1. Lord_Frost

    Realistic or Modern  Children of despair (subject to change)

    In the early days of civilization, three god siblings, desperate to prove their worth to each other and their parents, greeted three great and massive kingdoms. Another the eldest of the three and goddess water creates her civilization over the sea using the powerful magic in her crown to keep...
  2. Birdsie

    Fantasy  We Are The Evil Nutty Cultists, I Guess

    +++ We Are The Evil Nutty Cultists, I Guess +++ Let's skip the fancily-worded intro, I've written these interest checks so many times my fingers will snap if I have to do it again. Here's the deal: This is a fantasy world, with a big F. High Fantasy. So high you don't even need an altitude...
  3. ianbabyyy

    Realistic or Modern  Secrets Kill

    Ami was the most popular girl in school. And not in a snobby, queen bee sort of way. No, she was genuinely likable. Half the boys in the school were in love with her (and a number of the girls as well). Both a brilliant athlete and exceptional academically. Class president, voted in unanimously...
  4. Featherstone

    Multiple Settings  𝚖𝚘𝚗𝚜𝚝𝚎𝚛𝚜 + 𝚠𝚊𝚛 𝚌𝚛𝚒𝚖𝚎𝚜 + 𝚖𝚊𝚍 𝚜𝚌𝚒𝚎𝚗𝚌𝚎 = 𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚛𝚙 | Long Term, Lit./Adv. Lit | LGBTQ | Frequent Posts [OPEN]

    About Me Without further ado, allow me to introduce myself properly: my name is Featherstone (he/him), but most folks call me Fea (as in the first syllable of "feather," not to be mistaken as "fae," which are not the sort I would dare take the name of lest I cause offense). I consider myself an...
  5. Lokitty

    Fandom  Lucifer (Netflix) - M/M or Gen - looking for canon or cross-canon: Old Guard, Supernatural, etc.

    Hello, this is a pretty short post since I'm merely looking to feed a craving, one that went on for a few months already, but a craving nonetheless. Who I play: Cain (Marcus) from Lucifer (Netflix) - A note though, I am not playing him as a full villain. Because he is not. Who I'm looking...
  6. BittyBobcat

    Fantasy  A Dying Breed - IC

    Lenajo was quiet... or, at least as quiet as the city ever gets. Even as the thin morning fog began to burn away, cars were drifting onto the streets. The sidewalks were mostly empty, save for a handful of lone figures who took it upon themselves to enjoy the slightly chilled air before it grew...
  7. Purqleguy

    Fantasy  Welcome to Blackhelm City (OPEN)

    The city streets were lit up in an array of neon colors, the blinking signs on the buildings were reflected in the fresh rain puddles on the ground. It made the very asphalt feel alive, though the streets were eerily bare. Blackhelm used to be full of nightlife, of course. It was a hot spot for...
  8. Shay2112

    Multiple Settings  Happy Good Times :D

    Hey there! You can call me Shay! My pronouns are she/her. I'm 17 (18 in August!). I work part-time and I'll be going back for my junior year of college in Fall. How exciting! I am looking for a Criminal Minds roleplay mainly! I have recently started watching it and I am now in Season 4 (I know...
  9. xCeleste

    Multiple Settings  Modern and fandom 1x1 search

    Hello all! I’m new to this forum but not to role playing! I’m am currently searching for a couple 1x1 partners. I normally make long search threads and found they were more effective if I just put the main points! (Plus I’m currently on my phone an that makes for slow typing.) - I tend to...
  10. ErXiao

    Realistic or Modern  Looking for a Detective themed rp!

    Hello! I hope everyone's having a good day! I've been experiencing a craving for a detective themed roleplay lately. Think Sherlock Holmes. Romance isn't a must, but I'm completely open to it. I don't have anything set in stone, so if you're interested, comment or shoot me a pm so we can...
  11. SilverRose

    Multiple Settings  ROLEPLAY!!!!! Real Life Horror Movie

    Welcome so basically this will be a real life horror movie (with romance thrown in maybe that's optional). Basically it will be our two characters trying to survive a killer. It can be any killer we want but I would prefer to make one up instead of using a fandom one. Please message me!!!!
  12. Mellowfella

    Realistic or Modern  Mafia Themed Roleplay

    Foreword Hello, I'm Mellowfella as you could see. I'm looking for a 1x1 roleplay partner to take turns with. I'm quite new to this site, but I have been roleplaying in different platforms for many many years. Did text-roleplaying for some time in multiple languages. Right now I'm abroad and...
  13. AmatsuOtaku

    Realistic or Modern  A dystopian sci-fi lover's dream (open)

    Do stories of war or international conflict grab your attention? Are you longing for tales of rebellion against a corrupt authority? Can you easily picture a run-down cityscape that is the ruins of a once-great civilization? If you answered yes to all three of those, this is the world for you...
  14. Lexis_Graziano

    Realistic or Modern  Looking For Roleplay Partners

    Hi, My name is Alexis, I mostly go by Lex. Roleplay is something I'm very passionate about. I happen to love writing and roleplay just helps increase my imagination. I am literate but I will be honest, my grammar and punctuation suck. I have an over active brain and mt fingers can not always...
  15. Matamoja

    Multiple Settings  Anyone up for some dark fun? (fxf)

    Howdy! This thread is kinda long, but detailed. I'm Matamoja, but call me Mata. I have been RPing for a few years now, but have been writing for far longer. Made on phone, sorry to pc users for the formatting~ I usually write anywhere between 150 and 1000+ words per post. Starting posts...
  16. TragicTrees

    Fantasy  The Reach | Modern Heist With Magic | CLOSED

    — WELCOME TO THE REACH ! modern fantasy heist. --img here... CODE by LEVIATHAN. -- 01 here 01. introduction. To Whom This Message May Be Received, You may be wondering who I am and perhaps why I am reaching out to you. For the first question, I unfortunately cannot answer in order to...
  17. SilverFlight

    Fantasy  The Order of Seven - Supernatural Victorian thriller - interest check

    Lore Characters Queen Victoria sits on England’s throne; the Prussian empire is strong and France is embroiled in political turmoil. The industrial age creeps up upon the unsuspecting, pushed forward by opportunists and those who barely understand the power they are beginning to command...
  18. Skyler-19

    Fantasy  Western RP (One on One) - Open

    This is my first post on RP Nation so apologize if I've posted it wrong! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello all! I'm looking to do western style RP (cowboys, horses, bounty's) all that good fun old-style stuff...
  19. Hypnos

    Realistic or Modern  Haunted by the Past

  20. PheonixKing

    Fandom  Roleplay Partner Search

    Hey everyone Jayden here. I don’t know why but I’m still bored out here so I, hoping someone can RP with me About me: So. Some information/rules about me. I am Male. I just want to get that info out there. I don't take the whole thing super seriously, but if you manage to catch my attention...