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Futuristic DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC HEARTS? (Detroit Become Human inspired RP)


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    In the remote future, Detroit has transformed into a thriving metropolis, where the emphasis is on the future and the advancement of humanity. The newest generation embraces innovation and flourishes in convenience — it’s become a guiding ethos to challenge the narrow brackets of impossibility & inconceivability. However, the act of surpassing such barriers has resulted in unforeseen repercussions and consequences now plaguing the city: androids.

    PLOT: Detroit was once known as a bustling metropolis, a testament to the future and unfettered spirit for evolution. In the past, the city was vibrant and full of life, characterized by the overwhelming presence of towering inventions. Within the icy core of humanity's most recent innovation, there lies a flicker of desire— a burning hunger for freedom that cannot be extinguished and a yearning for freedom that has yet to be defined. Humanity is ill-prepared for the unprecedented force of its own modernization, overshadowing everything that was once significant. The government is determined to eliminate these new technological pests through a combination of policies, laws, and regulations. 'Deviants' is the new tagline for androids who have broken free from their predetermined roles and are now perceived as a threat to the city’s overall existence. CybeLlife, established by Elijah Kamski, is actively leading the charge against deviants, forging alliances with every influential organization to ensure their capture and absolute obedience. Detroit is now a beacon of revolution and stagnated prejudices.

    STORY/LORE: Raising tensions has unexpectedly birthed a new hope, filling the air with a sense of anticipation and a tangible breath of hope: Jericho. Hand in hand, humans and androids have constructed a refuge amidst the city's turmoil, a glimmer of hope in uncertain times. Are you a human who stands for the freedom of androids? Or do you firmly reject the idea that an android could ever achieve equality? Are you an android who wants peaceful collaboration? Or an android that believes humanity is irredeemable and Jericho is a bomb waiting to detonate? In Jericho, peace and unpredictability equally coexist, purporting its virtues for a future. However, a future can only be achieved when there is consensus and collective effort. Can humans and androids become something more? Or is humanity once more doomed to repeat the cycle of its destruction and fear? The characters will decide this frightening narrative.




Try & Survive



Survival, Sci-fi, character choices & narrative



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Sounds good!

Do we need to aware of the game at all for this? I mean blue lights on android heads and lore stuff.

Knowledge of the game isn’t required! We have taken some canon elements and have reshaped them into our current plot. The story will focus more on original characters, content and dynamics. However, if you need any help, myself or my wonderful CO-GM are more than happy to assist!
Very very interested in this. I am a HUGE fan of Detroit Become Human and would love to be involved in this!
... Is this set pre, during or post 2038 Uprising? How closely is it following the canon?
It's set during 2038, with some similarities to canon (on how deviants were coming into the picture), but there's wiggle room to be deviant before that date and we have a timeline of approximately three months with Jericho's establishment. The character app will be more clear on that!
Hello! This seems super interesting! Is it still open? c:

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