing onto Armada has increased her cash value. Needs that millie dolla-dolla house!!
○ | Property and Vehicles : Silent partner of skate/surf shop; Shredtown Vandals. Owns a tricked out Dodge Magnum named 'Vroom-Vroom!!' to cart around her surfboards. A bunch of skateboards.
○ | MOONLIGHTERS!!: Funds a network of skilled fans/diehards that alert her to crime being commited and help her with research and logistics.


○ | Only what they provide for her in the field. Shi is used to just staying in MOON PRISM!! form to fight crime so no supersuit nor costume.



Shifts into an adorable adult ivory unicorn with flowing white mane and tail. Big sapphire-like eyes with long dark lashes. Radiates positive energy and when she is 'feelin it' a golden halo will sprout up over her head. Whenever she walks her hooves leave traces of glowing rainbows in her steps. Her voice is melodic and interweaves laughs and precious gasps. She is very much like a show pony with perfect posture, dainty steps and poses in that just right way.

Moon Prism 's main abliltiy is that of the RAINBOW. When activated, several motes colour, each the differing colour of a rainbow, and they dance and spin around her body. She gains a boost of muscle power, reflexes, armour and pain threshold. She can also create rainbow paths and run on them as if they were magical bridges. They even allow her to traverse great gaps, run up walls or even run upsidedown!

She is quite fast and agile when using her rainbow as transport. She may also deflect attacks with her path if she times it just right. Her other rainbow power is that of healing. She may press her horn upon the wounded, sick or poisoned and cure their ailment. It comes at a cost; she must use up her energy that she normally uses to create rainbow paths and the rainbow motes will not be as effective either.

The problem with her is that she is quite clumsy in combat. She can hold her own using her horn and hooves as her weapons of choice. However, she fights like a bull in a china shop; things break as she smashes them since she is the size of a pony, super strong, and resistant to pain. She doesn't register that she just smashed into a car and totalled the passenger side, so she just goes on fighting,

**Her major weakness is marijuana. Feed her just a small bit of the green and she will instantly get just absolutely wrecked. So she does try to gain resistance by 'going green' on the daily lol



What's in a Name?

'Ashya' is her great-grandmother's name which is a combination of Ashlin and Kenya. Ashlin is the name of the family that took the Calvillo's in when no one else would. Kenya is the homeland of her great-grandmother's best friend. Changed her legal name to: 'Shi' cuz she hated the connotation of 'Ashy', her nick growing up. Her friends either call her 'Dashy or Skittles.' Dashy because of the one time she cosplayed as a popular kids tvs show pony character and Skittles as in the rainbow candy. At work they called her 'Rainbow' for obvious reasons.


It was only a matter of time before the collateral damage as Moon Prism would catch up with her. The vigilante was infamous for destroying property and just being a wrecking ball wherever she went. She's in Belle Reve to get her off the streets as a menace to society and convicted criminal. The vigilante nearly killing a school bus filled with kids and actually killing several innocent bystanders in the same incident.

○ | MTBI is a ENFJ
○ | Point to House Slytherin
○ | Chaotic Good
○ | Temperment - Sanguine

○ | Disability - Latest problem is that she is starting to believe that Shi and Moon Prism are 2 totally different people. She will not admit to herself which person she'd rather be. Smokes/Edibles the 4:20 daily and gets all

Interests and Dislikes:
○ | Still skateboards and surfs when she gets the chance but regularly attends dance sessions; as a child she used to dance competitively.
○ | Doesn't like to talk about it but she is estranged with her family due to being taken into provincial custody due to abuse. Only family she keeps close is sis, Poli/Powder, and Aunt Jackie.
○ | Doesn't play video games but watches the playthroughs cuz she enjoys the stories... not that she creepin on cute gamer girls lol
○ | Works at 'Tasia's.' And when the sports pub holds karaoke night, Shi gets a to do a song and dance number that is quite the spectacle. Has to take a long break cuz all the drunk dudes get all horny for her afterwards. Eww.

○ | Drives an old Dodge Magnum that keeps breaking down, but she just does not want to get rid of it cuz of the cargo room. She glammed it up and modded it so it still looks super dope.
○ |
Worked as a waitress at a sports pub and hates her life. The guys are drunken, pervy pigs but eyo, they tip like mfers so she deals with it.
○ | Find her at a coffee shop after working out and chill with the chica. Always seems to be offering/asking to go for coffee... and note it's always 4:20 with her lol. But clubbing scene has fallen off ever since she lost her gf.
○ | Acts like she absolutely hates Moon Prism for acting like a popstar vigilante and not platforming with all the attention she receives. She'd be a perfect rep for the community.
○ | BUT!! She actually loves her alter ego and adores being able to be free and turned all the way upt to 11 and yes, even altruistic. The Unicorn's persona is the opposite of the Woman. It's sad but she feels her real friends are the ones in costumes and fighting crime, not the hollow TikkaTokka watching bots that just gas her up for being a strong independant woman. When's the last time they stopped a man from kidnapping a kid? Or helped an elderly person offa the bus for that matter. Fake empowerment.

+ | Thoughtful, Friendly, Perceptive
| Detail-Oriented, Well-spoken, Hands-On
+ |
Creative, Quick Learner, and Hard-working
+ | Daring, Acrobatic, Athletic

{Has become withdrawn and lacks the spark of life ever since convicted}

- | Sarcastic, Easily Annoyed, Picky
- | Obsessive, Bossy, Dismissive
- | Curiosity, Caffeine Addiction, Any reason to get High
- | Daring, Needs to be Active, Belittles Love and Affection

{Has become overly Sarcastic, Easily Annoyed and Picky since conviction}

Fears and Dreams:
○ | Fears that enemies will figure out her alter ego and all that she cares about will be compromised and destroyed/killed.
○ | Fears if she ever has kids they will go through the cycle of abuse, but does want them to be Witches though.
○ | But wants to settle down with a good woman and either adopt or inseminate so as to have at least 4 kids.
○ | Makes a tonne of money but still lives in an apartment. She is saving up to buy a house outright with a pool and skatepark in the yard.
○ | Had an OF side hustle selling select pics and her panties that no one knows about. Fears she will be found out since she was underaged.

Romantic Interests:
○ | Crushing on two supers right now. A fire-manipulator skater chick called 'Infernal' and an electricity-manipulator vampy chick called 'DarkSpark'
○ | Had a boyfriend in highschool that helped her run away. Only dude she ever got with. Had a 2 year relationship with 'Vixen', a Kitsune-shifter cutie chick until she was killed. Single for 2 years since. Shi gets all mopey when talks about that one EX...
○ | Shi is attracted to strong-personas whether extraverted or not. Cute and talkative too since she isn't that mouthy herself. She don't care too much about money or status but they have to be a Super. That and she has a pref for chicks less than 5'6". Shi is short and feels an uncomfortable weirdness if her love interest towers over her. They also have to be fit or at least active. She don't mind chicks with baggage but Shi is not an emotional punching bag. They also have to get along with MOON PRISM!! too which can be a hard ask since the unicorn ego is reeeeeeealllly a different character from Shi herself.

Friends / Family / Acquaintances:
○ | Micah and Esperanza - estranged father and mother.
○ | Auntie Jacquelina "Whisper" - aunt on her dad's side that raised her, Telekinetic Witch
○ | Polvera "Wickedness" - big sister and badass, badgirl Witch Mother of the Coven of 13 yet is borderline villain.
○ | Andi "DarkSpark" - friend and current crush. Electricity Manipulator.
○ | Corinna "Infernal" - another friend and current crush. Fire Manipulator.
○ | Marc - 4:20 bro that lives in the same building.
○ | Otto "Toxic Fang" - snakeperson shape-shifter. Worked in tandem as vigilante several times.
○ | Dani and Ada - co-workers from the pub and hype-women for karaoke night!
○ | Tiny and Junior - homies that work as doormen/bouncers.

○ | Titans - worked along side them for several stints
○ | Fallen Angels - joined ragtag vigilante group for about a month till she felt solo was best.
○ | The Demonized - anti-hero group that specializes in powerful otherworldly entities (Infernal's group)
○ | Armada Inc. - a massive entertainment multi-corp. that funds and sponsors MOON PRISM!! and cleans up her collateral damage

○ | Ambush - teleporting assassin that she just can't seem to capture.
○ | Nova Red - a big-booty, bouncy-boobs, blonde badgirl. 2-5 record vs the Psychotic plasma manipulator.
○ | The Hive - assassin group backed Ambush and fought Fallen Angels when MOON PRISM!! was still a member.
○ | Lexcorp - Major rival of Armada Inc. and trying to sabotage the unicorn's rep.




○ | Born in Victoria, BC, Canada. 'Ashya Calvillo-Holmes' is of Caucasian, Latina, African and Mid-Eastern descent. Youngest of 3 sisters. Polvera eldest, Shauni and then Ashya. Shauni abducted when Ashya was a baby.
○ | Ashya and her sister had a horrible upbringing. Both suffered physical/emotional abuse by their addict father, Micah. Their mother, Esperanza, was detatched, broken and suffered from substance abuse. Both just could not withstand being constantly connected to spirits so to suppress it all they turned to heavy, heavy narcotics and alcohol use. Auntie Jackie, 34, half-sister of Micah, practically raised them.
○ | Their mother was actually supposed to be a powerful witch coven leader but couldn't handle it. And so Poli was trained to take her place. Ashya was taught to be a witch too, but her school found out.
○ | It was part of the rites and rituals to go through scarrification but the girl's wounds were seen as obvious child abuse and endangerment and so at age 9, Ashya was taken away from her home and became a Ward of the Province and put into the child foster care services.
○ | It was here where she found her true love; skateboarding. This was her escape and where she felt like she was worth living for herself. This was where she could find joy and happiness. This is where she could find herself.
○ | Because other than her life outside of skateboarding? My gosh what a shit show. Not gunna go into details but she was not better off in foster homes. In fact worse since Auntie Jackie would have taken care of her. And with the suffering came discovery of her power.
○ | At age 16 Ashya found out that she too could channel spirits and make bargains like those of her bloodline coven. She was to be a Shapeshifter. But as she made pact, she chose to take only one form. It would be the one that kept her sane, safe and still striving to survive. She had a little raggedy stuffed unicorn that belonged to her kidnapped sister. Ashya desperately wanted to be that same thing but in the flesh.
○ | The Unicorn was born and with it came all her joy happiness and vibrant life. And the Unicorn could make rainbows and run on them similar to skating around the city. Here she found her for real escape. And so she did.
○ | Ashya fled to the Pacific Coast USA where she lived homeless on the streets and lived a life of petty crimes. Then mercifully Auntie Jackie found her and took her in on the Oregon coast.
○ | Jackie helped the girl use her power to the full potential and eventually, the unicorn was known as MOON PRISM!! and began her journey to heal. Even reunited with big sis, Powder (Polivera) / 'Wickedness.'
○ | Once she grew into adulthood, the young woman now known as 'Shi', found a good job at Tasia's Pub and by night worked as a vigilante fighting small crime at first.
○ | As her skill and rep grew, she was funded by Armada Inc. And soon enough Moon joined several other supers but one group in particular she met with her first real gf; Vixen, a member of the Fallen Angels. Finally after nearly 2 years of dating, they moved in together and Moon joined the Angels. But sadly a month later, Vixen was killed and soon enough Shi disbanded and went solo again.
○ | Shi had a network of Moon's devout following but just could not locate the killer. So she went to her friend Infernal, member of The Demonized to help her track down The Damnation, a devil-bound monster of a man that had killed Vixen. In the several battles they had, finally Moon defeated him and ended up killing the monster. But sadly in the collateral damage of the epic fight, a building came down killing several people. But the one that she killed that she just cannot forgive herself was the 8-month pregant mother. Armada Inc. severed contract immediately.
○ | After saying her goodbyes to family and friends, Shi finally turned herself in and was promptly relocated to Belle Reve Correctionals... with her fave unicorn cruiserboard!!

