1. MaraZipan

    Charwell Guild

    Acamen winced in pain and quickly shot his eyes open to see Lucinda standing at his window opening the curtains. “What are you doing?” he groaned pulling his blanket over his head to end the burning sensation the sun was causing to his darkened figure. Luce rolled her eyes. “Today is the...
  2. Qrow Smith

    The Healer

    Rumors have spread far and wide, telling of an exceptionally talented healer and potion maker who resides in the outskirts of a small village in the south. However, it is also said that this healer as the ability to see the curses and spells casted upon people and can lift them at a mere glance...
  3. ReverseTex

    Welcome to Varerin | Interest Thread | Politics | Magic | Fantasy |

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  4. Traveling Bratsche

    Fantasy Looking for some cars to add to my writing train!

    Hello fellow writers! My name is Bratsche and I have been looking for some literate RP partners for quite some time! I know this is a long post but please bare with me! First a little about me: I am currently located in Europe which means time difference will be a thing for those of you in...
  5. Balfnaught1

    Ever wanted to become a God?

    Ok so... You ever heard of the Forbidden Fruit? Well something like it exists. A tree, hundreds of feet tall, the fruit of which can cause a mortal being to ascend into Godhood with a single bite. The power to reshape reality at a whim, the worship of thousands, and eternal life all at your...
  6. BoltBeam

    Fantasy Education Encounter

    Roleplay with Redfork2000. Sorry! Now, this is fun. Not only do I get to experience my first time roleplaying in a thread like this on here for the first time... I get to show off my first character as well! Two birds with one stone. This is a simple one-to-one roleplay - where the scenario is...
  7. Caffeine Freak

    The Worst Roleplay Ever Made

    I've got an idea for a very non-serious RP that revolves around a humorously awful, fantasy-set story populated by characters that are either intentionally cliché or self inserts. The point of this roleplay is not to develop characters or a meaningful story, but rather to outdo other players by...
  8. Baconhands

    Story Children of Volk

    Part One Rain was falling again. The wind was howling; the buildings all groaned in its grasp. Occasionally lightning flared and thunder roared, illuminating draconic shapes in the black clouds. The residents of Volk were a tough, seafaring people, however those along its eastern coast dared...
  9. Al Hazeem

    Fantasy Baptism by Fire. [Characters]

    The empty sheet for the characters. ---------------- |Name: |Alias: |Rank: (From simple Footman up to Corporal are possible in the beginning, dependant on wether the Char is new to the imperial Army or already served a bit of time) ------------------ |Race: (Feel creative on this one, could be...
  10. Al Hazeem

    Fantasy Baptism by Fire. [OOC]

    *smacks lips* The OOC thread for questions regarding everything. Feel free to ask, even if you are not playing a character in the story itself.
  11. kitphiroth

    Multiple Settings Want [M] Characters for adventure/action/romance rps <3!

    Hi there, I am looking to roleplay out three different settings. I love fantasy, romance, action and big adventures! So, expect there to be big adventure in our plots. Keep in mind these aren't 100% ideas, but it's more the base idea of what I'd like to do. ALL of these settings have a magic...
  12. Al Hazeem

    Baptism by fire.

    The afternoon sun was shining brightly down onto the fields far from above with its majestic size. Basking everything in its light and warming each spot not covered by shadows up. Cicadas were making their shrill noises, as they were sitting in the high grass and the wheat-fields. Birds in the...
  13. Angelofdarkness

    Realistic/Modern Unexpected

    Hello hello, Due come in. Welcome to my search thread. I am Angel. I have one plot in mind at the moment, one that might be overdone. But i would still like to see if anyone would be interested. Plot: Venus was raised by a single Father who was very religious. He did his best to raise Venus...
  14. Brax

    Erabus IC

    If Desetto is the country of outlaws, then Edin is the haven that heathens operate out of. Unlike other parts of Erabus, there was a certain kind of person to be found in the City of Thieves. Gang violence ran rampant around the countryside for the past two decades. Bandits and thieves ran the...
  15. CyanDragon

    Multiple Settings ***CLOSED*** Long-Term Roleplay Partner(s) Wanted!

    Hiyya! You can call me Cyan. I'm currently searching for a new long-term roleplay partner(s). :D A little bit about me: I'm an 18 y/o female with a love for writing and years of experiencing. I've been writing since I was old enough to put together a story, and roleplaying on and off since...
  16. vanadarling

    Fantasy The Hunt is On

    Greetings and salutations, Folks of RPNation. My name is Vana. I have been roleplaying for many years now. It all started at the tender age of thirteen and now at twenty-one, after a few years off the horse, I’m ready to get back at it. I currently have a Greek Mythological roleplay...
  17. Abraxos

    Fantasy Lamb to the Slaughter |bxb|

    ╔═══════⌘═══════╗ ╚═══════⌘═══════╝ Millions of years ago, when the world was still young, Agieaom, the God of Life, gave their followers, the people Kesierri, a prophecy. Its exact words have long since been lost to the ravages of time, but its meaning has been passed down from one generation...
  18. Javax

    Fantasy [Closed] Soulless | In-Character

    Work in progress...
  19. Javax

    One x One [Closed] Soulless | Out-Of-Character

    Here's where we can discuss the RP in case we decide PM is a bit too private lol
  20. Javax

    One x One [Closed] Soulless | Characters

    Here's a thread for us to post our characters so that we can keep up with each other's characters, especially if we decide to have more than one! As long as the basics are included (listed below), whatever you come up with should be fine. Required: Name Age Gender Race/Species Physical...