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Fandom Rain World: Dying God, Four Drops of Poison


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(Official Rainworld Art)

Rain World: Dying God, Four Drops of Poison
Deep in the depths of the Red Canopy rested a clan of slugcats, drowsing away the cycles and living in relative peace. They lived in relative harmony with the animal inhabitants of the world around them and handled the cycles with ease. Then, one day, something changed. Creatures started to get sick and, soon after, die. Slugcats started to fall. Some ran in an attempt to find a safe place to live. Others gathered together in an attempt to take care of the fallen.

As more and more creatures fell, one group of slugcats were determined to end the sickness. They intended to travel across the land to find the god of their world: A creature the slugcats know very little of, but the creature they know creates the rain. It resides in a massive tower, seemingly infinitely far away. The rest of the Clan begged the slugcats to stay… but these four slugcats were determined to save their families.

A world of Survival, Starvation, Rain, and Illness
This RP is using the lore of the game Rain World as a base. However, there is zero expectation for those participating to have played the game itself. This is in large part due to it not taking place in the part of the world presented within the videogame.

You are a group of (up to) four slugcats (pictured below) in search of a way to save your clan from a mysterious illness killing all of the flora and fauna. Your plan is to travel to the superstructure that’s far off in the distance and confront what your clan believes is the god of rain. Your travels will be fraught with hunger, fights for survival, and most of all: The Rain.
(Official Rainworld Art)
What is a slugcat? (And other important lore)

Simply put, a slugcat is a creature that had been bio-engineered a long time ago to clean out pipes. They are a sort of combination of a cat and a slug, though they have opposable thumbs and can stand both on all fours and on their hind legs. In the game, they are considered rather intelligent, but the level of intelligence is never specified. However, in this RP, they will be considered to have human levels of intelligence. They are at a sort of prehistoric level, using spears and rocks to deal with the world around them. Most of them are omnivores. They are two feet tall typically and have smooth skin, akin to a slug. Their strength varies. Usually, they’re strong enough to carry around a metal core that would (entirely guessing) say is about 80 pounds. They can do this without slowing down. Additionally, they can stick spears in stone and (sometimes) metal walls. While this clan is predominantly red in color due to their environment, not all of them are that color. Within this rp, they are capable of talking to and understanding each other at the level of a human. However, they are incapable of verbal communication with other animals.

What is a cycle? The game never specifies the exact amount of time a cycle is. It is simply the amount of time between rain cycles. Think of it like days, though they can technically be anywhere from a day to several weeks. In this RP, though, they are going to last about three days under most circumstances.

Why is the rain so important? The rain is a brutal, ticking time bomb. When it comes, it rains hard enough to physically harm every creature it touches. The world starts to flood and even the surface is consumed with enough water to go over the treetops. Slugcats escape it by finding water locked shelters made by ancient, long dead people to protect themselves from the rains.

What is the god of rain? The god of rain is what’s called an Iterator. They are massive robotic creatures (tall enough to be in low gravity) built for the purposes of the now dead civilization. They are powered and controlled by hyper intelligent AI. Their towers are called Cans by the iterators, though the RP characters would simply call them towers. They create the rain as a by-product of their cooling processes.

What are the symptoms of the illness? That depends on how close one is to the iterator tower. As far as the slugcat clan knows, they include: Exhaustion, dizziness, the inability to eat, vomiting, and death within a few weeks.

What is the Red Canopy? It is a section of the world far from the Iterator’s tower. It is one of the many biomes that surround the iterator. This particular biome is a rainforest, rife with massive lizards, terrifying buzzards, mosquito like predator and prey, and lots of wetlands. It’s called the Red Canopy because of the plants. Most flora has varying shades of red leaves and flowers. Fruit and bugs are the most common food here, though particularly daring slugcats hunt the sluggish green lizards or slippery pink salamanders for their meat.

(Official Rainworld Art)
What are themes and expectations?

