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Realistic or Modern The Golden City: A Tale of Two Flames - Interest Check

Misty Gray

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The Golden City: A Tale of Two Flames

San Francisco, USA, 1920

: CS :: IC :


San Francisco, a city built on dreams; dead or alive. Whether your dream is to star in the movies or simply make ends meet, the Golden City won’t make it easy. To survive in this town, you need deep pockets and darker morals to play with the American dynasties. The Hawthornes are one of those families. Pockets full of gold and glory, they’ve charted the course in the city as premier examples of the American dream. But along with the new decade comes new money, in particular, oil money. The Flemmings are new-age and ready to roar louder and party harder. The spectacles of the rich and famous are equally as valuable as the dirty business they dwell in. Best watch your back, two caged lions simply can’t exist in peace.

Available Roles

The Hawthornes
Patriarch - Taken
Eldest Brother- Taken
Sibling 2 - Taken
Sibling 3 - OPEN
Sibling 4 - OPEN
Other relatives & allies - Open for discussion



The Flemmings
Patriarch - Taken
Matriarch - OPEN
Eldest Daughter - Taken
Sibling 1 - Taken
Sibling 2 - Taken
Sibling 3 - Taken
Other relatives & allies - Open for discussion



The Media (Newspaper & Motion Pictures)

Publisher - San Francisco Chronicle - Taken
Editor-In-Chief - SF Chronicle - Reserved
Cartoonist - SF Chronicle - Reserved
Reporter (1 left) - SF Chronicle - Open

1. Misty Gray Misty Gray and ReverseTex ReverseTex are the the GMs. Characters must be accepted by both of us.
2. OOC and group plotting with be done on Discord.
3. Currently no limit on number of players and I'm happy for you to double up on characters.
4. Please only join if you can commit to posting at least 1-2 times per week and don’t plan on leaving any time soon!
5. Romance is encouraged, but fade to black if things become sexual.
6. This is an advanced/literate RP. Please write 2+ paragraphs per post.
7. Profanity is acceptable, within reason. No need to make it excessive.
8. Please be aware, the RP will deal with mature themes (violence, threats, and other subjects you'd expect from this genre).

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Stating my interest in this idea here. Since the opening post stated that we could double up on characters, I now have two rough ideas. One would be a member of one of the families (haven’t decided on which one), who is a younger sibling and the black sheep of the family. The other character I have is from another RP set in this time that didn’t pan out, a movie producer who is trying to revolutionize the medium. Let me know if those character ideas I have work.
Think both are great starts and excited to see what you do with it! The motion picture side of the RP we’ve left pretty open just to see how players might want to dip into it or not, so glad to see some interest in it! Lost Martian Lost Martian
Very much interested! Going to apply for the Matriarch of The Flemmings and wait before going for another role. 🥰
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Once again, RPN, we're looking for some more folks! Would love to see some Flemmings and the patriarch role/boss of the family is still open!
I am interested... Though, before I get to carried away, we're not street gangs in a turf war, correct? Just rich people being rich pests?
A bit of both! Primarily, rich pests, who will be dipping their toes into turf war / gang drama.
The deadline for completed CS applications will be the end of the day Saturday 15th June. This will allow completed characters to be included in the starting post/scenes IC.

The RP will remain open but Saturday is the deadline to be included in the opening posts. :)
Sorry about the delay in getting up my character sheet. I hope everything works, and if not please let me know what changes are necessary. Also could I get a new link to the discord? I waited too long on it and it expired.

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