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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // adv. apps (open!!)


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“‘We believe in facing fear no matter what the cost to our comfort, our happiness, or even our sanity.’ As of now, that means bullshit to novices such as yourselves, but in the fun-filled weeks to come, you won’t take the Dauntless manifesto for granted. Unwavering courage in the face of danger is an essential attribute if you hope to pass the Dauntless initiation test and become a functional member of our society. As trained soldiers, our more glorified jobs include fighting for entertainment, manufacturing weapons, training the newest batch of ungrateful fledglings, and even tattoo artistry. But most importantly, we encompass the City’s security force. For not-so-promising Dauntless individuals, their job is to either guard the Fence surrounding the City or prevent lowlife Factionless scum from tearing one another apart. Yet here in initiation, we have a new way of ensuring you won’t end up like said unambitious Dauntless individuals. If you aren’t in the top tier by initiation’s conclusion, you’re cut. You embrace the Factionless as your new family, because no one here will give a damn about you as you’re wallowing in self-pity. End of story. It’s an effective method.
“We are the toughest of five Factions, but also the cruelest; I can attest to that. Nonetheless, Dauntless unites us. Here we are family, and just like a family, we wish that most of our siblings had never been born. Here we are free, and do not live by the burdensome constraints of other Factions. We fight together, we die together, all with dignity and honor. Whether it corresponds with your moral code or not—I couldn’t give two shits less—we hunt Divergents together. And if you just happen to be one of these multifaceted fellows yourself, you better keep your mouth shut if you want to survive.
“Now, initiate, do you think you have what it takes?” —Ghost

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- Because Divergents are said to be exceptionally rare, I am only allowing 3 of them.
- It’s not necessary that you’ve read the entire Divergent series to join this RP, but it would help if you’re familiar with at least the first book or movie to have some background knowledge.
- This RP will focus only on the Dauntless compound, therefore, all your charries must have transferred to Dauntless at the Choosing Ceremony if they weren’t already born into it.
- For the sake of this RP, both the transfers and Dauntless-born initiates will train together.
- As stated in the book, the age of all initiates is 16. Training instructors and the medic must be older because they are graduated members (but please no older than twenty).
- Please do not complain because "Tris" and "Four" aren’t here. In this AU universe roleplay, none of the canon characters exist. EVERYONE PLAYS OC’S.
- While characters are allowed to be complete asses to each other in the roleplay, OOC bullying is not tolerated. Hate the character, not the RPer.
- This is an advanced RP, so I would like 3+ paragraphs per post with mostly proper grammar and spelling. The occasional excuse of low muse is understandable, but this must remain occasional.
- Please post on the RP thread at least once every two weeks. Don't make me have to hunt you down for a reply. A full four weeks without posting will result in dismissal from the thread.
- With regards to the aforementioned rule, don’t flood other thread members, including myself. You must wait until three people have posted between your last post until you can reply again. If this rule is broken repeatedly and people are left excluded from the plot, I may end the roleplay.
- You must have an imagination! Create plots, play NPCs and side characters, keep the story rolling. I hate having to make everything happen on my own.
- Use faceclaims, and no anime pictures for your charries!


Current Characters! (click for forms)
Training Instructors {2/3}

- Ferris “Ghost” Jacobi
- Vernal Bloom

Medic {1/1}
- Charlie Stark

Dauntless-Born Initiates {6/8}
- Aubrey Stark
- Christian Parks
- Randi Rose
- Thorn Holloway
- Shayla Darkholme
- Rhys Garrad

Transfer Initiates {5/8}
- Fable Morvo (Abnegation)
- Anika Vex (Erudite)
- Cassidy Wickham (Erudite)
- Griffon Morvo (Abnegation)
- Maeve Glass (Factionless)

Divergents {3/3}
- Randi Rose
- Cassidy Wickham
- Rhys Garrad


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Personality: answer
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Likes: answer
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Family: answer
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Full Name: Ferris Darius Jacobi
Name Meaning:
Ferris originates from the Irish word for "rock."
Darius stems from Persian roots meaning "possessing goodness."
Jacobi is a German-Jewish surname meaning “son of Jacob.”
Nicknames: Having severed all connections with his past, he has established a new identity for himself within Dauntless and is mononymously known throughout the compound as “Ghost.” Address him as “Ferris” or any diminutive thereof, and you might just find yourself with a bullet in your foot. Occasionally refers to himself as the "Holy Ghost," either in a humorous or dramatic context.
Gender: Male
Age: Eighteen years
Birthdate: April 28th, making him a dependable Taurus.

Rank: Training Instructor
Previous Faction: Erudite
Aptitude Test Result: Erudite; the only reason he transferred to Dauntless was that he wanted a fresh start from who he was in his previous faction. After two years of being in Dauntless, he has mixed feelings about his new faction.


Appearance: If he weren't such an abrasive, bossy personality all the time, Ghost would be almost absurdly handsome. He has the build of a figure skater: lithe and agile, lean to the bone, every movement choreographed with graceful control. He's a tad shorter than average, especially for one of Dauntless's most lethal gunslingers, but he doesn’t consider his height a liability because he knows how to use it to his advantage. His physique is almost painfully slender, with shadows between his ribs and collarbones that jut out like the prow of a ship, but a subtle layer of muscle coats his forearms and hands from years of wielding pistols. Ghost’s features can be described as dashing—high cheekbones, long dark eyelashes that curl upwards at the ends, a narrow mouth, and an elegant throat with a conspicuous Adam’s apple. His hair is soft, thick, slightly wavy, just long enough to tickle the nape of his neck, and is the soft black of a crow's wing. Warm glints of red manifest when the sunlight hits it at the right angle, and it's in chronic disarray, with bangs often falling into his eyes. If it weren't for the ruffled state of his hair, he would be almost scarily put-together, always donning sharp suits and coats.
He usually sports a rakish bit of scruff along his jawline, because without it, Ghost despises his boyishly pretty good looks. As his pseudonym denotes, he has the alarming pallor of a wraith, making the contrast of his midnight hair against his alabaster skin all the more striking. Large and round and sitting slightly wide-spaced of one another, his eyes are the defining feature of his face and frequently blaze with either ambitious intent or sardonic humor, depending on the situation. His irises are a luminous, vivid shade of medium brown with subtle undertones of red, like the color of sepia. As one who has been racking up cash through playing cards for years, Ghost's hands are exactly what you would expect of a trickster: slender, long-fingered, impossibly dexterous, and often cold to the touch. For those who are curious, he is left-handed.
Scent: Rose, ink drawings, and cinnamon
Height & Weight: 5’8” & 131 lbs.
Body Modifications: Unlike most Dauntless, he has no tattoos or piercings, but plenty of scars. A hair-thin scar slices across his chin, just beneath his lower lip. Another scar sits on his lower abdomen from an appendectomy he'd had done when young, and finally a really prominent one jaggedly twists across his chest, stretching nearly from his left collarbone to the bottom of the rib cage on the opposite side. Countless smaller scars litter his hands from a lifetime of hard work.
Physical Disabilities: Ghost is afflicted with a constant little cough in the back of his throat that mysteriously never seems to go away. He is prone to bouts of illness where he may suddenly collapse in fits of choking coughs, if he is not careful. Additionally, while he does not have insomnia, he rarely sleeps longer than four hours per night as to increase his productivity; this man maintains a very busy and secretive schedule.
Faceclaim: Charlie Rowe


