1. nowheretogrow

    Multiple Settings  partner search, one on one

    Aloha! I'll start off by saying I am rusty and, as of yesterday, I have just jumped back into the RPing world. Important to note so if we start an RP, you have some expectation management. I typically try to go for around 2-6 paragraphs, but it all depends on how much content we are able to...
  2. MasterWaffles

    Fantasy  American Nightmare - The Manifest Disaster

    John Carter Abett was at the prime of his youth, age twenty-three, about six foot with curly short black hair, abnormally long arms for his height, green eyes, and built like a bison - hairy and muscular. At the best of times, he was one of the finest Texas Rangers of his day; until he had to...
  3. SerenaTheGoddess

    Multiple Settings  Witch Apocalypse ???

    I'm just to see if anyone would be interested in an rp about a magical apocalypse. The jist of it is Ok so... it’s just a regular world with magic. Things are pretty normal. Witches don’t tell anyone about their existence, but of course some people know and some are which hunters. So one day...
  4. XcarsonX

    Realistic or Modern  Rapture: City of Rot

    This thread is for the in character posts of the role play Rapture: City of Rot. Character sheets are currently being accepted! Estimated first post: September 21, 2019
  5. Crimson Rose

    Realistic or Modern  Summer Vacation? More like Summer Disaster! (Reboot)

    (Please note. This is not the boat.) Summer vacations are supposed to be full of fun! Spending time together creating memories with one another that would last a lifetime of friendship. Something these teens could look back upon and laugh about it together in their later years of life...
  6. Damon

    Fandom  Dead Space RP

    The previous post got scrambled so now I have to repeat everything I'll be super quick. Plot: A space freighter called in a distress signal since it couldn't dock on a civilian resort called The Deep. The CEC or Concordance Extraction Corporation, sent the USG Helios which consists of a pilot...
  7. bad apple

    Multiple Settings  Looking for Angst

    Hey there! Call me B. As you can see from my title, I am looking for something angsty and dark. If you don't like darker themes and/or have many triggers, I would suggest another thread. On the topic of triggers, if you have any please let me know before we plan out our rp (: I am currently...
  8. heysappho

    Multiple Settings  Coins for the Ferryman.

    The Greek world hasn't known much peace in any millennia. Athena turned away from her namesake city-state years ago, and with the death of Pericles the golden age fell through it's fingers. Thucydides put it best, calling it disastrous to the city. When the world is falling down around you...
  9. handfule

    Realistic or Modern  stockholm syndrome

    in which muse a falls in love with their godly looking kidnapper, muse b.
  10. Jagson

    Realistic or Modern  The Haunted House Game

    Two months ago a man named Collin Parks his fiance and a couple others disappeared. The evidence shows no sign of force entry or foul play. The only thing the police could find was a strange board game. Two months later a friend of Collin's was hosting a party. The friend found a strange board...
  11. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | Lore [Closed]

  12. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | OOC [Closed]

    Here's a place to talk, if we don't wanna do it through PM!
  13. Javax

    One x One  Maior Quam Nobis | CS [Closed]

    Here's a place to post our characters and keep track of them!
  14. Javax

    Fantasy  Maior Quam Nobis | IC [Closed]

  15. FactionParadox

    Realistic or Modern  Bird Box RP

    @Anonymous @Superfly47
  16. XcarsonX

    Multiple Settings  Zombie RP with a slight twist

    I've been wanting to join a zombie inspired RP for a while, but haven't quite found one that I've fallen in love with yet. I was thinking about what would make for a good zombie RP and started considering the character sheets. During most RPs of this nature the premise is groups of strangers...
  17. thespectacularstorm

    Multiple Settings  The Zodiac Experiment (CLOSED)

    I'll come up with a better title at some point... maybe. Welcome welcome everyone who happens to drop by. I have this idea that has been brewing in my head for a while and I thought it'd be more fun with other people. It's not fully fleshed out since I wanted to see if people were interested...
  18. kiddytheweeb

    Futuristic  Fallout Rp thread (Comment below with character ideas and I'll choose a few of you)

    Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to start a Fallout roleplay scenario, all you need is a decent character and a few dice (D20s, and other) Try to keep responses as long as you want, but personally I like to stick to 1 or 2 lines, Your characters and actions don't have to be too realistic, im...
  19. TerrinX

    Realistic or Modern  Flight 1960 - A Dark Descent (Plane Crash/Haunted Forest Survival)

    This is your Captain speaking, you will soon arrive at your Final Destination Do not pray, it will not work here So basically, this is an RP where a flight is going from Alaska to South Oregon but crashes shortly after flying over a Haunted Forest, in which everyone will be trapped in. We...
  20. mimibunni

    Fandom  Looking to get back into roleplay! :3c

    I am looking for an 18+ roleplay partner who is flexible with response times! I'm a junior in college, and the semester is just starting... bleh. I'll be as active as possible, especially if we get on a roll with something awesome. My roleplay style is literate and normally 3 paragraphs minimum...