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  • Folks, having a very rough week. Had to fill in on nights for this week. Having a bit of trouble getting enough sleep - and I have to drive a lot - this week at night. Safety first, so dealing with work first. Will get back to posting when this torture is over.
    Take care of yourself, and I hope you're able to get all your sleeps soon!
    Tuesdays are my long work day. Having a rough one. Health issues giving a tough time. Will try to respond to posts as best I can. For those who just said "Interested", you might want to PM me instead. I am likely to miss you otherwise.

    And let me know what your contact is about. I do more than one RP. No point in wasting more time on me wondering which one when you tell me. "Hi, I am interested in your RP." If I offered options, let me know what options you want - or possible variations. Some of my ideas are set in stone, but most are not.
    Hey, I'm interested in your 'Out of the Ashes' RP. ;D
    Really long day. Was supposed to get home 6 hours ago. Time to eat and sleep. And my long work day is tomorrow.
    It's been LESS than a day since the last post to my RP ... and yet it FEELS like 3+ days. I may be a workaholic suffering from withdrawal. Too much time on my hands...
    Folks, been sick past couple days with work still running me hard. Will try to start catching up tomorrow.
    If you ignore this, I will be very upset, so please don't.

    If you are quitting the Talorn RP, I need you to at least make a quitting post. It's pretty rude to ignore the message I sent you, and all the times we have tagged you. I don't believe that you haven't seen them. 

    Also, I would ask you to please not quit the RP, considering in total you've made four characters (I believe), two of them being in an RP with me and @HighSanguinaryPriest. And if you leave, we can't just keep going very easily. 

    Whatever reason you're not responding, I'm sure we can figure it out. >.> We are about to move on anyways, so there will be things for your character to do, as I know that you were upset because you felt like your characters couldn't do anything. 
    Hi! It's been a while since we talked and roleplayed and I wanted to know if you would liked to do another vigilante roleplay :3 there arent any other rolpelays that interest me and I would like to rp with you again :3
    Fine good sir....You thus might not know who i am...But...May i ask thus following question?...is that...you?
    *Points at thus avatar with a bitter look*
    It sucks that I was only able to rp with you for only a month I think but would you like to do a 1x1 rp with me? I want to work more on my detailed writing skills if that's alright :3
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