1. Berries

    Fantasy Exploring Dragon Island [CS HUB]

    Thread Index 1. Character Sheets & Information (here) 2. Body Modification Guide 3. Dragon Almanac & Country Information [INCOMPLETE] Open Positions China Representative - OPEN Japan Representative - OPEN Germany Representative - OPEN India Representative - OPEN Russia Representative - OPEN US...
  2. Baku the Shipping Lord

    The Ebony Embers need you!

    Ever wanted to fight wanted to raise your arms to fight yet felt no need to commit to a single nation? Felt that being in any form of town guard or Millitia was just not right? Are you feeling restricted with where life seems to drag you? If any of these are yes then the Ebon Embers are looking...
  3. tinywallfowergirl

    Multiple Settings always looking ✨

    Hi, I’m Susan. Lover of Pinterest boards and playlists. Rules: 1. Would rather not write with men 2. MxF only at this time 3. I prefer female leads and not doubling unless we do fandom. 4. Tell me your favorite color 5. Be 18+ 6. WORLD BUILDING AND ROMANCE IS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY 7. Ditch...
  4. SueshiRoll

    ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇ ᴋᴇᴇᴘᴇʀs {accepting}

    [div class=container][div class=glaze][div class=tabsContainer][div class=tabNames] [div class="tabName titleName"]Title Screen[/div] [div class="tabName introName"]Synopsis[/div] [div class="tabName basicsName"]Lore Basics[/div] [div class="tabName rulesName"]The Rules[/div] [div class="tabName...
  5. Baku the Shipping Lord

    Fantasy The search for partners and my idea.

    So this is a little weird to try and introduce this whole thing. First I guess I should give a little idea of who I am. See I'm a guy who has always wanted to be in a long term 1x1 yet I have been a little afraid to reach out. See the issue is I'm not the most consistent guy when it comes to...
  6. FantasyDoctor

    Tribes and Duty (Open)

    Since old times two clans have fought to protect their own beliefs. The clans wars raged in the shadows for millennia, never seeing the eyes of humans. The wars began back in the times of the Vikings. Each clan had their beliefs and uses of magic. These differences led to the first bloody war on...
  7. AutumnGrey

    1400 AC Fantasy Rp

    Welcome to Aeternum. This Role Play is set before industrialization (the dark ages, approximately 1400 AC) The is set in a world with castles, villages, kings and queens, witches and wizards, fairies and nymphs. Current confict: Aeternum was a land of many. Creatures of every past, every...
  8. Petroshka

    Overlord Alternative

    The once popular DMMO game Yggdrasil Online is about to shut down after a long run of 12 years, a guild comes together for their final moments in their long run together to reminisce about raids and share stories. However they are transported into another world, This world is much different from...
  9. Marmalade Skye

    Fantasy From Deifiore CS

    Alright, for characters, -Avoid Mary Sues Gary sues, or such nonsense -pay some attention to the gender ratio - try to use where your character is from as reference to what their skills/powers are -No op, weaknesses build character (literally) Otherwise, take as much as you want out of this...
  10. Fanta

    Multiple Settings Looking for Partners! Pairings & Plots! Always Open!

    hello, hello, hello!! here is my official list of roleplays i've been craving. a few things you need to know about me, first; here i'm using lowercase letters for the aesthetic, i will be using proper capitalization if we were to roleplay! i prefer to play the female in a pairing, but i'm...
  11. Dakine Itai

    Multiple Settings Dakine's Poorly Put Together Partner Post (Inquire Within)

    It always feels like I’m trying to sell myself when I get to creating one of these posts…*cracks knuckles* So, here it goes! I am a detail-oriented RPer who loves a challenge! I’ve been RPing for the last twenty years, give or take a few in AIM chatrooms and table-top games, so I am well...
  12. Ultrasuperhulk

    Lyre Series Vol.1- Destined for Chaos

    Coming soon.
  13. TheHappyPikachu

    Idea Rp Idea!!~ Just uhh—…. not sure exactly what.

    Soooooo I'm craving anything to do with a group roleplay pregnancy plot somewhat badly, problem is I'm run out by testing and my own personal life lately to develop a good one, anyone have any suggestions for a plot or mind helping construct it?? I'm pretty open to most things though want to try...
  14. Corrosion

    Fantasy Caught in the Crossfire [Sci-Fi/Fantasy RP]

    The first IC didn't attract anyone, it seems, so I'm trying again. The basic premise is that in the distant future, humanity is in a brutal war against an interstellar alien empire, with battles taking place across the stars, and on hundreds of planets, the front lines changing every day...
  15. Adrunkenbanana

    Renegades Intrest Check

    So bare with me here, this is an old concept I pulled out of the closet and tweaked. I did proof read, but did so quickly. Here is the general idea... In the year 2118 a massive war ravaged the earth. The hunger for power drove allies to turn against allies. No country was spared, and mass...
  16. Berries

    Exploring Dragon Island [Dragon Riders | Sci-Fi]

    Introduction The year is 2466. Humankind has cured cancer, stopped global climate change, and has recently explored to the very bottoms of our oceans. Right in this era where we were so certain that we fully understand the world we live in, a new challenger arose. Seemingly overnight, a...
  17. goldcat16471

    One x One Apocalypse References (FaithWynters and Goldcat)

    Quick References... Post about: @FaithWynters -Events -Choices -Backstory -Supplies -Etc
  18. WavyLikePasta

    Multiple Settings Hi.. I’m lonely and have 1 rp

    So.. this is gonna be short because I have like no plots.. but I either wanna do a modern/realistic or a fantasy like thing with my elf character.. maybe even an apocalyptic type of scene or even like a weird Scooby-Doo plot I have in mind because my group rp for that has like sunk to the...
  19. Elekta Kount

    Fantasy Musket and Magic CS

    CS Sheet Name: (Your character's name. Include any notable aliases in parenthesis) Age: (Please don’t make a 20 year old Colonel, be reasonable!) Gender: Sexual Orientation: Birth Place: (Which province is your character from? Ex: Klosterstein, Vorkurov, Großbirge, Marçon, Uniseria, Sarratillo...
  20. Elekta Kount

    Musket and Magic: A Fantasy World Meets Napoleonic Tactics War RP!

    This story any fantasy starts...of a land far away...a land of fantasy... Elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, dragons, etc, etc and of course Humans But this isn't a story of that land...not yet. You see, thousends of years ago, in this...old world, so to speak, there were groups of...