1. rise13eyond

    Fantasy Needing Some Fantasy/Mythology

    I have long lost the last search thread I did, and it was probably outdated in some places. Granted that I tend to reuse plots a lot. But here I go again. First a little about me to get things going. A moose once bit my sister. Sam, 29, he/him. I love art, music, writing, Death Note, horror...
  2. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom Men in Black international rp 1X1

    Ok I saw the movie and it twisted my blood In a awesome way. I like M and H a lot but I’ll be anyone ya want except fungus) Pm if interested.
  3. hwayi

    Multiple Settings hwayi's search for long-term 1x1 pals

  4. Destiny_Dreamer

    Seraph of The End: Fates of War

    Long ago, a lethal virus spread across the world, wiping out most of humanity and setting the world in ruins; only children under the age of thirteen would be able to survive, they said. A new age was born. Vampires, demons and angels were no longer only story characters. With humanity almost...
  5. Lilianna Elanne Grace

    Fantasy Male Needed for 1x1 Longterm RP (BxG)

    I have a few plots, all taking place during the medieval or renaissance time, which ever is your preference. I am entirely flexible in my plots. We can include the supernatural and whatnot. I am also okay with EVERYTHING. My roleplays are usually very angst filled and dark. Blood and such are to...
  6. Inkstone

    Fantasy Of Pawns and Power

    The Bellaros sisters had gone to the highlands to collect more herbs for their trade as healers. These hills were half a day's walk from the city center, and the edges of the city proper were visible from this rolling landscape, as well as the distant plains and farmland that lay beyond. The sky...
  7. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom Raccoon city escape

    Hello all. Pete here. I just got the Resident evil 2 remake and started playing it and thought it was amazing!! I would like to see if anyone would be interested in a 1X1 canon or OC rp. Feel free to pm me :) My OC Name- Colton loveheart Background- He was born on the outskirts of Raccoon...
  8. PeteTheWitcher

    Fandom Partner needed MXF

    Hello my name is Pete and I am looking for partners. I usually am on a lot and can adapt to my partners length although it might take a while sometimes. I like Romance and will not do MXM or FXF I’m sorry I’m just not comfortable. Fandoms Witcher 👌 Resident evil 👍 Spider-Man MCU...
  9. recursion

    Multiple Settings obsession, stalking, yandere, you name it || LF m for f/m or m//

    don't know why, but have a big craving for dark themes and obsessive characters so PM me yours and i'll add/message you if you're interested otherwise threads are cool too some background on me: i'm 24, been roleplaying for 10+ years i'm adv. lit but i won't write novels every reply unless the...
  10. Lilianna Elanne Grace

    Fantasy Fantasy RP (MxF)

    I am looking for a literate or semi-literate partner to play a Male in a RP. Plots can be discussed within messages and we can decide the story.
  11. Sownya

    Realistic/Modern Love Traingle Plot

    Hey there, I'm looking to do a very specific plot actually. It's a love triangle, but I don't wish to do the typical the girl only picks one blah, blah I have a guilty pleasure of I want them to team up together to be with the girl. So they can definitely have conflict and all that at first and...
  12. YareYare

    Reviving Star Blush (technically a fandom, but one you can just jump into)

    Criminal Idol -- a series of 9 (publicly released, so far) story-based songs by the great Static-P! Don't worry about seeing spoilers here, as the series so far is non-sequential enough that the important story points are just the premise of the series. You can find all the songs here, and it's...
  13. Brookflower

    Multiple Settings (*´∀`)_旦 Tea time!

    [Ignore any spelling errors/mistakes! I'll proof-read everything again tomorrow when I can properly edit on my PC.] Introduction! ‣ Hi, my name is Brook! I've been RPing for around eight years, and I've come a long way in terms of how well I write, and how much I can/will write. While my...
  14. delano

    Fandom harry potter! (drarry)

    hey! i've been super inactive on this site for the longest time but i just started CRAVING a harry potter rp. either draco x harry or draco x oc. i'll be playing draco. i have lots and lots of ideas, just shoot me a pm or comment on this thread and we'll talk about it! original partner search
  15. Oswald_Abbott

    And they were roommates!~ Realistic CS

    Name: Alias: Age: Height: Abilities (Physical): Hair Texture: Hair Colour: Hair Length: Eye Colour: Eye Shape: Skin Tone: Tattoos/Scars/Piercings: Personality:
  16. Honey__

    Realistic/Modern Looking for a long-term partner.

    I'm looking for a long-term semi-lit/literate partner. Rules Literate/Semi-lit meaning at least a paragraph Third person Realistic plots only Be honest if you feel like the roleplay isn't working, don't just ignore- your mama raised you better than that. Pairing ideas and plots Drug dealer x...
  17. RPGirlKendra

    Multiple Settings Posting In Hopes Someone Will Roleplay With Me

    Greetings fellow Roleplayers! I appreciate those who take the time to read through yet another RT. Permit me to tell you about me as a Roleplayer and what I'm looking for in my potential partner(s). Please be active. At least a reply a day or once every other day. No one-liners. At least...
  18. Auriferous

    Multiple Settings The start of something

    Hello there :) If you're reading this, it's very likely you're in search of a new partner- and it just so happen, so am I. The first question you must be asking yourself is 'who are you, weird person, and what are you looking for?' Well, those are actually two questions, and I intend to answer...
  19. milkyvixen

    Multiple Settings ━☆゚.*・。゚ ʟᴏᴏᴋɪɴɢ ғᴏʀ ᴘᴀʀᴛɴᴇʀꜱ ♥

    hello! my name is milky and i am looking for long-term partners c': i am very relaxed, i love chatting ooc, and i love contributing to the plot! right now i'm looking to write anywhere from 400 - 800 words per post. i kind of just want a chill roleplay where i don't have to stress over reply...
  20. rat king princess

    Multiple Settings back after a long break...let's rp!

    a wild rat king appeared! hi it's me i'm here anyway i was on this site about 3-4 years ago and i'm just now coming back around to it, mainly because i'm bored and i need motivation to write creatively (being a uni student doesn't easily lend itself to creative writing if you're not a creative...