1. CrowOuttaHell

    Fiends of Yukinawa High - School Year of War

    Yukinawa High is not a prestigious school. It's not down to earth, nor is it pompous. It's quiet, it's modern, it's...discreet. It's the perfect place to send off problematic students from other schools to should they get into trouble. But that's exactly why Yukinawa is so well-known in the...
  2. Leah_Kitten

    Fandom Ouran Host Club rp?

    I'll be playing Haruhi and I'm searching for someone to play Tamaki <3
  3. xeliara

    Fandom Searching for partner~ [KPOP, anime, original, etc.]

    Hi! Let me start with myself. I am Eliara, however you can simply refer me as Ara. I'm still quite new in terms of roleplaying, considering that I started around 2014-ish on a website called Quotev. Due to some updates there, I decided to satisfy my role play carvings here instead~ So, I begin...
  4. roguectrl

    Multiple Settings Rogue's Search ✎

    ™Rules, Info, and Regulations™ 1. I'm located on the East Coast and I follow the Eastern Time Zone. Expect most of replies between 10am-4pm and 7pm-11pm EST. 2. I only write in third person because that is the style that I'm skilled at and it's easier for me to create more details for the...
  5. The Abnormal Observer

    Assassination Classroom/ Danganronpa crossover?

    I don't have a plotline yet, but I always thought that Assassination Classroom and Danganronpa would be epic together. Currently I am trying to think of ideas that would work with this fanfiction, but first, I need to know numbers and see if anyone can contribute ideas with this. So, who's...
  6. xXZariaXx

    Fandom || Fandom Search CLOSED for now ||

    Welcome to my 1x1 rp search! --- About Me: Hello! My name is Zaria, but you can call me Zari, Z, honestly anything you'd like to call me(as long as it's not offensive lol)! I'd prefer she/her pronouns. I live in the USA, but my dream would be to live in South Korea. I don't like to give out my...
  7. Jennifer Rose

    Kämpfer Academy

    Many years ago beings called the "Moderators" chose earth's population to be the deciding force in a universal battle. Why they chose humanity we will never know, but a select few received mysterious colored bracelets. These men and women were chosen for reason beyond our understanding, but were...
  8. Annabelle the Android

    Fandom Would Love an RP Right Now

    I'm lit and I only RP as my OC'S!! Fandom List Soul Eater FNAF Blue Excorcist Kingdom Hearts FMAB Percy Jackson Young Justice Batman Gravity Falls Assassination Classroom Noragami Shadowhunters
  9. Z

    Fandom Anyone wanting to do a Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure RP?

    Hi! I’m Brooke, I’m very new here! Tumblr and Reddit kind of suck for finding RP partners so I’m searching the internet for new places to find new partners, since all my Jojo RP friends drop off the face of the planet after two days ): So, sorry if I’m doing something wrong here! I’m 21...
  10. Annabelle the Android

    Fandom RP

    I'm lit, and I end up doing one liners a lot, but I just write as much as I can. I only rp as my ocs! My Fandoms Blue Excorcist Soul Eater FNAF FMAB Fairy Tail Percy Jackson Kingdom Hearts DC Marvel Gravity Falls Assassination Classroom Noragami
  11. Mileswest259

    Hidan no Aria (Aria the Scarlet Ammo) RP!

    Yep, it's time for another Aria the Scarlet Ammo rp! Since it's a group i am wanting to perform this on it's rp on the forum i recently created for it. The official rp will start after a minimum of two people joining. To acces said forum...
  12. CrossedInLyke

    Haikyuu!! [ALWAYS OPEN]

    I'm just looking for people who's interested in a Haikyuu RP. Since this is AU, I decided that this RP will allow canons + OCs. So um, is anyone interested? btw this will be canon + OCs.
  13. MsPyromaniac

    🎶 Hello There! 🎶

    You may call me MsPyromaniac, Pyromaniac, Pyro, actually you can call me anything you want which includes and is not limited to 'hey you'. I don't really care. Anyway, a bit about myself, I'm twenty-one years old (Old enough to remember sites like Quizilla. I still have flashbacks. I was on it...
  14. Xylona

    Fukabun'na Music Academy (Shoujo Themed, Discord RP)

    So hey all! This is gonna be a discord RP, so if you wanna participate you'll need discord. If you're interested, leave a reply below and I'll send you the invite link! Welcome to Fukabun'na Music Academy, an elite school for the world's best young musicians. From our top of the line vocal...
  15. RI.a

    Discussion Music - What are your favourite songs from anime?

    Like the title says, share your favourite songs/artists here! My addiction to japanese music relapsed, so I've been listening to anime openings and ending, jpop, moe edm etc etc I absolutely adore the voice of Aimer, and love anything from rock to pop. Currently extremely addicted to: Sweets...
  16. Arael

    Fandom Fandom Galore!

    Hello, my name is Arael (Feel free to give me a nickname if you can think of one) I am 21 years old and I have been RPing for about nine years now; from small forums to big sites like RPN so I'm a fairly experienced writer and I have experience in many different genres ranging from Action and...
  17. DanGriin

    Discussion Favorite Genre of Anime?

    Mine is Harem...hehe
  18. Newson

    Multiple Settings - my partner search - / updated 2-7-18 /

    welcome to my partner search "i can't love someone just as hopelessly romantic as me." introduction. Hey kiddos, welcome to the rocking roller-coaster that is my life. What? You're confused? Well you better be prepared, because I'm gonna show you. I'm Newson, a cisgender, probably straight...
  19. KittenSkull

    Fandom Sailor Moon A/U 1x1 Search

    I am looking for someone to play Prince Diamond for me as I have a plot involving an Alternate Universe that ties the White and Black Moon families in as one, so a lot of characters from Sailor Moon R will be present but since it is an AU characters from other story arcs can be present as well...
  20. Brumock

    Highschool Anime DnD/D20/ICONS

    Well it's not much of a story I have planned out just an intro but I can easily fake my way though it until I design a storyline and character arcs I have no experience with ICONS but DnD is 2nd hand for me and D20 is pretty easy granted I've never ran a D20 Anyways I was thinking like a...