1. evenifitkillsmexx

    Realistic or Modern  (looking for some) One x one (trouble)

    Hello and welcome to my lovely little thread! I’m back after a little break and craving to get some roleplays started up. Hopefully there will be something some of you will be interested! Please feel free to PM me, but you can always stop by and say hi. (: Rules: - I’m super friendly and love...
  2. Mariana Cormaic

    Fantasy  Looking for a mortal or fellow kindred for a Vampire: The Masquerade roleplay

    As the title implies, I'm currently looking for a partner to brainstorm a role play with Mariana and your character! Mostly looking for Slice of Life (and maybe romantic) RP's set in the early 2000's of the World of Darkness. I'm primarily seeking mortals, but other kindred are more than welcome...
  3. Qwebs

    Fantasy  A Few Ideas [FxM] or [MxM] NEW PLOT IDEAS

    Hello! I used to do a lot of 1x1s a few years back when I was an inexperienced (and cringy) roleplayer. However, I've matured and I think it'd be fun to take on one of more 1x1s again. I can RP on Discord but I'd prefer to do so on here so I remember this site exists (also I forget to check my...
  4. Qwebs

    Fantasy  CLOSED

    Superheroes and villians have been a threat to society for a long time, but most people don't think of it that way. That is, until internet sensation Mari Larks teams up with a group of people to put a stop to them. She works undercover with a group of fans and workers to create a building in...
  5. EllicharaTheReshiram

    Fandom  Seeking pokemon rp

    Hi! I'm seeking a pokemon rp at any litteracy level. We can do either pokemon x trainer (i'll be a reshiram baby and play the other pokemon on the team sometimes) Or we can do a pokemon X pokemon rp (i will be a reshiram)
  6. SadistPoet

    Fantasy  The World With No Name (Female Alchemist Rebellion Post-Apocalyptic RP)

    "When heaven is agape the angels will fall" Brief RP Synopsis After a brief stint of occupation from an outside power, a small band of alchemists must take back the Isles they call home. This occupation has left much of their previous "utopian" life in ruins. They must decide what is best for...
  7. mugen69


    Hello there ~:alien: Obviously I am looking for someone to RP :coolshades: the title should already give away what fandoms I am (currently) into, but here some more information about me / what I am looking for in a RP partner : long term Really hoping to find someone for long term writing...
  8. LittleChinaDoll

    Fandom  Choose and lets plan!(Dark Themes prefered)

    HIya! I just recently returned to his site in the hopes of finally being able to get back into my passion of writing! (Will only write female characters because its my comfort zone UwU) Fandom Plots - My little Pony Roleplay (cannon and Oc ) (Discord x oc is a big choice uwu) - Soul Eater...
  9. Breadman

    Multiple Settings  Plumbers: A multiverse fixer RP

    Preface Whatever was happening to you or around you suddenly stops. It quickly fades away as darkness envelops you and all your senses. Your primal instincts kick in and you try to fight it, but it just seems pointless. You give up and wonder 'Is this it? is this what death looks and feels...
  10. SadistPoet

    Futuristic  Because I love you more than anything... [Sci-Fi Horror LGBTQ RP]

    Because I love you more than anything I will cross the world Because I love you more than anything I will crawl over broken glass Because I love you more than anything I will kill them all Because I love you more than anything I will put this gun in my mouth Because I love you more than...
  11. capMARVELOUS

    Realistic or Modern  SAILOR BADASS: Rebooted [under construction!]

    S A I L O R B A D A S S The Ultimate in Weird and Wonderful Magical Girl Roleplays ROLEPLAY CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION! PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE YET! characters | here official ooc discord server | here @uninvited trashcan @Noivian @BlueJay1403 @Cass The Mad @Trektek TASTE THE POWER OF...
  12. scorpiodragon

    Fantasy  Shards of Destiny (Jump In Accepting Always) Chapter One: A Meeting Of Vagabonds

    Joining: Please go to Shards of Destiny Acceptance to throw up a quick sheet and check the Lore, specifically the linked in character sheet about the ages of the races. Link to the character form is above in the tabs. Posting Order (TBU as people join hopefully) 1. @MiraAutumn 2...
  13. SnowStorm42

    Realistic or Modern  Humanity's Rebirth (Zombie RP) (Open)

    By 2010, it was safe to say that most countries in the world were armed to bone. Between naval fleets, nuclear weapons, and drones, the world had reached a stalemate. Tensions would arise here or there, but it usually resulted in peace talks or at least some sort of truce. This continued for a...
  14. scorpiodragon

    Fantasy  Shards of Destiny (Always Accepting)

    Would anybody be interested in a semi-sandbox GM Guided and sometimes quest option role play on my fictional world? There are several playable races available to select from as well as hybrids, each set with their own respective lifespan. Some have their own lore written out and magic is...
  15. SadistPoet

    Futuristic  [Main] Down For The Count

    New years day... January 1st, 2032 Within the Neon District and Intermediate District people found relief in that it was a new year. They all took a collective sigh of relief as they made resolutions, and left behind the bad. Humanity as a whole had become more lively and vocal about the New...
  16. capMARVELOUS

    Realistic or Modern  SAILOR BADASS: Rebooted (small group found! C L O S E D!)

    Magical girls! Magical girls are all the rage. Who doesn't love seeing little girls in slightly sexual outfits beating the shit out of each other with hearts and sparkles while shouting about love every twenty seconds? Nobody, that's who! Because everybody loves magical girls! But with all...
  17. peachuu

    Realistic or Modern  12 Days

    W a i t
  18. StormWolf

    Realistic or Modern  Dreamers Of The Day

    All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity: but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible. -T.E. Lawrence 1943 World War II was in...
  19. peachuu

    Realistic or Modern  12 Days (still open! closing Wednesday!)

    simple sliding hover background:transparent; width: 400px; margin:auto; height:700px; position: relative; overflow: hidden; transition: .8s; position: relative; width: 828px; height: 909px; background:transparent; [class name=1 state=hover] margin-left: -400px; [/class]...
  20. TheAdept

    Fantasy  Looking for a good Sci Fantasy RP?

    Me and my friend kinggunlucky are working on an RP set in an original universe we created. We kind of went and put the cart before the horse and already posted the IC and OOC for the rp, but I wanted to make sure people saw it here as well. The OOC: Futuristic - Agent of Maniacles OOC and...