Full Personality: Ghost is a… handful, to say the least. He tends to relate more to villains than heroes in movies because he understands what it feels like to have ambitions, desires, and dreams that you’d give anything to fulfill. Plus, goodie-goodies are just plain annoying. Everyone is afraid to negotiate with this man when playing Risk or Monopoly, and for good reason: His mind is a steel trap, the gears always turning, always calculating odds and cost-benefit analyses. When he plays a game—and he enjoys those with a passion—he plays to win as much as he plays for fun, because to him winning supplements fun. While he is a bit of a sore loser—because winning looks so much better on him, is what he’d say—he won’t automatically consider any loss a waste of time. Not if he walks away from the table having learned something about his opponents, or having seen a flaw in his strategy. Because oh boy, does Ghost love to strategize.
He is in equal parts a planner and a doer and is not truly living unless he has some far-fetched goal to work and plot toward. That is when he is in his element: Unlike some people who do things for a reason, he comes up with reasons to do things, because he is very action-oriented and must constantly be in motion to feel that he is doing something worthwhile with his life. He is a blazing ball of energy that never depletes. Work hard and play harder is his motto, because as much as this man has a drive to get the work done to succeed, he’s really a pleasure-seeker at heart.
Let it be known that while Ghost is terrible at reading people’s emotions and responding to them accordingly, he is adept at “logicking” them. In other words, he is very skilled at putting himself in another’s shoes when he knows what goal that person is working toward, and as such he can anticipate his opponent’s moves before they make them. During a card game, based on someone else’s playing style, more often than not he can guess what they’re holding. And Ghost is a majorly obnoxious jackass, so if he knows what you got, he’s gonna announce it to the whole table and taunt you with the information, if he feels it won’t detract from his advantage. For all of the earnest zeal and intense ambition with which he approaches life, he’s holding onto an ungodly amount of ridiculousness, too. This man has got a savage sense of humor with no filters and will direct it at whatever poor phenomenon has the misfortune to capture his interest at the time. He’s not above twisted, intricate roasts, yet somehow he manages to maintain an air of gentleman snark about it, never losing his composure.
Although Ghost is typically talkative, sociable, and outgoing, he has few friends because trust does not come easily to him. He sees most people with whom he regularly converses as “acquaintances.” It’s not until after they are met with a series of subliminal, psychological tests and they pass that he slowly comes to let down his guard around them. Ghost is somehow charismatic and magnetic without quite ever managing to be charming. There’s a certain energy about him that pulls others in, but at the same time he places little value on charm and emotional appeal so that he’s very blunt when expressing himself. He does not frequently pull his punches, and his criticisms can come across as far harsher than he intended to those thin of skin. He’s a big personality, meaning that he won’t always be liked. Usually, he doesn’t care if he’s well-liked, so long as he’s efficient and can get results, which he almost always does.
His style of communication can be described as very businesslike. He won’t strike up conversation with a total stranger without reason, because he has places to be and things to do that are more important than idle chatter. But once that person is no longer a stranger to him, and he sees something that piques his interest, Ghost can be very flattering in the intensity of attention that he devotes to another person. Once he’s hooked, he has no inhibitions with striking up conversation at any hour of the day. If a desire for human companionship—or god forbid, loneliness—creeps up on him, he may be dialing your number for an impromptu date to go to the skate park or get some spicy ramen because he is an impatient creature who wants what he wants when he wants it. He believes that life moves fast and will pass by those who are unwilling to adapt to the moment. While planning is his preference, Ghost does not always act in accordance to those plans if opportunity comes knocking, and he is capable of revising plans on the spot.
Ghost laughs at people when they insult him because he just can’t take them seriously. He believes firmly in the old “sticks and stones…” adage, and because he is used to dishing out blatant opinions, he is good at taking criticism in kind. Efficiency is this man’s first language, and if you (validly) point out that he is doing something incompetently, he will be the first to agree with you and reshape his playing style. He won’t get weepy or heartbroken over it, and he’ll expect this same iron-clad stoicism from others when confronted with rejection or failure. Ghost has a strong “suck it up” mentality that he applies to both others and himself. He does not take or make excuses. If a job is not done correctly or by a pre-established deadline, then that person broke his trust, and there is rarely if ever a chance to regain it.
This is all in an effort to shield himself from the pain of experiencing the previous betrayal of confidence all over again, because as much as he may deny it, he does bleed. Just in better clothes than most people. And Ghost would rather walk away with his dignity intact than fight a battle he knows he’s going to lose. Unfortunately, he applies this mindset to relationships much too frequently. When emotions get too complicated or there’s a conflict that cannot easily be solved, he tends to just ignore the problem and then the person themselves, icing them out until he packs up and moves on without them. That, or he’ll resort to substances to numb out the pain and give himself the burst of energy he needs to keep going.
Ghost believes that empathy and sympathy are separate things; he is perfectly capable of understanding why someone feels a certain way, but he doesn’t believe in giving them a shoulder to cry on. They gotta pick themselves up, stitch themselves back together, and get their head back in the game—just like he would in their shoes. He can be astonishingly cold at times in his level of insensitivity, devaluing internal things like morals and feelings if they get in the way of completing a job he has his mind set on. Beware: this man is a freight train with the brakes disabled. God help whoever stands between Ghost and what he wants.
Positive Traits: Determined, witty, strong, independent, competitive, courageous, efficient, reliable, idealistic, adventurous, mysterious, intellectual, goal-oriented, confident, analytical, charismatic, motivating, imaginative, assertive, natural leader, inquisitive, passionate, observant, logical, resourceful, genuine, fierce, outgoing, protective, versatile, resilient, loyal, open-minded, non-judgmental, adaptable, responsible, conscientious, organized, articulate, calm, strategic, refined, good under pressure, concerned with justice, heroic, keeps his word.
Negative Traits: Dominating, obstinate, cruel, haughty, cunning, deceitful, ruthless, impatient, intolerant, arrogant, cold-hearted, blunt, nitpicking, emotionally unavailable, mercenary, greedy, aggressive, outspoken, egotistical, secretive, sarcastic, workaholic, reckless, controlling, defiant, manipulative, calculating, insensitive, uncompromising, intimidating, prideful, pretentious, unforgiving, irreverent, foolish, cynical, rebellious, extremist, overbearing, strange, rigid, critical, loud, angry, overzealous, vulnerable, self-sacrificing, total smartass, does not know when to quit.
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw; he fights with his mind.
Moral Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Temperament: Choleric-Melancholic