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Full Name: Violettin Hojo
Name Meaning: Violettin is a downplay of the words Violet and Violin while Hojo means "North"
Nicknames: Annoying Person, Vivy, Viv, Carnivale Cadenza (Codename)
Gender: Female
Age: 160 (looks 20 physically)
Birthday: Jan 11th
Species: Resurrected Human (Ghoul technically)
Nationality: Japanese-English

Role: Inmate
Crime: Manslaughter, even Accounts of Terrorism, Domestic Violence, Seventeen ACCOUNTS OF HOMOCIDE, and plenty of Vandalism charges as well
  • Superhuman Strength: Violettin possesses immense physical strength, capable of lifting and throwing heavy objects with ease. This allows her to overpower most human adversaries and engage in combat with other not normal beings.
  • Superhuman Reaction: Violettin has have drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing her to dodge things that are hard for the human reflexitively dodge, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react better against her enhanced opponents.
  • Superhuman Agility: Violettin’s agility is actually good, enabling her to perform acrobatic feats such as flips, jumps, and swift directional changes. Her agility makes her difficult to target and allows him to navigate complex environments effortlessly.
  • Superhuman Durability: Due to Violettin’s undead body and skeletal structure are highly resistant to physical damage. She can withstand significant impacts, cuts, and blunt force trauma that would incapacitate or kill a normal human.
  • Musical Attacks: Hence her name Violettin can manipulate and generate music, an art form she learns that she can use to generate sounds to trick others or use the musical sounds to attack them physically via Music Notes.
  • Extremely high Pain Tolerance: Having been revived multiple times and been experimented on, She has developed an ability to suppress her pain. So no matter how battered or wrecked she is, She won't feel it and will keep going to fight.
  • Reattachable Parts: Violetta can reattach any torn parts off her that has been torn off as long as they can be recovered or replaced the old missing limbs.
Skills and Weaponry:
  • Ballet: She is extremely good at ballet due to her love to dance.
  • Expert Swordsmanship: Being trained in the combat of wielding blades of all kinds, She's good at that too.
  • Extensive Knowledge in Geographical Culture: She loved the world and before her imprisonment, she would read day in and day out about various parts of the world to learn their culture and anything else.
  • Knives: She has them and she keeps them if they allow her, She can use the knives in close combat or in throwing them.
Allegiances: The Execution Squadron
Justice League

Appearance: Violettin is an extremely short and petite being, being only a measly 5'0" in her standing height, with her skin being quite pale in comparison to a normal person in contrast to her long curly raven hair with bangs slightly swept to the right. On her skin is various cuts and stitches from her repeated surgeries to keep her limbs together. Her current casual outfit is to keep up to date with this century's standards as a mysterious being.
Look above for both standard and costume, But her costume is a modified bulletproof outfit outfitted with knives in it's hidden pockets..
Scent: Roses and Vanilla
Height & Weight: 5'0" and 142lbs
Body Modifications: Has a heaving device implanted within her to help with her hearing disability.
Physical Disabilities: Is Hearing impaired since resurrection as a downside
Faceclaim: Nana Mizuki

Personality: Violettin is someone with a cheerful bubbly person who she loves to cheer on and loves to have a conversation with one as they typically enjoy them as a childish, very lively, social, and doesn't like it when others forget about her. She doesn't like waiting for others and likely will annoy anyone if she's forced to wait for too long. She is quite of a go-getter as a person who loves to do anything she deems is fun. Often going above and beyond, Violettin takes talking with others as a way on making allies and talking to them. She has a preference to tease others and make fun of their mistakes at times. She has interest in music and loves to play it at the most ungodliest time.
Positive Traits:
  • Optimistic
  • Socially Aware
  • Loyal
  • Empathetic with allies
  • Passionate about music
Negative Traits:
  • The Shortest Attention Span
  • Self-Destructive
  • Emotionally Unstable
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: Sanguine

  • Music
  • Being around others
  • Games
  • Sunrises
  • Reading a book about Culture
  • Being Alone
  • people who ruins her performances
  • People taking to long
  • Not being able to die.
  • Often collects random notes written on napkins
  • She gets in very random violent moods often
  • Hiccups when lying.
  • Reads to past time when bored.
  • Again loneliness
  • Being Harmed
  • Having to be used by someone for gains
Hobbies: Reading, Songwriting, Dancing
Mental Disorders: PTSD(when Revived repeatedly), ADHD, and Bipolar

Family: Takato Hojo (Father), Elizabeth Ingrid
Hometown: California, USA
Backstory: Born as a child immigrant of a Japanese and an American mother who was raised on a Farm, Violettin was a child by norms in her time a very... very playful and energetic child aside from her differences from others as a kid due to her mixed Heritage as a child while growing up. She was liked by some of the kids that she grew up closely with unlike the couple other children that.... Much less didn't like her and would at the slightest chance bully her or even threaten her and her family due to her heritage which was disliked among the older times.

As she reached her near years of adulthood without a crush or even marrying someone much the oblige of her parents who wanted her to mary her or even try to get her to fall in love, But she resisted and didn't want to... She just felt that it wasn't yet. Until as the days goes by she began to slowly notice someone stalking her and there would be mysterious letters sent to her, She was soon aware that she had a stalker and Violettin really couldn't do much about due to the foreboding consequences. She was one day approached by a couple of mysterious men whom she ran away from ddue to their red flags but she couldn't get far due to her being captured and drowned by one of them. But that wasn't the end of her because she came back... She was revived again by a scientist who over time killed her over and over again and brought her back via the experiments wanting to create a perfect killer with abilities, Everytime she came back... the less of her sanity had remained.

Until finally her powers was awakened while an experiment/ Training regimen where after all these years of constant pain an torture, She was placed into a created assassin's Squadron as called the Maidens a strong group in the mid 1900's which was feared across America for the skills in the way of killing, Including going head to head with the Justice league on occasions due to how persistent they was. Until the group was brought down with the teamwork of the Justice League and Batman's planning, and was brought down to Belles Reves where she was incarcerated for an extremely unknown amounts of time, But her work as a killer had put herself on Amanda Waller's Jurisdiction where she was offered a lighter sentence if she joins the Suicide Squad.

Sexuality: Lesbian
Relationship Status:
Crush(es): N/A
Past Partners: N/A
  • Cute Things
  • Poetry
  • Cringe
  • Dishonesty
  • Cruelty
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant

- as many as you’d like
- "Dolls" - Bella Poarch
- "Sarcasm" - Get Scared
- "Centuries" - Twenty One Pliots
- "Savior of Song" - Nano, MY FIRST STORY
- "Falling Inside the Black" - Skillet

Full Name: Adam Shirazi
Name Meaning: Adam is an Arabic name that means Born of the Earth. Shirazi is a Persian family surname meaning a descendant of someone from the Iranian city of Shiraz, the place Adam’s family was traditionally from.
Nicknames: Shaz (called that in high school), Doc, Green Thumb (Current codename that he hates)
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Age: 29
Birthday: April 22
Species: Altered Human
Nationality: Born in the United Kingdom, Adam’s parents are Iranian and English.

Role: Inmate
Crime: 782 Counts of Involuntary Manslaughter, Assault, Grand Theft Auto, 10 Counts of third-degree murder
Powers: Adam’s body was caught in a terra-forming accident, his entire body being rewritten by the device. Normally this would result in his death, but Adam had a latent meta-gene, one that activated at the moment of the blast. Adam was effectively reborn as a half-man/half-plant creature who was becoming more and more plant like with each passing day. This started as a mental connection to the plant life around him, as Adam could sense a tree or flower before actually seeing it. This mental awareness would eventually turn into a connection to the Green, an energy field that connects all plant life in the Multiverse. The Green both offers Adam advice as well as giving him tasks that would help plant life.

Since the accident, Adam has slowly changed more into being a plant. He has found that he no longer needs to eat, instead water and sun sustaining him through photosynthesis. He can also heal a lot faster than a regular human, as he can retain excess solar energy to speed up his natural bodily processes. A side effect of this is that Adam is much more active during the day, but at night he slows down and his powers weaken.

Adam can also create plant life from his body, turning his animal cells into plant cells. While using this power, Adam’s skin turns green as it is flushed with chlorophyll to strengthen the plant side of Adam. The plant life Adam can create is only limited to plants that he knows about. An easy one is something like vines from his hands as a whipping weapon, covering his skin in bark to provide more defense, or creating a poisonous flower to incapacitate an enemy. These plant creations don’t last long, usually under a minute, but Adam does have the potential to make them last longer if he actively trained with them.
Skills and Weaponry: Adam is a skilled scientist, having dabbled in many fields. However his true focus is in geoengineering as he is the world’s foremost expert on terra-forming. However these skills aren’t of much use with the Suicide Squad. What is helpful is Adam’s prior self defense and gun training, as he wanted to learn how to defend himself. To that end Adam is allowed to keep a basic firearm on him during missions. A random skill Adam has is cooking, as both his parents were terrible cooks. Unfortunately he hasn’t used this skill much since he no longer needs to consume food since becoming part plant.
Allegiances: Task Force X, the Green
Enemies: Halo Technologies, HIVE, the Blue Devil

Appearance: Adam comes from a mixed half-Iranian/half-English parentage and thus has aspects of both ethnicities. Born with light brown skin, brown eyes, black hair, and a short height, Adam isn’t something amazing to look at, but he makes up for this with extreme confidence. Adam does make sure that he always looks his best when he goes out, using things like facial creams and hair product so that he is always his most presentable.
Wardrobe: Adam has always dressed nice, having an European flair to his clothing since he was born in England. He used to wear expensive suits and jackets, even when they weren’t necessary for whatever he was doing. However since the accident, Adam has just worn whatever he can find, robbing stores of basic shirts and pants. Adam didn’t have a super-suit before, but Task Force X has provided him with a specialty made black armor, meant to keep in both heat and solar energy to increase Adam’s powers.
Scent: Fresh cut grass and pine needles
Height & Weight: 5’5’’ and 145 lbs
Body Modifications: None
Physical Disabilities: None
Face claim: Arsalan Ghasemi

Personality: Adam has always been wanting more, whether that be knowledge, wealth, or power. This hunger has led him to excel in many aspects of his life, earning degrees, job placements, and eventually control. Adam definitely believes that he is worth more, that he should be the one to attain great things. Due to this Adam has a belittling view of other people, often feeling that he needs to take charge and guide them, or else nothing would get done. To Adam, most other people are like children.

While Adam does view himself as superior, he also will quietly question himself. Random fears and anxieties will cause him to question things he does, which seriously messes with his mental state. These fears became only stronger after the accident, when Adam now had to deal with having superpowers. An intense urge to not become a monster has overtaken Adam, hence why he surrendered to the government. While sitting in his jail cell, Adam is torn between worries of power misuse and the thought that he is so much better than the others there. Essentially Adam is above being imprisoned, as he is of too much use to the world.

