• Law of Static Conversation: If a new thread is made to house an off-topic conversation previously being had in another thread, that conversation will immediately die.
    So I just used the fact that I have GMed play-by-post forum roleplays for years as a qualification and now I feel old.
    It always confuses me when people say that clubs and extracurriculars help keep kids from doing drugs or getting involved in gangs. As if those are the only two options. You either join art clubs or you do drugs. You either join the basketball team or you get inducted into a street gang. You can't have a life outside of school that isn't inherently negative.
    It is unfortunately phrased to imply a binary, but I think the idea is, clubs and extracurriculars fill kids' spare time in a positive way. Maybe they would have done that on their own, but some might need more encouragement or direction. I did both - marching band for the extracurricular, and reading and roleplaying on my own time.
    Gotham City is actually a great place to live if you're a Furry cause there's always a chance you'll get done chemicals dumped on you and become your Fursona.
    What if you become someone else's Fursona tho?
    "Now that there are no more distractions in the room, you can finally do that task we want you to do."
    Hahahahahaha! You fool! I will become the distraction!
    English is a Frankenstein's Monster made up of mismatched body parts, German is a Frankenstein's Monster made of body parts chosen to match.
    Oh, you think you're so quirky and unique posting your shitposts on Tumblr? Well I post my shitposts on a roleplay site nobody cares about! Only 3 people are gonna read this! You think you're quirky? You ain't shit!
    It's not neurodivergent coding, I just have no idea how neurotypical people think.
    "Neurodivergent coding"? That's a new one
    My life is knowing a lot of things about things but not actually having experience with those things.

    Yeah, I know about Magical Girls. I've never actually watched a Magical Girl show in my life but I could tell you some Tropes.
    I've seen a Magical Girl show.

    ...That show is Madoka Magica, a show that subverts every Magical Girl trope imaginable, but still XD
    "You can't be a Goddess, you're a guy."
    If Jadwiga of Poland could be King, I can be a Goddess. Got it.
    Can we abolish the "Affecionate" tag. Lets go back to forcing people to guess if we're insulting them or not.
    A summary of every Twilight Zone episode:

    "Man, wasn't that a fucked up thing that just happened. Be glad it didn't happen to you. I'm Rod Sterling and my voice carries this show."
    So I'd just like to throw a random shout out to the performer at the Renefaire I used to go to who said "I'm sweating more than Sigmund Freud on mother's day" during a performance because that line fucking killed me and I still think about it sometimes.
    If I were a chef at a fancy resturaunt:

    "Wine, please."
    "White or Red?"
    "Whichever the Chef prefers."
    "Water it is, then."
    The answer to the trolley problem is that you pull the lever because its usually faster to untie one person than it is to untie five.
    Still annoyed evolution cheated humanity out of having tails, the best part of the animal.
    Ways to establish a character's personality quickly and easily:
    • How do they sit on a couch?
    • What's their phone/desktop background?
    The idea of a medieval fantasy world character having a phone background is funny in a way that makes me still want to do it anyway
    My favorite writing technique is "I can't write a fight scene so instead I'll write an extended conversation where I occasionally mention the participants punching eachother."
    I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to come to terms with the fact that I will never again be the same age as Percy Jackson.
    Getting older kinda sucks. I'll never get over the fact that I'm older than most protagonists in media now.
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