Likes: Guns and target shooting, combat boots, gaudy bracelets, small dogs, watching a sunrise, thunderstorms, summer, the colors blue and red, classic rock music, ballroom and acro dance, poker, sleight of hand, magic tricks, pickpocketing, pen and ink drawings, surrealism art, philosophical debates, psychological thrillers, puzzles and patterns, waffles, coffee, sour foods and citrus fruits, sushi, supreme pizza, finding order in chaos, silence, scented candles, marijuana, prime numbers, transactions and managing money, dark humor, trains, the city and urban environments, staying up late, speaking French and Japanese, video games, money, being in control, making the rules, winning, tricking others.
Dislikes: Hand-to-hand combat, crowds, rodents, small spaces, isolation for long periods, hospitals, germs and unsanitary things, Dauntless-born privilege, being told he can’t do something, illogical rules, working out, running, surprises, chemistry, the color brown, rom-coms, oversleeping, knitting, cooking, football, ping-pong (most sports, really), the smell of fresh-cut grass, hugs, being tickled, or touching in general, emotions, personal questions, cowards, sluts and whores, traditionalists, pretzels and salty foods, hot dogs, apple pie, ketchup, orange juice, alcohol, walking around barefoot, rap music, winter, rural countryside, willful ignorance, situations out of his control, losing, being outsmarted, being addressed by his real name.
— Will randomly break out a deck of playing cards and start shuffling.
— Dressed to kill. Both figuratively and literally.
— Keeps his belongings in a state of ordered chaos so that it can't be easily replicated if someone were to sift through them.
— Rolls his eyes at inefficiency.
— Eloquent, borderline pretentious speech; tends to speak in idioms, quotes, and double entendres
— Sits with one leg crossed over the opposite knee, despite his father's derision.
— Zoned out because he's busy scheming his next diabolical plot.
— Takes being a night owl to a whole other extreme; often has shadowed or bloodshot eyes.
— Paces and/or talks to himself while thinking, usually both at once.
— Carries like 5 knives at all times plus dual pistols.
Fears: Small spaces, abandonment, rats and mice, hospitals, hurting someone he loves through his own idiocy, expressing emotions and intimacy, pain/deprivation, being buried alive, exposure of his secrets, missing out on good times, puppets.
Hobbies: Target and skeet shooting, playing/cheating at cards, magic tricks, sketching and drawing, graffiti, investing, arguing and philosophizing, learning languages, dancing, juggling, video games, smoking weed, caring for Ophelia (his pet rosy boa), scheming toward goals, secretly working for Jiao-Long Young.
Mental Disorders: Substance abuse, OCPD, narcissism, PTSD, gives off slightly sociopathic vibes in general. The inside of this man's head is a mess, to say the least. While not a mental disorder, Ghost has highly gifted intelligence, which often makes bonding and empathizing with others of low-to-average intelligence a challenge.

