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hi, all! i go by nourishment, i'm 21, and have been an off-and-on user of rpnation for a long time, just under a new account. very excited to get back into it. i'll list a few quirky things about myself so we can get comfortable: i don't like bugs, but i also wont kill them. it feels cruel. i l o v e the sims. i'm not a builder, more of a cas queen, but i have over 12,500hrs in the sims 4, a meager 1,000hrs in the sims 3. test me, i dare you. i'm a metalhead and a big spicehead, i dream of eating a ghost pepper at a metal show. i also really like writing. probably why i keep coming back here. would love to hear some weird details about yourself!
NO.1 obviously follow all rpnation rules. be respectful of the platform.
NO.2 please, no one-liners. i'd prefer a partner who's willing to send a lengthy response (3+ paragraphs) so there is material to respond to.
NO.3 communication is a big thing for me. let me know if you can't reply for a day or two, or that the response won't be as lengthy as we'd prefer it to be. i understand there are circumstances out of our control, just give me a heads up, if you can. i'll do the same for you, as i will be working and going back to school eventually.
NO.4 ooc chat is also important to me. i'd like to get to know my rp partner, i've found it makes for better connections when we feel comfortable with each other. don't be a stranger!
NO.5 finally, have fun! suggest different ways we can make the plot more interesting. time skip years ahead if you feel it's dragging on, bicker with my character, don't be afraid to throw in a (discussed) twist in the story.

my plots
"have you seen the news?" "yeah... we're in it."

a and b have been on the run for months. in the beginning, they only dabbled in petty crimes: porch pirating, thieving from local gas stations, sneaking into their neighbors' yards to swipe their lawn decorations. as they aged and became more educated in the world of crime, their grab-and-go style evolved into a more... meticulous, slow-burning chase. but now, money is involved. and oh boy, does it change people.
a always had an anchoring for the finer things in life. as someone who was always belittled and dethroned from their achievements, a had no more heart left for anything other than gold. they didn't care much for jewelry, but the cars, the houses, the slew of romantic interests... they always said, "as someone who had nothing, i now want everything."
b had the exact opposite upbringing. a cherished child of billionaires, a nepo baby in the works, they never went without a need, nor a want. unfortunately, their luck would run dry at the hands of poor decisions. their family ostracized and disowned them for these decisions, whether they were controllable or not. b misses those riches. "in the end, i'll take what's rightfully mine."

"my hands are clean."

a sits quietly in the bleak, concrete room, shackled to the table, in their prisons-best, where they are to meet their new lawyer, b. the case is tricky: homicide. a pleads they were at the wrong place at the wrong time, that they're only guilty by association, they're being framed. no other lawyer cared to listen to their cries, but b, a newly-grad, wants the challenge. a wants off scot-free.

"pretty little nightmare."

a has finally settled down after years of the grind. they've bought their first home, are working an okay job, met a nice person, even considering marrying them. everything is serene. yet, serenity doesn't last forever. the one person who wrecked a's life from the beginning of high school to the ending of college, has made their return. unfortunately, it may not be a bad thing anymore.

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