1. Phoklore

    Multiple Settings  A dark Dystopia closed

    Welcome to the Wasteland. In the near future the earth's atmosphere has become so weakened heat has destroyed most of the life on the planet and dried up 70 percent of the water. In order to save the species scientists developed an artificial magnetosphere and atmosphere that could only cover...
  2. Selee-01

    Titan World Interest Check (Attack on Titan)

    I was thinking about a Attack on Titan rp, and came across this. It's an Apocalypse World homebrew, and looks interesting. I wouldn't be able to GM, but I could play. Anyone interested? The rules:
  3. Barca-Marcus

    Fantasy  Combined Interests

    An object falls from the heavens. It can't be moved, it can't be broken, and it lays within one of the most hostile environments known to- well anything. A court mage, in the elvish kingdom, is ready to drop everything and head for this strange thing, like a moth to flame. But the ruler of...
  4. Bravado

    Realistic or Modern  Maybe Tomorrow

    MAYBE TOMORROW Where: The outskirts of Richmond, Virginia in a place called Roxbury, the group has set up a rudimentary camp in a timber yard When: Modern day, it has been four weeks since the outbreak, things are still fresh and the group of survivors still barely know each other. exact...
  5. Jannah

    Fantasy  Midnight In Chernobyl(OOC thread)

    The original interest check thread is here. Here's the character sheet: Name: Gender: Age: (18+ please. I doubt there would be too many children roaming around.) Nationality: (Most characters will be from within the Eastern Bloc, but other locations will be accepted with a suitable backstory...
  6. xanirax

    Fandom  The 100, ATLA, LOK, TWD, and Skyrim!

    Hey, I’m Xanirax. It’s been a couple of years since my last roleplay, so I’m extremely rusty and hoping to get back into the swing of things with something casual and fun. Here’s a list of some things that I like and dislike. These aren’t necessarily hard and fast rules or requirements, they’re...
  7. Jannah

    Fantasy  Midnight In Chernobyl: An Original Post-Apocalyptic RP

    December 26th, 1991 is a date that is widely known as the last day the Hammer and Sickle flew atop the Kremlin. It is a date that is widely believed to have marked the freedom for millions, but the survivors of a greater catastrophe know that the truth is much more sinister. You are among them...
  8. Saboona

    Realistic or Modern  Hello? Is Anyone Out There? (CLOSED GROUP)

  9. Sye

    Multiple Settings  The End came on Wings of Gold

    For longer than anyone can remember, mankind has looked to the skies for hope. So when the day that Angels came down from the heavens, so many bowed their heads in fervent prayer, and were swiftly beheaded. On that day alone, in a matter of hours; over 99% of the human population was culled...
  10. SilverDingo

    Futuristic  The Pandora System - Signups

    Artemisia, the Jewel of the Pacific, the place where anyone could be anything they wanted to be. Run efficiently by computer systems and organized by large megacorporations, it was meant to be a place where dreams came true. A utopia where everyone was catered to regardless of nationality...
  11. Trektek

    Futuristic  Sunset Horizon CS

    Character Sheet: Name: Age: Gender: Character description or facesheet Position on ship: Passenger(High class, low class, etc), Crew, Employee Personality: Reason for being on the Sunset Horizon: History: Family or Relations: (If applicable)
  12. Trektek

    Futuristic  Sunset Horizon

    Welcome, and thank you for choosing Ysrendele Cruise Line for all of your relaxation and vacation needs. Our top of the line space cruisers are as if you are in a hotel floating in space, taking you from one pleasing vista to another. Our well trained crew will be able to respond to your every...
  13. Ad Nauseam

    Multiple Settings  Let us create something epic! - Long term, lit.

    background-color: #509cf7; border-radius: 5px; box-shadow: 0px 0px 5px #000088; box-sizing: border-box; color: #e4eeff; font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 1; margin: 20px auto; min-width: 350px...
  14. LadyArcanist

    Fantasy  Kingdom of D’varin

    This roleplay proposition has very few restrictions, being focused on freedom of character development. It’s free form, with plenty of room for you to decide just about any and everything regarding your character. The only restrictions are staying inside the realm of plausibility for the...
  15. Le Sigh

    Fantasy  Imperion

    One Month Ago It was night, and the stars glimmered in the sky like small gemstones. Their lights glimmered off of Glassdome, bathing the surrounding woods in a soft, balmy radiance. Soft rain pattered on the structure, making a sound that brought bells to mind as it struck the roof. Vines...
  16. CJAlex

    Fandom  "Code Vein" Post-Game RP

    If you haven't completed the game and don't want spoilers... uh... close your eyes and pretend you didn't open this thread. Would anyone be interested in participating in a Code Vein story set after the events of the game? We would be assuming the player-character followed through with the...
  17. EveCreates

    Fantasy  We, the Night, and He, the Light

    WE, THE NIGHT, AND HE, THE LIGHT “It’s like a mirror has descended from the sky, shattering our beliefs and rebuilding them in the opposite. Darkness and light are at war, but they also fight against our preconceived notions. Chaos. That is what this world has become.” We are in a world...
  18. Itz_Joker

    Futuristic  Execute Order 66

    Execute Order 66. Every single Jedi is now an enemy of The Republic. Wipe out the Jedi traitors and bring peace to the galaxy. No where is safe. The Jedi Order must be brought to justice. Hello! Here I am again, getting the Star Wars RP bug. I have so far been unsuccessful in finding a...

    Fandom  [M/F or M/M] Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin [Canon x Canon or Canon x OC] 20+

    [theme] Long-term | 3rd person paragraph style| Story-driven “On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Titans and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.” 1 = Overview 2 = About me 3 = Requirements 1. Attack on Titan, anyone? To make a long...
  20. Depressed_But _Coffee

    Fantasy  Horror/mystery RP!!!!!

    Yo. I've been thinking I need a horror RP for a while. there is powers/unnatural. I'm still working on plot, but we can talk through over message Please send me a message, if you want to partner up with me. And send me info about your OC. I will send my information about mine too. (Also I can...