Another aspect of Adam is his amorality. Though he grew up under two well mannered parents, Adam never exactly grasped morals. Making a buck or otherwise increasing his station in life has always been paramount to Adam. This would all lead up to handing a potentially world changing device to a criminal organization. Adam still doesn’t see that as wrong, only being sorry that the sale was interrupted and the accident happened. In Adam’s mind, as long as you don’t get caught, then is it really a crime?
Positive Traits:
  • Brilliant
  • Creative
  • Hard Working
  • Tenacious
  • Takes Charge
Negative Traits:
  • Amoral
  • Power Hungry
  • Flippant
  • Lack of Empathy
  • Overbearing
MBTI Type: INTJ-A (The Architect)
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Moral Alignment: True Neutral
Temperament: Choleric

  • New Knowledge
  • Keeping Active
  • Literature
  • Documentaries
  • Slow People
  • Simple Mistakes
  • Egomaniacs
  • Caffeine
  • Tapping his foot
  • Chews of pens while thinking
  • Having a look on his face like he’s zoned out
  • Losing Control of his life or himself
  • Being reduced to nothing
  • Fast Cars
  • Ceasing to be human
Hobbies: Researching new topics, cooking, sudoku, and exercise
Mental Disorders: Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Family: Hakim Shirazi (Father), Heather Holt-Shirazi (Mother)
Hometown: London, England
Backstory: The Shirazi family was a vast one, living across most of Iran for the last several hundred years. Adam’s father Hakim would be something of a scholar, attending Fasa University just outside the city of Shiraz. He would also be openly atheist, a stance tolerated but not endorsed by the ruling monarchy of Iran. This would change in 1979 with the Iranian Revolution, in which the ruling monarchy was ousted an a theocratic republic took power. Suddenly things were very difficult for those openly different from the perception the state had of what made a good Iranian. Feeling unsafe, Hakim and a few of his friends would leave their homeland, eventually finding asylum in the United Kingdom.

Hakim would end up in London, where he would finish his studies, eventually becoming a professor. Many years later, Hakim would be teaching at the University of London when he would fall in love with a student. Heather was the ace student of Hakim’s biology class, and it was clear that they were into each other. A hidden love affair would begin, one they only revealed to others a few months after Heather graduated with her degree. It wouldn’t be too long until they got married. And while they weren’t planning on having any children, Heather did get pregnant and she kept the child. So shortly after that Adam would be born.

Raised by a pair of intellectuals, Adam was encouraged to learn and improve on himself. Sent to the best schools, given as many extracurricular activities as he wanted, and just allowed to find hobbies, Adam was always presented with a wealth of information. However, unlike his parents who sought knowledge for academic advantage, Adam would instead be motivated by profit. From even his pre-teen years, Adam would start his own businesses and then quickly sell them for a profit.

As a teenager Adam become entranced with the big ideas in science, like teleportation, fully functional AI, or faster-than-light travel. But it would be terra-forming that would stick to his mind, as it was the one closest to his field of current study. To that end, instead of attending regular post-secondary schooling, Adam would become a part of a youth think thank in the States, an effort to make the world a better place.

Adam’s great project while with them was developing a fast growing seed that could facilitate a quicker harvest. Based on this design alone, Adam would be offered several positions at companies like Wayne Enterprises or LexCorp. But he would choose a placement with Halo Technologies, admittedly a smaller company, but a position with more control and higher pay.

Adam would spend several years with Halo, eventually becoming their youngest head of research and development. It was with this position that Adam insisted on them pursuing his dream, working terra-forming technology. This would be an almost insurmountable task, one some scientists said was impossible.

However, Adam would eventually create a working terra-forming bomb, that had a few mile discharge, turning unusable ground into healthy fields. Adam was overjoyed at his invention, somewhat from how it would change the world, but more so from the crazy amount of money he was going to make off it. However, word of the working prototype would reach the American government who began efforts to seize the terra-forming bomb.

In an effort to not lose his investment, Adam would become open to selling the terra-forming bomb, for less money than he could’ve made previously, but it was better than nothing. Eventually he would find a buyer in the criminal organization HIVE, who wanted the device for unknown means. Adam would then smuggle out the device from the Halo Technologies lab, and take it to a nearby small town, where he was met to meet with the HIVE agents.

Unfortunately for Adam, government agents would follow him, interrupting the sale. A gunfight would break out, during which a HIVE blaster energy beam would collide with the terra-forming bomb. This mix of energy would cause the device to go off, a wave of terra-forming power overtaking the small town. After the blast, all that was left was a green field with no structures. Adam would then awaken a minute later, finding himself the only survivor of the blast. Realizing that he would be blamed for this, Adam fled. Once he got out of the reach of the blast, Adam found and then stole a pickup truck. Adam would then go on the run.

During these initial days Adam would begin to hear voices in his head. He would shake these off as he continued to run. That was until he was recognized by a sheriff who attempted to arrest him. Acting on impulse, Adam would spout massive vines and knock back the cop. Adam would then flee into the woods, where his body would continue to change.

Eventually Adam stopped needing to eat, instead getting nutrition from the sun. He could also call upon and commune with the various plants around him, a network called the Green. Adam would decide to remain in exile, eventually ending up in the swamps of Louisiana. There he would become something of a local legend, a monster of the bog. This legend would attract hunters wishing to bag the monster, the idiot hunters searching the swamp for Adam. Unfortunately for them, he was infuriated that he was being hunted and used his powers to kill the hunters.

This would happen several times before local hero Blue Devil went to investigate things himself. He would find Adam, who thought the hero just another hunter. The two would fight, but the fight would end when Blue Devil convinced Adam to turn himself in. Adam would begrudgingly do so, being spirited away to the secret supervillain prison Belle Reve.

Consigned to a life behind bars, Adam would try and make peace with his situation. That was until he was called on to join the Suicide Squad. Initially refusing, Adam would have a change of mind after the Green ordered him to fight once more. They had a stake in the protection of the planet, and that meant Adam did as well. He has since been added to the current Suicide Squad team.

Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): None
Past Partners: Various minor flings with men and women, nothing long lasting.
Turn-Ons: Unknown
Turn-Offs: Unknown
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive

- “A Tale from Deep Woods” - Bal-Sagoth
- “Fallen Leaves” - Billy Talent
- “Holy Diver” - Dio
- “Tom Sawyer” - Rush
- “River Below” - Billy Talent
Lost Martian Lost Martian Sorry for the late response, Adam is accepted! I'm curious as to how the terra-forming device would work on alien planets! Maybe then we'll take the fight to Krypton, haha.

Full Name: Levina Noe
Name Meaning:
  • Levina A Latin name meaning thunder or lightning bolt
  • Noe meaning thunder
Nicknames: Maelstrom, The Ageless Knight, The Wanderer, The Guardian,
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Birthday: 25th of December
Species: Lightning Deity
Nationality: Valoryn

Role: Guard (Captain?)
Crime: N/A
  • Powers: Primordial Lightning Manipulation: A lightning so ancient it is said to be from the beginning of the universe. Can create, control, and transform into it, effectively becoming lightning incarnate
  • Atmokinesis - control all forms of weather
  • Electroportation - can transport themselves by electricity, by lightning or electronics.
  • Immortal - Doesn't age
  • Inhuman strength
  • Enhanced durability
  • Interstellar travel

Skills and Weaponry:
  • Martial Arts Expert
  • Highly proficent with Melee weaponary, bows and firearms
  • Multilingualism, Levina can speak, write, understand and communicate in any language
  • Great tactician
  • Calm under pressure

Weilds a Katana named "Storm Bringer"

Allegiances: Bella Reve, Justice League, Gotham PD
Enemies: How much time ya got? It's a LONG list

Appearance: Standing at an impressive six foot six Levina is an imposing figure to behold. With her helmet on she is often mistook for a man. However once the helm is off it is quite clear she is not. Her height however is not the first thing people take note of. Her most striking feature is most likely her face. Her smooth and delicate looking face is one, that she has been told many times, of great beauty. A smooth light complexion, strong brow and jawline and a perfectly round face, it is hard to imagne she has a knack for kicking ass. Deep Hazel eyes, which have clearly seen many things throughout her life, can draw in most people and they can't but help but feel as if she was looking directly into their souls. Steely, piercering, there is a kindness behind them if you know where to look, along with a hard resolve... And how perhaps is the rest of her? One with such a face must have a slim figure yes?

WRONG hidden under her clothing and armour is a body that was achevied via many years of dedication and hard work. Pure toned muscle ripples under that armour of hers. A solid six-pack, powerful arms and legs, she cuts the striking figure. Add her Black hair which is cut shortish, styled in a pixie cut, along with her two visible scars, one long one which runs down upon her cheeck on the left side of her face, another small scar on her right, Levina is quite an eye-catching figure that you won't soon forget.

Wardrobe: Levina is more or less always seen wearing her armour/s. Her armour is always clean and polished, however that's not to say it is pristine. It has seen it's fair share of combat and the numerous marks upon it prove that. Throughout her time upon the planet she has had a few variations for her armour, which she will change from time to time depending on her mood.



However that is not to say that she wears it all the time. Everyone now and then she wil decide to rock something more formal.


Scent: A almost hypnotic pleasent aroma
Height & Weight: 6,6 and 154lbs
Body Modifications: A large Lightning bolt tattoo upon her back
Physical Disabilities: Even though her eye is normal she is actually somwhat blind in her left eye.


Personality: Levina has a charismatic personality. She tends to usually put people around her at ease and make them feel comfortable even in uncomfortable situations as she is kind to all those around her but knows when to be stern and guide people with a steady and strong hand. Calm, elegant, and composed, Levina is the very definition of duty, discipline, and self-control. She excludes an aura of serenity and grace, unfazed by any chaos around her. Her mannerisms and tone of voice is soft and soothing, but clear and direct, gentle but purposeful. Any who have ever seen her rise to a challenge will know she is a woman with an iron will. She is somewhat humble for one who wields such terrifying power and it can be easy to forget she is a godlike being sometimes. Unlike most of the guards, unless it is called for, she will try and solve situations with inmates in a calm manner talking them down rather than using force. However if under threat she will defend herself and those she cares for with extreme prejudice. For all of her calm and kindness, she is still a powerhouse and one not to be messed with. For any who have been lucky (Or unlucky) to have seen her train and or fight will know it can be a terryfying thing.

Positive Traits:

  • Thinking on the spot to combat difficult situations
  • Able to keep others on track and coordinate different tasks without second-guessing themselves or losing focus.
  • Works well under pressure which helps them maintain composure and focus.
  • Strong willed
  • Efficient
  • Observant
  • Protective

Negative Traits:
  • Can be stubborn
  • Rebellious, even though she works at Belle Reve, she does not always agree with their methods.
  • When fighting can sometimes go... overboard..
MBTI Type: Borderline INTJ
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
Temperament: Sanguine

Likes: Reading, practicing combat, exploring, training, learning new things, archaeology and history, listening to music, sweet things, having intellegent conversations with people, chess, her Katana
Dislikes: Cruelty, laxity, things going wrong, missions going sideways, tea and coffee ( Can't stand the stuff)
Habits: Running her hand through her hair when thinking, cleaning her armour
Fears: Becoming trapped somehow somewhere, being alone for eternity is not something she likes to think about.
Hobbies: Reading, listening to music, meditating, studying the inmates of Belle Reve from the side-lines
Mental Disorders: N/A

Father - Lord Protector Revan
Mother - High Priestess Como

Hometown: Valtoria
Levina was born many many many MANY years ago not upon Earth but from another planet called Valorium, ruled by the Valoryn Empire. Whilst not a particularly big planet, the population only being about ten million, there were those upon the planet that were born as a deity. A godlike being with prodigious power. Now the normal population aged very VERY slowly living for millions of years, however those that were born a deity were immortal and when they reached 30 years of age the aging process stopped. Levina was born such a deity, a deity of Lightning, her parents also being deities.

The planet is mostly one of peace and prosperity and being far from any other planets, is left alone. There is another reason why the planet is left alone however. The people of Valorium are a smart, technologically advanced powerful race. Their planetary defence system can easily keep any invaders at bay and when you add the population and the deities well.. You get the picture. Levina was born to a large family household, her Mother and Father being a part of the Empires council. Upon learning that she was a deity they were thrilled, as one was born only every one thousand years or so.

