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  1. Promachos

    Multiple Settings  LF Longterm-Lit gothic/horror/fantasy partners.

    Hello! I am very new to this site, so please excuse formatting errors. I am not, however, new to RP as I have been RPing in MMOs and MMO forums for about nine years. I prefer high-stakes RP with a tense (in a good way) atmosphere and equal emphasis on both world building and character/dynamic...
  2. train_coming_your_way

    Fandom  Looking for Marvel Universe RP partners

    Hey. Have some plots I've come up with a long while ago, so I want to find people who might be interested in such interactions as: Quentin Beck / Anthony Stark Quentin Beck / Peter Parker Quentin Beck / Quentin Beck (multiverse) Quentin Beck / your character (if you have a proposal) So, I...
  3. OverconfidentMagi

    Fandom  Pokémon || Team Nova [OPEN]

    TEAM NOVA Press Start Hello. Welcome to the world of pokémon. I am ████████. People call me ███████████████████████████████████. This world is inhabited by creatures called pokémon. For some people, pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights. I wonder... what will they become to you?
  4. OverconfidentMagi

    Fandom  Pokémon || Team Nova || Interest Check [OPEN]

    TEAM NOVA Press Start Hello. Welcome to the world of pokémon. I am ████████. People call me ███████████████████████████████████. This world is inhabited by creatures called pokémon. For some people, pokémon are pets. Others use them for fights. I wonder... what will they become to you...
  5. ronnical

    Fandom  slasher horror crossover ?! a spooky slice of life

    who's there?! .. oh, just you. welcome! 🔪🎃 what happens when you put some of the most iconic fictional serial killers under one roof? do they brawl to the bloody death, or do they learn to tolerate eachother? do they maybe even.. find love? is that even possible? i suppose all we can do is find...
  6. Murdergurl

    Fandom  Star Wars: Scum & Villainy

    Hello and welcome to my RP request, Star Wars: Scum & Villainy. This will be an EU roleplay set in the era of the Great Galactic War (not to be confused with the later Galactic War) . This is the war right before the Cold War, commonly exemplified by the SWtOR MMO video game. This timeline is...
  7. Mckenner

    Fandom  In search of My Hero Academia rp partners!!

    Hey there✨I’m gonna keep this thread simple and straightforward. I’m looking for someone to do some doubled OC x Canon mxf rp. No LBTQ pairings please, not that I have a problem with it but I know I can’t write those pairings well and I don’t wanna do your side of the rp injustice. I’m...
  8. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia (Character Test)

    Arc 1: Entrance Exam Arc Like kites two birds majestically soared through the clear blue skies over U.A. The trees and grass danced in the warm rays of the sun as a low whistling sound came from the wind breezing through and tickling everything in it's path. It was a beautiful day. Perfect...
  9. aivynity

    Realistic or Modern  Sin City

    Sin City The Las Vegas Strip. Its dazzling neon lights can be seen miles away. Many walks of life come here in a desperate search of wealth, fame, and power. They will do anything to attain these. Most are not suited for the cutthroat nature of these pursuits. But, those who are will have to...
  10. zdo_g

    Fandom  Seeking roleplays!!💕(Genshin, Zelda, etc.)

    Hey there! I'm an adequate rp-er looking for y'know...1x1 (or maybe group if you have one) about specific fandoms. I think I'm pretty alright at roleplaying canon characters, so I'll be what you want. Although, my interpretations are wishy washy with things I recently go into so bear with me...
  11. Murdergurl

    Thrall: The Goblyn Heart (Recruitment)

    △ Use the TABS △ In another world, in a time forgotten to myth and legend, a dark tyrant has risen to power. Lord Ingarhaad has taken domain across the realm of Maelgor, spreading his influence like a growing shadow. The sorcerer has done this in part by delving into the dark arcana, forbidden...
  12. CagedBird

    Fandom  Looking for Ships ♥ [MxM] VLD, HS, Naruto, ROTG, MLB, Promare,

    Hello! My name is Bird and I'm a mid-twenties roleplayer looking for other mid-twenties roleplayers for Shippy roleplays! Either onsite or through discord. I'm used to canon but if you see potential for a OCxOC Roleplay, then feel free to shoot me a message! I'm all ears. [This is my first post...
  13. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia Story Briefing

    The OOC for Our Hero Academia!
  14. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia Character Database

    ***Very simple. If you wanna add anything, go ahead. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Name: Nickname: Gender: Age: Height: Weight: Personality: History: Role: Rank: What is your character’s rank as a Hero if they are one. Quirk: Costume:
  15. JDizzle383

    Fandom  Teen Titans of Tomorrow

    Continuing from the Teen Titans original series CN WORLD. The Titans have been disbanded in order to start families and live out their retirement. The future Warp showed Starfire never came to pass, and they paired up, though some of them didn't end up with who the series canon suggests...
  16. Japanime

    Fandom  Our Hero Academia

    Throughout the ages, mankind has faced opponents that called for triumph. Against mother nature, as ferocious as she can be, forced mankind to evolve mentally. The species learned to adapt under the destructive woes of nature. Their next greatest opponent were animals. A plethora of species...
  17. Kyon

    Fantasy  A Pirate's Life For Me! (A Pirate RP)

    A Pirate's Life For Me! (A Pirate RP) Years ago, the lands of Hellsmount were inhabited by the native peoples, back when the region was known as Ayimir. They were a respectable and honest people, united and hardworking. The many islands that made up Ayimir were, for the most part, fertile...
  18. RedLeftHand36

    Realistic or Modern  Actionville!

    There comes a time in everyone’s life when the big questions in life are asked. Who am I? What do I want in life? Did I leave the stove-top on at home? Fear not, my child, because I know, deep down in the very pits of your presumably beating heart, that you wouldn’t mind being a bit of a badass...
  19. KyleTok

    Realistic or Modern  MASKED Heroes - Campaign #1

    Some Background: Our story begins in the growing city of New Olympia. As we come closer to the presidential election, organized "super-crime" has been on the rise - and the white house has been under far too many attacks from supervillains in this decade to even be considered the political...
  20. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Lab Rats

    This RP is to be a parody of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Our stars will be four human sized mutant … rats … and their mentor, a similarly mutant bat. Their cruel taskmaster mentor names his proteges after the Three Musketeers. (Wait, I count four?) Each of the Musketeers will develop...