The themes of this roleplay include: Found Family, Survivalism, Life/Death/Rebirth, Body Horror, Illness. TW for Gore, Death, Cancer and similar illnesses. There will likely be swearing involved, but explicit NSFW themes must be discussed with me and must follow site-wide rules.

This RP will contain up to four players, each representing their own slugcat (more on that within the character creation section). These slugcats have gathered together to travel up to the top of the iterator structure: Four Drops of Sun (FDoS). They know this being as the god of water or the god of the rains. The main story will revolve around survival-based travel up to FDoS. This includes battles with the predators of the region, making friends with the scavengers and other non-aggressive species, running from the rain, and fighting for food. If it goes for long enough, the players will eventually ascend FDoS and come to his chamber to talk to him. Throughout their journey, they will learn the truth of why the world is dying and come to understand the cycle of rebirth.

Players will NOT be expected to understand the whole lore of rainworld. This RP will NOT take place anywhere within the main cannon. It is simply using the world and creatures as a base. However, players will be expected to respond at least once a week, or they will be considered inactive and booted (Exceptions will be made if I am made aware that someone will be unavailable). Responses should be a minimum of one paragraph, but they are preferred to be at least two or three paragraphs long.

Like the game, the characters should not feel like they are strong enough to overpower the environment. They should be clever enough to tackle challenges, but they are still in a cruel, brutal world that cares little for their life. Take things slow. Respect the Rain.

This is an experience where interpersonal relationships will form a large part of the world and story. Players will be expected to create characters that want and/or need to interact with others for their goals and interests. This does not mean that characters need to be nice or happy-go-lucky or friendly. It does, however, mean that characters need to have a reason to be with their group.

(Art by mothcpu)

Character Creation

A slugcat does not typically contain abilities other than having opposable thumbs and being a slippery little fella. However, player characters will contain one simple, animalistic ability that sets them apart. Some from the game include: A grappling hook-like tongue, the ability to form spears from your body, pseudo gills that allow one to spend more time under water, cheek pouches to store and combine items. Any of these are on the table but other options are acceptable with my approval. Here is a cute Slugcat picrew. picrew.me/en/image_maker/596736

Character naming conventions in this world are a bit strange. Your characters will have both a title and a name. Their title should say something about their diet, special animalistic ability, and how they approach the world. Your character has been given this title by their clan for one reason or another. Some game examples include: the monk, survivor, rivulet, hunter, spearmaster, and artificer. Regular names should either be descriptive words, or a number of something. It is easier to understand with some examples: Four Drops of Sun, Sliver of Straw, Looks to the Moon, Seven Red Suns. All names are based in nature. You will decide if your character prefers to go by their name or title.

Please feel free to ask questions. If you don’t care about game spoilers and want to learn more about Rainworld lore, I suggest Daszombies and Solemn Sunday. Again, this knowledge is not necessary, but it is fun. This is a recruiting post! If you are interested, please let me know. I will list what is required in a character's description below. To be approved, you will have to send me that character's description either here or in PM. However, questions and suggestions can be added without the need for approval. Once I have 2-3 players, I feel comfortable starting and this will move to the actual group rp section of the website.

When proposing a character, these traits must be included: (Feel free to add more but these are the minimum)
Body Color/Eye Color/Any potential patterning:
Animalistic Ability:
Diet: (Herbivore, Omnivore, Carnivore. Herbivores/Omnivores tend to have more passive abilities. Carnivores tend to have more aggressive ones. Most slugcats are omnivores.)
What even gave your character their title?
What brought your character to go on a potentially deadly quest to end the sickness?:
What is your character’s greatest fear and why?: (These should be something relatively possible in a primitive world set thousands of years after a super technologically advanced society died)
Is there an item your character keeps with them at all times? (Slug cats are capable of holding one acorn sized items in their cheeks)
How has your character’s life been affected by the illness? (This could be dead family members or it could be something else)
Picture: (An image that either represents your character’s themes or is a literal image of what your character generally looks like. Picrews are acceptable and encouraged!)

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