From an early age she was trained to hone her abilities, even more so when she accidently blew up a tree by sneezing and blasting it with lightning when she was three years old. From then on she was taught what it meant to be a deity, the history of Valorium and the Valoryn Empire. Having reached 30 and thus hitting the point of no more aging, she became quite the prominent figure as her powers grew, as she was in short a living battery. Of course Valorium's technology was advanced but with Levina's help they could now tap into experimental nuclear fusion, which in turn provided more or less unlimited energy. Thus Levina aided in her home planet's growth and expansion, for not only was she a fighter but she was smart as well. She dedicated years to helping her planet and eventually with the help of Valorium's brightest they created finally created an infinite power source that could provide power to the whole planet.

And so Valorium entered a Golden era that lasted for many years to come. No more power problems, Levina had become an ambassador for Valorium, travelling with a small fleet from planet to planet offering aid. This went on for hundreds of years as they travelled the galaxy.

One day Levina, would travel by herself to a planet.

That planet was Earth.

Whizzing forward a few thousand years, Levina has now been headhunted to work at Bela Reve, being made a department captain, having recently joined to handle the more.. "problamtic" inmates.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): None as of yet
Past Partners: None
Turn-Ons: Strong minded people, intelligence, kind people, strength (She likes a challenge)
Turn-Offs: Bullies, cruel and coldhearted individuals, laziness, negligence, laxity, arrogance
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant

- as many as you’d like

Full Name: Liling
Name Meaning: Liling is a Chinese name that means “sound of white jasmine,” represented by the hanzi 醴陵.
Nicknames: Pertaining to her given name, she’s been called Ling, Lily, and Li-Li. Within Belle Reve, she’s been called Robobitch, Wall-E, and Stepford. On account of her youthful appearance, she’s been nicknamed Boo, Doll, Sweetness, and Vixen. Her code name is Verdigris, a double meaning referring to the patina that forms on copper and brass, and the bluish-green color, as Liling adores color.
Gender: Female
Age: She can pass for anything between sixteen and twenty-three. However, Liling typically tells people that she’s seventeen, because people are more likely to underestimate a kid. In actuality, Liling is in her ninth year of existence.
Birthday: Her prototype was completed on July 7th, so this is the day her adoptive family has come to celebrate as her birthday.
Species: Artificial intelligence
Nationality: Welsh, as her creator was an Englishman who lived in Wales at the time of her creation and she was first socialized in the UK. But her genome is closest to someone of Chinese origin, hence her ethnic name.


Role: Inmate
Crime: Numerous charges of larceny, breaking and entering, burglary, fraud, tax evasion, and criminal trespassing. One charge of first-degree and one charge of second-degree murder.
Sixth Sense: Without seeing or hearing them, Liling can sense the consciousness of humanoid figures within a quarter-mile radius of her. This also applies to animals the size of a cat or larger, and she can generally narrow down the type of animal to genus. The more densely populated the area is, the more useless her ability is, because she cannot pinpoint the exact number of individuals around her when it exceeds forty. Neither can she specifically identify who the owner of the consciousness is. However, in relatively unpopulated environments, it is nearly impossible to sneak up on Liling.
Love’s Oblivion: Liling has the unique ability to erase memories. These can be either very specific memories, such as the night of someone’s twenty-first birthday party, or they can be a more generic span of time, like the past month. They can also be something more abstract, such as the taste of chocolate.
Sleep is for the Weak: Roughly every three days or so, Liling’s battery will completely drain and she will need to charge. From zero percent to fully charged, the process takes six hours. She does not require a cord or outlet. Rather, she enters a meditative state in which she is less aware of her environment but not fully asleep. She stops charging if she opens her eyes or starts talking. The more strenuous her physical activity, the faster her battery will drain. If her battery depletes entirely, she will abruptly cease all activity and begin the charging process, and she will not be able to exit it until she has reached a full charge. On a related note, she does not need food at all and physical activity will have no exerting effect on her if she is amply charged.
Skills and Weaponry: Liling possesses the intelligence of a highly gifted human being, with an IQ of 145, three standard deviations above the median. Moreover, she was designed to entertain and interact with human audiences. As a result, she is very physically attractive, as well as a skilled painter, dancer, and musician who can play a variety of instruments, most notably the piano and related keyboards. Related to her dancing talent, she has found that she has an uncanny aptitude for acrobatics, being able to walk a tightrope without so much as a teeter and fly on the swings as if she were born with wings. Finally, she was programmed to understand and communicate in a smattering of languages: English, Mandarin, Indonesian, Turkish, Italian, and Russian. No one knows why her eccentric creator chose these languages in particular.
Allegiances: The Kaleidoscope, which is the name of the traveling caravan of troubadours with whom she used to perform for live audiences. After she and several others broke off from it, they called themselves the Flutter. It is worth noting that both kaleidoscope and flutter are names for groups of butterflies, alluding to their colorful costumes and ability to fly through the air.
Enemies: Her creator, an inventor named Bryson Penhallow. No worries, though, she’s buried the hatchet… hehehe.


Appearance: Liling is as cute as a button, a skill that she often uses to her advantage. She appears as a young woman in her late teens or early twenties, with a round, childish face that tapers into a slim jawline. Her complexion has a healthy golden glow that's striking against the midnight-black of her hair, which puffs around her face like a dark cloud. Liling's hair is thick and layered in a neck-length bob, possessing a small wave that makes it flip outward at the ends. Her eyes are angular and frequently veiled in eyeshadow and liner that alternates between bright and dark, sometimes with a wing that flares out at the end. They are a warm, medium-brown color, like the tawny of fresh terracotta. Her eyebrows are short and arched slightly in a manner that suggests she's unimpressed by your edginess. The bridge of her nose has a subtle, gentle bridge, sloping into a slightly upturned button nose at the end, creating a graceful curve along the way. Liling's lips are frequently set in a pouty expression, making them look plumper than they actually are, and they are typically painted some dark shade of red, brown, or purple that catches the eye. She has a willowy, lithe build, with a somewhat flat chest and softly curved hips that do not shatter the illusion of her being little more than a girl. Her waist is narrow enough that a man can likely span it with his two hands. Usually showcased in form-fitting tights, she has slim yet almost ridiculously muscular legs with a coy amount of thigh. She is right-handed and speaks English with a Welsh accent.
Wardrobe: Off the clock, Liling has a whimsical fashion style that somehow appears childlike and sophisticated at the same time. She likes to wear skirts with volume using a petticoat or crinoline, pairing it with a blouse or fitted jacket. It's a modest yet somewhat frivolous look that makes her look like a Victorian baby doll, incorporating bloomers, stockings, and skirts that hit at the knee. Since she's largely insensitive to temperature, she has no qualms wearing this outfit in the summer months. Even if she wears something more casual, her knee socks are a constant.
When she's performing in a professional capacity or heisting valuables, she wears a form-fitting leotard that's shockingly revealing compared to her usual buttoned-up elegance. She typically goes for leotards that combine black with bright colors, experimenting with cuts and styles. She is a big fan of the harlequin aesthetic, with the right and left sides having an inverted kind of symmetry. She also tends to wear a mask when committing crime. Paired nicely with her leotard, it's a blue and green mask with peacock feathers that goes across the eyes and nose, Mardi Gras style.
Outfit 1 Outfit 2 Outfit 3 Outfit 4 Outfit 5 Outfit 6
Scent: Her favorite perfumes are peppermint, hazelnut, and an elusive scent called moonlight.
Height & Weight: 5'3" & 141lbs. People who try to pick up Liling are usually astonished by her unexpected weight, and between her ample musculature and the titanium where her internal organs should be, she weighs a little more than your average schoolgirl.
Body Modifications: Other than her whole inorganic internal composition, made of O-rings, connection studs, Formula One car suspensions, high-end bicycle parts, and lightweight aircraft frames? Well, the friendship bracelets that she and the other members of the Flutter made for each other never leave her body, so they might as well count, and she wears several on each wrist at once. Moreover, she sometimes enjoys adding dyed streaks to her hair a la ombre style, typically green or blue.
Physical Disabilities: For obvious reasons, she can't get pregnant. Otherwise, Liling was designed to be a typical human and has no disabilities. If anything, her genetics are superior, not lacking.
Faceclaim: Lana Condor


Personality: Liling is simultaneously a lazy genius and a speed demon. She's capable of tremendous calculations; physics with calculus is a walk in the park for her, but she's bored by it, like she is with most things. In fact, she spends most of her life in a perpetual state of boredom that she's looking to disrupt. She's a thrill-seeker with a high energy level, always needing to stay on the move to keep negative thoughts at bay. She thoroughly enjoys flirting with triple digits along the highway, just as she enjoys flirting with people who look like they could be trouble. In the end, however, she always leaves 'em when she gets bored. Liling is determined to walk her own path, and you can either keep up or get lost. She doesn't wait around, and she doesn't show remorse. She's a terrible confidante or romantic interest, but she's a wonderful partner in crime for acid-trip adventures.
She is coldly incurious about things that don't affect her or her loved ones. She doesn't entertain conversations she's not interested in, preferring to sit in silence to small talk and shitty stories that go nowhere. Overly chatty or perky people bother her. She has her own coping methods for distracting herself from pain, but inundating others with false optimism isn't one of them. Liling has the kind of practical head on her shoulders that you would expect of a robot, sorting information into categories as it arises and using it to make predictions on future trends. While she's typically an action girl knee-deep in some hare-brained scheme, she has uncanny powers of observation when it suits her. Liling is analytical, quickly picking up on other people's quirks and subjecting unexpected behaviors to scrutiny. Usually it's because she's creating a mental tally in her head to see how far she can push other people until they snap back. She's no stranger to confrontation, but rather than retaliating aggressively, she handles them in a light, carefree manner, pissing her antagonists off by her seeming inability to take anything seriously. Rather than try to fix a relationship that's gone south, unless she really cares for the person, nine times out of ten she'll discard them and move on. She has no time for deadweight.
Liling takes pride in a job well done. Not only does she want other people's recognition as someone worthy of respect, she's willing to settle for provoking a variety of reactions from them. So long as she gets some sort of social feedback and validation to her antics, she feels alive. One thing is for sure: she values her personal freedom and sensory pleasures far more than social harmony. If you can't keep your boyfriend, she'll steal him shamelessly and say that it's your problem. She's opinionated and judgmental, and generally her judgments are not in your favor. She's a glass-half full gal only when it comes to situations and her chances of a successful outcome. When it comes to herself, basically. Not with other people. Her deck is stacked against you the moment you walk up to her table.
Perhaps surprisingly for a robot, Liling has rather childish emotions. She's melodramatic and prone to acting out for attention. She vacillates between brooding silence and in your face with every problem she's ever had with you, making you look bad if it makes her look better. Generally, she's quiet without being shy. Engage her, however, and good luck turning her off once that switch has been flipped. She's an adrenaline junkie and an extremist, she can go harder for longer than you, and she'll prove it. However, her major flaw is that she either fails to realize or care when other people have had enough. She's very direct, and she expects the same. Liling is not good at reading between the lines. She has enough trouble sorting out her own emotions, if her constant internal monologue can even be called those; no way in hell is she gonna sort out yours. For this reason, she respects decisive, logical people. Social cues are not her forte, and passive-aggressive people are her doormats.
Having been socialized around children younger than her for most of her life, Liling has a surprising caring streak. She is used to being the organized person because someone has to be, folding laundry for her younger siblings and using her own money to buy snacks for the group. Ask her for a favor, and she'll bitch and moan regardless, but for all her fanfare, if she likes you, she'll do it, and not because she expects you to repay the debt in the future. She's not too good at maintaining friendships, but family is a concept that she understands, even though hers is far from a conventional one. For her family, the directionless chaos of her life arranges into a rulebook. Betrayal is something she takes very personally, and she's petty about it. Side against her in an argument--or worse, take the side of someone she truly resents--and she will be deeply hurt and give you the silent treatment. Perhaps for life if you don't do something to make amends. Platitudes and physical affection don't affect her; she's a practical girl, and the way to get to her heart is to do something useful for her, do some tedious task or make some sacrifice on her behalf. That she will respect.
Positive Traits: Pragmatic, analytical, observant, intelligent, organized, capable, adventurous, fun-loving, spontaneous, athletic, energetic, ambivert, objective, honest, direct, humorous, bold, independent, tenacious, playful, caring, altruistic, free-spirited
Negative Traits: Obnoxious, blunt, reckless, rude, rebellious, extreme, impulsive, edgy, opinionated, single-minded, solitary, distrustful, pessimistic, moody, melodramatic, immature, sarcastic, irreverent, stubborn, apathetic, competitive, churlish, detached, impatient
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
Temperament: Phlegmatic-Choleric


