1. God_himself

    The New World - an Overlord rp

    [20:00:00] Ioavollr, the hq of the guild master of Insomnia was rarely full of players, however, today was an exception. Today the crystalline castle was full of players and their npcs. Today, was the shutdown of Yggdrasil. For the past 12 years players from across Japan (and anyone who could...
  2. God_himself

    Fandom The New World - OCC

    Filler post
  3. God_himself

    Fandom The New World CS

    Name: Gender: Race Type: Karmatic Alignment: Racial Levels: Job Levels: *Guild: Personality: Physical appearance: Background information: *Not required to be in a guild
  4. God_himself

    The New World - an Overlord interest check

    Yggdrasil For 12 years, the people of Japan (and anyone who can read Japanese) enjoyed the DMMO-RPG famous for it's emphasis on player freedom. For 12 years players explored, discovered, created, fought, conquered, and tried to do all the game had to offer. But all good things must come to an...
  5. Yennie

    The Pact Wars - Demons, Magic and Fighting~ Anime Style

    The Pact Wars The Pact Wars are a once in a lifetime chance for a chosen few to fight for the chance to have their biggest wish come true. Every 60 years, the demon king Raziel opens the gates of hell and releases demons. Not to terrorize humans but to form a pact with those deemed worthy by...
  6. AwkwardSilence

    Multiple Settings Awkward's OnexOne Search~

    Hello, my name is AwkwardSilence and this is my official 1x1 RP listing! Thanks for stopping by~ I have a lot of rules, I apologize! But I’ve been in the RP game for a long time, so I've had time to become particular about what I like and don’t like when it comes to rping. Anything and...
  7. AwkwardSilence

    Fandom One Piece OnexOne anyone?

    Hello! The name's AwkwardSilence, and this is a specific RP request! I don’t have a main search thread (yet), so for now, here's a brief synopsis about me and my rping style |:. As far as for what I’m looking for in a partner, I’m looking for someone who's friendly :>, can mirror my post...
  8. Uber

    Multiple Settings Looking for Roleplay partner(s)

    Hello! I’m just looking for a Roleplay partner(s) I Roleplay anything, but I usually mostly Roleplay anime :) If anyone is interested, please leave me a message here or pm me! If you are wondering, what anime’s I do. I’ll post the list.
  9. Uber

    Fandom Anime Roleplay!

    Hey! Just looking for some people who would like to Roleplay some anime! I have a list, most of the anime’s I’ve watched are there. I also do original storylines! Here is the list: 1. Naruto 2. Vampire Knight 3. Soul Eater 4. Black Butler 5. D-Gray Man 6. Death Note 7. Blue Exorcist 8...
  10. Uber

    Anime Roleplay!

    • I’m just looking for people to Roleplay with! I have a list of anime’s that I know of, some aren’t there but most are. I also Roleplay original anime, such as Highschool, Mid evil , gang, etc. Here is my list! 1. Naruto ( ) 2. Vampire Knight ) 3. Soul Eater ) 4. Black Butler () 5. D-Gray...
  11. Inkara

    Multiple Settings :D looking for long term partners (always open)

    WELCOME Call me Inkara or Inka c: I love animals, Roleplay, video games. I am 23 years of age, not yet old! I raise birds with love. such as Parakeets, Finches, and chickens c: There are some anime or shows I would love to rp . but keep in mind it has been years since I've watched some of them...
  12. Ariel

    An Otaku's Life! [Reboot]

    Soon to be filled!
  13. halez613

    Fandom OHSHC 1x1 Roleplay

    Hi there! I'm a new user transferring from an old roleplay site called Quotev! The site died out when the horrible admins decided to do away with the groups pages. I've been itching to do some Ouran roleplaying. My requirements for my idea. roleplay partner includes: ~Descriptive. I have a 4...
  14. yxnie

    Fandom naruto «« reset ooc

    made by yxnie. Out of Character L I N K S Out of Character ✔ || In Character || ??? Character Database || Interest Check || Custom Abilities Overview || NPCs please don't kill each other ***
  15. yxnie

    naruto «« reset

    made by yxnie. Interest Check L I N K S Out of Character || In Character || ??? Character Database || Interest Check ✔ || Custom Abilities Overview || NPCs links will be updated if this gets enough interest! They had done it. After a long and ruthless battle against many enemies and...
  16. Blossom

    Fandom Naruto!

    Hello, and welcome to my search thread! As you can probably discern from the title I'm currently looking for a partner for a Naruto RP with romance elements, though I'd prefer if that wasn't the main focus point of the RP. I'm looking a 1x1 based in PM that is semi-literate to literate: meaning...
  17. Ariel

    Fantasy An Otaku's Life! Rules and Overview

    R U L E S / O V E R V I E W 1. All of the common roleplay rules apply. You know what they are. If you do not, please PM me and I will tell you. 2. You may create up to two characters. That is the limit I give. Just because I accept one, does not mean I will accept both. 3. Be respectful to...
  18. Ariel

    Fantasy An Otaku's Life Character Creation

    Character Creation *Check the Lore page for class schedules and club information! I want you guys to make your character however you want! Make it creative. Make it yours. I will list a few things I find are absolutely necessary in the character sheet, but the rest is up to you. Include...
  19. YaBoii

    One Piece Discord roleplay

    After the second Pirate King's death, and his confession about One Piece, the Age of Pirates is returning and the race for One Piece and Pirate King is on! Come join this One Piece RP! Be a Pirate, be a Marine, be a Bounty Hunter, be whatever you want, make friends, and go on an adventure!
  20. leannore

    Fandom Roleplay partners wanted!

    Hello guys! I have finally been able to get my gears in motion and put together a list of things I would absolutely love to roleplay. But, first things first, let me tell you about a couple of things which are absolutely necessary for me to enjoy this partnership: *I usually roleplay via email...