1. FantasyDoctor

    Futuristic The Great Ending OOC

    Here is where I will tell you about things, ask you guys about things and such. Feel free to ask me questions here as well. Can't wait to hear from you guys.
  2. FantasyDoctor

    The Great Ending (Sci-Fi Mech Roleplay)

    The Beginning of Endings In the year 2030 there was an event that changed the course of all human history. It happened in an instant. Suddenly, the earth was no longer in it's solar system. It had been moved along with 6 other planets to an entirely new place in the universe. No one knew why or...
  3. hcaulfield

    - REGENESIS - (A John Wick/HANNA spin-off)

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  4. AuroraRogersSkywalker

    Fandom The Forsaken Renegades (SW TCW): CLOSED

    Anakin Skywalker | Surface of Er'Kit | Tagging: No one, mention of Amras and Padmé Anakin surveyed the empty room and cursed himself. He had come too late. There were definitely two presences in this very room seconds ago. One was obviously Padmé, and the other belonged to a stranger. And that...
  5. Cicada3301

    Star Wars: The Clone Wars RP

    Hello, brother! This is going to be a simple Clone Wars RP, starting with a new batch of Clones going through Cadet Training, and ending with Order 66. The Plot is as follows: Generation 30, Batch 10 of the Galactic Army's Clone Army is going through Cadet Training and you are one of them...
  6. hcaulfield

    - REGENESIS - /// [A John Wick/HANNA spin-off]

    REGENESIS The premise is simple really. A secret society composed of the finest hitmen & hitwomen desired to produce a better generation of assassins. This 'society' gathered DNA samples from donors within their own hierarchy. From there, they had impregnated a group of women; but what the...
  7. Norse

    Multiple Settings Making up a story is so much easier when you're two. Looking for long term partner for non-canon rp.

    Let's try to keep it short and simple I'm Frigg I'm looking for a partner for something long term. I want to go in depth with world building, character design/development and story line as we go along and I love a lot of action and drama (as long as it serves the plot). I love playing multiple...
  8. hcaulfield

    - REGENESIS - /// [A John Wick/HANNA spin-off]

    Regenesis The premise is simple really. A secret society composed of the finest hitmen & hitwomen desired to produce a better generation of assassins. This 'society' gathered DNA samples from donors within their own hierarchy. From there, they had impregnated a group of women; but what the...
  9. Lekiel

    ❖ M I R A I ❖ E T E R N U M ❖ IC

    Mirai eternuM
  10. Princess A

    Futuristic Interested in Time Travel? Step Right Up!

    Well, let's get right to it. About Me: 21+ Female Post length usually mirrors my partner's - I am more than comfortable settling in between 2 and 4 good paragraphs. As far as post frequency goes, you can expect to hear from me about once a day - sometimes a little more, sometimes a little...
  11. Nienna

    Multiple Settings Looking For A Partner

    Hello, As the title says I am looking for a partner. I have recently returned from a break and am looking for fun. My 'requirements' are quite simple -Someone who is able to contribute to plot creation and world building. I don't want to make all the decision but I don't want someone who want's...
  12. DTackle59

    Fandom Multiple Fandom searches

    Greetings! Ill keep this to the point. Im looking for partners in the following fandoms. High School of the Dead, Outlaw Star, Ghost in the Shell, Teen Titans, Hellsing, Legend of Korra, Fate Zero, Farscape, Star Wars Clone wars (animated series) If any of these strike you interest or you have...
  13. ooo0FrankenFreak0ooo

    Fantasy All kinds of fantasy pairings (bxb, gxg)

    Greetings! I usually despise romance based RPs. They are typically dull or rushed. I did them for years and once grown out of them, I hated doing them. I only pursued romance as a sub plot. But- romance RPs don't have to be that way. With pride month now here, I'm giving it a try. I am aware...
  14. RageOfInfinity

    Teenaged Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, anyone?

    I'm not sure how I'd want it to look, but I'm considering making it styled after the TV series, with several self-contained adventures, mixed with a few recurring themes and characters (including a return of Evil Jimmy, and perhaps Professor Calamitous. The main plot would revolve around an...
  15. dietandry

    [Westworld|PAFP] We Can't See the Trouble

    OOC: Andry has come to Westworld to escape everyday life. He falls for the Sheriff, but then remembers that these Hosts, they aren't really real. At least... That's what he thinks. IC: Andry stepped off of the train. He wore a waistcoat with a pocket watch, slacks, and cowboy boots. It was all...
  16. AngelOfStars

    Multiple Settings Back and More Tired than ever (Searching for a Partner[s])

    Introduction: Alright! Howdy there all who read this! I've been on this sight for less than a year and I have already had my first absence.. oops? But I think it's time to start a-new! I've recently graduated from Highschool, and will be moving on to College in the fall. So following that I have...
  17. NightyTheMonster

    Multiple Settings Future Roleplay

    In this world, it's the year Z45c or more understandably: 1450. Dollars, Yen, Rupiah, etc. were replaced with Credits, a universal unit of currency. Half of the main city is controlled by 5 mafias, a cult, and hundreds of gangs. The other half is controlled by big businesses like the...
  18. GolemGuy

    Futuristic Predetermined Purpose (Sci-Fi Robot Roleplay) | Lore

    Pantheon, City of Robots Pantheon is the name given to an urban region in southern California. The entire population consists of robots, either Olympian or Titan, and about every part of the city if fully automated. The city is made up of five distinct districts, each with different tasks for...
  19. GolemGuy

    Futuristic Predetermined Purpose | Introducing the Bots

    Alright so this will serve as the character creation thread. After you've went over it with me, feel free to post it here. Name: What is the name of your robot, think of it as an acronym, or a nickname, or even the name of the robot model, followed by a serial key. Class: Is your robot an...
  20. GolemGuy

    Predetermined Purpose (Sci-Fi Robot Roleplay)

    This will serve as the IC Thread for Predetermined Purpose