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In the past, Logan went to Japan where he spent a period of time amongst Samurai, and after one battle slept with a woman. What he didn't know was that this tryst would come back many years later, when one of his descendants, a Ranma Saotome, runs afoul of an offshoot of the Weapon X program. The Yakuza, were concerned about how hard it would be to control The Silver Samurai, and so sought to develop their own in-house weapon, one that was far less unpredictable than the Silver Samurai. To that end, they began experiments, trying to find the best way to awaken the X-gene and control the resulting mutant, amongst these experiments was the injection of confirmed mutant genetic material into a potential host.

Ranma Saotome was discovered when her shape-shifting curse was first mistaken for a mutant ability, though this confusion was quickly cleared up. Still, the Yakuza's scientists were interested and so had Ranma followed and following a tussle with Pantyhose Taro, captured the weakened and exhausted martial artist and took him to one of their facilities. Here, they injected Ranma and splashed cold water onto him, as the scientists theorized that the genetic information would take hold during the transformation, triggering the X-gene.

They were, tragically, right.

Ranma transformed but the genetic material and the stress of the situation triggered the X-gene, and Ranma transformed into a feline-esque mutant with claws on her hands and feet. She immediately went feral and attacked everyone, the shock and pain of her change so great that it caught the attention of a cerebro-wearing Charles Xavier, who dispatched his X-Men to try and assist the new mutant.

What happens next though is up to you...

I'll be playing Ranma-chan, she will be permanently and irreversibly locked in female form. You can play anyone, up to and including an OC mutant, so long as they're from the X-Men or X-Men universe. Romance is possible, combat is certain, and we'll see where things go from here. The story is open-ended, so if you have ideas or plotlines, feel free to bring them in!

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