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  1. geminiy

    Realistic or Modern  ▫14th Avenue Main ▫'

    Variables are in the first box! Their names should be relatively self-explanatory. If the image is not in the position that you would like, change the percentages to its right-- the first percentage is the x-value, and the second percentage is the y-value. The larger the first percentage, the...
  2. starberrymoo

    Fandom  ઇଓ DSMP/DreamSMP Roleplay Interest Check! ઇଓ

    "Here, have some blue, calm yourself!" ઇଓ hi hi everyone ! My name is Gen and I'm currently craving a good DSMP Roleplay ! {☆} things to know about me: - I am a minor first and foremost, just in case that makes anyone uncomfortable! - I go by she/he/they pronouns - I'm currently in school so...
  3. Slimpuff

    Realistic or Modern  Open for Romance/Slice of Life 1x1

    Hiii so lemme just get right into it. Im not sure exactly what Im looking for, except Im good to play girls and trans. Not so much for guys >.>; Maybe an older man/younger trans who lives next door? Idk PM me and we can work it out.
  4. Nirvana1998

    Fandom  I'm pretty sure Madi Griffin from The 100 can cure my depression

    Sup, Weirdos! It's Nirv. I'm back(ish). Took a summer break because life happened (horrible experience really. 0/10 would not recommend) and I ended up binge watching the entirety of The 100 in like three weeks. Cool show, bad ending. But right now all I care about is Madi Griffin. Dudes, I am...
  5. Geozaki

    Fandom  Slice of Life RP based on Kallmekris' characters

    Hey! So this isn't a type of RP I've ever done before (I've done slice of life RP's before but never one based on a creator before) and so I have no idea how it'll go, but I thought it might be quite cool to give it a go. The idea for this RP is for it to be a Slice of life RP following the...
  6. CoolRoleplayer

    Multiple Settings  I'd like to rp as a telekinetic kid

    Hey! I've been wanting to try to rp an OC like this for some time. About me: If it matters to you, I am 21+. I don't do romance, horror, scary things, monsters, graphical violence, high fantasy. I don't roleplay with mythological based/related characters. Same applies for furry characters...
  7. moonXVIII

    Fandom  Mob Psycho 100

    Hi, it's Moon/Max again. I'm looking for a Mob Psycho 100 RP or two this time. I recently re-watched and finished the anime and I got nostalgic for the days I used to run a Mob RP account. : ) I've read and finished the manga in 2017 but my memory of it is pretty fuzzy so I'll mostly be using...
  8. Lorsh

    Nation Building  Fate of Steel (player)

    Lord Beliam Tymar, Baron of Emberwin ah RULES -Your 'main' player character is the leader of your faction. -You can make sheets for 'secondary' characters, if you'd like. -However, there are restrictions; you are not allowed to metagame using secondary characters, even though they can...
  9. Axel_V

    Realistic or Modern  Ocs who need partner !

    Here's a list of my Ocs who I want to roleplay 1x1 with, Dm me if any seems to match with any of yours ! Or if you had a scenario in mind. 1. Jay ( A teenage (17) single dad with a 3 years old kid. Left school to work and care for them) M/M 2. Bunny (teenager, works in a clothing store in...
  10. Syfer

    Realistic or Modern  Three crowns, Three rights

    This story is still "Under construction", so there may be flaws in the story line. Please do call me out and tell me how it can be improved. This story is still the "Rough draft". So if you are interested in joining the Rp; go ahead and leave how you'd like it to changed. Anyway on to the actual...
  11. glint on broken glass


  12. Catro

    Fandom  Eris New Family

    Eri sat a bit nervously as she rode in the back seat, on a pink booster seat, of the car. After so many months staying in a faculty room it had kind of became home to the girl... The only one she had ever known. It was small and didn't have a lot. But it had a bed, her crayons, pictures, and...
  13. Chocolate_chip

    Realistic or Modern  The Grand Russo Apartment

    THE GRAND RUSSO APARTMENT The Grand Russo apartment situated in New York City may not be the fanciest apartment but what it lacks in luxury it makes up for in its cozy and welcoming environment. It's a place for all and consists of a tight-knit group of people. The lives of the people...
  14. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Loss (MxF)

    This is an RP that will explore life after the painful loss of a family member. It is inspired by the trailer from Northern Rescue. The main characters will be high school juniors, one male; one female. I plan to run the male character. Setting The TV series is set in a coastal town in...
  15. RulerOfChad

    Fandom  twlilight x mordecai <333

    hey guys. i lost a bet so welcome to the new fam. you can be twilight or mordecai themselves ORRR be the kiddies or grandkiddies or grandpas and grandmas. have fun xoxo (I lost a bet :()

    Fantasy  one hand on the sword; the other clasped in mine ‎ ⋆★⋆ ‎ k&c

    1x1 between. @Krill .&. @CXTXTONIC
  17. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Marooned: Swiss Family Robinson concept (MxF)

    Swiss Family Robinson (1960 film) - Wikipedia I have included a link to the plot of the original book / movie, which is set in the early 19th century. I like how the plot begins - a crew abandoning ship during a pirate attack and leaving the family to fend for itself headed into a storm...
  18. Kawashima Lightning

    Multiple Settings  Swollen Beauty

    Swollen Beauty - It's Like Sleeping Beauty, But She Is Pregnant A Few Things About Me Unless I have Writer's Block, I will type minimum up to a Paragraph and a Half. On Good Days, I can probably write up a Novel for a Response if I really wanted. There will be days that I don't...
  19. JustAWriter

    Fandom  Any shapeshifting related roleplays out there?

    Hi everyone, hope you are well! I am currently working on a personal project involving supernatural shapeshifters (wolves specifically) in a fantasy genre, and was wondering whether anyone is looking for some additional characters of the sort in any of your plotlines? I have been working on...
  20. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern  Hopefield Paranormal Society

    Hopefield. On name and first impressions alone, the town may seem like it's the ideal slice of Americana. White picket fences, an ice cream parlor filled with local teenagers and a movie drive-in still open for business Beneath the surface however, the town has a corrupt and seedy...