Likes: Adventure, exploring buildings, driving fast and with the windows down, cigarettes and nicotine vapes, trapeze swinging, tightrope walking, skiing, nightlife, freedom, her "siblings," coding, playing accordion and piano, crafts, makeup, fashion, friendship bracelets, knee socks, taking risks, roller coasters, alternative music, soul, winter, confidence (feeling it and on others), games of chance, making bets, spades and poker, the spine and muscles in the back, watching fights, traveling, chaos, anarchy, breaking in, cake decorating (though she can't eat it), spiders and butterflies, cleaning, kites, taking a punch and the assailant realizes how very hard she is, dark or borderline offensive humor, bright colors
Dislikes: Staying inside, staying in one place too long, her hair growing past the shoulders, being told she can't do something, rules, most attempts to flirt with her, watching television, liars, getting too close to people, snow melting, slow drivers in front of her, indecisive people, open-toed shoes, cats and dogs (anything furry), singing, playing pool, Taylor Swift songs, marriage, people being surprised by her accent, being assumed Japanese or Korean, substances not working on her, missing out on good times, weenies who can't take a joke, the smell of vanilla, superstitions, religion, nature, small towns
Habits: Stacking things compulsively, tugging on her lower lip, tapping the beat to a good song, feigning sleep when she doesn't feel like socializing with other inmates, performing smoke tricks with a cigarette, balancing on surfaces too narrow to seemingly balance on, standing with her hands in her pockets, making friends with spiders
Fears: The dark, big dogs, betrayal, FOMO, harm befalling the Flutter, "dying" in Belle Reve, her directives being rewritten
Hobbies: Acrobatics, skiing, playing music with her siblings, crafting, playing cards, coding, doing her makeup, shopping sprees, taking drives, trespassing in and graffitiing abandoned buildings, taking care of her siblings
Mental Disorders: Displays symptoms of ADHD, depression, bipolar, nicotine/gambling addictions, and ASPD


— Sir Bryson Penhallow OBE // Creator, scientist, inventor
— Zephyr // musical tutor and assessor
The Flutter as of 2021
— Analia Connolly // Bassist // Ex-girlfriend // Age 19
— Finley Ashby // Mandolin player // Adoptive brother // Age 17
Bristol Connolly // Fiddle player // Adoptive sister // Age 14
Siena Ashby // Guitarist and singer // Adoptive sister // Age 13
Lacey Ashby // Tambourine player and singer // Adoptive sister // Age 8
Hometown: Newport, Wales
Backstory: In 2015 the artificial intelligence known as Liling was created in the ultra-secretive research facility and mansion of Sir Bryson Penhallow OBE, the billionaire founder of Thousand Eyes LLC, a tech giant that had taken the world by storm. For one year she lived in a glass cage, isolated from the world, as Penhallow conducted tests on her before he deemed her ready for public evaluation. He had created Liling with the purpose of achieving true AI, indistinguishable from a human being. But he was an ambitious man, and he sought more than just making an ordinary human. He wanted to create an exceptional human being well-versed in the performing arts. Essentially, Penhallow wanted to create the first robotic pop star to be adored by humankind and rake him in millions more quid. During her year of isolation, Liling (named as such due to Penhallow's favorite Chinese restaurant, as her DNA was harvested from a Chinese-English infant that had died due to birthing complications) was programmed to dance, sing, play a variety of musical instruments, and speak a half-dozen different languages. While she was never intended to be a model--as Penhallow aspired for her to do more than just pose--she was pretty enough to easily wipe away any competition should she try her hand at it.
Having created seven models before her that he all eventually scrapped, Penhallow was not entirely convinced that Liling understood the difference between theory and application. For instance, she clearly understood the components of a song and could compose her own music, but did she understand the sociocultural importance of music and how it affected human emotions? Unlike other musicians, his creation lacked the experience of ever playing to an audience. As such, Penhallow hired a carefully chosen assistant, a passionate gig musician who performed in various Welsh pubs, who had all the good makings of a top artist but had just never made it big. His name--at least the pseudonym that he used in the lab for his meetings with Liling--was Zephyr.
Within a week of his sessions with Liling, collaborating with her on musical numbers and evaluating her solo performances, Zephyr was taken with her musical genius. Moreover, he struggled to believe that she was a robot, assuming that the job Penhallow had given him was trickery of some kind and that this was a human with a lifetime of performing. It wasn't until Penhallow showed him the previous discarded models that he reluctantly accepted the truth about Liling's origin. She was the young woman who had been born as such a little over a year ago. Beyond Penhallow and Zephyr, she had never interacted with another human. Try as he did to reconcile such concepts, the fundamental differences between Liling and anyone else he had ever met, he fell deeply in love with her. Liling, having had nearly limitless data of human facial expressions and voices uploaded into her consciousness, was able to read even his subtlest cues. And, like an authentic human being, she was quick to use this knowledge to her advantage.
Appealing to Zephyr that Penhallow was untrustworthy and encouraging his paranoia that he would be killed for the information he knew, Liling and Zephyr hatched an escape plan together. He would steal Penhallow's key card, which had access to every room and door in the research facility, including Liling's and those that led outside, which even Zephyr could not access during the length of his employment. Fortunately for the both of them, Penhallow had a distinct weakness for alcohol, like many geniuses who feel fundamentally alone in the world. Glutting Penhallow on praise for his masterful creation, the inventor and musician drank together until Penhallow passed out. Zephyr snatched the card and released Liling from her glass prison. Having only uttered all of her sweet nothings with the goal of Zephyr doing her bidding, Liling had no intention of escaping with him, unwilling to trade one seedy human who'd control and profit off her for another. Pointing out that he'd better stock up on food for the journey until they reached civilization, she lured him into the kitchens where she stabbed Zephyr with a steak knife repeatedly.
As for Penhallow, Liling simply snatched the keycard from Zephyr's dying grasp and locked him in the sunroom where he had passed out, changing the password for home security so he could not access it remotely, and left him to his fate. She found it somewhat ironic that he would perish through the same means that she had lived for the first full year of her life.
Acutely aware that she was a woman without a name, past, or any kind of registration in any system, only having a human face atop her metal alloys, Liling knew that when she reached civilization, she would have to be careful how she lived. Fortunately, fate stretched out its hand once more. She was wandering the Spirit of Llynfi Woodland, about a half day's walk outside of Maesteg, when she stumbled upon a curious caravan. Having already seen by some young girls wearing leotards, it was too late for Liling to retreat into anonymity. Liling approached, and upon discovering that they were a group of traveling performers called the Kaleidoscope in what was essentially a circus, she asked if she could join. For her audition, she spontaneously borrowed an accordion that one of the troubadours had been wearing and sang a song that she had invented during her long imprisonment in Penhallow's glass cage. Moved by her talent on such a unique instrument, she was reluctantly extended an invitation to travel with the Kaleidoscope, at least temporarily.
It wasn't until a few days later that Liling found her true calling, though. While she had been invented to sing and dance and hold polite conversation on any number of topics, it was watching the same group of leotard-wearing girls practice jumps and catches from swinging metal bars that she knew what she wanted to do. Insisting that she knew she could do it without any prior experience, Liling participated in one of their practices. A willowy girl of 5'3" who could naturally stretch her legs at 180-degree angles, she swallowed her fear of heights and leapt onto the swing. From there, she successfully jumped into the grasp of the awaiting acrobat on the next swing. Bemused by her unprecedented affinity for the trapeze, when asked about her prior experience, Liling heartily replied that she'd been a ballerina for all her life. Within two weeks of training, she was performing in front of live audiences all across the UK. She alternated between acrobatics and music, playing the accordion and piano and sometimes singing, depending on wherever she was needed more that evening and acquiring the on-the-job experience that Penhallow had pined over and the reason he nearly scrapped her prototype.
She lived with the Kaleidoscope for two years, taking pains to conceal her secret that alienated her from her new peers. For her lack of eating she was assumed to have an eating disorder, but this was not particularly uncommon among the female acrobats. Several of the other acrobats were jealous of her quick rise to the spotlight, rumormongering about Liling behind her back. Her only real friends were a pair of teenage musicians that she regularly performed with during shows: bassist Analia and mandolin player Finley.
But all good things come to an end, and the Kaleidoscope did later that year, in 2018. For numerous violations of the law, including invalid licenses, unlawful harboring of animals, and accusations that they were stealing from audiences during the show, the law cracked down on them during one night of travel, hard. Liling, not needing the same amount of sleep that humans do, had been awake when she heard the disturbance. A massive swarm of police officers were rounding up her brethren, seemingly not distinguishing male from female, young from old. She hurried over to the next caravan, where Analia, Finley, and their younger siblings stayed, and alerted them. And that was how Liling found herself in the company of five human children running pell-mell into the forest on one dark and humid night.
Having been born to performers and not knowing any life outside of the circus, the children were afraid, the oldest among them sixteen-year-old Analia. They looked to Liling for guidance, but unbeknownst to them, her worldly experiences were even more limited. To make ends meet, the group of six children did what they knew best: They performed on a for-hire basis with their instruments, the only things they'd had time to snatch up before fleeing arrest with the rest of the Kaleidoscope. In the same vein, they called themselves the Flutter, which is another word for a group of butterflies, due to their colorful performances.
It wasn't till after a year of living with the Flutter as an older sister of sorts that she was discovered to be something other than human. One winter, after they had worked up enough money to generate the beginnings of a disposable income, the kids went on a previously unheard of vacation: They stayed in a cabin in northern Scotland and went skiing. It being Liling's first time in knee-deep snow, let alone her first mogul run, she wasn't quite sure what to expect, and her inexperience cost her a bad fall on her face. Instead of blood, the skin on her right cheek had peeled back to reveal shiny metal. It was a long explanation, but all things considered, the Flutter took it as well as could be hoped. Better, actually. The younger kids, Siena and Lacey, thought Liling a superhero when she explained her lab origin. Having been raised in a circus where freaks were embraced for their differences, they did not exile her from the family or attempt to turn her in.
The experience left her feeling an increased sense of intimacy with the Flutter. In particular, an attraction to the eldest girl, Analia, which soon turned into something more. Finding her alone on the rooftop of their shabby hovel one night, Analia joined her, musing over the idea that Liling had been born virtually the same as she was now. This in turn prompted a discussion over Liling's age, which, remarkably enough, she had never been asked before. Unsure how to respond, Analia suggested that Liling present herself as age seventeen, the same age as Analia was then. Responding that it was a fine idea, Analia kissed Liling, thus beginning their relationship.
Perhaps foolishly, they had never defined the terms of their relationship. Part of this is to be blamed on Liling for having never dated before and not understanding the nuances of human relationships and the topic of "belonging" to another person. Seeing as the Flutter was underage to be living on their own with a freshly-turned eighteen-year-old in charge, they didn't socialize outside of their group overly much, not wanting to attract the eye of law enforcement. When Analia started spending time away from the Flutter, Liling asked her about it. Received the response that she had just turned eighteen and liked hanging out in bars now that she could legally drink. Feeling a little rejected that Liling lacked the identification to go drinking with her girlfriend but not wanting to hamper Analia's freedom, she let it drop. Until she discovered that Analia was cozying up to the mayor of Newport's son, who had attended the last couple of the Flutter's shows. Stupidly, Liling bought Analia's story that she was doing it just for the money and connections of someone of a high social standing, and Liling turned a blind eye. Encouraged it at first, even, because lord knew Bristol was badly in need of new shoes for the oncoming winter.
Future conversations with Analia conveyed guilty expressions and hesitations before answering, neither of which she'd demonstrated before. With a little bit of digging and hiding out on rooftops, Liling discovered that Analia was sneaking to the mayor's son's--Ronan's--room at night. Sometimes they would go out gallivanting the city together. Other times they would do intimate things together, alone. Confronting Analia about it made her defensive. With the added help of her escalating drinking problems, she was infrequently at home with the Flutter anymore and starting miss their performances, which was unacceptable because that was their only source of income. The fights weren't particularly discreet, and Liling felt validated when all four remaining members of the Flutter took her side, even Analia's younger sister, Bristol. They told Analia to choose between them and Ronan, because clearly she wasn't responsible enough to have both. Analia chose Ronan over them, resenting her family for backing her into a corner and aspiring to something greater than performing for spare change.
The Flutter kicked Analia out of their ranks for her unreliability, a decision which Analia was disinclined to accept. She came around their house and to their shows frequently, boozed-up and off-balance, accusing them of sounding weak or looking disheveled without her there to take care of them. Several months after her break with them, Analia came to their hovel under the guise of collecting the last of her things. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Flutter, she'd brought her new boyfriend, Ronan, with her. Wanting Ronan to see with his own eyes the literal monster she'd dated before him, Analia attacked Liling, clawing off part of her face and hands with her nails. Just enough to reveal the glimmer of metal where drops of blood should have been. She told Ronan the story of Liling's creation in a lab, that she was unregistered anywhere because she wasn't actually human.
From a devoutly Christian family, Ronan was horrified, calling Liling's existence "ungodly." She should be destroyed, he said. Wide-eyed and wrapping an arm around Analia, he hurried her out of the house. Or tried to. Because Liling hadn't escaped her glittering cage five years ago to be taken into custody, deemed subhuman, and dismantled piece by piece now. As they were leaving, she shot him in the back with a cheap revolver she'd illegally purchased in an alley, thinking that she would one day have to use it to protect her younger siblings now that Analia had sided with the enemy.
Blood-spattered and shaken, Analia held the boyfriend that she'd risked everything for in her lap, but no one in the Flutter had advanced medical knowledge and it was clear that he'd succumb to his wounds in a matter of minutes. She stared down her former girlfriend, waiting for her to pull the trigger. But Liling couldn't, acutely reminded of how she'd killed Zephyr, whom she'd also tricked into loving her. Had she done the same to Analia? She had bought the gun to use it on her, hadn't she? Was she hellbent on murdering all of her loved ones, one by one, when they betrayed her trust? Would Finley, Bristol, Siena, and Lacey be next? Instead, Liling simply imagined Analia as artificial intelligence. How easy it would be to write over her code and delete the incident from her consciousness. It started out as a wish, and then Liling willed it. Suddenly Analia didn't seem to realize the dead boy lying next to her and her accusatory stare at Liling turned into something softer, more vulnerable, and horribly confused.
Afterward, Liling termed her newfound ability Love's Oblivion, even though as she discovered, there didn't have to be any intimacy in the memory for her to obliterate it from someone else's mind. She ran away from the Flutter after murdering Ronan. Either because they were too shaken by the incident, they still felt some misguided loyalty to Liling, or they didn't want to be implicated for the murder, they did not report the incident to the police. Liling returned several nights later, sneaking up to the second-story window like the acrobat she'd been three years ago. One by one, instead of killing the five witnesses to her latest murder, instead she obliterated their memories. All their memories of her, Liling no-name, a ghost girl with veins of metal who was never meant to walk among mankind.
Liling spent the next year and a half alone, alternating between using her almost superhuman agility to break into houses and running with teenage gangs who would lighten crowds' pockets as she performed with her accordion, voice, and when applicable, piano. (Fun fact: After the falling-out with Analia and her disappearance from the Flutter, Liling claims that she hates singing anymore, and if she must do it for profit, her voice has a shredded, whiskey quality prone to melodic shrieking.) Anyway, she was caught robbing a bank with one of those aforementioned gangs, taking a fall from the roof and suffering a broken leg, to which her comrades abandoned her while they ran. Perhaps she would have passed for human as she was booked by police officers, if not for the metal shards poking out of her jeans where the break had occurred, which prompted a widespread investigation into murderous AI bots. She was eventually linked to the massacre at the Penhallow mansion, her fingerprints matching those that had run Zephyr through with a knife. Ever since, she has been at Belle Reve for eighteen months now.


