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  • Do you think making a Cartoon Wins channel (since there's Cinema Wins, Gaming Wins, and Anime Wins but no Cartoon Wins) would be a worthwhile endeavor for me?
    Me when I build a simple redstone contraption:

    Redstone as in the rocket?
    No, Redstone as in Minecraft.
    I don't think people who want to combine church and state actually understand how inconvenient that would be for the church.
    Can't wait for the next Mario game: Mario joins the Union and lobbies for better pay.
    Imagine if Romulus had died instead of Remus. We'd all be going around talking about Ancient Reme.
    Ah, yes. Ancient Reme. My favourite part of history class.
    I feel like making a "looking for group" thread in Dice but I'm not sure if that would be okay.
    As long as it's in the Dice interest checks and not the RP section. ^;3^
    I just saw two "Would You Roleplay With a Minor" threads by two different people using the same title, format, and font. That can't be a coincidence.
    "Only girls have long nails."
    Buddy, I have 10 miniature knives attached to my fingers. Seems pretty manly to me.
    Boomer: Participation trophies bad.

    Your generation invented participation trophies. This is your fault.
    Jesus isn't allowed to order water at bars since they all know its just a ploy to get out of paying.
    • The Informativity-to-Reliability Rate Paradox: On any given pop-cultural topic, fan sites are more informative than official websites and Wikipediacombined.
      • Corollary: TV Tropes is more informative than all three combined.
    Apparently I missed this one (note, all these rules come from TVT and, as you know, we Tropers are terribly narcissistic).
    • Community Split Law: On any forum dedicated to a specific topic, the user base will be split into two parts, those who discuss that topic and those who goof around in the general discussion areas with little to no overlap between the two.
    Why do people call their characters OCs? Like, outside of fandom stuff you don't need to call it an OC because it's a given that it'll be an original character.
    Hypnotist: I will now hypnotize you!
    Me: Okay.
    Hypnotist: Why isn't it working!
    Me: I have an indomitable will... and also I memorized the lyrics to Rick Astley's hit song "Never Gonna Give You Up" and am currently repeating them in my head over and over again.
    Hypnotist: Are you rickrolling me in your mind!
    Me: Don't tell me you're too blind to see.

    Not based on a true story.
    Remember, if somebody brags about being a realist... they're not.
    This holds true for just about anything, really. The more you feel like you have to brag, the less I believe whatever it is you're bragging about is actually true
    Been watching a lot of bad anime videos and have learned that if I wanna become a screenwriter I should move to Japan because they'll air pretty much anything.
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