• I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to come to terms with the fact that I will never again be the same age as Percy Jackson.
    Getting older kinda sucks. I'll never get over the fact that I'm older than most protagonists in media now.
    The phrase "Cruel, uncaring universe" is an oxymoron because in order to be cruel the universe would have to care.
    I treat all my friends like royalty, it just so happens I am a Court Jester.
    this is the funniest thing I've seen today, mostly because it's also Me
    It's time for really bad ideas with BackSet!
    A Sitcom about philosophers with Hegel and Schopenhauer as odd couple roommates.
    The Furry litmus test is different depending on what age you are.

    If you're over a certain age its either the Disney Robin Hood movie or Animalympics.

    If you're under a certain age its either Zootopia or the Bad Guys.
    If I was the Christian God I would be very offended. Because of all the things you could depict me as you chose an old white guy. Like, you could have depicted me as a hot woman. Or an animal headed dude like the Egyptians. Or a sentient tree ready to impart wisdom. But no. You chose an old white guy. I look like somebody's Grandfather who's constantly telling people war stories and exercises sometimes but not nearly enough to call it a routine. Come on man.
    You know what the worst part about being a TV Tropes user is? Its not being looked down on by the internet. I can handle that. I'm openly a Furry you think I care about your opinion? It's the fact that whenever I say something I learned in Screenwriting class, people automatically assume I'm regurgitating something I learned on TV Tropes. And the difference between saying something you learned in class and something you learned on TV Tropes is that when you say something you learned in class and people don't understand you, they just ask you what you mean. But if you say something you learned on TV Tropes and people don't understand you, they just get mad at you and call you a pretentious dick. And again I don't care about their opinions I just wish that the fact that I am a Screenwriting major, and thus probably know much more about storytelling and literary analysis than the person I'm arguing with, was not somehow invalidated by the fact that I use TV Tropes. I have actual expertise in this subject. You watched a video essay by your favorite movie critic. Which of us do you think knows more in this situation? Apparently not me because I use TV Tropes.

    Thank you for coming to my Stand Up Comedy routine. I now leave you to star in a shitty Netflix show.
    Listening to stand up comedians without headphones on is a mixed bag because sometimes you come across things that are perfectly fine and other times you come across things that must be making the person in the next room over question if they should call the cops.
    Love reading Kirkegard and discovering that complaining about your own generation is not a new thing.
    Oh I have no doubts that people have been complaining about older, younger, and current generations since the beginning of time.

    Like, I could see cavemen rolling their eyes at how the people in the other cave nearby act
    Random though: I don't think any of the Smash DLC reveals ever topped Joker's reveal simply because of how out of left field and unexpected it was. Being revealed in front of a large crowd at one of the biggest gaming events of the year helped too.
    "I don't watch anime."
    And I don't watch Cartoons from Greece but you don't see me bragging about it.
    You can tell a lot about a person from which incarnation of Scooby Doo they grew up with.
    I still have What's New Scooby Doo play in my head from time to time
    One of my favorite Tropes in Sci-Fi is humans being the "Fuck you" species. Like, why do they do what they do? Because fuck you that's why. Everything they do is just to prove that they can because they're stubborn bastards.
    "I am Malenia, Blade of Miquella!" is the Elden Ring equivalent of "I am Ferdinand Von Aegir."
    That awkward moment where you know exactly what character you want to use as your face claim but you also know she's a massive thirst trap and there's a high chance looking her up will scar you forever.
    There's this one still from the Mario Movie trainer where Mario clutches his chest and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought it looked like he was having a heart attack.
    YouTuber: Does literally anything mildly amusing during the sponsor segment.
    The Entire Comments Section: This is the only YouTuber I never skip the sponsorship.
    Every few years I drop some obscure piece of trivia to remind people I'm a ducking nerd.
    Nothing hurts more than seeing somebody younger than you and asking "Was I this cringey?"
    Fun fact time!

    The root words of Mythology are Mythos (Story) and logos (Speech) due to ancient cultures initially passing them down verbally.

    Thus, it is perfectly acceptable to call Christianity a Mythology or Mythos because regardless of whether you believe or not, the Bible tells a story. (stories are not necessarily fictional as me telling you an interesting thing that happened the other day is still telling a story).
    Okay, so imagine this: So you've got a trans person who has changed their name on a personal level but has yet to get their name changed on a legal level. So an evil wizard or some such steals their birth certificate to learn their true name for a spell (cause when you're an evil wizard, just asking is out of the question). But when the spell is cast it doesn't work cause the name on the birth certificate isn't their real name, thus the very laws of magic and the universe itself accept them as valid.
    Fun activity: rewrite your character sheet but it's written from your character's perspective.
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