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Realistic or Modern May’s Search Thread || Tragic with a Side of Wholesome


One Time Luck
Hey, I’m May! Back after a bit of a hiatus (and an escape from an antagonist), I am REALLY craving another story or two to add to the list of current projects (though, be advised, I do have another partner who I currently write with, so my attention is divided). Here’s some things you should know to determine if we could be a good pair.


  • She/her
  • Early 20s
  • EST
  • Longtime writer, 5-ish years RP experience
  • Daily to every other day replies
  • Literate
  • Female characters of all ages
  • 3rd person POV only
  • Writing sample available upon request


  • 21+
  • Semi-literate to literate
  • Frequent replies (at least once daily)
  • Communicative and willing to collaborate on plot


  • All of the fluff, but also all of the drama; that’s the best way to summarize things that make me go OOOOooo. Wholesome featuring tragedy. I’ve also been known to ROCK a tragic flashback, so buckle in.
  • Plots about: family conflict, grief and loss, found family, multigenerational families, small towns
  • Telling me your favorite ice cream flavor in your DM if you’ve read this far
  • OOC chat, excluding politics or religion
  • Doubling
  • EXCITEMENT about our characters and story in the form of playlists, mood boards and allllll the extras!!
  • Realistic face claims


  • SA or harm of animals
  • Stories dripping with romance; light romance is cool, but I need it in small doses (I’m terrible at writing it and that makes it SO much less fun for me)
  • Supernatural and fantasy plots
  • Science fiction, anime
  • Fandoms

Report to the DMs with a writing sample and I’d love to chat about making magic with you ❤️

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