— Averill Jacobi // Father // Deceased // Erudite, previously Abnegation
— Tabitha Jacobi (nee Augustin) // Mother // Deceased // Erudite, previously Dauntless
— Margot Whist // Adoptive Grandmother // Age 67 // Erudite, previously Amity
Ferris Jacobi was born into one of the wealthiest, most pampered families in all of Erudite. His father, Averill Jacobi, was a multi-millionaire businessman, investor, financier, and CEO of Jacobi Insurance. Ruthlessly ambitious, Averill had transferred from a lower-class Abnegation family to Erudite in his youth in hopes that his new faction would provide more lucrative career options and better tolerate his somewhat unscrupulous business methods to rise to the top. His wife, Tabitha Augustin, came from a well-to-do Dauntless family that did not understand her fascination with books and learning and aspirations to become a novelist, precipitating her transfer to Erudite. It was there in Erudite initiation that Averill and Tabitha met and fell head over heels for one another. Fourteen years later, after Averill's business took off and Tabitha had several highly-acclaimed novels under her belt, the self-made, new-money couple had their first and only child.
Ferris was not an easy child. He would refuse to make eye contact, was intensely introverted, spoke very little, and was prone to meltdowns when his play was interrupted. Of course, he grew out of the majority of these behaviors by age ten, but by then Averill and Tabitha had already decided to essentially remove themselves from Ferris's life as much as possible. They even tried twice to conceive a new heir for their business and failed. Tabitha was more distant than ever after the miscarriages and threw herself into her career as a novelist, and Averill turned his interests away from the home and to business affairs... and women. And so the couple left raising Ferris to various nannies, all of whom quit within a month of their hiring upon witnessing this boy's volatile mood swings and cold behaviors. The dance studio that Averill and Tabitha shipped Ferris away to most afternoons threatened to expel him multiple times over but never did, because they--like anyone with any sense--feared the immense influence of the Jacobis.
Until a factionless woman by the name of Mrs. Margot Whist came along. She was unlike the previous nannies in that she refused to be intimidated by the capricious heir of two millionaires. Whenever Ferris acted out, she would quietly pick up a book or walk away until, confused as to why he was getting no attention, his tantrums subsided. Margot treated him with a firm but not unkind hand, earning the respect of Ferris's mother and father and a permanent place within the household staff. Since it wouldn't do to have a technically factionless woman in their employ, Averill and Tabitha promoted Margot Whist to the status of "honorary Erudite," which wasn't an official thing until they made it one, because no one objected the decision of such elite individuals. Now that he was no longer being rewarded for misbehaving, Ferris's outbursts subsided, though he still refused any and all potential friends except for Margot Whist and one Leah Young. Much of his free time was spent in the company of Leah Young, a fellow Erudite girl thrust into the snake pit of high society, whose every move was as intensely controlled by her own upper-class parents as Ferris was neglected by his. Leah was the only other kid who just seemed to get Ferris and accept him, no questions asked, and so the two quickly became childhood best friends, often being partnered together during their mutual ballroom dance lessons.
Ferris was twelve years old when a deadly fire broke out in Erudite in the middle of one night. By the time Dauntless firefighters were able to extinguish the flames, more than fifty tightly-packed row houses had been torched, and hundreds of people were left homeless. To add insult to injury, Jacobi Insurance, which monopolized just about the entire faction of Erudite, denied the victims of the fire insurance claims on a technicality. People were so outraged to the point where they abandoned the civilized ways characteristic of Erudite and protested violently in the streets. Still, even when threatened, Averill Jacobi did not waver.
So perhaps it shouldn’t have come as such a surprise when one night, the Jacobis’ home security was disabled. Bystanders, many of whom were likewise victims of the recent fire, were paid to look the other way when a gang of vigilantes broke into the house. Their goal: to even the scales and avenge their losses. The band of criminals dragged Jacobi and his wife out of bed, in addition to their son. Fortunately for Margot, she’d gone home hours before.
Binding the family of three to chairs, the gang made it clear that their intentions were to kill. But they were ones to play with their food before eating it. They wanted Jacobi to truly regret robbing those with only a fraction of his fortune. Before his eyes, they tortured his son with a highly addictive drug called lull, an overdose of which induces a burning, scorching sensation in the veins and tears at the mind, making the user delirious with hallucinations and wild dreams. Ferris was injected again and again over the course of several hours, fading in and out of consciousness to the screams of his mother. At last, after dawn had broken and the vigilantes had abandoned the house, he awoke to find his mother and father motionless in their chairs, eyes glazed over, their bloodstained corpses riddled with numerous stab wounds.
The incident at the Jacobis’ estate made headlines across every faction. Ferris was rescued, though his new dependence on the drug could not be cured. While he needed the drug for continued survival (every attempt to wean him off it resulted in ineffectual hours of anguish and nothing else), regular doses of it gradually saps the life of the user. Erudite doctors discerned that Ferris was living on borrowed time and would eventually succumb to his addiction. The prediction was that he had a year to live, two if he was lucky. He proved them wrong.
Margot, who’d always cherished Ferris as though he were her own, took the orphan in. In the following years, Ferris’s skin developed an unhealthy pallor and he lost weight until his ribs were dark shadows. If he went too long without his daily dose of lull, he would spiral into bloody fits of coughing and the occasional faint. He was mercilessly tormented by a variety of bullies, often finding himself cornered for a beatdown on his walks home from school. The primary instigator of the attacks was a Dauntless-born boy by the name of Drex, then-boyfriend of Harper Day. (Ghost would later go on to shoot and kill a drunken Drex during initiation when Drex attempted to force himself on an unwilling Harper.)
Now that her employers were dead, Margot was out of work, and no new job for a maid in the employ of a family as notorious as the Jacobis was forthcoming. She and Ferris were near destitute, with almost all of their money devoted to the astronomical price of the drug to which his life was tied. They lived in a sordid uber-urban slum of a neighborhood, where bouts of lawless violence were day-to-day occurrences. Too young to and desperate to get a job, Ferris made a living by thieving, both pickpocketing and burglarizing. After hours of practicing sleight of hand in a mirror, he discovered his gift for cards, and often incurred the ire of the other hoodlums on his street when he cheated them out of their money. Ferris contemplated joining up with a gang for protection, but his allegiance to Margot held him back. Because he knew there was no escape from the gang life, and sooner or later they would come after her.
When the day of the Choosing Ceremony came, Ferris chose to leave his place of origin for Dauntless, his mother's old faction, despite having shown aptitude for Erudite. He was tired of being regarded with a mix of contempt and horror and pity wherever he went; he needed a fresh start. Somewhere where he would be the master of his own reputation. And if he was going to die regardless, he was resolved to go out with a bang in Dauntless. Just days after his transfer, he faked his death with some bloodstained clothes and belongings of his at the banks of Lake Michigan, so that the enemies he'd made on the streets and his parents' killers wouldn't come hunting him.
The first day of initiation, he introduced himself under a pseudonym because in addition to being recently dead, the infamous name Jacobi would have turned heads anywhere. Ghost was the same name that the bullies from school had used to taunt him, when his addiction rendered him pale and weak and on the verge of death; now he let it backfire in their faces. Naturally, the first phase of initiation proved challenging for Ghost. He lacked the strength to rival the other boys (and even the Dauntless-born girls) in his class during the first phase, and when it came to hand-to-hand combat, he got his ass handed to him on a daily basis. But he was a marksman with a remarkable affinity for guns. All the physics problems that had been crammed down his throat in Erudite finally applied to real life. Not to mention, his only source of bonding with his father had been skeet shooting.
Due to his immense courage in the fear landscape, he passed Dauntless initiation with flying colors. Ghost had one advantage that his peers did not. He had come to terms with death years before, knowing that it could find him next month, next week, next day. He no longer hid in fear of its possibility. As a result, he graduated at the top of his class. He chose to become a mentor for future Dauntless initiates, passing up a job in Dauntless leadership because, with his Erudite results on the aptitude test, he still didn't feel fully welcomed in Dauntless, like an outsider. As for his supply of lull, he obtains the illicit drug from the factionless, who enthusiastically trade it in exchange for exorbitant sums of money. Ghost hides his illness from the Dauntless at all costs.


Sexuality: Heteroromantic sapiosexual
Relationship Status: It's complicated...
Crush(es): He “admires” Charlie… just a little. And he has some very complicated feelings for his recent partner in crime, Blair.
Past Partners: None; Ghost's aversion to physical touch and massive trust issues have never made the idea of either a fling or serious relationship very appealing to him.
Turn-Ons: Moderately short; redheads or curly hair; elegant hands; graceful movements; roughhousing, biting, hair-pulling; a little older than him; high IQ's and intellectual conversations; good at cards and other strategy games; not afraid to be herself; creative and imaginative; strong work ethic; power and success; trustworthy; doesn't fully fit into Dauntless; good listener; authentic; well-read; challenges his logic; gives him space; makes him laugh; flatters, praises, and admires him.
Turn-Offs: Overweight or lots of curves; taller than him; drinker; clingy; vapid; narrow-minded; no goals or future plans; stereotypically Dauntless; interested in a fling or tries to hurry the relationship along; lots of piercings or tattoos; artificial hair colors or dyed hair in general; bad hygiene; shrill, high-pitched voices or snorty laughs; crying, complaining, or temper tantrums; public displays of affection; being lied to; prying into his past; tries to be someone they're not.
Dominant or Submissive: Bratty sub all the way.

Playlist (click for link):
- If You Were There, Beware—Arctic Monkeys
- Blue Trash Mattress Fire—Sleigh Bells
- Swingin’ Party—Lorde
- Reflections—MisterWives
- National Anthem—Lana Del Rey
- Silver and Cold—AFI
- The Sky Is a Neighborhood—Foo Fighters
- Your Woman—White Town
- Deal with the Devil—Tia
- Seven Nation Army—The White Stripes

Battle Stats:
Guns - 9
Knives - 4
Hand-to-Hand - 3
Swords - 6

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Kio.exe Kio.exe Maggie's form looks pretty good so far! My only suggestions are for you to expand on her Personality and Backstory a little, because I'm intrigued and would really like to know more about her. Once you do that, I'll happily add her to the roster!


