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"I came here to place a bet."
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In order to determine which of his three heirs would inherit his godly throne, Shinigami King Kaede has bestowed a challenge unlike any other upon his children. At his command, the royal Shinigami children each dropped their personal Death Note into the human world within a hundred-mile radius of each other, centered approximately around the American city of Columbus, Ohio. As is customary, whenever a human retrieves a particular Shinigami's Death Note, a unique bond develops between them in which the human in question can see and interact with that Shinigami, who is invisible to the rest of humankind. With this in mind, the winner of the competition that King Kaede created is s/he who, after a year's time, aids their human counterpart to the highest tally of deaths recorded in their Death Note. In other words, whichever human sheds the most blood will lead their Shinigami counterpart to securing the godly throne.
Of course, several rules are in place regarding the competition: Shinigami are prohibited from directly killing humans to boost their kill count; they are not allowed to force an unwilling human to accept Shinigami eyes in exchange for half of their lifespan; and they may not give their human the names or pictures of prospective victims. They are also forbidden from directly attacking their siblings, but underhanded sabotage and subterfuge...? The more, the merrier! Finally, should a human relinquish the Death Note and their memories of it, half of the former kill count is erased, but the bonded Shinigami is permitted to find a new keeper and resume the game. Should that human instead be slain, the Shinigami's kill count remains as is but cannot be furthered.
However, what's not prohibited is interaction among the three human keepers of Death Notes. As one can imagine, immortal beings may be perpetually bored, and the three Death Notes were dropped in such close proximity with intent to spice up the competition. Shall one human holding a Death Note eliminate another without unfair intervention from their Shinigami, this is absolutely fair game.


Setting: Modern-day Columbus, Ohio and the suburbs just outside. In this AU universe RP, none of the events of the original Death Note manga/anime transpired, so "Kira" and "L" and other canon characters do not exist. In other words, everyone plays OCs!!!


Characters: As aforementioned, there will be three playable characters who are Shinigami, three who are the human keepers of Death Notes, and because a sudden surge of supernatural deaths is bound to catch the attention of law enforcement, we will also have three ace detectives associated with Wammy's House! Armed with genius IQs and a unique upbringing, whether these detectives work together to solve the mystery, collaborate with law enforcement, or entirely compete for victory and fame is up to their RPers. It is also not out of the question that one or more of them may team up with a Death Note keeper to cover said individual's tracks, if the price is right. In addition, we will also have unlimited "extra" characters who qualify for none of these roles; for instance, a regular law enforcement member, a family member or significant other of a Death Note keeper, or a close associate of one of the Wammy's House detectives. In terms of character creation, the sky's the limit!


Rules and expectations: While it’s not required that you’ve seen or read the Death Note anime or manga to join this RP, please be aware that it is the source material! It definitely can’t hurt to familiarize yourself with some adaptation of it, but we will also be willing to help out newcomers to understand the universe and rules as necessary. On another note, please be aware that this is an advanced RP, so 3+ paragraphs per post! It’s A-okay if English isn’t your first language, but please do try your best with spelling and grammar unless it pertains to dialogue. Please be able and willing to post on the RP thread at least once every two weeks; don’t make me have to hunt you down for replies. Lastly, feel free to come up with NPCs and side plots on the fly! I love RPers who have an imagination and take initiative to keep the story rolling!


I think that is all for the time being, folks. Let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to RPing with y’all!

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Oooh….this idea is a bit outside of canon lore but WTF count me in
Thank you for your interest and support, my loves! The CS thread will be up tonight. Looking forward to seeing everyone's precious lil gems!
Oh man, I'm so tempted to make a Death Note holder. Def gunna keep an eye here!
i may also be interested in writing for a shinigami, so let me drop my tentative interest here~
if i could res a shinigami slot that would be awesome! i'll have form finished and posted later tonight
Bumpity bump bump!


Is everyone coming along well with their characters? I'm happy to answer any questions y'all may have!
Yep yep I got basic idea of them a death God that actully enjoys mortals, not enough not kill but enough to think everyone should visit

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