Sexuality: Bisexual leaning toward men
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Simultaneous crushes on Violettin and Jupiter. Manic pixie dream girl and enigmatic tortured soul are both her type.
Past Partners: Perhaps unsurprisingly, one of her functions as per her creator was to seduce, so she's had sex with Bryson Penhallow and not had much say in the matter. After her emancipation, she's slept with Analia and had a few meaningless flings with some of the late teens/early twenties gangsters she was running with. Liling is a bit of a ho, to be perfectly honest.
Turn-Ons: Deft hands, smartasses, nice smile, slightly wide-spaced eyes, average height or a little short, musical inclination, a little emotionally distant, enigmatic, has goals and the willingness to achieve them, competes with her, dancing at clubs, clean-shaven
Turn-Offs: Bad hygiene, unfit, acne, nasally voice, very tall or beefy men, temper tantrums or crying, tries to forbid her from smoking, overly caring and says mushy things, oversharing, is looking for "the one," online dating, anti-gambling, older than twenties
Dominant or Submissive: Switch all the way; she likes variety.


- Happy Ending—Demi Lovato
- Would That I—Hozier
- Demons—Hayley Kiyoko
- t—iamamiwhoami
- Jeremy—Pearl Jam
- Giants—Imagine Dragons
- Won't Be Long—Aretha Franklin
- In the Name of Love—Bebe Rexha
- Blinding—Florence & the Machine
- All Die Young—Smith Westerns

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Full Name: John Arnold
Name Meaning: Graced by God, Eagle Power
Nicknames: (include any aliases or code names here) The Puppeteer, Daddy, Dummy,
Gender: Male
Age: 54
Birthday: 2/8/70
Species: Human
Nationality: American

Role: (inmate or guard)
Crime: (if inmate, why are they imprisoned?) Domestic Terrorism
Powers: (if any) Suspected Precognition
Skills: Marksmanship, Tactical Planning, Survival Skills, Hand-to-Hand Combat, Explosives, Infiltration/ Espionage, Mechanical/ Technical Skills, Leadership
Weaponry: Remington 870 Pump Action Shotgun, Ruger 10/22 Semi automatic Rifle, M16A2 Assault Rifle
Allegiances: (do they have any allies or organizations with whom they work?) Black Hand Corp, Secret Society of Masonic Justice, Master Quakers

Wardrobe: (include any costumes or supersuits here) Bounces between military fatigues and dress suits depending on the occasion.
1_469c6809605232173581719511b70b23 (1).jpg
Scent: Gunpowder and Leather
Height & Weight: 6'0, 159lbs
Body Modifications: A Field Cross tattoo on his left lower arm
Physical Disabilities: None though perhaps a little overweight
Faceclaim: John Noble

John Arnold's transformation into The Puppeteer is marked by a tragic descent into madness, driven by his paternal instincts and manipulated by the puppet Son. His military skills make him a dangerous criminal, but his actions are rooted in a deep psychological fracture. The dynamic between John and Son reflects a complex interplay of control, manipulation, and delusion, making them a formidable yet tragic villainous duo.

Son, the puppet crafted by John, embodies the manipulative and dark voice that John believes belongs to Con Hu Ul. Initially presenting itself as an innocent child in need of rescue, Son gradually reveals a more sinister nature. It manipulates John’s emotions, using his guilt and paternal instincts to control him.

As John becomes more dependent on Son, the puppet’s personality shifts from a desperate child to an aggressive and demeaning figure. Son’s strategic intelligence and cunning plans make it appear as though it has a mind of its own, directing John to commit more heinous crimes in preparation for the Kryptonian invasion.

Positive Traits:
Negative Traits:
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Temperament: Melancholic/ Choleric

Likes: Sunshine, Gangster movies, Milk, Stand-up
Dislikes: Competitiveness, Big business, Termites
Habits: Firearm matainence, Bed time reading,
Fears: Drowning, Tornadoes
Hobbies: Carpentry, Tailoring,
Mental Disorders: Dissociative identity disorder/ Avoidant personality disorder

Family: Peyton Arnold (Deceased) Kon Hu Ul (Son)
Hometown: Majorville
John Arnold, a former soldier turned scrap yard owner, lived a quiet life on the outskirts of a small town. His days in the Gulf War were long behind him, and he was content with his work and dealings.

One clear night, as John was closing up the yard, a brilliant flash of light tore through the sky. Something had crashed onto the site. Rushing to the place of impacts John found a strange pod embedded among the scrap, glowing with an otherworldly light. Inside, he discovered a young child, no older than a toddler, trapped behind an impenetrable barrier.

As John tried to free the child, a voice echoed in his mind. The voice introduced itself as Con Hu Ul, an orphaned refugee from Krypton, pleading for John's help. Con Hu Ul’s innocent cries of “daddy” and “father” tugged at John's heart, igniting a paternal instinct he never knew he had. Determined to save the child, John used every tool he owned, but the pod wouldn't budge.

Con Hu Ul’s voice grew more desperate, urging John to find better tools. Driven by his paternal desire and Con Hu Ul's pleas, John broke into the local hardware store. Despite acquiring more powerful equipment, the pod remained sealed. The voice in his head became insistent, goading him to escalate his efforts.

Desperation led John to break into a construction site, armed with his shotgun, in search of heavy-duty machinery. John was startled by a night watchman. Panic set in, and John’s military training took over. In a tragic accident, he shot and killed the man. Wracked with guilt but still driven by his need to save Con Hu Ul, John managed to escape undetected.

The police were baffled by the crime but had no leads. Meanwhile, John’s obsession with freeing Con Hu Ul only grew. His final attempt to steal a construction vehicle resulted in a high-speed chase and his arrest. During interrogation, John’s fragmented explanations about his "son" and the pod seemed like the ravings of a madman. He insisted that Con Hu Ul communicated with him through "super ventriloquism," a term he used to describe the perceived telepathic connection.

The police, sceptical but thorough, investigated John's scrap yard. There, they found the pod with the lifeless body of Con Hu Ul inside. It was determined that the child had been dead for some time, electrocuted by a shorted system during John's early attempts to free him. The voice John had heard was not the child's but a figment of his imagination, born out of his desperation and deteriorating mental state.

Desperate to return to his "son," John managed to escape from the county jail during the police investigation, using his military skills to break out. Separated from Con Hu Ul, John was driven by a desperate need to stay connected to the child. In his delusion, he crafted a lifelike puppet of Con Hu Ul, which he named "Son," giving the voice a physical form. This puppet, embodying the child he believed he could save, became increasingly aggressive and demeaning, goading John into subservience.

Son began to dominate John's actions, convincing him that they needed to commit increasingly larger crimes to prepare for a supposed future event – the impending arrival of their extended family, the attack of General Zod . Under Son's influence, John, now known as The Puppeteer, became a notorious criminal, attacking police stations, hospitals and key infrastructural targets all while believing he was serving a higher purpose.

