1. Primula

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Act I (1856-1867)
    Index: Chapter 1: Old Wounds

    .. . . ACT ICHAPTER 1: OLD WOUNDS CONSPECTUS 1856. To discern the truths from fiction, a certain gathering of gifted individuals with the intention of reestablishing their presence in the criminal world. At the behest of a telegram, many peculiar members associated with the Grimaldi household...
  2. ghost_tea

    Multiple Settings β 𝘀𝘩π˜ͺ𝘭𝘭𝘴 π˜ͺ𝘯 𝘡𝘩𝘦 𝘒π˜ͺ𝘳, 𝘣𝘦𝘡𝘡𝘦𝘳 𝘣𝘦𝘸𝘒𝘳𝘦. ❞ ➳ πšŠπšžπšπšžπš–πš— πš–/πš– πšœπšŽπšŠπš›πšŒπš‘

    --IMG ONE HERE-- --IMG TWO HERE-- --IMG THREE HERE-- --SURNAME HERE-- ghostie’s search --FIRST NAME HERE-- ;; autumn --POST HERE-- hello, i am known as ghost_tea. some call me ghost, others ghostie, even just tea. college graduate, in my twenties, long time writer with several...
  3. Rose234

    Realistic or Modern Shadows around us (plot) Looking for Partner

    I am 22 years old, and have been roleplaying for several years. I am advanced lit to novella, more often than not i write two thousand or more words per response. I adore a good romance in a role, but that is not the only focus. I prefer my partner to be 18+, and be creative! I use realistic...
  4. simulationanomaly

    Fandom [ LOST DOGS ] β€” A Yakuza Story

    December 10th, 1988, Sotenbori The past day was already a haze. It came in flickers, piercing soundbytes, bangs and rattles. If Kenneth didn't have the bruises to prove it was real, he would have assumed that it was just a bad dream, or a hallucination brought on from a bad mix of hydrocodone...
  5. Sear

    Fantasy the partiality of power

    coded by uxie! fonts used: header subheader/body text to replace fonts, add/replace them here, and then in the variables below under *fonts; check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ β—‘ ‾́ ) ----left---- ----details page---- ----sidebar...
  6. Valery...just uhm Valery

    Realistic or Modern "I'm just making sure you're not getting over me too~" Looking for partners!!!

    Hello! I'm once again resorting to rp nation to find some roleplay partners. I'm in a somewhat casual mood right now. The plot below is set in modern/slightly futuristic times. I want to focus on relationship building, include messy drama and tons of tension between the characters. I would...
  7. Primula

    Realistic or Modern [SYN] Lore

    .. . . Project SyndicateLore DISCLAIMER The following content is a work of fiction. Any names or references that correlate with referenced personnels and events in real life are purely coincidental and/or fictionalized. The following contents are made by and for personal creativity purposes...
  8. Foxglove_Rae

    Multiple Settings Craving some yandere

    I have had this huge craving for a yandere rp for a while now and I really want to plot and do one with someone. I'm fine with it being fantasy or realistic so if your interested in play a yandere character please let me know!
  9. Primula

    Multiple Settings Project Syndicate: Primium Edition (Always Open)
    Index: Interest Check Directory

    . PROJECT SYNDICATE :s -- Tab Images + Covers Container -- -- Tab Images + Covers ---- Tab Image 1 ---- Tab Cover 1 ---- Tab Cover Text --fa-lock-- Tab Block 1 ---- Tab Image 2 ---- Tab Cover 2 ---- Tab Cover Text --ACT I-- Tab Block 2-1 ---- Tab Block 2-2 ---- Tab Image 3 ---- Tab Cover 3...
  10. Mobius

    Realistic or Modern Any Takers for a Killer x Cop 1x1?

    TW: This plot contains mentions of domestic abuse and (vague) mental illness. I feel like I should start off this thread with an apologyβ€” sorry if certain things don’t make sense or if there’s typos… I’m currently on the mend from a bad sinus cold and I may or may not be a bit high from cold...
  11. Astral_Ink

    Fandom Identity V RP!

    Greetings, This’ll be short as I don’t have very many particular RP preferences, but we can sort more things out once we make a conversation. I’ve been really wanting an Identity V RP for a while, though I know probably not too many people are acquainted with it. Whatever we do, I’d like to be...
  12. Foxglove_Rae

    Realistic or Modern Cult?

    So I've been playing cult of the lamb recently and it inspired me to do a cult leader x follower rp. So if your interested let me know! I only ask that you don't do one liners the responses can be as long or short as your would like I just want some effort put into them! When starting we'll...
  13. Metahuman

    Multiple Settings Metahuman's Big Bag of Gay. Looking for Long term MxM Partner (Young Justice, Other Anime, TV Shows, Original Plots, and more! Come look inside)

    Hello! Thank you for checking out my thread, I'm super excited to meet you, I'm Metahuman, and I'm over the age of 18. I am seeking a long-term partner for some MxM romance role-playing. If we had to use labels, I would say I was looking for a partner who can Roleplay a more dominant male...
  14. A Killer Queen

    Realistic or Modern π‘²π˜¦π˜¦π˜± π‘Άπ˜― π‘²π˜―π˜°π˜€π˜¬π˜ͺ𝘯𝘨 ➣➣ ⌈ π˜—π˜’π˜³π˜΅π˜―π˜¦π˜³ 𝘚𝘦𝘒𝘳𝘀𝘩 βŒ‹

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  15. Secret agent

    Realistic or Modern Female partner wanted for agent vs Henchwoman RP

    Looking for a partner who is interested in an Hero/Agent vs Henchwoman RP
  16. Secret agent

    Realistic or Modern Female partner wanted for long term secret agent RP

    Looking for a partner who is interested in a long term Hero/Agent vs Henchwoman RP. Here is the plot An agent by the names of James Awe is known to be the best agent the agency has in it's fight against a sudden rise of all female gangs, criminal organizations and corporations. His mission is...
  17. Shawdios

    Multiple Settings Shaw’s request thread, long term RPs please.

    "Boys will be bugs right?" Ello there! I’m Shawn and I’ve been roleplaying for about 6 years, and I love to write low-fantasy, modern fantasy, high angst, a little bit of sci-fi (if you convince me strongly enough) and paranormal. I love to draw, read, and write. My character face...
  18. Foxglove_Rae

    Realistic or Modern I'd rather be anywhere else, or not.

    Hi! I wanna do a relaxing type of roleplay and thought ba prisoner x guard would be fun. I am LGBTQ friendly and am willing to play either prisoner or guard! Let me know if interested!
  19. Foxglove_Rae

    Realistic or Modern I Won't Be Sharing

    Hi! This is my first group rp in a long time, as well as my first time really ever starting one! So please be patient with me and help would be greatly appreciated. A little about me I'm Rae I go by she/her pronouns and I'm looking for two people to play the fan and bodyguard roles! -The...
  20. Rosel

    Realistic or Modern Crime, Action, Romance!

    Hello! I don't have any preference for genre, but lately I've been really into more modern-day action thrillers. With romance, since you can never go wrong with a bit of romance. World: Corruption is rampant within the government and big cities are controlled by different sects of gangs...