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For hundreds of years, the existence of the supernatural has been a secret well-kept. To some it was a necessity in order to preserve the essence of their power, to others a vow to protect humanity from dangers it was not ready to face. Hell, many have concealed their freakish nature out of fear of being branded and hunted. In short, while reasons and purposes were diverse, they all coincided in one thing: The truth was only for them to bear.

Things would change in the modern times.

One by one, the organizations that have made their goal to conceal and combat supernatural threats have individually crumbled under the pressure of an ever-rising rate of paranormal incidents. The Japanese government, no longer an oblivious actor, has stepped forward to fight fire with fire, borrowing the support of a handful of allied countries. Their efforts have given birth to the creation of the S.R.S.F (Supernatural Research and Suppression Force).

The year is 2099 and the S.R.S.F., after thirty years or so, has become a well-established and leading player in the fight against the supernatural. With 80% of its personnel being a wielder of magic, a psionic, an alien, a sentient machine or a freak of some other sort, and having (mostly) brought down the walls that prevented these individuals from working together in the past, almost anyone who is aware of its existence would assume that the world will be safe in the years to come.

And you… You will be a part of it.

Perhaps you have always been in touch with the world of the occult, or maybe you had a close encounter with it at some point during your lifetime. Who is not to say that you were brought into it by someone else, be it willingly or by force? Whatever the case, you are a new recruit assigned to the Tokyo Headquarters. There, you will be grouped with others with a similar background, put to the test, and if everything goes right, sent to stop a Kaiju rampage, a mini-zombie apocalypse or a dangerous mastermind on the run.

Whatever the case, your adventure begins here.

What to expect

- This roleplay borrows various concepts from multiple fandoms, including but not limited to, World Trigger, Scarlet Nexus, Kaiju No. 8, Type-Moon and Jujutsu Kaisen. Shonen at the core, it will follow a darker plot-line where the power of friendship is not an armor.

- While the start might be on the slow side in order to build relationships and get acquainted with the setting, once it gets rolling, emphasis will be placed on constant back-to-back survival and combat situations that will put your characters against the odds with little to no breaks. Naturally, investigation and exploration, as well as interaction will all be there, but the idea is that a feeling of urgency will always be nagging down at the back of your head. Things might escalate fast.

- Due to this, we won’t be focusing much on politics and what-not, so given the possible diversity of the cast, as long as you abide by the basic guidelines, there is plenty of room for world building done by the characters themselves during creation.

- The roleplay will have a system that will tackle several different sources of supernatural powers and you will be able to choose the one you like best. We will have stats that will cover a lot of things in the interpretative sense, so with the exception of certain resource pools, there won’t be any math or rolls involved. At least not on the player’s end.

- Intended to be a strictly PvE experience where NPCs can be either saviors or an obstacle, PvP is to be kept at a minimum. Clashes and drama are okay and even betrayal could work at some point, but please try to keep your guns not pointed at each other for too long.

- Hoping for 6 or less players, hopefully going for two to three updates a week. Not a first come, first serve kind of recruitment, I'll choose those sheets I favor the most over those I don't, and won't be obligated to pick the maximum number of players if I don't feel like it, nor will give candidates a detailed explanation of why they didn't make it. Don't make it hard on me. Might be willing to bump up to eight, but only if the entries end up surpassing my expectations.

- Don't worry about the number of submissions for each class once the CS thread is up (if this gathers enough interest), as it won't affect your chances to get in. You can be all be Sorcerers, or all psionics, or all aliens for all I care.
Ooh, I’d love to drop an application for this once you’ve for the CS up. I’ll read through the system before deciding on a character concept, but one of my ideas right now is a spirit medium who wants to explore and experience the world with his bonded ghosts.
Ooh, I’d love to drop an application for this once you’ve for the CS up. I’ll read through the system before deciding on a character concept, but one of my ideas right now is a spirit medium who wants to explore and experience the world with his bonded ghosts.

Already working on it!

There might be one or two paths available for what your are looking for, but yeah, you'll probably want to keep a few concepts in mind and then decide on one once the mechanics are revealed. Each supernatural system is different, with pros and cons, so finding the style you like the most as a player is also important.

In the meantime, I am hoping for two more candidates at least.

Thanks for the interest!

Looking for at least one more showcase of interest before continuing.

