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  1. BadUpdate504

    Futuristic  Multiple Settings, Long-term, Daily Active, Semi-Adv-lit, Novella/Match, Always Open

    (Disclaimer: RPN doesn’t like my phone/device and occasionally introduces text errors. I apologize I will proofread a couple of extra times.) I’m always looking for my soulmate RP partner, even if you’re not 100% sure, introduce yourself anyways. My interest checks are always open...
  2. ashdromeda

    Multiple Settings  looking for romantic ocxoc stuff :] (always open, i have a problem)

    hii! you can call me ash i'm too lazy to format this at the moment so what you see is what you get. i type better in character i swear! so, let's get right into it! i average about 100-200 words *minimum* but it also depends on the roleplay, how fast-paced it is, etc. i'd prefer if you were...
  3. Cresion Breezes

    Futuristic  〘POLARIS.〙〣 Interest Check

    Somewhere, sometime, upon a world where we must live in perpetual daybreak…… Nobody knows what happened to The Planet, nobody knows its name, or who built the 600 kilometer thick artificial shell upon its surface, or why the climate control system failed 700 years ago. All we can do now is...
  4. Exzerass

    Multiple Settings  RP partner search [Original storylines]

    Hi there! My name is Ex and i'm looking for a long term RP partner! I have a lot of themes i'm currently interested in, which range from sci-fi, DnD/fantasy and fantasy western. I'm not really looking to do any fandom roleplays, but i'll make an exception for Pokemon and World of Warcraft if...
  5. WlfSamurai

    Dead Planet (Main)

    Chapter 1: Deliverance Dr. Miku Kobato and Beep have both spent weeks aboard the research vessel RV-134 Condor. The ship is physically average in size for its class, but carries a skeleton research crew. Despite having full facilities and compliments for around 100 personnel or so, due to cost...
  6. Sink_Latter

    Multiple Settings  A myriad of ideas

    (Please don't reply to this thread. Also, all of the plots have elements of romance in them, and a few are even darker). Hello there, Stranger! Thanks for checking out my request thread, and I hope you're doing well. I can only assume that you'd stay to read this in its entirety and find...
  7. Jovial

    Fandom  Descendance // MCU Next Generation (interest check; advanced)

    *WARNING: MINOR SPOILERS FOR LOKI TV SHOW AHEAD* Click me for the CS thread! The year is 2051. Roughly thirty-nine years after Loki marched on New York City with a fleet of Chitauri, and twenty-eight years after Thanos was defeated at the hands of the most formidable team of Avengers the...
  8. Discovery

    Multiple Settings  Boundless Horizon - Lit/Adv Lit Partner Search

    boundlesshorizon➊➋➌➍ Dear Stranger, I hope that you’re doing well. I’m here looking for partners who’ll join in my quest for great and fun story-telling! First, I’d like to say that I’m a reader and a good story is what I’m after in a role-play. For as much as I love writing, I enjoy...
  9. mayormaynotbe

    Multiple Settings  Looking For Single or Multiverse (Literate) RP

    Requirements: This applies to a 17+ or mature audience. Hello, I am a full-time college student looking to role play in their spare time. I've come here as a bit of a desperate last resort, outside of Discord and Instagram, to interact with new people and form connections. I have 8 years'...
  10. luvrboy

    Realistic or Modern  1 x 1, oc x oc pref rp :)

    hello! i'm looking for a new roleplay partner. long term or short term, whatever's best for you! i don't typically do cc x oc so i'd rather do oc x oc :) i'm down for any story; if you have a prompt you've been wanting to use and haven't been able to use, i'm more than willing to check it out w/...
  11. krazecat

    Fandom  Kraze's Roleplay Search (OPEN)

    𝐤𝐫𝐚𝐳𝐞'𝐬 𝐫𝐨𝐥𝐞𝐩𝐥𝐚𝐲 𝐬𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐜𝐡 ♥━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━♥ about me! i go by kraze or bucky i use all pronouns, so go ahead and use whatever ones you want to i'm 17 years old (if you are not comfy roleplaying with minors i understand!) i've been roleplaying for around 6 years i am a semi-lit...
  12. Aeroflare

    Fandom  X-Men 1x1 RP

    Hey! I'm looking for an ocxHank 1x1 rp on discord. Add me at StarBucks Hux#9985 Possibly an A/B/O soulmate au? I'm looking forward to meeting new people. I reply often and usually stick to 2-3 sentences, which of course goes up with my creativity at the time. I'm in CST time zone but I'm looking...
  13. Rogue-47

    Fandom  Request canceled

    Please don’t mind this request thread any further.
  14. happydeath

    Multiple Settings  A Couple of Ideas for Group Rp

    Please be aware, with either idea, there will be a lore thread to help explain a few things here and there. If you have questions about either one, feel free to ask.
  15. GenericAlias

    Fandom  Sith and Jedi Dynamics? Scratch that Unlikely Friendship/Romance Itch today!

    Hello hello! I hope you're all doing well this fine morning/evening/afternoon/whenever you find this post! Just as it says on the title, I'm a major Star Wars fan, with a Sith OC, looking for an RP partner willing to play a Jedi! I've always been a fan of the dynamics that can result between...
  16. Blademasterlokh

    Multiple Settings  Salutations!

    Hey, hey! Name’s Lokh, and I would be absolutely delighted to invite any of you that would might enjoy having a few roleplay sessions, or discussions with me! Now, I must confess, the only reason I’ve thought to come here and recruit a few pals, is because I’m irreversibly sick. Just a cold and...
  17. Oyasumi

    Futuristic  After the world ended

    Welcome to the wastes! It’s what now covers most of the world. There’s nothing but dirt and tumbleweeds. How did this place become so barren? It was due to the angels, Large human looking beasts that one day showed up on humanity’s door. Humanity tried to get of the monsters by using all their...
  18. bitterblue

    Multiple Settings  dune-inspired (or just a m// science fantasy rp)

    wait for the signal and i'll meet you after darkabout me/requisitehi rpn, i go by blue. i'm aroace and am comfortable with any pronouns i'm 18 and while i usually don't care for my writing partner's age, this time i'd prefer if my partner was also an adult. i want to explore some more...
  19. KaigerGalaxy

    Multiple Settings  MxM Short/Long Term (Open!)

    Hey hey, RP Nation! It's Kaiger, but you can just call me Kai. I'd just like to say a few things before we dive into this: I do things other than roleplay. I'm a student, VA, and comm artist. That's how I make my money, so I might stop replying after I get home. My timezone is CDT! Ghosting...
  20. BadUpdate504

    Multiple Settings  Run Rebel Run. Active, Novella, long-term, Adv-lit

    Listen to Monsters by Tommee Profitt and XEAH Run away till I hear no sound She’d been here herself once. Run away cause I have no choice Running for her life. Run away from the haunting noise Knowing that if they caught her—there were worse things than death. Run away from the bloodhound...