1. Mitheral

    Futuristic  Biodome

    Best pic I could find. Doesn’t show the breathing apparatus. Ah well. A group of men and women awaken in rejuvenation chambers, dressed roughly as shown in the pic, a simple biosuit. (The biosuit is a nanofabricated material, very, very resilient and filled with medical sensors.) They lack...
  2. Mitheral

    Futuristic  Seven Swords - Living Steel (Mecha RP) Dragon Form The premise of this RP follows the format of anime shows like Voltron. I have not watched all of these, though I have watched a few seasons of the most...
  3. Rachael

    Fantasy  Looking for a literate partner who can play a more malicious character.

    Let’s start out that I am looking for someone who can play a male character, I'm looking for a sorta dark/supernatural roleplay. What I ask of you •At least three paragraphs or more! I write about five each including about eight sentences or more. Add your own creativity to your response! Not...
  4. DanGriin

    Fantasy  So You Played A Certain Game

    So a hapless twenty-one year old fool like you played a certain game about playing elaborate puzzle sections to romance demonic girls. It was a fun thirty minutes (Forty if we take into account the Ramen break and looking up how to get the secret ending). You take your hand off of your mouse and...
  5. ScalpelsNSaws

    Realistic or Modern  The Supression Bureau and The Mistwalkers

    It was a busy morning in Frisco city, the tar plant workers shambled to work in long queues. Everyone blissfully unaware of the Mistwalkers amoung them, lurking in the fog of a fresh day... The time was 6 a.m, and most Mistwalkers would normally have been up for hours already...most anyway. The...
  6. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  One Sixth Scale

    At precisely midnight of New Years Eve, Dec 31, 2020 UTC every human on Earth suddenly began to shrink by 1% of their original height every hour. This process continued for a little over 3 days until everyone was reduced to a one sixth scale. In the USA it would be 5 to 8 hours earlier or 1600...
  7. Lycan Queen

    Multiple Settings  Multi Idea Originals (subject to update!)

    Hello there, Ive decided to do something different with my interest checks for once. I'm going to make one thread of all my original ideas and update it as needed with what I'm in the mood for. Details about me as a partner: - I am 21+ and am a manager to a Senior Citizens Center, so my work...
  8. Falloutkda

    Fandom  Republic City’s Finest: Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra Partner Search

    After rewatching Legend of Korra recently I’ve been heavily invested. I’m hoping to find a partner to create our own storyline within Korra. I don’t mind if you play an OC or you decide to use one of the many characters already in the show. Regardless we would create a plot to help better fit...
  9. ScalpelsNSaws

    Realistic or Modern  The Bureau of Supression, and The Mistwalkers. (Open)

    The Mistwalkers. A unknown secret society called the Supression Bureau hunt strange entities across the world, from the far east of Asia all the way to London, New York or even the rapidly modernising city of San Francisco. The year is 1905, and you are a monster in their eyes, An entity known...
  10. AmatsuOtaku

    Realistic or Modern  KARMA ~The True Consequences~ A High School Story (open)

    KARMA is the name of an original world setting I created for multiple stories to take place in. The main one (or the first in a series if we ever get that far) is The True Consequences. I wrote the original story to highlight that small actions like bullying can have terrible consequences. The...
  11. arbus

    Fandom  ain't no rest for the wicked

    a fandom roleplay by @Fridoline & @arbus
  12. Nevelynn

    Realistic or Modern  Blackout (Apocalyptic Survival RP)

    For reasons your own you are on your way to a small rural town in north America, a picturesque place with forests, mountains and a crystal clear lake. Dusk has fallen while the sun slowly disappears beyond the tree line on the horizon and you can already spot small lights in the distance...
  13. The Elder

    Fandom  Power Couple

    The Story of Sabertooth's S-class Mages, Katherine Mae and Miles Redd. @Britt-21
  14. AngelEva

    Fantasy  The Alternatives|Elemental Teens/Hunters|Open

    Welcome to The Alternatives. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ |RULES| No perfect characters (this includes dodging every attack, making severe injuries seem like scratches) There will be death and violence. You may go all out as long as it is within site standards You may have as many...
  15. cartertart

    Multiple Settings  deleted

  16. GreenEyedGirl

    Multiple Settings  RP With Me?

    Activness : Every day is preferred or at least every other day. Posting Length : Please no-liners! I'm not a novel-length writer but I do enjoy detail. Face Claims / Character Images : I prefer using Images, but they aren't a must-have-deal-breaker. Favorite Genres : Horror, Dark, Violent...
  17. GreenEyedGirl

    Multiple Settings  A Girl With Green Eyes Looks For RP

    Greetings and Salutations fellow RP'ers! I will try and keep this as short and sweet as possible, but this is a RT after all. Here is about myself as a writer and what I'm looking for in my potential partners : Please be active. At least a reply a day or twice a week. No one-liners. I'm no...
  18. SociallyAwkwardSoul

    Fantasy  Blood, Sweat, and Tears (OPEN)

    Something sinister is going on in London. In the sewers, in the streets, in broad daylight! And no one notices a thing. Almost no one. But detectives and their companions have been growing suspicious. What’s going on? What’s with all the deaths? And who is this ‘man from beyond the grave’...
  19. loserwriter

    Realistic or Modern  Flexible plot for my hitman in the woods

    Alrighty straight into it- I'm new here after taking a brief break from rp as a whole. At the moment I'm just wanting to start with one particular character of mine, but luckily his story leaves a lot of room for my writing partner to do almost anything. Christof is a 38 y/o hitman living in a...
  20. Gorge.R.R.Martini

    Multiple Settings  A Bump in the Night

    "This life is a lonely one. We are too few to matter, but we do what we can against the dark. It sucks, I know. But if we tell anyone, it puts their lives in danger as well. It breaks the balance. The more people who know, the more people who can be affected beyond the normal range. These things...