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  1. OneJ

    Futuristic  Switching off the sun

    /New here. Dont know if this is where you post requests. This is a rough idea of something I would like someone to roleplay with long term. Preferably someone who can build this world with me as we go along. Countries have developed powerful EMP bombs. Many countries are against each other...
  2. Jewel

    Multiple Settings  Serious Roleplay Inquiries Only | OPEN!

    Jewel's 1x1 Partner Search 2.0 Hi my name is Jewel. I am looking for 1x1 partners. Please read all of my rules before replying.Thanks ABOUT ME: - over a century of roleplay experience - timezone UTC-12 - been on RPN for 4+ days - studying xenoarcheology at uni - ghost friendly but only if you...
  3. ThePrime

    Realistic or Modern  The Deviant Tribe

    World war 3 came to the world in 2026, and was a horrendous conflict. Nuclear fire engulfed the world yet the bloodshed did not end, bunkers and defense systems buzzed and shook causing most bombs to miss their marks and the majority would survive further infuriated by the nuclear exchanges...
  4. 3lmer

    Multiple Settings  A search for a long-term worldbuilding & adventure partner.

    Hello! My name's blah5511 - or Elmer, whichever you prefer. I suppose I should preface this by saying that although I’m an experienced writer and roleplayer, I’m comparatively very inexperienced when it comes to the roleplaying scene at large, so if this ad sounds a bit amateurish, it’s because...
  5. DaChaoticWriter

    Fandom  Secrets of The Forest (CS Thread, The Forest AU)

    30 passengers, 2 pilots, and 4 flight attendants had boarded the Southern International Flight to Egypt. Only 6 remain, stranded on an island with dangers unknown and nothing more than a poorly kept survival guide to keep themselves alive. Will this group of lucky survivors pull together to keep...
  6. sox

    Realistic or Modern  FIRDAUS. [open, accepting]

    — FIRDAUS. tribal island survival. --img here... CODE by LEVIATHAN. -- 01 here 01. introduction.Over the course of several years, the island of Firdaus has been known to the world as a hostile region, inhabited by a native tribe that wants nothing to do with the modern world. After numerous...
  7. Magna

    Fandom  The Walking Dead Roleplay

    Looking for a detailed partner to roleplay in the walking dead verse! My partner must be creative and have knowledge of the show! I will be playing as Magna. The main genres will involve around romance,action,adventure,horror, dark themes.
  8. Moonlitdoll93

    Fandom  Looking for a Creepypasta rp partner. I am willing to double up.

    Hi! I'm looking for a Creepypasta rp partner. Anyone willing to play as Jeff or Masky/Tim or Hoody/Brian specifically. ((Other characters are welcome - Liu, EJ, etc. ((NO SLENDERMAN)) This is double up friendly, I can play as a character of your choice. You must be okay with OCs and AU ideas...
  9. DaChaoticWriter

    Fandom  Secrets of the Forest

    "Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts and-... Oh, what the hell am I saying? We're more than likely going to crash and die. Say your prayers, hold your loved ones close, and hope we survive this," called the frantic voice of a flight attendant, muffled by the roar of wind...
  10. rusty vickers

    Futuristic  THE I-LAND (CLOSED)

    I'm sorry but I need to close this roleplay. Sorry everyone and happy writing!
  11. hery

    Multiple Settings  glitch in the countryside - MAIN

    code by nine lives ♡ fonts used: name + detail titles body text role to replace fonts, replace them here then in the corresponding variables under * fonts used * check uxie's tech support in nine lives for more details ( ‾́ ◡ ‾́ ) ----background---- ----main content----...
  12. AlmighTy

    Fandom  The Kings Game

    If you haven’t seen the anime here’s a brief non-spoiling description. “The King's Game (王様ゲーム Ōsama Gemu) is a death game that originated 32 years ago in Yonaki Village by the King who passes orders which are to be completed in the next 24 hours or punishments will be given. The purpose of the...
  13. Mitheral

    Fandom  Red Dawn (set in 1985, OC)

    An alternate history of an alternate history (based on the 1984 film of the same name). We will be using original characters. Backstory In an alternate 1980s, the United States is strategically isolated after NATO is disbanded. At the same time, the Soviet Union and its Warsaw Pact allies...
  14. Vaila

    Fantasy  Supernatural Bar

    Basic Concept? There is a popular bar in the middle of nowhere that is often frequented by Supernatural Creatures. Werewolves, Vampires, Fairies, Witches, etc. (More options available if there's something you wanna do.... just ask first as it may not fit with the rest of the lore.) They...
  15. ManofManyRoles

    Fandom  Knew we shoulda nuked it from orbit... (An AvP Story!)

    LV-767 Jungle Swamp, five miles north of the colony, three days post arrival Hunting Party It had been three days and some change since the Hunting Party had touched down on the planet, their arrival granted by a small Scout Ship which had been allotted to them from the Cunning Death clan's...
  16. Valery...just uhm Valery

    Fantasy  Looking for long-term rp partners.

    I have posted this prompt before, though it never gained much traction. So, like a broken record, I will post it again, because I like it very much. 💛 This roleplay is originally meant to take place in the late 1890s around Canada's North-west territories. This can be turned into a medieval...
  17. Vaylen

    Multiple Settings  Into the Realm of the Yama Kings

    I cannot tell you the truth behind the end of the world when it came, for I was not there. I have read stories though, stories from those who claimed to have seen the end with their own eyes. Accounts from those who were there when death came for them, and they committed what they could in...
  18. idiot

    Realistic or Modern  𝐓𝐇𝐄 𝐅𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐋 𝐖𝐈𝐍𝐓𝐄𝐑 — 𝐢𝐧 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫 𝐭𝐡𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝.

    [ ACT I — A CHRISTMAS SURPRISE. ] Christmas Eve has settled upon Campton Falls. Tourists and locals alike are abuzz this early morning, braving the icy-cold streets for last minute gifts and excitement to be had. Others take refuge in their homes, settled by the fireplace with a hot chocolate...
  19. ManofManyRoles

    Fandom  Knew we shoulda nuked it from orbit... (An AvP Story!)

    LV-767, a colonial world with varying biomes under the jurisdiction of the United Americas and controlled by the Weyland-Yutani corporation. Officially a colonial planet for human colonization as well as R&D, it's a wonderful place to live and work...leas that's what the brochure says. When a...
  20. pandakatiefominz

    Multiple Settings  Winter Break Means Time to Party

    It's winter break, babes, which means I have a lot of free time on my hands which was, not too long ago, inconceivable. And as always, I like to spend that time deeply entrenched in roleplays. Remember when you were writing a novel? I ask myself. Yes, I do, but writing a novel is difficult...