• Habitat: Migratory, and can appear anywhere
  • Function: Moving around the wiki searching for interesting nuggets of information and weird titles makes them a mixture of all sorts. They do a bit of repair, an occasional bit of pimping, example tweaking; can remain inactive for periods before their interest is sparked once more. May give a casual browse to the forums and YKTTW to see if anything momentous is happening, but generally ignores the troper-politics that happens there. Their wanderings across the tropesphere, however, has given them a good working knowledge of most tropes, and they rarely get confused as to which is which, their primary interest is the trope description itself after all.
  • Favourite Tropes: None. The "random" button is their best friend.
Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141
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Black Eagle, Half-Blood, Fanfic Writer, Professional Snarker



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