1. kevintheradioguy

    [TES] the Bad and the Beaturiful

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  2. SparklyMittens

    Saint Ivy's Academy for Misled Female Youth

    [div class=container][div class=bgimg] [div class=open][div class=opentext]fa-pagelines[/div][/div][/div] [div class=textbg][/div][div class=textbox] Inspired by my old friend @Casmir Landrikson. ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ ♕ Welcome to Saint Ivy's Academy for Misled Female Youth. An...
  3. Strawberry Sirens

    Realistic/Modern Late night RP

    Hey! Are you bored? Do you wanna roleplay romance and drama? Do you not wanna have to write 1000000 paragraphs for one reply? Then you should roleplay with me! I’m really bored and I can’t fall asleep so I want to roleplay I would like to do a romantic plot but it doesn’t have to be! Though if...
  4. Yunn

    sh♡t thru the he♡rt

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  5. ChaseStorm

    Multiple Settings Looking For BNHA Roleplayers

    Looking for people to roleplay BNHA with. I do exclusively yaoi relationships. Looking for roleplays for: BNHA 2ND Generation Villain AU Alternate Universes Cannon Divergence
  6. Bingeeaterlynn

    Fantasy Looking for someone to rp with

    So I have a character I like to rp a lot. Name: Lynn Everhart Age:21 Gender: Female Hair color: Blonde Eyes: Blue *Additional features: She has tattoos of runes all over her body, except for her face. Height: 193cm This is kind of what she looks like She seems like a normal human...
  7. Ilstead

    Fandom Camp Half-Blood

    My concept is a simple. We will play as OC. We will go through the Percy Jackson books as the main characters making our character pick and choose the future.This is an Alt-Universe rp. Percy Jackson, Annebeth and all the main characters will never have existed. Even some of the NPC's can be...
  8. Drexion

    Fandom Looking for anyone who loved Downton Abbey

    Im absolutely OBSESSED with Downton Abbey ive been searching on multiple sites ,im certainly hoping i will find a parter who shares the same love for the show
  9. Strawberry Sirens


    Anyone want to do a forbidden love roleplay where we live in a world separated by our zodiacs and you can only marry a zodiac that is compatible with you? (I’d be and Aries and female/ MxF preferably)
  10. Strawberry Sirens

    Realistic/Modern :)

    Hello! I’m really bored and I was wondering is anyone wants to roleplay: - I only roleplay females - I prefer to do MxF - I mainly do romance but I’m fine with not having any sort of romantic plot - I would prefer a modern setting sense that’s what I’m better at - I don’t care how many...
  11. BTSFan2006

    Fandom Love O2O

    Zhao XiaLing is the computer department goddess, who excels in her studies. She aspires to be an online game developer, and goes by the user ID of Bei XaiXai in the online role-playing game A Chinese Ghost Story. After she gets dumped by her online husband Zhenshui Wuxiang, she gets approached...
  12. lovedentist

    Realistic/Modern Children of the Revolution

    @Leaf Fi Rena stood on her small balcony, silently watching the sunset. She had spent many nights dreaming of throwing herself to her death off the very same balcony. More to spite her father, rather than indulge her own selfish wishes of death. She knew her mother would not be able to conceive...
  13. Temptation

    Realistic/Modern Cravings

    Hi there! I'm Temptation. Here are some basic points about me and my way of roleplay! I'm over the age of 18 and would like if my partners were the same. Just a preference. I can play either Muse A or B for each plot. I like my partners to have the first choice. I write at least two paragraphs...
  14. DapperCat

    Fandom ..:: Us Against The World - CS ::..

    Hey guys! Please use this sheet to fill in your character sheet. The coding isn't done by me but by Amerikia1126- because I suck at coding, hehe. The code to copy is in the spoiler! Feel free to take any line out labeled as optional that you feel you don't need/wish to fill in. :) If you have...
  15. AzoicSiren

    MistfitHigh : A school for troubled teens

    So this is an Anime style, character base open roleplay. The high school is based in Japan and is a private school for those who tend to not fit in with public school or can no longer go due to family, court orders, Emancipation agreements. ect ( get creative about why they are there) there is...
  16. Echo Conscious

    Fantasy Guardian Angel x Human (or maybe something else) | Always Open | FxF |MxF

    Hello, I'm Echo Conscious! A lot of content, so let's get going! Generally speaking, I'm up for a lot of different topics, if I haven't listed one and you want to try it with me (slice of life/ supernatural slice of life are my favorites), message me and let us figure it out! I personally am a...
  17. mors oscula

    Fandom mors is looking for GoT Partners

    A Bit About Me Hello! My name is Mors Ocsula, and you can call me Mors, Oscar, Oscula, or whatever your heart desires! I am twenty years old, twenty one, in November (if that matters) and am looking for partners 17+. I am a female although I play either genders. I am in currently in Central...
  18. Jean Otus

    A Painfully Mundane, Melancholy and Banal Pokemon RP

    On a day like any other, in a suburban town like any other, in the kitchen of an unremarkable diner, a bedraggled waiter stood over a sink of hot water and dirty dishes. On the counter next to him sat his Poliwhirl, waiting with tired eyes for his partner to start washing again. It was late, and...
  19. DapperCat

    ..:: Us Against The World (CLOSED FOR NOW!) ::..

    As a long-time Pokémon fan, I've run quite a few Pokémon RPs and always enjoy them... so I thought I would have a try at re-running an RP I have done a while ago, but with (at the start at least) a smaller group and a somewhat different storyline. Even though I've done this before, this is...