1. Anaxileah

    Futuristic  The Stars of Fate [Anaxileah & kennybee]

    This is where the IC will happen. :D @kennybee
  2. Serobliss

    Multiple Settings  [Registration Available] Valorous Order: Insignius Blade

    Valorous Order: Insignius Blade aeyukarus vondera empyria roleplay genre & style Literate, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Original executive administrator Serobliss (Starlight Zero#2227) official roleplay thread Coming Soon registration status Open gm | administrators @Serobliss | @Sushi Muncher...
  3. Skribble

    Realistic or Modern  ALT48

    ALT48 (Alterno 48) Desperation is what drives a person towards a path they normally wouldn’t choose. People get desperate the most, when they are no longer in control of the situation. And when their yearning to hold together becomes intoxicating, it consumes them and forces them further and...
  4. Soviet Panda

    Futuristic  Sci-fi exosuit thing that I can't think of a title for.

    When Humanity took to the stars, they expected life to be out there somewhere. But they did not expect to find it almost immediately. The research fleet was ambushed by one of far greater size and technological advancements. It was by sheer luck that they were not killed on the spot. And luckier...
  5. Van Rin

    Futuristic  Astralis: The Third Great Galactic War

    The year is 3096. Mankind is travelling the stars for a millenium now. After the Second Great Galactic War ended with the defeat of the Technocrats of Alfa Centauri in 3039, humanity has been freed and created the Gaian Republic. Peace has finally been achieved or has it... A few weeks ago...
  6. Shannon Trevor

    Realistic or Modern  Our Family and the Swamp Monster

    Really in the mood for some B-Movie inspired ridiculousness so let's see whose interested. Your family is on a cross country drive across the States and taken a wrong turn on the winding backroads snaking through the sprawling swampland. Stopping to get your bearings, you wait until your Mom...
  7. NesyCelvestian

    Looking for a experience.

    Hello guys I'm Nesy! I'm in the UTC timezone and I'm from Sweden. I'm searching for people who might DM me in their existing DnD worlds or create one together so I can play in it. However, since I am damp-crap new into DnD I can't be a GM/DM since I'm newb. So, what kind of genres am I...
  8. 99csloppy

    Fandom  LF: Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance RP!

    This might be a bit of a long shot, but I'm looking for a Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance roleplay with a Gurjin x Rian ship. I'm thinking of a pre/during canon plot, beginning with how Gurjin and Rian meet and bond together whilst working as Castle Guards for the Castle of the Crystal, (they...
  9. bwars

    Digital  ✧B's character-emporium✧

    :bishiesparklesl: greetings, all! welcome to my little corner of art-attacks and disasters. it's most likely that nothing finished will ever go in here but i thought i'd at-least show off some of my original characters. (+ some canons from fandoms which i adore!) :bishiesparklesl: 90% of...
  10. dabberoni

    Fandom  Looking for a RP Partner — Multi-Fandom (OCs Allowed)

    Hello! My name is Julia (she/her). I am fairly new to the Nation, but I have been roleplaying for many years. I am currently 20 and a student with a part-time job, but I am semi-active and should reply frequently. As for what I am looking for: I am very literate in my RPs, and expect for my...
  11. YesterToday

    Futuristic  Elite Task Force's New Recruits | Future Roleplay

    A roleplay that takes place in the Year 2038 in the future, where Earth has essentially become more militarised, way more populated and much, much more lacking in rural areas, as well as multiple other locations in the nearby solar systems have been populated too. 4th April, 2038 There was a...
  12. bwars

    Fandom  ✧*. In a fandom, far, far away .*✧

    ✧hey all and welcome to my little search-post! you can call me bwars, or just b, i don't mind. i'm an old, old hag who prefers she/her and they/them pronouns. thanks to covid i have a bout of free-time and now i'm looking for some writing to indulge in. please be 18+ if you're wishing to contact...
  13. dabberoni

    Fandom  Star Wars RP

    Hi! Looking for a Star Wars RP, preferably romantic. Open to all ships (M/F, M/M, F/F), whether it be canon or OCs. Must be literate. Shoot me a reply if interested!
  14. dabberoni

    Fantasy  Star Wars RP

    Hi there! I am looking for a literate, long term or short term RP partner that is interested in roleplaying something in the Star Wars universe. This RP would preferably be romantic. I am fine with M/F, M/M, or F/F pairings. This can be a ship (we can discuss which) or OCs are welcome (these OCs...
  15. selvorix

    Multiple Settings  Looking for RP partner--mostly original universe

    Hey, I'm Selvorix, and I'm in my 20s. I roleplayed with friends when I was a teen and I'm looking to begin roleplaying again. Length: When I roleplayed before I mostly did script/semi-lit. I'm hoping to do semi-lit (ish), with responses mostly falling within 100 to 250 words. I think roleplay...
  16. Mitheral

    Multiple Settings  Safety Not Guaranteed (Time Travel MxF)

    Inspired by the film by the same name, this will be an original plot with original characters. Only the initial premise will remain the same. The inspiration for the movie was a real life ad. See the link to the Wiki about the movie and note the Production history. Safety Not Guaranteed -...
  17. Andromeda_Gemini

    Futuristic  The Color of Mars (Sci-fi RP)

    Sci-fi roleplay Hello~ Friendly little co-GM note; this is set in the universe of Red Rising, but you don't need to have read the books. All you need to know is the base concepts of the world; the book's plot will not be used here. Really, all you need to know is the base-color system found...
  18. Vumpalouska

    Futuristic  The Dogs of War

    At the outskirts of the Niose System... The object was big, dark and obviously artificial. And it had most definitely not been there yesterday. For an instant, something very wrong had happened to local spacetime approximately 6.2 AU from the small red star, and now there was a new...
  19. orbitalpudding

    Futuristic  The Unraveled

    The Republic of Northam seems, on its surface, seems to be an efficiently run nation built upon the ashes of the Old World. This as we all know, is an illusion. If you're reading this, it means you see beyond the illusion and you want to do something about it. Perhaps the council has summoned a...
  20. Octoling

    Fantasy  In the end, Who will tell your story?

    In the world of Listra's history, there have been many heroes throughout. Back in the ancient times, there was Mital, who was the very first to show their powers. He would grow into his heroic shoes and save the world from the impending darkness. With the defeat of the darkness, came the beasts...