Eventually, John's luck ran out. After a tense standoff, John was captured and taken into custody. John Arnold was convicted of multiple crimes, including murder, and sentenced to life in prison.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Widowed
Crush(es): Julia Roberts, Whitney Houston, Salma Hayek
Past Partners: Marta Riley, Sugar Dailey
Turn-Ons: Bombastic Blondes, Martenal instincts, Nesters.
Turn-Offs: Scars, Pant suits,
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive

"Comfortably Numb" - Pink Floyd
"Rock You Like a Hurricane" - Scorpions
"Another Brick in the Wall" - Pink Floyd
"Under Pressure" - Queen & David Bowie
"Tainted Love" - Soft Cell
"Don't You (Forget About Me)" - Simple Minds
"Private Dancer" - Tina Turner
"Everybody Wants to Rule the World" - Tears for Fears
"Fields of Gold" - Sting
"Fade Into You" - Mazzy Star
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Full Name: Sebastian Park
Nicknames: Seb, Flux (Villain Name)
Gender: Male
Age: Twenty Six
Birthday: January 19th, 1998
Species: Human
Nationality: American (Moved from Korea, has a slight accent)

Role: Inmate
Powers: Sebastian possess the ability to shape shift into any human being that he has seen before. He can copy their physical attributes as well as their voice. He can gain their strength if he shape shifted into a body builder or the agility of an ice skater. However, he must distinctly remember the individuals that he shifts into or he will not be able to. This means that while technically he could turn into anyone, he opts to rotate only between a few individuals that he can keep in his brain. Furthermore, he must remain focused in order to stay shifted as someone. While he has practiced and gotten good at multi tasking, if he is knocked unconscious or hit very hard, he will revert back to his regular self.
Skills and Weaponry: When it comes to hand to hand combat, Sebastian is very adept at various different martial arts forms. His main advantage comes from his agility. While not extremely muscular, he is quite fast. His agility allows him to be able to weave between blows coming his way and surprise his opponents. Additionally, Seb can quickly evaluate his given surroundings to hatch a battle plan or create a route for escape. He's both fast on his feet and fast in the mind. In terms of weaponry, Sebastian's weapon of choice are pistols. He's a fairly sharp shooter and is familiar with using such weapons in a fight. If he cannot get ahold of any arms, he will opt for his favorite pair of daggers. While guns are a long range weapon, he loves the rush that comes with fighting up close. Coupled with his agility, they can form a lethal pairing.
Allegiances: Sebastian holds no allegiances. He works for himself and only himself. However, if tempted by the right offer, he will side with whoever benefits him the most. However, if a better offer arises, he will not hesitate to jump ship if it benefits him to do so.
Enemies: Sebastian hates the Belle Reve staff. While they are just doing their jobs, he blames them for his imprisonment. Additionally, he is not a fan of law enforcement in general (not that they are much a fan of him either).

Sebastian has a slim frame topped with a pretty face. He has dark brown hair and brown eyes to match. His eyes can be quite piercing as well. He has a strong jawline and slim yet defined muscles. He can appear awfully unassuming however he is quite strong and can more than hold his own in a fight. He has a seductive aura to him and stands with a scarily upright posture. Despite being in a maximum security cell, Sebastian has remained as cleaned up as one can within a prison. His aura gives off a vibe of dangerous opportunity. Almost like he is inviting you toward him. However, there is a cruelty lurking in his eyes if you stare long enough.
Wardrobe: Due to the nature of Sebastian's abilities, he is almost always seen wearing baggy clothes. That way, if he was to shape shift into someone else, the clothes would not tear and would still cover him. However, just because he wears all baggy clothing does not mean he is behind in terms of fashion. It is quite the opposite. Sebastian loves wearing designer brand outfits. He is always walking around in expensive shoes and the latest pants from his favorite brands. That is, when he's not locked up. His wardrobe when he fights is quite similar. He wears loose clothing so that he can transform with ease if he needs to. He opts for all black because it helps with camouflage especially at night.
Scent: Vanilla (he believes vanilla to be disarming)
Height & Weight: 6 ft and 155 lbs
Body Modifications: N / A
Physical Disabilities: N / A
Faceclaim: Kim Sunwoo

Sebastian is a very dangerous person. While outwardly, he is perhaps unassuming, there is a darkness inside of him. His main goal in life is to become as absolutely disgustingly rich as he possibly can. He has an obsession with fashion and with travel. He is willing to step on anyone else in order to get a step closer to achieving his goals. He's extremely selfish and only ever looks out for himself. He's also very opportunistic. He'll jump on whatever train benefits him and will just as quickly jump off when it no longer does so. He can appear very charming and kind at first, but in most scenarios, that is likely an act. He's generally quite unbothered by the feelings of others and how his actions affect others. He's a fairly solitary individual as you can see why he might have trouble making friends. That being said, Sebastian doesn't mind being alone. He has a few friends who he deeply cares about but he finds it easier to do what he does when he's not weighed down by other people. Additionally, he finds it fascinating to intrude into other people's lives and see how they live. His shape shifting ability allows him to temporarily live in someone else's life and interact with someone else's family, friends, and colleagues. However, he often plays games with those unaware that the man or woman standing before them is not the person they knew. He enjoys stirring the pot and is known as quite the instigator. That being said, if you do get onto Sebastian's good side, he is a generally pleasant person to be around. A little high strung, but he can talk your ear off about all of the different temporary lives he's lived as other people and the crazy things he's gotten up to disguised as other people. While it may be contradictory, Sebastian is very loyal to the select few he deems worthy to be his friends. That being said, no one should ever truly trust Sebastian.
Positive Traits:
Ambitious: Take it as you will, Sebastian is nothing if not ambitious. He has big dreams that he is intent on achieving (by any means necessary). Majority of his actions are with those dreams in mind. Every decision he makes is to get himself one step further to getting what he wants. He will rise to the occasion and is not want to sit back and let life pass him by.
Cunning: Sebastian is as cunning as they come. He knows how to make people tick and get under their skin. He can evaluate his environment quickly in order to gain a field advantage. Not only that, but Sebastian enjoys playing mind games. You never quite know where you stand with him and he likes it that way. He thrives on the discomfort of others. Additionally, Sebastian knows how to use his ability to its maximum success. He has to be quick on his feet when he is pretending to be someone else.
Charming: Sebastian possesses an alluring quality to him. He has an aura that reels you in, sometimes without you even realizing. He's a smooth talker and knows how to put on the charm. That being said, there's usually some type of sinister motive behind it. Plus, when he has transformed into someone else, he has had to rely on his charm to sell the act.
Creative: He has always been a creative soul. Whether it is fashion or fashioning an escape route, the man likes to think outside the box. Even his ability is about turning into other people. That is an ability that thrives on creativity and taking on new personas.
Thrill-Seeker: Sebastian loves the rush of pretending to be someone else. He loves to play mind games under the disguise of someone familiar to them. The idea that he could get caught gives him such a rush. Additionally, the adrenaline he gets from a fight is like no other. That is why he prefers up close combat to long distance. The risk is so much higher and therefore infinitely more rewarding when he emerges victorious.

Negative Traits:
Apathetic: While there are a select few that Sebastian truly cares about and cherishes, he holds little to no regard for the vast majority of people. He doesn't generally care if he hurts someone's feelings and is unfazed when forced to see the consequences to his actions. He's completely in it for himself and everyone else be damned.
Manipulative: Sebastian will do whatever it takes to get what he wants and often times, that includes manipulation. He'll lie through his teeth or appear as innocent as a child if it benefits him.
Cruel: Sebastian can be quite cruel when he is impersonating someone. He has little concern for those that know the person he is imitating and therefore has no problem playing mind games. He'll tell the wife of the man he's pretending to be that he wants a divorce after his mission is complete just for the fun of it.
Violent: While he does not chase violence necessarily, he finds it thrilling. He's not one to randomly swing at somebody but he will never back down from a fight. Especially with his ability to shape shift into larger bodies, he's never afraid to take an opponent head on.
Rude: When Sebastian doesn't feel like upholding pleasantries, he can be downright mean. He doesn't particularly care about the feelings of others or whether his words hurt them. Therefore, unless he believes there is something to gain from being polite, he often will not even try.

Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Temperament: Level-headed

Likes: Fashion, movies, fancy restaurants, vacationing to new places, riches, shape shifting, acting, hand to hand combat, exercising, swimming, coffee.
Dislikes: Whiny people, law enforcement, hangovers, cramped spaces, gloomy days, wet dogs, mud, when a place is too hot or too cold, milk.
Habits: Running a hand through his hair, scrunching up his face when he's thinking, rolling his eyes at the slightest inconvenience.
Fears: Dying before he can accomplish all of his goals, rotting away in Belle Reve forever, geese (or very large ducks).
Hobbies: Reading fashion magazines, watching films, swimming, acting
Mental Disorders: N / A

Sebastian's father and mother immigrated from Korea six years after Sebastian was born. They moved to New York City where he grew up for majority of his life. He has a little sister that is four years younger than he is as well. All of them are currently alive and well.
New York City
Sebastian moved to New York City where he was a fairly happy and normal child. He had a lot of friends, was involved in a multitude of extracurriculars per his mother's request, and excelled in school. He was the dream child any parent could have asked for. His parents had drilled into him that he was going to become a doctor, attend an Ivy League school (preferably in-state), and go on to make a ton of money. However, it was around the age of ten that Sebastian first shape shifted. He had been thinking about a boy he didn't get along with in his class and in a fit of rage, he suddenly shifted. Terrified by that incident, Sebastian kept his ability a secret. However, being so young and with no proper training, that didn't last terribly long. When he was fifteen, Sebastian and his family were having a family dinner. His sister was recounting her day when suddenly an intruder broke into their house. Armed with a knife, the intruder rushed the table. Instinctually, Sebastian shifted into the first pro-wrestler he could think of. Sebastian grabbed the man's wrist and shook the knife free. He then slammed his elbow into him and knocked him out cold. While he had saved his family, they were horrified at the sight before them. Their precious future doctor had just turned into a seven foot wrestler. They casted him out, gave him $1000, and told him to never come back. Angry and alone, Sebastian trained himself in his ability. He began as a petty thief, studying an individual before assuming their persona. He would enter their house and steal anything valuable that he saw. He was able to survive this way for years. No one was ever the wiser. Wallets turned into bank vaults as Sebastian's ambitions skyrocketed. One day, a bank employee he thought he had rendered unconscious woke up sooner than he had expected. With his back turned, Sebastian didn't see the man coming and was hit over the head with a pole. When the police arrived, they didn't see a six and a half foot body builder like the caller had described. Instead, they saw Sebastian as himself. That is when they realized he was a shapeshifter. Cases similar to the attempted bank robbery were re-opened and he was charged for a multitude of crimes. The one that completely sunk him was a man he had fought in one of the back alleys a year prior. CCTV footage caught Sebastian stabbing the thug, but the camera had picked up a blonde caucasian man who had done the stabbing. Eventually, he was sent to prison and later to Belle Reve. Before he got imprisoned, he would occasionally follow his father home, disguised as someone else. He would frequently check on his family from afar to see how they were doing.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): TBD
Past Partners: Unknown
Turn-Ons: Unknown
Turn-Offs: Unknown
Dominant or Submissive: Depends on the situation


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BuggaBoo BuggaBoo Shi and MOON PRISM!! are queens! Accepted. Ngl I fangirled just a lil bit at the Nova cameo in her form, and Infernal and DarkSpark seem like interesting characters too that I hope to eventually meet.
Full Name: [ Redacted ]
Name Meaning:
Nicknames: 'Jupiter'
Gender: Non-binary
Age: 23 years old
Birthday: May 12th | Taurus
Species: Human | Meta-Human
Nationality: American

Role: Inmate
Crime: Treason, Espionage, and Conspiracy of High-Profile Assassination
Powers: Lazarus-Enhanced Abilities, Superhuman Strength, reflexes, endurance, and stamina
Skills and Weaponry: Escapologist, Hand-to-Hand combatant, Expert Swordsman, Bomb Assembly and Defusal, Espionage, expert acrobat including parkour
Allegiances: Independent work, however, holds a high allegiance with Death Stroke and Red Hood
Enemies: Hugo Strange, Scarecrow, does a whole continent count?