Road work ahead? Uh, I sure hope it does...
I added some more details. I’m not sure what else to put, so let me know if you’d like some more information, : )


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Kio.exe Kio.exe Much better, accepted! Maggie has a kick-ass playlist; I love both Grandson and Valerie Broussard.

MadeInAdelaide MadeInAdelaide If you could expand a little more on Nic's Personality and Backstory, that would be much appreciated! Otherwise he's looking good so far.


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Full Name: Blair Avalon
Name Meaning: Gaeilic for "Field"
Nicknames: Blair
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birthdate: July 3rd

Rank: Initiate
Previous Faction: Dauntless
Aptitude Test Result: Dauntless, Amity, Erudite (Divergent)


Appearance: Blair is quite slim, but has a little bit of muscle definition. The kind that comes with growing up in dauntless. She has the icy blue eyes of her mother, and long, very long, blonde hair. Up front, she doesn't look very intimidating, in fact most of her struggles with passing the initiation would be physical, but mentally - she's dauntless alright. She stands at around five feet six inches, not too tall but tall enough, and has very delicate facial features that make her look fragile even though she's not. Pouty lips that have gotten her into trouble quite a few times and thick eyebrows that always help her convey her mischievous plans adorn her face, but the first thing most people notice about her is her eyes, they are ice blue with a circle of green right in the center - the trade mark eyes of the Avalon family, as all of her brothers had the same eyes, that they all inherited from their mother.

Height & Weight: 5'6
Body Modifications: N/A
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Faceclaim: Cara Delavigne


Personality: Blair is sweet and mischievous. Had she not been born in dauntless, maybe she would've done well in amity, however her life in dauntless has definitely made her a dauntless teen. She's incredibly brave, but doesn't ever try to go out of her way to prove it. She can be stubborn as hell sometimes, she gets that from her dad. She likes danger, in fact, it's a rush for her. A total adrenaline junkie, she is adventurous and daring. Despite being raised to value bravery above all else, Blair has always been a hopeless romantic, hoping to find love in a place as cut throat as dauntless. She is a wishful thinker, and determined once she gets her mind made up. Blair has many different sides to her, she can be playful, mischievous, romantic, adventurous, brave, but like everyone else, she has her own fears. She often gets nightmares, but she would rather die than let anybody know about them. She's very good at hiding her own fear, - or maybe she just pushes it down and represses it but whatever it is, it's what's helped her get through dauntless. Despite being raised in one of the most cut throat factions, Blair has always been undyingly sweet to everyone she meets. She's the youngest and the only girl in her family, which may make some think she was raised like a princess, and she was in a way, but it taught her that there are more important things than brute strength, the strength that her brothers possessed. Blair was always studying, perfecting her technique, doing anything to give herself a leg up, whether that was knowing pressure points or perfecting her the angle at which she pointed her gun, she has always done exceptionally well and remembering useful facts and tips.

Positive Traits: Brave, Friendly, Takes orders well, Daring, Confident in herself
Negative Traits: Trusts too easily, mischievous, physically not as strong as she should be, stubborn
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Likes: Warmth, cats, the color black, anything sweet, boys
Dislikes: Cold, water, pink, losing, spicy foods, Erudites
Habits: She taps her fingers when she's thinking hard about something
Fears: Drowning, her oldest brother coming back as a zombie, having to hurt someone she loves, being stuck outside the wall, Chris taking things too far and hurting her
Hobbies: doodling, sunbathing, running, dancing
Mental Disorders: N/A

Family: Mother (Calista Avalon) Father (Caius Avalon) 4 older brothers (Ares, Apollo, Achilles, Ajax)

Backstory: Her parents named them all on purpose, both her parents names started with C, her brothers with A, and her own name with B - A,B,C. They were the happiest family in dauntless, all fearless and brave, always together. Her father was in leadership in his hey day, her mother content working at the tattoo parlor, and her four older brother always play fighting and and protecting their little sister (who needed no protecting, Blair was just as fierce as the rest of her family. When her oldest brother, Ares, started his initiation he was at the top of his class, performing outstandingly. This threatened some of the other initiates, and in the middle of the night, one of the other initiates slit his throat in his sleep. Needless to say, the boy who killed her brother was now faction less, but that didn't bring her brother back. Her family was still strong though, her other three brothers got through initiation with out trouble, and now... it was Blair's turn. After her aptitude test, Blair's whole world had been shaken. She had always firmly believed that she was dauntless, born and raised. While certainly she was known as the sweetheart in her grade and amongst her family and friends, she never thought that that qualified her to test as Amity, nor did she ever think her endless studying and tireless worth ethic made her anything even close to erudite. In truth, she had always resented the erudite faction, so now being told she was not only dauntless, but also amity, and erudite, she felt out of place. She was fiercely warned by her thankfully understanding administrator that she couldn't tell anyone, not her parents, not her brothers, nobody. And so Blair kept the secret, choosing Dauntless when the day came but maybe she made a mistake. It's no secret that during dauntless initiation, the trainers get inside your head, they see everything, your worst fears, but what if her worst fear is being discovered as a divergent? Regardless, she couldn't bring herself to leave dauntless, her whole life was there, her family, her friends, her entire childhood, and she was going to fight like hell to keep it.

Mother - Calista Avalon (43)


Father - Caius Avalon (45)


Oldest Brother - Ares Avalon (Deceased at Age 16)


Second Oldest Brother - Apollo Avalon (Age 22)


Third oldest brother - Achilles Avalon (20)


Fourth Oldest Brother - Ajax Avalon (18)



Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Currently in a relationship w/ Christian but that may change down the line
1. Christian
2. Open
Past Partners:
Turn-Ons: Confidence, strength, blue eyes, guys that are protective, guys that make the first move
Turn-Offs: Arrogance, guys that don't make the first move, anyone that belittles her because of her size, emotional unavailability


Guns: 5
Knives: 4
Hand to Hand: 7


You (Ha Ha Ha) - Charlie XCX
Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish
Can we Kiss Forever - Kina
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Full Name: Maverick Ashton Maddox
Name Meaning: "Maverick" - Independant, "Ashton" - of an Ash Tree, "Maddox" - Son of Madoc
Nicknames: Went by the Alias of "Ash" for a majority of his life, when he was younger he would sometimes be called "Mav" but usually just went by Maverick
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Birthdate: September 3rd