Have a Sneak Peek of the three main Superpower Systems or classes (there is at least one more, but these are the most prominent):

Sorcery: A craft that is inherited rather than something that anyone can learn from scratch or something born from a randomized genetic mutation. The sorcerer takes the residual cursed energy in the environment, runs it through their magic circuits, a pseudo-nervous system that spreads through their body, and converts it into supernatural phenomena (Spells) using a mixture of self-hypnosis, complex mathematical formulas and body movements.
+ The most flexible power source, a Sorcerer gets lots of options inside and outside of combat. Access to two schools of Sorcery, in addition to the General Fundamentals.
+ The Sorcerer gains innate resistance against several attacks of the supernatural kind, especially those that involve mental interference.
+ Choose one of the following feats: “Legacy Crest” (Additional Set of Spells that can be cast at instant speed), “Grand Familiar” (Get legendary animal companion or automata) or “Beyond Imagination.” (Reality Marble/Domain Expansion Potential)
- The Sorcerer must look out for two resources related to their supernatural powers. Circuit Quantity, which defines the amount of energy that can be drawn to the sorcerer (their MP pool), and Circuit Quality, which determines how much can be transformed into supernatural phenomena each turn through spellcasting. This makes them, in general, slower than users of other systems.

Formalcraft and Black Magic: An emulation of sorcery that utilizes material components, the involvement of outside forces and self-sacrifice in order to make up for the lack of magic circuits. Technically, anyone is capable of relying on it, but it can be extremely dangerous if one doesn’t have the knowledge necessary to use it efficiently since, often, the cost outweighs the resulting spell. Popular amongst Hunters, common folk who have crossed paths with the supernatural and have chosen to fight against it out of their own volition.
+ A strategic magical user, it’s real worth shines through when their attacks and abilities are utilized in the right moment.
+ Being able to store spells for later use for no cost, it’s the only system that allows you to unleash multiple effects at once with no repercussions, and at instant speed.
+ Choose one of the following feats: “Armed and Ready” (Get your own stash of weapons for monster hunting. One of them is especially powerful), “A Deal with the Devil” (Your power comes from a pact with an otherworldly entity that now lives within you, enhancing your capabilities greatly) or “Darker than Black” (Ignore the random additional effects of Black Magic and reduce its potential harm on the user and their allies)
- Users spend charges to cast spells, delve into their borrowed power or utilize their special Weapons. This effectively means that once those charges are all used up, the hunter is no more than a normal person, leaving them powerless against higher level threats.
- Casting spells has a chance of creating random additional effects in the environment, which may be beneficial or detrimental to the caster and their allies.

Psionics: A strange mutation in the human brain that grants the user supernatural powers that defy even the norms imposed by Sorcery. Those who bear this gift/curse are called ESPers. For many years, it was believed an event that would occur at random, however, studies have found that the chances of mutation can be manipulated through several means, like extreme stress, close contact with supernatural threats or inbreeding. The United States of America is the nation who has conducted the most experiments in this area, with many successes, but many, many more failures slipped under the rug.
+ A Supernatural Gift that boast the highest immediate firepower out of all available options, but can be harmful to the user if used recklessly.
+ Switch between three approaches, “Focused”, “Calm” and “Desperate”, to gain or lose access to different applications of your singular power, granting some much needed versatility. A single power is chosen (Ex. Electromancy), then a list of five applications of said power is made.
+ Choose one of the following feats: “Lab Rat” (You were experimented on and you excel at one particular task over others), “Lay on Hands” (Your mutation is believed to be a gift from a deity. It gains extra divine properties) or “Freak of Nature” (Get an aura of intimidation that makes people and creatures back down, and sometimes even outright knocks them out.)
- Instead of spending an existing resource, ESPers gain Strain Marks every time they use their powers and discard one for each turn they do not rely on it. Although there is no upper limit on how many Strain Marks can be accumulated, from a certain point onward, the user will take exponential internal damage.
- Certain events or combat exchanges might force the user to shift their approach against their will.
Sorry for the delay, Ive been working hard.

Today, I bring you the CS thread, with general details and everything pertaining the Sorcerer and Hunter Occupations. ESPers will have to wait a little more, as I am still ironing them out.

Hopefully, this allows you to start forming character ideas.

I'll also be posting an OOC thread shorty.
I have added ESPers to the CS thread. Still need to give them 2 more feats, but that shouldn't take long.

We still have slots available, if you are reading this and are interested.
Having gathered a decent amount of players, unless something pops up, this should be my final bump to the interest check.

We can easily accomodate two more players so, if you are interested, be sure to let me know and check the related threads.
Extra123 Extra123 i'll let you have a go. I can easily GM one more person. I assume you can handle the intended pace?

We're a little crowded on ESPers, so a sorcerer or a Hunter would be nice.

Post your concept in the CS thread once you have it, and don't be afraid to ask me anything on the OOC thread or by DM.

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