1. ChoozoX

    Fandom  Looking for Rp Partner for Toons Rp

    Please read! Hello, I’m looking for a classic rubber hose rp. Something not exactly popular or asked often. Rubber hose is just an early age of animation. Basically I am looking to Rp about anything related with toons, like Cuphead, Bendy and the Ink Machine and so on as I would list later. I...
  2. Teacup but existent

    Fandom  (Character Sheet Submission) Crossroads - A Multifandom Roleplay

    If I've reacted to the sheet, it's accepted! ◤◢◣◥◤ ◢◣◆◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ CHARACTER SHEET Name: Age: Source (If they’re an OC, just say “OC”): Personality: Powers/Abilities: Weaknesses: Appearance: ◣◥◤◢◣ ◥◤◆◥◤◢◣◥◤◢ ◤◢◣◥◤ ◢◣◆◢◣◥◤◢◣◥ CHARACTER ROSTER Teacup but existent Qiqi (Genshin Impact)...
  3. Teacup but existent

    Fandom  (Interest Check!) Crossroads - A Multifandom Roleplay

    Hello, and welcome to Crossroads! This is a multifandom roleplay where just about anything could happen, both IC and OOC! Players are free to GM their own stories and locations (of course, after letting me know to add the location to the list for others to be aware), and meet others! Any sort of...
  4. DyNaMiTe

    Multiple Settings  Falling Rose Petals [OPEN]

    Falling Rose Petals This RP pretty much bases on free characters. it doesn't matter what character, just use your imagination and what you enjoy the most. It can be an anime-based character or someone famous. But there's a twist: your character is thrown onto a planet somewhere off. No clue...
  5. Mitheral

    Futuristic  Oddjobbers: Chalkydra (Space Opera - Privateer / Tramp Freighter)

    3160 AD This RP is going to be a space opera based loosely on a Serenity type ship (the Chalkydra) and crew. The setting, however, will be something more akin to the one in the Battletech rpg - minus all the mechs, massive jumpships, etc. Drives will be a mix of the fusion drives or M-AM...
  6. ParrotParfait

    Realistic or Modern  Viewing the Flowers

    I give a little bit of a sigh as my previous guest had to leave due to some OOC things. I shrug and snap my fingers to reorganize the room into its proper order. There was some tea that I wasn't able to finish making, so I decide to serve that instead for my next guest.
  7. Mitheral

    Realistic or Modern  Marooned: Swiss Family Robinson concept MxF

    Swiss Family Robinson (1960 film) - Wikipedia I have included a link to the plot of the original book / movie, which is set in the early 19th century. I like how the plot begins - a crew abandoning ship during a pirate ship and leaving the family to fend for itself headed into a storm, finally...
  8. Reinydaze

    Fandom  Heavy cravings- Ocxcanon pairings-Doubles welcome!

    Hey there! First off, A bit of what I am looking for in a writing partner: - comfortable with Para, Multi-para, or novella. I am open to write with just about anyone but anything under para tends to kill my creativity really fast. I get that sometimes small posts are necessary, particularly in...
  9. Tithe Collector

    Fantasy  The Titan of the Deep

    Greetings! As explicit in my introduction post, profile picture and name, I shall be playing as Nautilus. The known Titan of the League of Legends Universe. To know the basic of Nautilus's story and tale, here...
  10. Dovahkiin3033

    Fandom  Into the Cosmic Storm

    Nobody really knows how or why it happened, only that out of nowhere, their lives changed forever. Whoever they were or whatever they were doing; whether they were living their normal lives, fighting on the battlefield, healing wounded, or even farming, they would soon encounter a disaster...
  11. DovahBeat

    Fandom  CONVERGENCE - Main - (Multiverse, open)

    (Cover by ElizaWyatt ) Blaise Wilder Mentions: @Hawke. (Beau), the rest of their small group. The frozen wastes between settlements were difficult to survive in, Blaise knew. It had been a month since the earthquake and the merging of his world with… whatever world this was. A great fissure...
  12. DovahBeat

    Fandom  CONVERGENCE - Lore (Multiverse)

    The Lore for CONVERGENCE! Please read, especially if you have questions. They may be answered here. Announcements: will no longer be accepting space-age type characters due to the possibility of imbalance and plot holes Environment & Climate Factions Settlements (Will be updated as we...
  13. DovahBeat

    Fandom  CONVERGENCE - OOC - (Multiverse)

    (Cover by ElizaWyatt ) This is the chatting thread for CONVERGENCE, Feel free to chat, plot, and ask questions here!
  14. DovahBeat

    Fandom  CONVERGENCE - Characters (Multiverse)

    (Cover by ElizaWyatt ) The world is dying, and universes are merging. From unknown people to whole landmasses showing up suddenly, it’s obvious various realities are being smashed into one. Between that and the world slowly freezing over, society has changed. Settlements are few and far between...
  15. Corrosion

    Fandom  Rapture: Rebirth [Open World Multifandom Sandbox RP]

    Welcome to Rapture, a realm that has existed in the void between universes before creation has even existed. Originally inaccessible and completely cutoff from the rest of the multiverse, an event known as the Transition brought thousands of beings, entities, and even landmasses to the realm...
  16. ParrotParfait

    Multiple Settings  Some tea or some food perhaps?

    Hello, my name is Jin-Ho, and I'd like to have a chat with someone, but not of the usual fare. In this roleplay, I'll be serving food and drinks I make myself while having a nice chat. Who, you may ask, am I having a chat with? Anyone you so desire! From a space opera, an urban fantasy, a...
  17. Discord12333

    Fandom  Fandom Roleplay Partner

    Hey all! I am new to RPN and was hoping to make a new friend on here! I'm currently looking for a semi literate partner (2-3 sentences). I will also accept different au's but, if I am unfamiliar with it, please don't be offended by me declining. I don't want to ruin an au for you due to my lack...
  18. Discord12333

    Fandom  Fandom Roleplay Partner

    Hey all! I am new to RPN and was hoping to make a new friend on here! I'm currently looking for a semi literate partner (2-3 sentences). I will also except different au's but, if I am unfamiliar with it, please don't be offended by me declining. I don't want to ruin an au for you due to my lack...
  19. Corrosion

    Fandom  Rapture: Rebirth Characters
    Index: Template

    PICTURE OF CHARACTER GOES HERE 'Quote from character goes here.' Name: Universe From: The work of fiction your character comes from. Other Names: E.g. The One They Fear, Anticitizen One, etc. Can also include nicknames. Gender: Male, Female, Genderless, Attack Helicopter Race: Human...
  20. Corrosion

    Fandom  Rapture: Rebirth [Open World Multifandom Sandbox RP]

    At first, it was empty. Nothing but a chunk of empty space populated by a handful of barren, dead rocks, trapped in a localised area of time and space. It was meant to be, anyway. This dimension was really just supposed to fill in the space in the vast void between universes, in the infinite...