Rank: Instructor
Previous Faction: Dauntless
Aptitude Test Result: Dauntless


Appearance: Maverick stands at an above average height of 6'2, weighing in at around 180 pounds. He is lean but covered in muscle, the way most dauntless borns are. Growing up in the Maddox family he was constantly pushed by his parents to be faster, stronger, work harder, but it was never enough. He shares the same charming and dashing good looks a his brother, and he's well aware of this fact and often uses it to his advantage. His eyes are a sparkling grey/blue, completely identical to the eyes of his brother Caspian. Those eyes of his however, are darker than Caspian's... they hide more secrets, more pain, more mystery than the golden boy he grew up with. The brothers also share the same strong jawline, sharp and masculine, equally high and prominent cheek bones and their thick eyebrows that always give away emotions before they can cover them. At first glance, one might almost think the two were twins, apart from Maverick's hair that is. After years of hiding his true identity, he changed both his name, and his hair color, striving not to be noticed as the famously missing, presumed dead, "Maverick Maddox". His once dark brown hair was dyed to look dirty blonde, although anybody that knew him before he changed his name knew that he shared the same dark locks as his brother Caspian only much shorter, once again, the resemblance between him and his brother is almost uncanny.

Height & Weight: 6'2" 180lbs
Body Modifications: Maverick has the dauntless symbol burned into his left shoulder, a mark from when his father essentially branded both him and his brother. They have identical burn marks, that one might mistake for a tattoo at first, but upon closer inspection is clearly a burn.
Physical Disabilities: N/A
Faceclaim: Colton Haynes


Personality: Had you known him as Maverick Maddox, you would've remembered a young boy, a miniature Caspian, who never felt good enough. Maverick followed his brother around like a shadow, the two were rarely apart, always wrestling each other, racing, getting into trouble, all the things brothers do best. He would often hang around the older kids that Caspian was friends with and as a result he was very mature for his age, pushing himself harder than most to be faster, stronger, more dauntless. But suffering the incessant abuse from his father began to get to him, Maverick began withdrawing from friends and even Caspian, often hiding black eyes and bruises, claiming he had simply gotten into a fight. After the fire, Maverick was never the same, and couldn't bring himself to face his older brother, the only other survivor of the fatal disaster, so he let him believe that he had died. He took on the persona of "Ash", a spin on his middle name and a clue to anyone that knew, he had survived the fire, risen from the ashes. He posed as a transfer from abnegation, and made his way through dauntless initiation. Ash was nothing like Maverick, Ash kept to himself, never socialized, and only focused on one thing. Getting through initiation. To most in his class, he seemed like a fighting machine, lethal with knives and guns, but not as dangerous as he was when no weapons were involved. He could take down anyone in his class when it came to hand to hand, and it got him the reputation as a stuck up brute. But inside, Maverick was screaming to get out, to find Caspian, to return to his old life, but he couldn't. It's something that's always haunted him. After finally reuniting with his older brother Caspian, who he found to be in less than peak condition, he took on his brothers role as an instructor. He looks out for himself and a few close friends, resuming his identity as Maverick Maddox has caused him to be reunited with more than a few childhood friends and romances. He cares for everyone he meets, even strangers, and always tries to do good to make up for the one mistake he can never take back. He strives to do what he thinks would make Caspian proud.

Positive Traits: Brave, Caring, Has become confident in himself as the years passed on, smooth talker, quite good with the ladies
Negative Traits: Impulsive, secretive, not quick to trust, can be aggressive if provoked, unsure of who exactly he is and where he fits in
Hogwarts House: Gryffindor


Likes: Fighting, girls, water/swimming, adrenaline junkie, reading (surprisingly)
Dislikes: Fire, his father, crowds, cats, being told what to do, being asked too many questions
Habits: Bites his lip when he's thinking, fidgets with his hands when nervous, often avoids eye contact if he see's someone who might recognize him

Pyrophobia - Fear of Fire
Agoraphobia - Fear of crowds
Arachnophobia - Fear of spiders
Sociophobia - Fear of social evaluation (not fitting in, not having any friends, being isolated)
Fear of his Father
Fear of something happening to Caspian

Hobbies: Maverick takes runs early in the morning, early enough that he knows nobody will be up to notice him. He also spends a significant amount of his time fighting for money, it's not so much a hobby as a means of getting by. He also can often be found swimming in the river where the water calms, it is one of his only outlets for stress, but he generally only goes at night.
Mental Disorders: N/A



Caspian Maddox - Older Brother
Maria Maddox - Mother (Deceased)
Alaric Maddox - Father (Deceased)

Backstory: Maverick had a happy childhood for the most part, constantly playing with his brother, living the life that all dauntless children dreamed of, but unfortunately his life wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Him and his brother both suffered excessive physical, verbal and mental abuse from their manipulative father, but for some reason Maverick always felt that he was targeted more. Caspian was the golden child, he did everything right, but every time Maverick slipped up or failed to meet his fathers expectations, he was met with beatings that left him bloody and bruised. Caspian helped him get through it, and with his brothers help Maverick seemed to be doing okay, until the night that their father had gotten particularly drunk, deciding to brand both the boys with the dauntless insignia. Caspian was first, and Maverick watched as his brother writhed in pain against the hot metal, and then it was his turn to suffer, screaming as his father pressed the red hot poker into his skin, Caspian held his hand while it happened. The boys were told that it was a symbol to remember where they came from, but they both knew it was a warning, only a shadow of what was to come if they ever chose to leave dauntless, or failed to live up to the family name. That night was the breaking point for Maverick. Once Caspian was asleep, Maverick took the branding iron his father had marked both of them with, allowing the thing to get so hot in the flames that it could start a fire of it's own, and he entered his fathers room. When his father awoke to see 12 year old Maverick standing over the bed holding the branding iron, he threw his young son against the wall, and for the first time in his life, Maverick fought back. He shoved the iron against his father, who tossed the thing aside where it landed on the carpet. Maverick fled, fearing his fathers wrath and slamming the door behind him, not knowing that the door had jammed shut. It wasn't long before the carpet caught fire, and Maverick saw smoke. He panicked, not knowing what to do, so he ran, a decision that would haunt him for the rest of his life. The next day Maverick learned that both his parents had died in the fire that he had unintentionally set, but Caspian was still alive, his brother had survived. The young boy was overwhelmed with guilt, and couldn't bring himself to face Caspian, instead choosing to disappear, the rest of dauntless presumed the boy had perished in the fire alone with his parents, nobody ever found out the truth. He lived with the factionless for a while, they were the only ones willing to take in a 12 year old run away, but when Maverick finally turned 16, he dyed his hair blonde and slipped into dauntless the day of the choosing ceremony, posing as an abnegation transfer under the name "Ash" - a play on his middle name, and a metaphor for what had caused his identity change in the first place. He kept to himself, avoiding making friends or socializing, he excelled at hand to hand combat, but was rather troubled in phase 3, his mind was a dark place now, and allowing other people inside it terrified him. Thankfully, he was able to finish towards the top of his class, a lethal weapon by the time he finished initiation. He still lived under the name "Ash", making a living as a competitive fighter in an underground network where drunks would come to bet on the best fighters where they faced each other in combat. He lived a modest life, in a crappy apartment with a few other misfits, struggling to keep afloat and constantly terrified someone would recognize him as Maverick Maddox, but eventually Caspian found him and pulled him out of the darkness. His older brother helped him land a job as an instructor for the new initiates and he's been trying to do well by his brother.


Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: single
Crush(es): OPEN
Past Partners: Maverick has had numerous flings with numerous women but never anything serious
Turn-Ons: long hair, feminine, caring/nurturing type, someone who can see through his defenses, passionate
Turn-Offs: Abrasive personality, stand offish, nagging, extremely short hair, emotionally unavailable


Guns- 8
Knives- 8
Hand to Hand - 10


- Changes - xxxtentacion
- Boulevard of Broken Dreams - Green Day
- Flightless Bird, American Mouth - Iron & Wine
- Cherry Wine - Hosier
- I see Fire - Ed Sheeran


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Full Name: Dante Aiken
Name Meaning: Dante, meaning 'everlasting'.
Nicknames: none
Gender: male
Age: sixteen
Birthdate: November 3

Rank: Initiate
Previous Faction: Erudite
Aptitude Test Result: Dauntless

Appearance: Dante is a tall if unassuming - at times - figure at 6"1. Moderately muscled with some tone from climbing and the occasional purple bruise on his legs from the same activity, his skin is an even - if pale - olive, though he does get somewhat darker in the summer months. Eyes are a warm brown color framed by thick, dark lashes and eyebrows. Hair sits just underneath his ears, dark brown with a slight curl to it. He's generally well-kept, maintaining a neat, trim appearance - a habit of his old district.

Scent: probably a mix of ginger and mint.
Height & Weight: 6"1., 160.8 lbs
Body Modifications: none, considering how frowned upon it was in his previous district.
Physical Disabilities: none
Faceclaim: Tamino

Personality: Upon initial interactions, Dante is far from an open book, being an exceedingly private if intense person characterized by an unwillingness to disclose much whether facially or vocally. This inclination comes from a natural distrust of strangers, a concern even Dante has acknowledged to be just a wee bit paranoid. Although it takes him a second or two to really open up, at his core Dante is a deeply thoughtful person with a propensity for teasing remarks and sarcastic comments dryer than the Sahara.

Although being of the quiet sort, Dante has never been slow to speak his mind when it's needed. He's usually rather calculating about these moments (probably the Erudite in him) though he like any other does have the occasional moment of pure, unbridled anger or just passion. These moments are far and in-between though as Dante is skilled by now in the art form of pushing his more negative emotions down, away, channelling them into something else, usually physical. He's not really the emotional sort as a result, turning to rational rather than heart in stressful situations and being capable of a great deal of insensitivity in those moments. As slow as he is to acknowledge his own emotions, Dante is the same about others and their sensitivities. Years of being the shoulder his sisters cried on probably should've granted him a bit more ability in the face of waterworks, but even now Dante can't help but shrink back at tears, mutter apologies, lapse into awkward silences.

Deriving most his self-worth from his ability, Dante is quite concerned with more than just capable, - he has to be the best he can be. His limits Dante is acutely of and he makes it his business to push past them with as much strength as he can muster. Much of this self-worth Dante initially derived from pushing his grades up, making his focus solely school and the pursuit of learning, making him appear to be the ideal Erudite even if it was only at the surface level.

One of Dante's reasons for defection came from a need for thrill, for excitement, that a lot of his Erudite peers didn't share. It's a part of himself he acknowledges, but a lot of happiness comes from that next adrenaline rush whether it be found in his first love climbing, near-death experiences, or some illicit substance. Although he knows these moments of euphoria are fleeting and leave you with lows just as great as the highs, it's a small price, he thinks, to pay for something so monumental. He can be quite reckless in that sense, easily caught up in the excitement of the moment and left to deal with the consequences of his actions much later.

Positive Traits: *independent., *self-assured,. *loyal., *persistent., *reserving of judgment., *quick-witted.
Negative Traits: *reserved., *cynical, *sarcastic., *insensitive., *absent-minded., *unforgiving.
Hogwarts House: probably Slytherin?
MBTI Type: close to an INTJ
Moral Alignment: in between chaotic good and chaotic neutral.

Likes: *smell of blown-out candles., *science-fiction books (a habit that's followed him from his Erudite days)., *rooting for the under-dog., *sweater, scarfs.
Dislikes: *bullies., *early judgments., *coconut in anything., *authority (has an unspoken mistrust of)., *crowd mentality.
Habits: *humming or tapping out beats on objects when he's lost in thought or focusing hard.,
Fears: *having no control/feeling confined., *betrayal by those he loves., *paralyzation in the face of tragedy. *loss of oxygen. *not amounting to anything/failure.
Hobbies: *free climbing., *reading., *anything that gets his blood rushing., *listening to music.
Mental Disorders: none he knows of.

Family: Maximus and Manuela Aiken (father and mother), Sibyl Aiken (middle sister, 13), Allegra Aiken (youngest sister, 10)
Backstory: Born initially an only child to parents whose careers propelled them high into the political sphere of the Erudite faction, Dante's childhood was a lonely one spent in the company of nannies and baby-sitters. He was a quiet kid, an unassuming kid who learned early to keep his grades up and his mouth shut because, as his mother always told him, children were to be rarely seen and even rarely heard.

When his first sister was born, it was a welcome respite from the quiet of his daily life, the birth of his second sister yet another breath of life into daily routines. A doting big brother in-between his school work and extra demands from his mother and father, Dante devoted much of what should have been his childhood in service of the whims of those he loved, a role he quickly tired of as he really wasn't suited for it.

He found rebellion in the unlikeliest of places, - roof tops of (usually) administrative buildings. Whenever stuff got to be too much or pressure mounted, Dante would climb, and its a habit that followed him into his later years. That adrenaline rush also opened up the first doorway, the first inkling that perhaps this wasn't where he was meant to be. He never vocalized it to his parents or even his friends - he knew the disbelief that would follow "no son of mine is going to defect", "but you fit in so well here" - so he kept it to himself, internalized the guilt that came with it whenever he looked into either of his sisters eyes.

