1. Annalise

    Multiple Settings  General Casual RP Search

    This is not a search for a longterm partner per se, but I'm not against that either if we have really good chemistry with our writing. I'm wanting to try some more casual RP's, no real hard set plot lines, just going with the flow and seeing where that takes us. Fandoms aren't really my thing...
  2. CottonCandy414

    Fandom  She-Ra (Reboot) RP? (OC X Cannon!) <3

    r e s p o n s e t i m e + l e n g t h First off, I will not do one-liners! I love to write! So far the max I seem to go up to is 500 words per side. Maybe a little more if I’m feeling creative. I really prefer to RP this way, as it keeps my interest in the RP, although, my replies are slower for...
  3. Ki-Mono

    Fandom  Bratz?

    This feels so out of left field, but I was a huge Bratz fan as a kid. I recently was reminded of it and was binging some of their movies and thought a Bratz inspired RP might be fun. I'm not really sure what the story-line would be about though, nor do I know if there is any other old Bratz fans...
  4. Omelette

    Realistic or Modern  Small Town Crime | The Last Stop CS

    ╔═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══╗ Small Town Crime Character Sheet "My oh my, so you've come to rot here instead, haven't you?" ~Priestess ╚═══ -ˋˏ *.·:·.⟐.·:·.* ˎˊ- ═══╝ Full name: Nickname: (Optional, but make sure to include if your criminal had a street name or an alias) Role...
  5. Greekgeek1213

    Fandom  Hetalia RP Search!

    Hello all! I’m looking for anyone who wants a fluffy family Hetalia rp. All the cute shenanigans of big siblings and underlings! If you’re interested, go ahead and PM me or leave a comment below! :)
  6. Succu-Bun

    Fandom  Gorillaz rp

    Okay so I’m like in the mood for a Gorillaz rp..but I have no idea for a plot all I am really doing is gonna be drawing an oc for it, if anyone’s interested please let me know! I’m semi-lit and use third person POV.
  7. AquaLinnea

    Multiple Settings  Ship Roleplays

    Ships Saihara Shuichi X Ouma Kokichi Komaeda Nagito X Tsumiki Mikan Naegi Makoto X Ikusaba Mukuro Togami Byakuya X Naegi Makoto Chat Noir X Marinette Dupain-Cheng Kagami Tsurugi X Marinette Dupain-Cheng Adrien Agreste X Marinette Dupain-Cheng X Kagami Tsurugi Lorenz Hellman Gloucester X...
  8. AnAsset

    Realistic or Modern  [FxF] Make it Gay, You Cowards!

    Hello, wonderful people! Recently I have been dipping my toes into the world of non-fandom roleplays and have fallen in love with them. Particularly, I love soft sapphic pining roleplays, coupled with some fun angst. I figured I would put out a general thread searching for any like-minded...
  9. fated

    Multiple Settings  — 𝐚𝐛𝐬𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞. ❂

    cursor: url('http://i.imgur.com/ZOrzC.png'), auto !important; --main: #C5D4CD; position: relative; margin: auto; width: 497px; height: 400px; background-color: rgba(235,235,235,1); overflow: hidden; position: absolute; overflow: visible; width: 471px; height: 376px...
  10. jinkx

    Realistic or Modern  St Ivy's Youth Institute

    Welcome to St Ivy's Youth Institute, (formerly known as St Ivy's Home For Sick Girls), a highly-regarded centre of care and recovery for anybody who needs support with mental illness. Established in the 1800s, St Ivy's began as a home for girls with incurable or longstanding illnesses and later...
  11. Soapyface2

    Fandom  OHSHC MxM rp?

    Heyo! I am interested in doing this! I want you guys to be a canon character and an oc, so that way I can be an oc and a canon character.
  12. ReddShark

    Multiple Settings  Redd's Search Thread! {Now Fancy & Updated}

    Current Roleplay status: ⭕ Actively Searching ⭕ Not actively searching, but not opposed to requests c: ✅ My plate is full - try again later! ⭕ Not currently roleplaying Biggest Fandom Roleplay Craving: Gotham, Guardians of the Galaxy, My Hero Academia AU Biggest Original Roleplay Craving...
  13. Lir_the_witch

    Realistic or Modern  My Boy JEREMY~ m/m

    Okay so there has to be some backstory and world lore for this I have an original species called Voidings, they are basicly the voidTM (pure void white or pure void black) they have small shape shifting a abilities (Teeth, having a mouth at all, ect) there are three different types of eyes they...
  14. ShinyInk

    Fandom  It's a Magical Life (DC)

    Moving into a new city is never easy, but you still manage. Your family never really liked the idea of you going to Gotham city for college, of all the places you could be going that seemed less dangerous--Metropolis, Star City, Coast city, and a few others were peaceful places. Maybe that's...
  15. sunflowerparasol

    Multiple Settings  ‧₊˚✧ looking for an rp partner !

    (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* hello ! for a while now i've been wanting to write certain characters and also make new friends, so i figured this is the best option. if you'd at all like to write any of these, don't hesitate ! i look forward to meeting you ! [ i'm alright with oc x oc, oc x canon, and canon x...
  16. Max..The..Unicorn

    Fantasy  The Icarus Project

    MxM (We can discuss details beforehand or just start off) It had been roughly a year and a half since the Icarus project had been shut down... and for very good reason. It was by far one of the least humane experiments ever performed on living creatures by a private organization. It all started...
  17. Quelraven

    Fandom  Joker x OC [Phoenix & Ledger] // doubling friendly

    hey! so, i've been obsessed with Joker for a while now (yep, it all started with the movie). i've instantly fallen in love with Phoenix's portrayal of Joker, and eventually started loving Ledger's Joker again as well. I. ABOUT ME • i've been roleplaying for 3 years. • i recognize myself as...
  18. 444a987

    Realistic or Modern  gay rp

    hii if anyone wants to 1x1 gay rp then <_{
  19. Escapethe_reality

    Multiple Settings  RP Search!

    Hello there! This will be my thread, where I've collected all my role playing searches! English is not my first language, so I apoligize in ahead for spelling and grammar mistake. I will do my best! I am in the CET, so keep that in mind. I am a mature player, seeking someone 18+. Looking for...
  20. Mister_Darcy

    Multiple Settings  Deep Down, Dark and Lovely

    Bonjour, bonsoir, bon matin, whatever may apply-- hello! - I'm Jack and I like romance roleplay, especially MxM, although I will do other genders/pairings. - I've been roleplaying for a long time. - I like to write long posts of high quality. I don't expect you to write a novel, but you can...