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  • Challenge: go an entire day role playing on mobile. In order to complete this challenge you must do actual role playing and must make at least paragraph long posts. If you want to punish yourself further raise the paragraph minimum.
    I’ve done this exclusively for the past five years writing multiple paragraphs (1k-2k words average) lol! (: Although, it really does depend on the phone you use. Some are just torture to type on, haha.
    Teacher: If you don't do well in school you'll be stuck as a garbage man.
    Me, knowing that the garbage man is payed more than the teacher: Okay.
    Concept: the pencil scene from Dark Night but instead of being horrified the guys heckle Joker.
    I want to make a Zelda rp but I'm also not very interested in doing a lot of worldbuilding. So I'm considering using a D&D campaign setting I found and tweaking it for a non-D&D roleplay but I'm not sure what to do for the Interest Check op post since I want to make a nice interest check but the Player's Guide explains everything so well that there's really no point in me doing my own summary but I also don't want to just copy paste the book's explanation or just link to it.
    Today I learned that there are still people who buy that idiotic Minecraft Creepypasta stuff.
    Vow: in the future, whenever somebody asks me a question about my writing to which I can not come up with a answer that isn’t a cop-out or horribly inconsistent with everything else I shall simply say so.
    What if Cinderella just ditched the glass slipper because it was really uncomfortable.
    The reason that Black Widow died in Endgame is because her hair was too cool for this world.

    No seriously, I want that hair.
    You know, the Console Wars are just the product of Consoles being frikken expensive. Most people can only afford to have one console so they have to choose and then the world makes them feel obligated to justify their choice thus leading to arguments.
    It's time for story time with BackSet.

    Once, I was playing D&D with a guy and he unironically named his character Taserface. And I find this baffling as in Guardians Vol. 2, the name is actively mocked. So by that logic I can determine that he never watched the movie.
    Dear "parody" makers,

    Before you decide to parody something, actually learn stuff about the things you're parodying! Even if you just watched a let's play or a (non-parody) video series explaining the plot it's still better than using the generic stock parody jokes!
    I found it interesting enough that my first post on your wall be a short sentence about this being the first time I ever posted something here. Haiii!
    PSA: High School is not the best years of your life. I do not care how much you think your life sucks now, High School was not any better. Anybody who says this phrase is either lying (to themselves or others) or delusional.
    If high school was the best years of your life, then you're willingly admitting that you peaked in high school
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