Sexuality: heterosexual
Relationship Status: single
Crush(es): none
Past Partners: one fairly serious girlfriend a couple of years ago.
Turn-Ons: *good humor., *nice smells., *good hygiene., *strength in adversity.
Turn-Offs: *liars., *cowardice., *laziness., *unkempt appearances., *early, ignorant judgment.
Dominant or Submissive: probably dominant

- Wicked Games - The Weeknd
- Someone new - Banks
- Let it Die - Feist
- It's all in vain - Wet
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jrink jrink Beautiful form! I can't wait to see what Dante brings to the RP. Just one thing; since a large part of Dauntless initiation consists of overcoming fears, would you mind giving Dante at least one more fear, please? Four is the minimum for all characters. As soon as you do, I'll add him to the roster!


Jus drein jus daun
Name: Isabella Quinn
Name Meaning: Isabella- 'God is perfection', 'beautiful' Quinn- 'wisdom, chief'
Nicknames: Bell/Belle, Bella, Izzy, prefers Bell or Bella though if not her full name.
Gender: Female
Age: 16 years
Birthdate: January 24th

Rank: Initiate
Previous Faction: Amity
Aptitude Test Result: Divergent, but her test administrator lied to her as not to make it more obvious and cause a panic. Her results were Amity, Abnegation and Dauntless

Appearance: Bella is easily described as pretty, with long, strawberry blonde hair and sky blue eyes and a light dusting of freckles. She's an adorable little thing. Under her usual long-sleeve's though, there are many scars, mostly on her back and arms from years of abuse.
Height & Weight: 5'2", around 110-115, she's pretty fit from working outdoors and such.
Body Modifications: None yet
Physical Disabilities: none
Faceclaim: Katherine Mcnamara (idk if the picture will load, but yeah)

Personality: Bella is quiet and sweet, not exactly what you'd expect for a Dauntless Initiate. She desires to be able to protect herself, work hard and keep her head down, staying under the instructors radar and maybe not get in trouble. She doesn't like parties or large crowds typically, but she'll tolerate them if she's with the right people. Because of her past, she doesn't trust people easily, doesn't talk much, certainly doesn't open up much unless the right person asks. She's creative, enjoys doodling during school, definitely a bit of a daydreamer. She's just pretty much innocence personified. On the flip side, she's pretty insecure about herself, she doesn't get a lot of positive attention and this makes her feel unworthy of a lot of things. Her father was emotionally/verbally abusive, as well as physically abusive at times so she often feels as if she's letting people down if she makes the smallest mistake. When she's pushed far enough though, she can bite back at whoever is pushing her buttons. Don't underestimate her, she can be fierce and feisty when she wants to be. XD
Positive Traits: Quiet, submissive, hard worker, eager to please, keeps out of trouble for the most part, sweet, caring, she has a huge heart for other people who are hurting. Emotional, She's also curious to a fault. XD
Negative Traits: Anxiety, insecure about herself, wears long sleeves more often than not because she doesn't like people seeing her scars. Often forgets to take care of herself in the most basic ways because of her 'good' work ethic. Emotional, this is a positive and negative thing cause she sometimes misinterprets things and gets worked up over nothing. And tears are a thing, she cries when she's frustrated, sad and basically just any time she's upset. XD
Hogwarts House: I don't have an answer cause i haven't read Harry Potter or seen the movies sorry. D:
MBTI Type: INFP (maybe leaning more toward INFP but I'm not entirely sure yet. XD)

Likes: Animals, reading, drawing, peace and quiet, nature, watching sunsets, honesty, genuine interest in her, being herself.
Dislikes: Aggressive people, specifically guys. Roughness, pointless arguing and/or fighting. While Bella puts in the work and is an excellent student, she doesn't particularly enjoy hurting people. Being constricted by unnecessary rules, she'll follow them, but doesn't mean she likes to have an overbearing amount of rules.
Raised voices directed at her, aggressive outbursts, manhandling, people lying to her face, fake people, manipulation
Habits: Playing with her hair is a common thing if she's nervous, in addition to chewing on a pencil or pen if she has one. She tends to avoid eye contact with people as well, often keeps her eyes on the ground or on her feet. When she's angry or upset about something, a frown will be plastered to her face, in addition to muttering to herself, also does this when she's stressed, fidgety fingers, which would entail like, digging her nails into the pads of her fingers and such.
-being intimately touched
-small spaces
-her father
-Fear of being helpless
-Fear of the dark
Hobbies: She likes to go off by herself in her free time and read or draw, she also likes braiding her hair, thought she mostly does this when she's upset or thinking about something.
Mental Disorders: Probably a bit of PTSD, a little OCD.

-Margerie Quinn- mother- 41- Amity
-Allister Quinn- father- 43- Amity
-Renee Quinn- cousin- 19- Erudite
-Brandon Quinn- brother- 23 - Abnegation
-Xavier Quinn- uncle- 42- Amity
Bella was born and raised in Amity, raised to be kind and compassionate towards others. No one would expect her to choose to go to Dauntless, at all. It all started when Bella was 7, her father came into her room one night and started talking to her, but not as his child, like he would to, say, a lover. Now, to be clear, he didn't go 'that far', but he touched her a bit and then left. As she got older, her father would do these kinds of things to her regularly, and when she'd try and fight, he'd hit her. Not wanting to embarrass herself or her family, she kept quiet, her father would make sure she knew what would happen if she ever told anyone, and repeatedly engraved in her mind that nobody would believe her, that she was useless, worthless, and that she was disgusting for letting him do these things to her. When Bella thought she tested Amity on her Aptitude test, she was quite honestly horrified that she'd be stuck with her monster of a father for the rest of her life, so, oh a whim, she chose Dauntless, and decided that she'd rather go there, where she could learn to defend herself, rather than subject herself to her father's abuse any longer.

Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Maverick, Ben (she just hasn't realized it yet hehe)
Past Partners: None
Turn-Ons: Genuine affection, kind eyes, tall guys, guys with animals are just adorable, messy hair don't care, protective (but not possessively so), mysterious, jealousy, she's always loved forehead kisses and hand kisses and pretty much affectionate kisses anywhere, especially if they aren't sexual in nature. She just has to be brave enough to let someone get close to her.
Turn-Offs: Aggressive, possessive, jealousy; this one is tricky. She appreciates guys being jealous and protective of her with other guys, but alternatively, she doesn't like when they get possessive about it and all that, she definitely wouldn't purposely make her partner jealous. Dismissive, cold, that's pretty much it. If the guy isn't a jerk, she's pretty openminded.

Battle Stats (i don't remember what i put but i might so here goes. XD)
Guns- 1/10
Knives- 5/10
H2H- 7/10
Archery- 2/10

- Scars to Your Beautiful by Alessia Cara
- Two by Sleeping At Last
- Dynasty by MIIA
- Bird Set Free by Sia
- I Cannot Be Broken by Claire Guerreso
- Lovely by Billie Eilish

(color code is CC99FF so i dont forget :P
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