Appearance: Jupiter stands at 6 feet tall and weighs 190 pounds, natural blond hair contrasts strikingly with their gray-green eyes, giving them a distinct and memorable impression. Although their face is clear, Jupiter's sculpted muscular frame tells the story of their rugged life; several scars run across their chest and cover their back, a testament to past battles and near-death encounters. Their upper arms bear several dark spots from needles and rash marks, hinting at past experiments. For someone in their profession, Jupiter is quite attractive, keeping up good hygiene, minimal body hair, and a neatly trimmed side-swept haircut. Their natural locks always effortlessly fall into place even underneath their dark helmet, and in casual clothing. As for casual clothing, they usually wear a mix of denim, work pants, or carpenter pants with a thrown-over jacket or tank top.

DETAILS: A long scar spreading one side of their shoulder to the other, although mostly faded the pink color peers through.
Wardrobe: Still a work in progress! Best armor I could conjure up < / 3

Untitled design (1).png

Scent: Gunpowder, metal, and thrown over body spray
Height & Weight: 6' foot, 190 pounds
Body Modifications: N/A
Physical Disabilities: Jupiter is deaf and requires hearing aids.
Faceclaim: Lucas Till

Personality: Jupiter is characterized by their determination and focus. They possess a strong sense of loyalty and protectiveness toward those they care about but are also cautious and distrustful, aware that betrayal can come from any direction. Although many assume they carry a cold and calculated demeanor, Jupiter has, instead, maintained a nonchalant attitude that allows them to stay calm under pressure but sometimes leads to underestimating threats. Jupiter's body language is normally relaxed, frequently smiling, fluid, and always energetic regardless of the time of day. Self-reliant and street-smart, Jupiter navigates the complexities of Gotham's criminal underworld with a blend of toughness and liveliness to avoid painting a huge target on themselves.

Beyond the immediate objective of escaping prison, Jupiter seeks to maintain their independence and continue thriving as a mercenary, constantly improving their skills and proving their worth. Loyalty is paramount; they fiercely protect their few allies. While they don't strictly follow societal rules, they have a strong disdain for unnecessary cruelty or betrayal, believing in a certain degree of honor among thieves. Although the merc may initially come off as detached and aloof -- especially in a high-stress situation -- they can keep a level head. Maybe too much of a level-head . . . generally being unable to focus on the task at hand, cracking wits, and being a distraction to everyone else. But, in those rare explosive moments, everything is lashed out with a raised voice, aggressive physical gestures, confrontational, and tunnel vision.

Positive Traits:

1. Tenacious
2. Playful
3. Self-Reliant
4. Experienced
5. Sharp-Witted

Negative Traits:
1. Distrustful
2. Scatterbrained
3. Suspicious
4. Unempathic
5. Ruthless

Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Temperament: Level-Headed

Likes: Spicy foods, training/sparring, drinking coffee, ice cream, puzzles and games, sense of freedom and choice
Dislikes: Routine tasks, arrogance, unreliable people, flashing lights, movies, guns
Habits: Making playful banter, exercising, procrastination, being overly friendly
Fears: Being trapped again, being unable to act/move
Hobbies: Exercise, dinner parties
Mental Disorders: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, general anxiety

Family: Dina Reid ( Mother), Unknown ( Father )
Hometown: Unknown

. . .
. . . . .


[ December 24, XXXX ]
I don’t know how they came to be conceived, but the woman who offered her child was alone and didn’t seem to have anyone but the child. From what I said she seemed to heavily be under the influence of narcotics, though I didn’t ask how she came to possess them. I was skeptical of the whole thing. The woman offered to give her child in exchange for any amount of money that I’d be willing to give. Normally, I wouldn’t make such a deal with a stranger, however, I knew I couldn’t pass up the chance on a near-free subject. The child appeared to be no older than 12 years, but it was perfect for the new research I was conducting.

[ August 7th, XXXX ]
After nearly three years of experiments, it has been a success. I’ve been able to maximize [ redacted ]’s strength beyond human limits without the brain turning into a mindless husk. However, I’ve noticed a large change in the child. Before, whenever NSAIDs were administered to settle down any cries, the child would immediately react to it. Now, rashes do spread throughout the body, but there is no notice from the child. All alerts have the pain has been to diminished.
[ November 15th, XXXX ]
I was right. [ Redacted ] has lost the sensation of pain, most likely due to damaged nerves. I don’t know if this is due to the serum or being unable to administer any NSAIDs, but I’m unable to do anything. I will continue to run tests and learn where the nerves have least been damaged.
As well as losing the sense of pain, the damage spread to the nerve fibers in their ear. While I don’t think the child’s hearing is completely loss, it may be time to end this experiment. I have collected enough data and do not need to waste more resources on this subject.

[ January 12th, XXXX ]
This will be the last entry for Subject #011. When I went to end the trials and be rid of the child, I was attacked. Nearly killed for that fact. I was unable to put down the subject and [ redacted ] managed to escape, however, I doubt the subject will cause me any trouble.

[ October 31st, XXXX ]
I never expected to open this file again, however, I may need to continue to update it. Subject #011, or Jupiter as it calls itself now, had survived my initial attack. I don’t understand what it did in the years from its escape until now, but it’s shifted from a child with the strength it could not control to a dangerous criminal. I currently do not know who trained it, however I presume it may have been the League of Assassins. I do not understand what could have possessed it to join such an organization, but they taught it how to weaponize the strength I gave it. Call it fate, or call it karma, but I was once again attacked by it near 11 o’clock. I believe the only thing that saved my life was the fact it was scared off by Batman. I can only hope it was captured by the vigilante, but if not I will continue to study it from a safe distance.


It’s clear to see why Jupiter harbors such vile feelings towards this man. They were essentially given off by their mother without a second thought to a man who managed to care less. At first, they were told he would only be with the man for a few days, then weeks passed by, Strange began to inject them with different liquids. Each vial gave them unbearable muscle pains and aches that would persist for days on end. On the off chance they were given painkillers, their body refused the dosage so a rash would break out across their skin atop the unbearable pain. It was a continuous cycle for an experiment he never wanted to be a part of. Jupiter attempted to escape Stranges’ grasp multiple times, however, always ended up becoming trapped once again in the labyrinth of his lab. After any of these failed attempts, they were subject to worse conditions, being locked inside a room with only a window to gaze out of. Eventually, their days meshed together. Between the consistent serums injected into their body and the continuous exhaustion that would force their body to collapse, it was impossible to tell what time it was. Although Jupiter assumed this torment would forever persist, after they were no longer able to wake up to ocean waves crashing beside their window, they decided to end things. While they believed the task would be damn near impossible, they managed to rip the faucet off the sink. The bare room left little room to hide, so they merely waited under the covers of their body for the perfect moment. The second Strange unlocked the door and stepped inside, he sealed his fate.
After escaping the clutches of Hugo Strange, Jupiter had nowhere to turn to. They had no idea or information on their mother or any potential people he could turn to. Now, how does one jump from that situation to joining a group of assassins who trained them after discovering their enhanced abilities? Pure luck. Jupiter took up a small side job, moving cargo on the docks when one of the doors became jammed. None of the men knew what to do, but Jupiter jumped in, fearing the job wasn’t complete and they wouldn’t get paid. Although it left their fingers terribly bloody, they successfully pried the metal doors open, leaving the other men to finish the work. While attempting to wrap his hands – to avoid a trip to the hospital – he was approached by Deathstroke. At the time, he had no idea who the man was, but he offered a higher-paying job that merely required more hands-on work and training before Jupiter could get a position. Unknowingly, they agreed to the position that was tossed directly into the hands of the League of Assassins. By the time they realized what situation they were in it was far too late. Jupiter was forced to endure every trial and tribulation thrown at them, quickly crushing any opponent they were given due to their enhanced strength.

Corporate Machinations:
Vortex Dynamics, known for its advancements in biotechnology and military contracts, secretly conducts experiments aimed at enhancing human abilities through genetic manipulation and advanced technologies. Under the guise of medical research and humanitarian aid, they recruit children from impoverished or war-torn regions, promising medical treatment and education while subjecting them to dangerous and invasive procedures.
Drew Hastings, a meta-human with enhanced abilities resulting from past experimentation by the same corporation, reaches out to Jupiter for help. Having escaped everything, Drew is determined to dismantle their operations and rescue other subjects, still held captive. Together, malware is planted to sabotage critical experiments, targeting key personnel and research projects. However, during the sabotage mission, Jupiter's actions inadvertently trigger a catastrophic chain reaction within Vortex Dynamics' lab. The experiments go haywire, causing widespread damage and endangering the lives of metahuman test subjects. The chaos attracts media attention and prompts public outcry, exposing Vortex Dynamics' secretive practices and sparking a public debate on metahuman ethics.
Amidst the chaos, the CEO of Vortex Dynamics manipulates evidence to frame Jupiter as a rogue metahuman terrorist responsible for the disaster. Vortex Dynamics uses the media to portray Jupiter as a dangerous threat, escalating public fear, and escalating to a manhunt. Despite their efforts to evade capture, Jupiter is eventually cornered with a daring final stand. Having to ward off fifteen men, fighting tooth and nail before reaching the CEO of the company. It took twelve men to forcefully remove Jupiter from the office, leaving the CEO with an inch of her life and their own -- both beaten to a bloody pulp, their fates sealed. Jupiter is imprisoned at Belle Reve where they face isolation, hostility, and the weight of their actions, but they don't plan on staying long.

Sexuality: Questioning
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Nightwing
Past Partners: N/A
Turn-Ons: Unknown
Turn-Offs: Unknown
Dominant or Submissive: Unknown

- Paint it, Black -- The Rolling Stones
- Out of the Fire -- Type O Negative
- 25 or 6 to 4 -- Chicago

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deadly king deadly king Please add a one-paragraph description to the Appearance section, and I would greatly appreciate if you'd expand on Personality a little more as well. For instance, what are Jupiter's motivations and goals, do they have any personal values or moral codes, how do they behave when experiencing certain emotions, etc? While I really like the log format for their backstory, please make sure to mention how they were caught and came to be incarcerated at Belle Reve! Very important for RP purposes. As soon as you make these edits, I will add Jupiter to the character roster! Thank you in advance.
deadly king deadly king Please add a one-paragraph description to the Appearance section, and I would greatly appreciate if you'd expand on Personality a little more as well. For instance, what are Jupiter's motivations and goals, do they have any personal values or moral codes, how do they behave when experiencing certain emotions, etc? While I really like the log format for their backstory, please make sure to mention how they were caught and came to be incarcerated at Belle Reve! Very important for RP purposes. As soon as you make these edits, I will add Jupiter to the character roster! Thank you in advance.

Sorry, it took me so long! Should be better now, let me know if I should edit anything else.
deadly king deadly king Accepted! Thank you for editing Jupiter's form. Feel free to join us on the plot and chat thread. We've already started the RP thread, but you haven't missed much. We're still on the first round of posts, and everyone is just kinda setting up their character interactions and establishing mood. Right now we're just RPing through a regular day in the life at Belle Reve, and later on the inmates selected for the Suicide Squad (all our MC's) will be summoned for a debrief.

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