1. AnimeGenork

    Fandom The Trapped Gods [Dionysus Team] - CLOSED

    Dionysus Team Noah, Meredith, Amber, Brandon Even the king of wine merits a quest His son must lead the charge at the gods' behest Alongside the eldest daughters of harvest and gates The son of water's longtime enemy awaits
  2. AnimeGenork

    Fandom The Trapped Gods [Artemis Team] - CLOSED

    Artemis Team Nia, Sammy, Care, Jasper, Eric As for the queen of the moon and all who hunt Take the Hunter and children of war to face the brunt Of all attacks the sons of music and discord can't face And put the queen of monsters in her place
  3. AnimeGenork

    Fandom The Trapped Gods [Hades Team] - CLOSED

    Hades Team Hani, Felicity, Elijah, Star For the king of the dead and those below The elder son of fire and daughter of beauty must go Accompany the Underworld's spawn and with rainbow's aid Face a king who long ago was laid to rest
  4. AnimeGenork

    Fandom The Trapped Gods [Olympus Team] - CLOSED

    Olympus Team Victor, Caleb, Willow, Althaia To free the king of gods and those above the clouds Sons of lightning and travelers must be allowed To trust the daughters of sleep and Mist While facing the mastermind behind this drift
  5. nocchi

    Fandom Arcane (CC x OC, CC x CC)

    Hi! I'm really itching to write as Jinx for either a canon or original character of your choice! We can do during canon, and/or post-canon! Even a bit of pre-canon is okay with me. Also willing to do multiverse/crossover! I'm willing to play other characters when need be, but I mostly want to...
  6. nocchi

    Fandom I want to RP HUNTERxHUNTER (partner search)

    Hello~ I would really love to find some different 1x1 partners for a HxH thread. I really love to do Canon x OCs (me as the canon), but I'm also okay with you playing a canon character as well! I'm also open to doubling, though it's not a must. I'm the best and most experienced at writing...
  7. Mitheral

    Fandom Stranger Things 1987 - OC's

    This is a Stranger Things fandom set in Fall of 1987. (The canon kids would be 16.) I have yet to watch SSN 4, except for the first couple episodes (which I half slept through thanks to being exhausted from work and need to rewatch). To be honest, I would be happier with an original cast. I...
  8. Morzone

    Fandom Splatoon: Echoes from the Deep (Closed)

    NEWS FLASH ! ! ! GIANT STATUE APPEARS FROM OCEAN, FAMOUS STARS OFF THE HOOK REVEAL EXISTENCE OF SECRET AGENT GROUP ! ! ! One week ago this news flash caught the attention of every inkling, octoling, jelly, cat, shrimp, and any other person who has eyes and can read in Inkopolis. The city's...
  9. AnimeGenork

    Fandom The Trapped Gods [Main] - CLOSED
    Index: Opening & Chapters

    The Cast A Regular Day at CHB... It's a regular day at Camp Half-Blood, the Greek camp for half-mortal, half-godly campers. At least, that's what we would say, except Chiron and Mr. D are being awfully secretive about something, and they refuse to comment on the arrival of the...
  10. Harmonic Raindrops

    Fandom [FANDOM] 1x1 Zootopia/Furry Universe RP

    Hello! My name's Rain (she/her), and currently I'm looking for a new 1x1 Rp! I'm a minor who has been roleplaying for about a year, and I mostly do Fantasy/Fandom Rps. Typically I write about a paragraph or two per response, but often shorten my writing when writing out character interactions...
  11. Mitheral

    Fandom Firefly (Original Characters) - Still Accepting

    Theme Firefly Ship Specs (Note: There will be some customizing done.) This will be set in the Firefly Verse. The RP will pick up after the events of the movie, Serenity. I will not be using any of the comics material. All characters will be Original. Crew (Owner State room (High Passage) +...
  12. Mitheral

    Fandom Serenity / Firefly (Canon)

    Firefly Serenity Specs This will be based on the TV series. The RP will pick up after the events of the movie. For the time the RP starts at, I may timeskip a year. Must Fill Slots Captain (Mal) First Mate (Zoe) Pilot (River) Engineer (Kaywinnet) Mercenary (Jayne) Doctor (Simon) Indra...
  13. niebo

    Multiple Settings fandoms, original settings, all are welcome ♥

    about me x i'm 25 y/o, european, studying and working full time, but since the university year is done i have much more time on my hands-- so, i'm here again x since i'm in my twenties i usually prefer someone of similar age to be my partner but that's not a must x english is not my first...
  14. AnemoVictorious

    Fandom Fields of Runeys - Rune Factory OC RP Interest Check

    ----content container---- ----title (input your title twice! ***one line only! if you want two lines, reduce font-size!)---- ---outlined text---- ----* * * title here---- fields of runeys ---filled-in text---- ----* * * title here----...
  15. rowdyraven

    Fandom a big mess of fandom cravings ♡

    haiii im going to try to make this as short as possible but yk the drill, here r some of my current fandom cravings, i dont have many rps going on atm so ! im pretty free to respond. Im lit / semi/lazy lit & third person descriptive. I will be listing the characters i am looking to write my...
  16. kokichisluck

    Fandom hope or despair? (danganronpa)

    hey, my name is leo. i haven’t played on here in a while but i’m back with a new craving: danganronpa! a few rules to get out of the way first: - I am 21, and will only rp with those over 18. - I will and am able to reply daily. I will not require this of my partner, but I would like...
  17. Mitheral

    Fandom Star Trek (OCxOC, MxF)

    I am looking to do a mostly canon Star Trek MxF with original characters. I am going to exclude most of Discovery and Picard. (I have NOT watched SNW either.) The RP should be set in the early 25th century. My character will have completed Academy and a couple tours. He’s a “hotshot flyboy”...
  18. Mitheral

    Fandom Star Trek: Iron Wind (Post Canon)

    Welcome to the 25th century. The year is 2415. You will serve aboard the USS Athena-B completed in 2415. Current Mission: Assigned to patrol the borders of the Federation. The story itself begins with the USS Athena picking up its newest personnel. The Captain has orders that are classified...
  19. Mitheral

    Fandom Star Trek: Iron Wind

  20. MaskedNerd

    Fandom Fandom Search! | Owl House, Walten Files, FNAF, Creepypasta, Marble Hornets

    | About Me | Greetings and welcome to the about me! Read this to learn- well, I think the title speaks for itself. -18, going on 19. -She/her (Questioning whether or not I'm trans at the moment but I'm still in denial about it... that being said, he/him also works and will make my heart...