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Realistic or Modern [A4A] A new family


Actor girl
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You had had a hard shift at your job, and you were worn as you walked into the door of your house. You set your jacket on the hook and called. “I’m home!”

“In here,” cane the softer reply, just barely audible in the house. You followed and found your wife standing in the small spare bedroom, sitting on the wooden floor and staring at a coin. It was a coin she usually had out, when she was trying to wordlessly show emotions, though unconscious. Rubbing it meant she was figuring something out, flipping it meant she was bored. You hadn’t seen her stare at it before.

“Are you okay?” You asked your wife.

She looked up, her striking green eyes staring into your soul. “I’m pregnant,”

Please note this prompt is totally and probably changeable. This is just to show off I can write.

Hello! My name is Alex, and today I have a family based prompts, as is my usual forte.

This is my usual realistic family play. This will be slow, it will be detailed. I am willing to spend time worldvuilding to create the perfect world for our story. I want to go from the beginning of the pregnancy to the, at minimum, birth. Preferably it goes till either we’re bored or she turns 2.

I’d prefer Australian people but any work!

Best way to take my interest is to mention the word ‘Moss’ and say a few things about how your character either parents, plans to parent, or shows affection. The prompt is editable to any way, this is just an eye catcher

Hope to see you!

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