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Realistic or Modern Role Play Partner!


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Hello everyone! I have decided to get back into role playing. If you are interested please read the following.

About Me:
--Over 21
--Active, at least one post a day, but I do prefer to post multiple times a day
--Minimum one paragraph responses
--Okay with mature themes, prefer this too. I will get bored
--Currently only open to MxF pairings, I would be female
--Third person
--Open to chatting/friendship outside of role play
--Able to play multiple side characters
--Real face claims
--Ask me any questions you may have!

What I am Looking for:
--18+, not interested in role playing with minors
--Active, obviously I get you have a life and do not expect 24/7 posts.
--Someone okay with playing male
--interested in mature themes
--Long term

Will do:
Slice of Life
Certain fandoms

Will NOT do:

Contacting Me:
If you are still interested in role playing with me post here or private message me the following;
18+[yes or no]:
*A little bit about yourself and role playing style*:

*What to include in this section; types of plots you are interested in doing, preferences on which gender you like to play, platform you role play on/though, tolerance for mature content, etc. Please include anything you think is important that I know and can expect from you.
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