1. banana_pancakes

    Multiple Settings just another partner search

    Heyo~ it's banana pancakes but feel free to call me whatever nickname you can generate from that About Me: 1. I'm 17 (almost 18 so don't hate me for being a minor!). I have been roleplaying for at least 8 years. 2. I will try my best to post every day and it's summer so I probably will. 3. You...
  2. SueshiRoll

    ᴘᴇᴀᴄᴇ ᴋᴇᴇᴘᴇʀs {accepting}

    [div class=container][div class=glaze][div class=tabsContainer][div class=tabNames] [div class="tabName titleName"]Title Screen[/div] [div class="tabName introName"]Synopsis[/div] [div class="tabName basicsName"]Lore Basics[/div] [div class="tabName rulesName"]The Rules[/div] [div class="tabName...
  3. Lycan Queen

    Fandom My Hero Academia

    So I'm a huge, non manga reading fan of My Hero Academia. I'm current with the weekly release of episodes on hulu, but have not read the manga so I'm at risk for spoiling. That aside, I really love the idea of an oc/All Might romance. Especially with recent developments. But i also like the idea...
  4. Pastella

    Multiple Settings Long Term, Semi-Descriptive Romance Partner Search [G x B]

    Good morning, Good afternoon everyone. My name is Pastella and I'm an avid roleplayer looking for a few roleplay persons, who are semi-descriptive and play female roles in romance roleplays. I'm eighteen years old and would prefer the person that I roleplay with is 18+ persons as I feel more...
  5. Fanta

    Multiple Settings Looking for Partners! Pairings & Plots! Always Open!

    hello, hello, hello!! here is my official list of roleplays i've been craving. a few things you need to know about me, first; here i'm using lowercase letters for the aesthetic, i will be using proper capitalization if we were to roleplay! i prefer to play the female in a pairing, but i'm...
  6. F

    Fantasy Supernatural/Romance Rp (Looking for a partner)

    You find a 17 year-old werewolf by the name of Zenix Guerrero on the forest floor lying subconsciously in his own pool of blood. He has been followed and shot by a hunter who is now standing before the young werewolf, grinning while he aims his shotgun for the killing blow. Zenix having been...
  7. graybabyy

    Multiple Settings new partners wanted

    Hi guys! I know I stay posting about wanting more partners and everything but the search is still on and I figured it can't hurt to try. So. What can you expect from me as a roleplay partner? From me, you can expect detailed responses. I try to go 1-2 paragraphs per post, though I can go more...
  8. Nenma Takashi

    Multiple Settings Nenma's search for some good yuri!!

    Her highness: Due to family problems one must work for the royal family in order to keep their family out of debt. Alone in the throne room with the empress she steps down from her throne and holds out her hand. With a face of pure confidence she proclaims. "Be mine!" fxf Empress x servant...
  9. graybabyy

    Realistic/Modern back

    I've been absent for a while, but I'm back and better than ever! Looking for a roleplay partner to discuss something romantic with twists and turns and darker themes. I play female characters and would prefer to have a male character to play with. I have a couple of ideas that I would love to...
  10. Allthatglitters

    Realistic/Modern Desperate for an asylum or apocalypse rp! pretty please :D

    I am craving this like i crave chocolate and trust me that is ALOT! Basically I want it dark and gritty with horror and romance and well everything in between really. I have both a M and a F character for this so would like to play M lead in one and F lead in another, ideally M for the asylum...
  11. Tsya

    Realistic/Modern Death By a Narcissist

    DEATH BY A NARCISSIST _____________ ___ Tsya _______________Melanie77 Let's begin.
  12. ohstardust


    Hiya all! I'm on the search for long-term roleplay partners once again. I'm not going to let this thread trail on to long but I'm looking for somebody, 18+ please, to play either a FxF or FxM dramatic, romance based, dark plot with. I have yet to have any ideas written up but I'm sure we can...
  13. Lizzy Xio

    Fantasy Long term partner search! (FxM)

    Hiya! I'm Libby, I'm 17 years old looking for a roleplay partner under 21 years of age. I usually play the female part of things, so you'd obviously be the male counterpart. I've been roleplaying quite well for the past three years and I try to make my characters as unique as possible, so I...
  14. thiswhiteclock

    Fantasy some fantasy plots

    Hello dear roleplay fellows, I'm looking for some partners for this two ideas. Each of them can be played out by two or more players. I'd start with a one x one roleplay, but if each of us is interested in a group roleplay we could invite other interested people later one. However, I'll start...
  15. xpstitch

    Realistic/Modern Seoul soul searching (and finding!)

    They had both been invited to a sleepover and they would probably see eachother THERE but little did they know they would be seeing eachother a lot sooner than they thought. Real soon actually. As he walked, Seoung wondered just how long it would take the school to start to recognize him. He...
  16. I

    My Hero Academia Shippings-RP Interest Check.

    Anyone want to do an RP of Romance based on your favorite My Hero Academia Shippings maybe?
  17. Allthatglitters

    Realistic/Modern Looking for a few long term RP partners

    Good morning or good evening to you wherever you are in the world and welcome to my thread. Let me take a moment to introduce myself, I am Harper, I am over 21 and have been roleplaying for about ummm 15 years off an on. I live in England so time zones sometimes get in the way of things, however...
  18. Allthatglitters

    Realistic/Modern Deleted

  19. NewtDoot

    Multiple Settings Looking for a FxM rp

    Hi!! Im looking for a roleplay partner whos into Romantic, Dramatic, roleplays to fulfill my guilty pleasure! I need someone really active!! Here are some ideas!! Earth has been invaded by beings from another world and won the war against the humans. Humans have been hunted down and killed or...
  20. Jadedleaf

    Fantasy vampire x demon or human rp?? (mxf, romance, powered)

    you can be either role..but essentially, the vampire is the master of a large area of land.. being the vampire king/queen and the demon or human has an impressive regenerative ability that makes them the perfect, never ending food source for the vampire. I claim being female, sorry.. heh. plot...